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									Tour of Remodeled Homes
              September 17 & 18                                                              NAHB
                                                                                       Remodelers Show
                                                                                          in Chicago:
                                                                                      October 13, 14, & 15

                                                                              H O M E B U I L D E R S A S S O C I AT I O N
                                                                              O F G R E AT E R DES MOINES
                                                                              B U ILDING P ROFESS IONALS BUILDING TRUST

                                                                   Pictures by Creighton Cox and Jake Boyd Photo

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                                     Have you O M E B U I L D E Rnew S O C I AT I O N Backs Down on
                                            H visited the S A S
                                            O F G R E AT E R D E S M O I N E S
 IBS Registration                   HBA of Greater Des SMoinesU I L D I N G T R UFaulty Storm Water
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  In September                              Website?                               Management Rules

            H O M E B U I L D E R S A S S Mission Statement:
                                          O C I AT I O N
            O F G R E A T E R D E S M the E S
 Dedicated to the advancement of O I Nbuilding industry and the communities we serve
                    through advocacy, education and professionalism.
2   September 2011   blueprintMAGAZINE
2011 HBA of Greater Des Moines
Board of Directors and Staff                          blueprintMAGAZINE
Creighton Cox - Executive Officer
Jennifer Sweet - Office Administrator
Megan Fratzke - Administrative Assistant              In this issue...
Executive Board
President - Dan Knoup, DSM Homes (B)
                                                      4 President’s Report
1st Vice President - Jim Miller, Jerry’s Homes (B)        Dan Knoup
2nd Vice President - Carrie Norris, Grand Homes
   and Renovations (B)
Immediate Past President - Devan Kaufman,
                                                      6   EO Report
   Kaufman Construction (B)                               Creighton Cox
Secretary - Amy Kimberley, Ferguson (A)
Treasurer - Ralph DiCesare, Northwest Bank (A)
Liaison – Stephanie Denton, Denton Homes (B)
                                                      8   Government Affairs
Remodelers Liaison – Cliff Anderson,                      Sustainable Development Partnership
   Anderson Building & Repair (B)
Legal Counsel - Charles Becker, Belin Law Firm
                                                      9   Green Building
Board for 2011                                            Green Building Standard Inclusion
Steve Archer, Factory Direct Appliance (A)
Curtis Busch, Nebraska Furniture Mart (A)
Keith Butz, KB Builders (B)
                                                      10 Remodelers’ Council
Rollie Clarkson, Remodeling Contractors (B)               Cliff Anderson
Stephanie Denton, Denton Homes (B)
Terry Doling, Showplace Kitchens (A)
Gaylen Eller, Eller Builders (B)
                                                      12 Education & Designation
Steve Gulling, Gulling Homes (B)                          Steve Theis
Larry Heisler, Reynolds & Reynolds (A)
Char Hobson, Rowat Cut Stone & Marble Co., Inc. (A)
Shayla Hood, Neighborhood Homes, LLC (B)              14 Lead Paint Rule
Kevin Johnson, Accurate Development (B)
Colin King, K&V Homes (B)
Brandon Klinge, Prairie Pella (A)
                                                      15 Anawim Housing - Hubbell Realty Co.
Doug Mayo, Kitchen & Bath Ideas (A)                       Completion of 8 Housing Units
Leslie Mayo, KCCI TV-8 (A)
Tom Stevens, TS Construction (B)
Steve Theis, Emerald Homes of Iowa (B)
                                                      16 Green Building Council
Matt Thompson, Gilcrest/Jewett Lumber Co. (A)             Matt Connolly
Life Directors
Don Beal, Beal Development (B)
                                                      17 COSC Corner
LaDonna Gratias, CLG Homes (B)                            Emily Perry
Tom Gratias, Gratias Construction (B)

Utility Liaison
                                                      18 The Gallery
Eric Heikes, MidAmerican Energy (A)
                                                          Builder Appreciation Night

State Directors National Directors
LaDonna Gratias           Keith Butz
                                                      20 Professional Women in Building
Eric Heikes               Steve Theis                     Char Hobson
Colin King                Jim Miller
Dan Knoup
Tom Stevens
                          Tom Stevens
                                                      22 NAHB Reports
Michael Marianageli

