CHAPTER – IV
      Measurament in education did not suddenly leap into
existence. The logical way to begin any research investigation
is to start with hypothesis to obtain an appropriate sample of
data in order to test the implication of the hypothesis may be
in the nature of a general proposition or it may be specific
query. A specific hypothesis is ordinearily to be preferred to a
general one, as the more definit and exact the thesis, the
greater is the likelihood of a conclusive answer. No study can
be better than the data on which it is based and the
interpretation and conclusions in the light of established
findings. This chapter of the Research deals with the result,
their interpretation and discussion of “A Comparative study
of cultural determination, Vocational aspiration, attitude
towards modern trends in relation to scholastic achievement
of Higher Secondary Students of Ashram Schools and
Navodaya Vidyalayas of Chhattisgarh.”
     Once the data is collected the investigators turns his
focus of attention on their analysis and interpretation. Data
becomes meaningless unless certain required statistical
treatment is given to it, which is done through analysis and
interpretation of the Study.
     This is essential fopr scientific study and for ensuring
that we have all relevant data for making contemplated
comparison and analysis. Analysis of data is nothing but a
study of tabulated materials in order to determine inherent
facts or meaning. It involves breaking down existing complex
factors into simple parts and putting the parts together into
simple new arrangements for the purpose of
interpretation.The obtained data were treated statisfically by
employingt – Method of Mean, SD,Correlation and ANOVAto
determine the Significant effects and relationship between
the variables.
    The obtained results have been discussed in the chapter
according to the sequence of the hypothesis is given as under
H 0.1 – There exists no significant effect of cultural
determination, Gender, Streams and School on Scholastic
achievement of Ashram and Navadaya Vidyalaya students
Table No :- 4.1
 Source                  Type III      Mean        F
                         Sum of     df Square

Cd group                 6.397    1 6.397    .065
Gender                   5.212    1 5.212    .053
Stream                   2560.605 2 1280.303 12.942**
School                     383.845 1 383.845 3.880*          .05
Cd group * Gender          287.342 1 287.342 2.905*          .05
Cd group* Stream           104.094 2 52.047           .526
Cd group*School            5.570      1 5.570         .056
Gender* Stream             381.652 2 190.826 1.929
Gender School              49.872     1 49.872        .504
Stream School              1587.338 2 793.669 8.023** .01
Cd group* Gender *         243.254 2 121.627 1.229
Cd                         12.844     1 12.844        .130
Cd group*strem*school 221.876 2 110.938 1.121
Gender*stream*school 436.741 2 218.371 2.207
Cd                         446.596 2 223.298 2.257
*significant at .05                   ** significant at .01
To study the effect of cultural determination, Gender, Stream
and School on scholastic achievement of the students The
data is treated under statistical analysis.
Out of four main effects i.e Cultural determination, gender,
Stream, School, Two Effects, Cultural determination and
gender on scholastic achievement are found to be
insignificant at.05 level of significance and effect of Stream
(F= 12.942, df = 2,382) and school (F = 3.880, df = 1,382) on
scholastic achievement are found to be Significant at .01 and
.05 level of Significance respectively.
     To confirm the result the mean Score on Scholastic
achievement with respect to Stream is calculated and Shown
in table No :- 4.2
                    Table No :- 4.2
Mean score on scholastic Achievement with respect to
 S.No Stream               Mean scores
 1       Science           47.59
 2       commerce          53.31
 3       Arts              54.74
From the above Table No : 4.2 it is found that the Scholastic
achievement of Arts and commerce students is better than
that of science students.
                         Table No :- 4.3
Mean score on scholastic achievement with respect to school
         School            Mean
    1    Ashram            50.68
    2    Navodaya          53.02
From the above table No 4.3 it is found that the Scholastic
achievement of Novadaya Vidyalaya is more than that of
Ashram school students.
From the table No- 4.1 it is found that among the first order
interactional effects cd group and stream, F value drawn is
(F=.526, df=2,382), cd group and school F value drawn is (f =
.056, df = 1, 382), Gender and stream (F = 1.929, df = 2,382)
and Gender and school(F value drawn .504, df = 1,382) is not
significant at .o1 and .05 level of significant. Except Cd group
and Gender (f = 2.905, df = 1,382)is signficant at .o1 and .o5
leveland stream and school(F = 8.023, df = 2,382) is also
found to be signficant at .01 and .05 level which can be
proved by the mean Table No :- 4.4
                         Table No :- 4.4

Mean scores on Scholastic achievement w.r.t interaction cd
group and gender.
    Gender Male                     Femal
    Cd group 53.51                  50.43
    High         50.46              52.80
From the above table it is found that the score of low cd
group male is more than female low Cd group and mean
score of High Cd group female is more than High cd group
male. Female of High Cd group and Male of loe Cd group
have slightly difference in mean so we can Say that male with
low cultural determination have more Scholastic
                         Table No :- 4.5
                     Mean Scores on S.A of
                       Stream and School
School Stream      Science      Commerce         Arts
Ashram             43.82        53.88            54 , 87
Navodaya           51.94        52.67            54 , 59
From the above table it is found that S.A of Science students
of Navoday Vidyalaya is found to be more than Ashram
science students, S.A of commerce students of Ashram
school is more than Navodaya Vidyalaya and the mean scores
are same of Arts students of Ashram and Novadaya Vidyalaya
From the table No – 4.1 it is found that among Second orde
interactional effects when interaction laming Cd group &
gender and stream. It is seen that there is no significant
effect was found on scholastic achievement, F - value drawn
is (1.229, df = 2, 382), which is not significance, further when
interaction between Cd group, Gender and school was done
where F – value drawn is (.130 and df = 1, 382) which is not
significant at .01 and .05 level of significant and no significant
effect was found on Scholastic achievement. When cd group,
Stream and school was interacted no significant effect was
found on scholastic achievement as (F drawn was 1.121 and
df = 2, 382) which is not significant at .01 and .05 level of
Signficantence. Again on interaction between Gender, stream
and school was done it was not significant (F = 2.207, df =
2,382) no effect was found on scholastic achievement Hence
in Second order interaction hypothesis was accepted at .01
and .05 level of significant.
     From the above Table No :- 4.1 it is found that among
Third order interact

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