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Exclusive to U First current account holders

U First tracker mortgage offer
All the features and benefits of our flexible mortgage with a special discount of 0.1% on our
flexible tracker mortgage rate for the lifetime of your loan. Enjoy the added benefit of a free
valuation worth around €130 exclusive to U First current account holders.

Peace of mind
The Flexible Tracker Mortgage tracks the ECB rate giving you a margin which is guaranteed
for the life of the loan. It is a variable rate of interest with a fixed margin. The interest rate
you pay depends on the amount you wish to borrow relative to the value of your home (loan
to value). As well as a guaranteed margin for the entire term of the loan, you can also choose
to repay your mortgage over an extended term of 40 years

Pay more and save interest
You can choose to pay more than your monthly payments or pay off a lump sum and save
interest on your mortgage as well as reducing the term of your loan.

Take advantage of our skip months and payment breaks
It can be hard to meet your monthly repayments especially around busy periods like
Christmas. Why not choose to take these months off and pay 10 increased payments instead
of the usual 12, giving one less worry during those financially difficult months.

Whether you are thinking of taking a career break or are having a baby, with Ulster Bank’s
Flexible Tracker Mortgage you can alleviate financial strains when income is low by taking a
complete break from your mortgage repayments. Provided you have been making monthly
payments for 6 consecutive months you can apply for a payment break. (Subject to conditions
and approval)

The U First rate will only apply to your mortgage as long as you have a U First current
account. If for any reason your U First current account is closed and you have a U First
mortgage, the interest rate will revert to the bank’s prevailing Tracker rate. You will be
notified of the increase in your repayments prior to the amended repayment becoming

There is a U First monthly membership fee which is currently €9 per month which is subject to

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