State Alternates National Alternates
                                                      24 Boy Scouts Receive Recognition
Leslie Mayo               Rollie Clarkson
Rollie Clarkson
Ralph DiCesare
                          Dan Knoup
                          Carrie Norris
                                                      26 Register for IBS
Stephanie Denton
Carrie Norris
Steve Theis
                                                      31 Poker Run & Builder Bucks
6751 Corporate Drive • Johnston, IA
       Ph. 515-270-8500
                                                      34 Calendar
       Fax 515-334-0165
                                                          October 2011, 2011 General Membership Meetings
                                                          2011 HBA Networking After Hours
             E-mail                                            blueprintMAGAZINE    September 2011   3
    Dan Knoup - President

    Remodelers Shine During
    Tour of Remodeled Homes

         The days are quickly getting shorter, the fair has been here   for those Cubs fans amongst us, we almost have reason to
    and gone and the school busses are back on the streets. Sum-        hope (there is always next year). Fall also means that one of
    mer is gone and before we know it, flip flops will be replaced      the most important events that our association holds is also
    with snow boots. I realize I’m making a quantum leap past           upon us and that is the Tour of Remodeled Homes.
    an entire season but doesn’t that seem like that’s how quickly           Our association truly has one of the most talented and
    time passes us by? Fall is here and there are several reasons       vibrant Remodeler’s groups in the country and this Tour is
    to celebrate. Football is back and for the next few weeks, we       a way for them to “strut their stuff”. You’ll find all types
    all have reason to hope. Baseball season is almost over and         and sizes of jobs in the show from bath renovations to
                                                                        whole house additions. This is the one time that consum-
                                                                        ers can really see what type of work that our members can
        THE                                                             do and how it can relate to them. This show also gives our

       of working TogETHEr
                                                                        Associates (who usually get overlooked and don’t get any
                                                                        credit) the opportunity to show off their new products and
                                                                             The Remodelers Council does a tremendous job with
                                                                        community outreach and this show helps to allow those op-
                                                                        portunities to become a reality. For those “builder” mem-
                                                                        bers out there that don’t Remodel, get a ticket and remind
                                                                        yourselves of why you choose to build new. Tell all of your
                                                                        friends & neighbors to get out and support our fellow mem-
                                                                        bers – attend the show. •
       MidAmerican Energy is proud to work with our trade
       partners, including energy-efficient equipment dealers,
       architects and contractors, in educating home and
       business owners about the importance of energy efficiency.                 No Electricity. No Adjustments.
       We hope our programs and incentives empower you
       to successfully market and sell energy-efficient products
       and services to your customers.



4   September 2011        blueprintMAGAZINE
blueprintMAGAZINE   September 2011   5
    Creighton Cox, Executive Officer

    Putting my money where my mouth is!

        Here is my personal invitation to anyone reading this
    article: “Please come visit me as I enter my home in the 2011      products in the Tour of Remodeled Homes? If I’m going to

    Tour of Remodeled Homes!”                                          promote members to the public, then I better put my money

        I’ve always admired the creative minds of our members          where my mouth is and promote them personally as well.

    and have always known so many of you do what I could                   So here I am, inviting you, my family, my friends, and

    never do, but after being on the “client” side of things, I have   my neighbors to come see 14 incredible projects during the

    an even greater respect for our Builder and Remodeler Con-         2011 Tour of Remodeled Homes on September 17 & 18. I’m

    tractors. I never realized the amount of detail, the timelines,    amazed at the work and the differences between the “be-

    the number of different vendors and sub-contractors in-            fore” and “after” photos for each project, and am eternally

    volved, and the number of decisions (and many indecisions)         grateful I didn’t try to do my project on my own.

    the client makes – and the patience and understanding the
    Contractor, the Sub-contractor and vendors must have when              I do have one regret, and that is I couldn’t use all 509

    dealing with individual clients. Seeing how hard your job          members of the HBA and promote each one individually –

    is makes me want to be greater in mine to promote every            but don’t worry – Katie has plans to redo the Kitchen, add

    member of the Home Builders Association of Greater Des             a four-season room, and build a bigger deck, so I’m sure I’ll

    Moines. Truly, every one of you fits the line: “Building Pro-      be using many more members over the years and entering in

    fessionals, Building Trust.”                                       several more Tour of Remodeled Homes showcases!

