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					Naval Criminal Investigative Service Resident Agency Okinawa

                    IDENTITY THEFT:
        Information for Personal Awareness, Response,
                  Identity Theft

• A Rapidly Growing Problem
  in America!
• What is it?
• How is it done?
• How can You protect
• What to do if this should
  happen to You!

                                   NCISRA Okinawa
           Scope of the Problem?

• 1992:
   – Trans Union reported 35,235 complaints of ID theft
• 1997:
   – Trans Union reported 522,922 complaints.
   – U.S. Secret Service reported ID Theft losses $745m.
• 1999:
   – Social Security Administration reported more than 39,000 cases of
     SSN abuse.
   – Fed Trade Commission reported 700,000 victims of ID theft
• 2000:
   – Independent study found 1 in 5 Americans victimized.
   – On average, victims spend 175 hours and $808 to clear name

                                                               NCISRA Okinawa
                       What is it?

• Identity Fraud/Theft
   – the obtaining of another person’s identity for the purpose of
     obtaining goods and/or services in that person’s name.
• The affects of this can range from bad credit to catastrophic!!!

                                                            NCISRA Okinawa
               Why is it increasing?

• Easy to accomplish.
• Hard to identify /catch the
• Can use your identity to
  facilitate a variety of crimes.

                                       NCISRA Okinawa
   Most common ways to… steal?

• Theft of SSN
• Theft of Credit Card Numbers
• Theft of Driver’s License
   – (The internet greatly aids these criminals)

                                                   NCISRA Okinawa
            How info obtained?

• The old fashion way of stealing your wallet, usually
  containing your Driver’s license (DOB), SSN, and
  valid credit cards (all these contain your name).
• Trashing-Stealing credit card receipts from business
  trash cans.
• From USG documentation.
• The Internet opens numerous doors for these

                                                 NCISRA Okinawa
                   How it Starts

• In the electronic era, your “identity” begins and ends
  with your social security number.

• An ID thief does not need your signature, fingerprints,
  photo, PIN’s, mother’s maiden name, or credit card
  expiration dates to exploit your name and credit

                                                    NCISRA Okinawa
             Applying for Credit

• Some credit card issuers will let you apply and be
  approved over the internet
• They’ll want to know your name, ssn, address,
  employment history, salary, etc
• Instant credit or correspondence via e-mail

                                                  NCISRA Okinawa
          Now the “Bad Guy” can...

•   Apply for several credit cards.
•   Open bank accounts and write “bad” checks.
•   Take out loans.
•   Rent an apartment/house.
•   Have utilities turned on.
•   Remember—All this is in YOUR NAME!

Big deal? You bet…credit and other issues could have an impact during
   security clearance background investigations.

                                                                NCISRA Okinawa
       It can happen to anyone. .

Interested in specifics?
• Military
   – One case in DoD involved 1300 victims around the world
   – 2000 case on Okinawa resulted in GCM conviction of USN
     member who targeted at least three senior officers in his
• Cases prosecuted in Federal Court?

                                                             NCISRA Okinawa
     5 steps to help protect yourself

1.   Add fraud alerts added to your credit file with the
     three major credit bureaus.
2.   Remove your personal information from the major
     commercial marketing databases/lists.
3.   Create an emergency phone list.
4.   Learn the basics of internet security.
5.   Implement basic security habits into your daily life.

                                                    NCISRA Okinawa
Other things to think about

• Shopping on-line
• Other general information to consider

                                          NCISRA Okinawa
         What if it happens to you?

• This is an issue that needs to be resolved for several reasons.
    – Your credit history may be impacted.
    – Your security clearance may be effected.

• If you are victimized, anticipate working closely with law
  enforcement. Take note, however, that the involvement of law
  enforcement in your case may depend on the extent of
  victimization and available resources.
    – Our goal?
        » arrest and prosecution
    – your goal?
        » clearing your name and history.

                                                            NCISRA Okinawa
   Prior to meeting with MPI/NCIS or
    other Law Enforcement agency
   Compile background information Law Enforcement will need:

• How did you discover the      • ID by name, number any
  fraud/theft?                    company you have
• Entire numbers for effected     contacted.
  accounts                      • Photocopies of any letters,
• Locations listed as home        acct. statements, other
  addresses                       correspondence received
• Locations applications          by you on this.
  presented                     • Any clues? (not guesses)
• Other Names used on
  applications                  • Be prepared to assist the
                                  Investigator or Agent!

                                                        NCISRA Okinawa
                   Personal considerations

         •   Have you received un-solicited       •   Have you ordered and reviewed
             offers of pre-approved credit in         a copy of your credit history
             the mail? Have you properly              within the past 2 years?
             disposed of those you chose to?      •   Do you ask why when asked for
         •   Do you properly handle and               your ssn or other personal
             dispose of financial or other mail       information? Have you ever
             containing your personal                 asked where that information is
             information?                             stored, how its protected, or
         •   Do you check out web sites               who has access after you give
             before you order on-line?                it?
             (Remember, anyone can create
             a web page…)


                                                                             NCISRA Okinawa

• Law Enforcement
• Other

                    NCISRA Okinawa
             Law Enforcement Resources
                            including but not limited to:

         •    Camp S.D. Butler Provost Marshall – MPI: 645-7347
         •    NCISRA Okinawa: 645-0506
         •    U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service
         •    U.S. Secret Service
         •    FBI/Internet Complaint Center
         •    National White Collar Crime Center


                                                                  NCISRA Okinawa
                   Other resources
                       including but not limited to:

         •   Identity Theft Resource Center
         •   Federal Trade Commission
               – 1-877-ID-THEFT
         •   Social Security Administration
         •   U.S. State Department
         •   Direct Marketing Association


                                                          NCISRA Okinawa
                          Ordering on-line?
         •   Read the information on the web site thoroughly before you place your
             order… does it have spelling errors? Does it make claims that seem
             hard to believe? Do they have a telephone number and street address
             (not a PO Box).
         •   Make certain the web site is secure before you enter your personal
             information or credit card number.
         •   Read over the company’s Privacy policy.
         •   Shopping on-line with companies located in the United States may be
             easier to work with if there is a problem later.
         •   After you place your order, print a copy of your order form.
         •   Keep your password private
         •   Check your credit card bills closely for several months after the
             transaction for unauthorized purchases.
         •   Check your credit history once a year for any new accounts opened

                                                                           NCISRA Okinawa
                       Other considerations

         •   When shopping in public, use caution when providing credit card or
             other personal information.
         •   Resist the temptation to put ssn and other personal info on checks.
         •   Properly dispose of personal, financial or medical information by
             shredding, tearing up, etc.
         •   Plan to get a copy of your credit report for review every two years –
             looking for accounts you didn’t establish.
         •   Be wary of telephone calls soliciting personal or account information.


                                                                              NCISRA Okinawa
 Remember, the best protection
you have is your attention to your

                              NCISRA Okinawa

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