ESPRESSO by leader6


                         SCOOTER POINDEXTER

The Middle East Café, in Dublin, Ohio was where I made a late
afternoon stop to get my second fix of the day: a double espresso. The
woman who pulled my drink was an exquisite African-American. Her
name was Jasmine who had the complexion that was silky mocha; like that
of the products she was tending to. Her smile and two large dark eyes
would make most any male stare at her just a moment too long. In the
briefest of encounters Jasmine could enchant.

I took my espresso to a table that allowed me to gaze at Jasmine and the
newly revealed cleavage that this better vantage point allowed. This was
a simple visual pleasure that I gave to myself as a reward for working so
hard during this summer’s Midwest sales trip. When I was younger I was
self conscience of these discrete gazes, but at 44 I never considered the
matter, not usually that is until today.

I felt a set of eyes fixed on me. I do not know what one calls it, but it is a
sense you get and today, as I was admiring in great detail all of Jasmine’s
attributes, I looked at the table directly across from mine to discover I was
being looked it! I calmly gave a subtle smile to this middle aged Asian
lady, but inside I was panicked as I was busted! Or was I?
I set my eyes down on what was left of the espresso and after some
minutes of looking busy with my paperwork, I looked up and the Asian
woman, who had to be Korean, was still staring at me. My heart raced
even more as I then determined the purpose of her stares…she found me
attractive! I looked away towards the espresso machine to find Jasmine
was waiting on another customer.

What to do then? I wanted to take in this dark haired lady woman so that
I could critique her. But that is hard when they are looking at you doing
the same! However in taking a quick scan of the situation I quickly
determined that Ms Korea as I now called her was something of a

Her skin was a shade lighter than Jasmine’s still dark and smooth. Ms K
had fuller cheeks and a very simple and practical hair cut. The white of her
eyes contrasted well with her complexion and hair. She wore a long sleeve
white t-shirt and jeans. She has on nice but functioning running shoes. I
could see more skin however as she did not wear any socks and with the
way she was sitting there was an inch of her waste showing above jeans.

I realized that this woman, who was still looking at me, was just oozing with
sexuality from every pore of her body. She was not wearing a low cut
halter as Jasmine was but for some reason, not the fact that she was
showing interest, Ms. Korea was hot and was getting me cranked up as

So I took this scene in and found it all amusing as it is too much of a
I had to look away and gather my thoughts as the looks from Ms. Korea
had made me feel a bit uneasy. What do I do? Should I go over and say
hello? Should I allow this game to continue and let her make a move?
Were other people, including Jasmine getting wind of this little flirt
Looking back up I saw that Ms. Korea was not looking at me any more
but in fact had put her book back into her backpack getting up and
moving towards the door. I know I had made a connection with her and I
had begun to visualize the taste of her thigh as I kissed it in my mind…I was
off to fantasy land but now in real life she was leaving the only decent
espresso joint in Dublin, Ohio!

I froze and watched Ms. Korea walk out of the café. I was disappointed
in myself as I rarely choke up like this. In my old age I talk to the opposite
sex quite often in my own flirtatious way. I decided that I blew any chance
of striking up a conversation of any sort with her and it would be best for
me to get on to my last appointment of the day. To bring me back to
reality a bit more, as I left, I saw Jasmine kissing what had to be a romantic

I had a dashing hope that perhaps Ms. K would be in the parking lot
getting into her car and I could approach her. But no that was too much
like stalking.

I got into my rental car gathering up maps and directions when a knock at
the window startled me. It was Ms. Korea! I fumbled to roll down the
window when with no warning she leaned in and gave me deep long kiss. I
did not pull back but I was in a bit of shock.
With a deep Scottish accent my Ms. Korea said “What does a girl have
to do to get noticed around here!?”

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