        A little background: Katie and I purchased our home,               P.S. Remember – go visit the newly remodeled website

    including an unfinished basement, with the intention of liv- and make sure you are

    ing there for the next 20 years. In 2010, we began discussing      searchable in the right areas for both consumers and mem-

    the idea of finishing the basement and I thought I’d try to        bers! We roll out the site to the public on October 1!

    do it myself and maybe ask a few members here and there                Email me anytime at ccox@desmoineshomebuilders.

    to help me when I had problems. The more I thought about           com or call me at the office: 515-270-8500, or on my cell

    it, the more I realized – As the Executive Officer of the HBA      phone: 515-778-5516. I look forward to hearing from you. •

    of Greater Des Moines, why wouldn’t I give business to
    members, and even more, show off their work, designs, and              Creighton Cox, Executive Officer

6   September 2011       blueprintMAGAZINE
                 Nebraska Furniture Mart is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of
                  The Home Show Expo, The Home and Remodeling Show,
                 and the Remodeler’s Council, plus, a sound partnership with
                         the Des Moines Home Builders Association.

Proudly Serving The Des Moines Area
              and in the Mart Future.
       Now what Nebraskaprices,the has Appliance
            Please stop by our store and take advantage of
                             Furniture          to offer:
           Legendary low               Largest
                    Showroom in Des Moines for your convenience;
           Please stop by our store and take advantage of what
                  an average of $12.5 million in appliance inventory in
        Nebraska Furniture Mart has to offer: Legendary low prices,
                   our nearby Distribution Center; Customer Service
   the Largest Appliance Showroom in Des Moines for your convenience;
                     that is second to none, and a 74� year history of
         an average of $12.5 million in appliance inventory in our
                        serving and saving our customers money.
           nearby Distribution Center; Customer Service serving
                     and saving our customers money.
                      That’s right, WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

        That’s right, WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE.

                                               Rush hour traffic.

         Altoona -                                                             Cycle of life.

Quality of Life Grows Here                         A healthy attitude.

                                                         blueprintMAGAZINE             September 2011   7
     Home Builders & Developers Council asked to part-
     ner with Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)
       on Regional Plan for Sustainable Development
                           GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE WILL MEET September 15 at 11:30
                           All meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 11:30 at the HBA

         The Des Moines Area Metropolitan Planning Organiza-              populations within the region;
    tion (MPO) is leading a consortium of local stakeholders,           • Decrease per capita vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and
    including the HBA & DevCo, to develop a regional plan for             transportation-related emissions for the region;
    sustainable development (RPSD). The project is being fund-          • Decrease the overall combined housing and transporta-
    ed with $2 million from the U.S. Department of Housing                tion costs per household;
    and Urban Development’s Sustainable Communities Re-                 • Increase the share of residential and commercial con-
    gional Planning Grant Program and with nearly $1.1 million            struction on underutilized infill development sites that
    from leveraged local funds, which are derived from in-kind            encourages revitalization, while minimizing displace-
    staff resources and from complementary planning endeav-               ment in neighborhoods with significant disadvantaged
    ors being conducted in the region.                                    populations;
         The grant is intended to support metropolitan plan-            • Increase the proportion of low- and very low-income
    ning efforts that integrate housing, land use, economic and           households within a 30 minute transit commute to ma-
    workforce development, transportation, and infrastructure             jor employment centers;
    investments in a manner that empowers jurisdictions to              • Increased number of mixed use and racially, ethnically,
    consider the interdependent challenges of:                            and socioeconomically diverse neighborhoods with
         1. Economic competitiveness and revitalization;                  walkable and/or transit access to services (grocery,
         2. Social equity, inclusion, and access to opportunity;          bank, retail), good jobs, good schools, park, and trails;
         3. Energy use and climate change; and,                         • Improved public health outcomes that results from cre-
         4. Public health and environmental impact.                       ating safer, more walkable neighborhoods;
         As stakeholders that will be most impacted by a region-        • Increased use of compact development as a tool for re-
    al plan, my feeling is we must be active in shaping the plan.         gional planning to accommodate population growth,
    Many of the goals outlined below are the same goals that              to utilize infrastructure efficiently, and to preserve ag-
    Builders & Developers have in the communities they help               ricultural land and natural areas for environmental and
    grow. It only makes sense to be involved in the early stages.         recreational purposes;
         The consortium outlined the following outcomes, which          • Decrease hazardous environmental threats due to re-
    form the basis of the consortium agreement:                           gional increases in the rate and frequency of flooding;
        • Create regional transportation, housing, water, and air         erosion; and, compromised water quality; and, • En-
          quality plans that are deeply aligned and tied to local         hance regional competitiveness through coordinated
          comprehensive land use and capital investment plans;            regional economic development and amenity planning.
        • Align federal planning and investment resources that           Please let me know your thoughts on any of the above
          mirror the local and regional strategies for achieving     areas, so I may share them as we begin the initial planning
          sustainable communities;                                   stages.
        • Increase participation and decision-making in develop-         For more information, or too receive monthly build-
          ing and implementing a long-range vision for the region    ing permit updates, please contact me at ccox@desmoine-
          by populations traditionally marginalized in public For any other issue or concern, please
          planning processes;                                        email me, call me at the office: 515-270-8500, or on my cell
        • Reduce social and economical disparities for the low-in-   phone: 515-778-5516. I look forward to hearing from you.
          come, minority communities and other disadvantaged             Creighton Cox, Director of Government Affairs •
8   September 2011      blueprintMAGAZINE
         NAHB Says Green Building
       Standard Deserves Inclusion in
        HUD’s Sustainable Programs

     NAHB has asked the Department of Housing and Ur-            the renovation of existing buildings and the development of
ban Development to include the ICC 700 National Green            land for use in residential subdivisions.
Building Standard in all federally funded programs for                To comply with the ICC 700, all buildings must address
residential sustainability wherever applicable — including       stringent energy, water and material resource efficiency cri-
programs for new and existing housing, single-family and         teria, as well as indoor environmental quality and sustain-
multifamily properties and the development of land for resi-     able land development practices.
dential purposes.                                                     In carrying ANSI approval, the standard is compliant
     This would ensure that HUD’s sustainability programs        with the federal government’s National Technology Trans-
have the flexibility to encourage green development under        fer and Advancement (NTTA) Act of 1995, which requires
a wide range of regional and geographic conditions and ac-       U.S. federal agencies to recognize and incorporate existing
commodate various construction practices, NAHB told the          consensus standards.
agency in a series of meetings this summer.                           The law requires more weight be given to standards —
     “NAHB is concerned that HUD has yet to appropriately        like the ICC 700 — that have undergone development
recognize the National Green Building Standard as a quali-       through a consensus process.
fying standard for the agency’s sustainability-related initia-        Federal agencies such as the Department of Energy
tives,” said NAHB Chairman Bob Nielsen.                          and the Environmental Protection Agency, building code
     “NAHB and the home building industry support many           officials, and green organizations such as the U.S. Green
of the sustainability concepts that are at the heart of HUD’s    Building Council, the Green Building Initiative and many
discretionary programs,” he added.                               regional green building programs have all been involved in
     Nielsen noted that NAHB members have been imple-            shaping the ICC 700.
menting many of these concepts in their building and re-              The ICC 700 National Green Building Standard (NGBS)
development efforts for some time.                               and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
     NAHB has been committed to green building for many          Rating Systems (LEED) — which consists of LEED for
years, as demonstrated by the association’s policy on “smart     Homes (LEED-H) and LEED for Neighborhood Develop-
growth,” its support for green building efforts and its Na-      ment (LEED-ND) — are arguably the best known residential
tional Green Building Conference.                                green building protocols in the U.S.
     NAHB’s most recognizable contribution to sustain-                And while both programs provide the housing industry
ability was its decision to develop a credible standard for      with guidance on building greener homes, neighborhoods
residential green building in accordance with the standard-      and communities, and both have been referenced in public
making principles administered by the American National          policy to promote green building, “We want to make sure
Standards Institute — or ANSI.                                   that HUD is not giving preference to one program over an-
     With the publication of this ANSI-approved standard in      other,” said Susan Asmus, NAHB senior vice president for
2009, there is now a true industry standard available that       environment, labor, safety and health.
can be used to rate the relative sustainability or “greenness”        For more information, email Kevin Morrow at NAHB,
of new single-family and multifamily buildings, as well as       or call him at 800-368-5242 x8375.

                                                                              blueprintMAGAZINE                September 2011    9
   Cliff Anderson

   Tour of Remodeled Homes

        As a Remodel Council, we are excited to be hosting              has worked hard together to make this a successful show.
   our 11th Annual Tour of Remodeled Homes (TORH) in the                Thank you committee members and contractors.
   Greater Des Moines metro area. The Tour this year is the                  I also want to thank our TORH sponsors, AAA Roof-
   showcase of various projects of ten different contractors.           ing, Ferguson Enterprises, and Grand Homes-ticket spon-
   Two contractors are showing a project in the Tour for the            sor, who all contributed much to the success of the Tour. We
   first time and the other eight contractors have shown proj-          really appreciate all your help in promoting our Tour show.
   ects in previous Tours. We so much appreciate the effort                  At our August general meeting, we discussed member-
   that these contractors have put into their projects to pro-          ship benefits, the Remodel Council advertising campaign,
   mote good quality craftsmanship to the general public.               our community service projects both past and present, and
        The Tour of Remodeled Homes is open for inspection on           the education classes that we offer to our members which
   Saturday, September 17th and on Sunday, September 18th               lead to various designations such as CGR-Certified Gradu-
   from 10 AM-6 PM both days. Tickets are only $10 each and             ate Remodeler, CGA-Certified Green Associate, CGP-Certi-
   will allow you to view each and every project. You may pur-          fied Green Professional, and Master CSP-Master Certified
   chase your ticket at any of the fourteen project locations. See      New Home Sales Professional. Education classes will be
   in this magazine a list of the locations of the fourteen projects.   held throughout 2012 at the Home Builder Office in John-
        The projects this year include seven kitchens, two baths,       ston. The goal of our advertising campaign is to drive the
   one deck, two family room/living room updates, three                 general public to our web site and in turn call our members
   basements finishes, two additions, two full house remodels           for more remodeling business.
   and one exterior remodel. It is a great mix of different types            I also want to highly recommend that you attend the
   of remodel projects and will give people any type of project         National Remodeling Show in Chicago this year on Oct. 13-
   that they might want to look at. We trust that many people           15. A great show and close enough that you can drive. The
   will attend who are considering remodel projects on their            show is sponsored by the National Association of Home
   own houses.                                                          Builders Remodelers and by Remodeling Magazine. You
        Our TORH committee, chaired by Doug Year, has                   will have an opportunity to attend seminars on business
   worked hard putting together a very exciting show. Doug              topics, sales/marketing topics, production topics, kitchen/
   has chaired this committee for two straight years and has            bath design topics, and deck technical topics. An exhibit
   built upon previous ideas that were successful. The com-             hall will showcase the latest building products and equip-
   mittee is trying new ideas this year such as direct mailing          ment. This year, they will even show a live deck failure
   to project neighbors. Next year, Steve Archer will chair the         demo as part of the show. You need to register by Septem-
   committee and improve the Tour even more. Each com-                  ber 15th to get the early bird discount. •
   mittee member, along with the ten remodel contractors,                   Cliff Anderson

10 September 2011       blueprintMAGAZINE

                                      HOME      1                                                     HOME      2                                                  HOME      3

Silent Rivers Design + Build                               Kaufman Construction                                              Silent Rivers Design + Build
3508 NW Rockridge Rd., Ankeny, IA                          2736 Forest Dr., Des Moines, IA                                   2824 36th St., Des Moines, IA
Directions: From Irvingdale Dr. turn west onto             Directions: 27th St. South of Grand, Right on                     Directions: From Hickman Rd., turn north on
NW 13th St. into Boulder Brook. Turn left onto             Forest Drive.                                                     36th St. Cross Urbandale Ave. and the house
NW Rolling Rock Rd., and then left onto NW                                                                                   will be on the left (west) side of the road.
Rockridge Rd. The house will be on the left.                                                                                 Parking is on the east side of the 36th St. only.

                                      HOME      4                                                     HOME      5                                                  HOME      6

Kaufman Construction                                       Helland Construction Inc.                                         Fleming Construction LLC
7112 Benton Ct., Urbandale                                 2014 80th St., Windsor Heights, IA                                9105 Carpenter Cir, Clive, IA
Directions: Off 72nd, 3 Blocks N of Hickman                Directions: Exit Interstate 35-80 at Hickman road. Go east on     Directions: West on University Ave. off of 86th
                                                           Hickman and turn south on 80th St. (6 blocks east of 86th St.).   street, North on 90th 1 Block to Carpenter Cir.,
                                                           Go south on 80th one block to Marilyn Drive. Go east on           West on Carpenter Cir. 2 Blocks, South side of
                                                           Marilyn Drive to 80th Place, turn north on 80th place.            cul-de-sac.

                                      HOME      7                                                     HOME      8                                                  HOME      9

Remodeling Contractors                                     K and V Construction Services, LLC                                K and V Construction Services, LLC
15205 Oakwood Dr., Urbandale                               12322 Winston Ave., Urbandale, IA                                 2818 122nd. St., Urbandale, IA
Directions: Take the Douglas Ave Exit (Exit 126), west     Directions: Take Douglas to 124th St. Turn right                  Directions: Take 128th St. to Oakbrook Dr. Turn East on
to 128th St. Turn right on 128th Street and go 1 mile to   (North) on 124th. St. Proceed on 124th. St. to                    Oakbrook drive and follow the street around the corner
Meredith Dr. Turn left on Meredith Drive and proceed 1.8   Winston. Turn right (East) on Winston.                            to the south. Oakbrook Drive will become 122nd. St.
mi to 152nd. Turn left on Goodman Dr., a quick right on
153rd St (1 block), right on Oakwood and you are there.

                                      HOME      10                                                    HOME      11                                                 HOME      12

Construction Professionals LLC.                            Case Handyman & Remodeling                                        GreenBuilt Projects LLC
502 77th Place, West Des Moines, IA                        164 56th Pl, West Des Moines, IA                                  5488 Sandstone Drive, West Des Moines, IA
Directions: Take Jordan Creek Parkway south                Directions: From Mills Civic Parkway go north on                  Directions: I-35 to Mills Civic, Mills Civic West to
of I-80, Turn right (west) on Cody Drive, Take             60th St.; right on Wistful Vista; left on 56th Pl.                South Prairie Trail, North on South Prairie Trail to
the second left on 77th Street, 77th Street                                                                                  Sandstone.
becomes Boulder Drive, Take a left on 77th
Place, 502 will be on the right.

                                      HOME      13                                                    HOME      14

Grand Homes & Renovations                                  Grand Homes & Renovations
4328 Plumwood, West Des Moines                             4604 Plumwood Dr., West Des Moines
Directions: Take Mills Civic to 50th St. and               Directions: Take Mills Civic to 50th St. and                                JAKE BOYD PHOTO
head south. Turn east on Oakwood. Take                     head south. Turn east on Plumwood. We are at
Oakwood East to S. 45th St. and turn north.                the far corner.
Take 45th St. to Plumwood and turn east.

                                                                                                               blueprintMAGAZINE                              September 2011 11
38 | 2 0 1 1 T O U R |
   education& DESIGNATION
   Steve Theis,
   Stephen Theis MCGP, GMB, CAPs
   NAR green, CSP, CMP

   Education & Designation
        How do I get my Certified Graduate Remodeler (CGR)
        When competition is fierce expertise sets the leaders
   apart. The NAHB’s CGR designation is a symbol of your
   knowledge and ability and tells customers that you are pro-
   ficient in the latest skills and techniques and that your busi-
   ness practices are sound. But even more it tells them that             The first step is to take the Prep Experience Profile. It
   you are committed to excellence. This curriculum offers:          is a three hour, multiple-choice assessment that measures
        • Strategies and techniques for developing winning bids      a candidate’s knowledge of the remodeling business in
        • Sales and Marketing strategies for closing sales           the following areas: business management; marketing and
        • Effective communication skills for negotiation             sales; design: estimating and job costing: contacts, liability
        • Superior customer service and quality practice methods     and risk management: and project management. This is not
        The CGR is an exclusive professional designation that        a pass-fail test. The results simply determine the course
   emphasizes business management skills as a key to a pro-          of study for a CGR candidate and will count as one CGR
   fessional remodeling company’s success. The CGR trains re-        course. The Prep Profile will be offered September 26 from
   modelers in project management, design estimating, job cost,      8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon at the Des Moines HBA. Contact Jen-
   accounting principles, risk management, contracts and more.       ifer at 270-8500 for additional details. •

                                                                           2401 SE Tone’s Drive, Suite 13 • Ankeny, IA 50021
                                                                                 (515) 266-9928 • Fax: (515) 261-4612

12 September 2011       blueprintMAGAZINE
2011-2012 Education Calendars
2011 - Watch the Builder Bulletin for                 Designation Paths:
       Registration Information
                                                      CGA - Certified Green Associate
September                                             Basics of Building
Monday 26th – PREP exam – 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.     Business Management
Tuesday 27th – Project Management –                   Building Codes & Standards
   Steve Theis – 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.               Green Building v.2
Thursday 29th – BAR exam – 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
                                                      CGP – Certified Green Professional
October                                               Basics of Building
Friday 14th & 21st - OSHA 10 hour –                   Green Building v.2
    Mike Whitmore – 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Tuesday 25th – Building Codes & Standards –           CGB – Certified Graduate Builder (+ Experience)
    Steve Theis – 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.              BAR Exam
                                                      Building Codes & Standards
November                                              Business Management
Date TBD: Green Building V.2 – Steve Theis            Project Management
                                                      Customer Service (online)
                                                      OSHA 10 hour
Designations that can be achieved in 2012 –
CGA, CGP, CGB, CGR, MCSP                              CGR – Certified Graduate Remodeler (+ Experience)
                                                      PREP Exam
2012 – (Class dates to be released in November)       Risk Management
                                                      Estimating for Builders & Remodelers
CAPS                                                  Master CSP
Lead Class (1 day)                                    House Construction as a Selling Tool

February                                                       Scott Cierzan — FirstCall Construction
Risk Management - Insurance                                        7195 NW 54th Ave, Urbandale, IA, 503226915
Construction Contracts & Law – Attorney                            515-253-2610
                                                                   CGR 9/30/2000
Basics of Building – Steve Theis                               Rollie Clarkson — Remodeling Contractors
House Construction as a Selling Tool                               PO Box 235, Johnston, IA, 501310235
April                                                              CGR 9/30/1999
Green Building V.2 – Steve Theis
Advanced Green Building :                                      Jeff Ellis — Firstcall Construction
    Project Management – John Barrows                               3910 SE Capital Circle, Grimes, IA, 50111
May                                                                 CGR 9/30/2002
Business Management for Building Professionals –
   Steve Theis                                                 Marc Black — Silent Rivers
                                                                  9205 Swanson Blvd, Clive, IA, 50325
June                                                              515-266-6702
Estimating for Builders and Remodelers – Wally Yoho               CGR 9/30/2006

September                                                      Devan Kaufman — Kaufman Construction
Project Management – Steve Theis                                  4328 N. Dawson, Cumming, IA, 50061
October                                                           CGR 9/30/2006
OSHA 10 hour – Mike Whitmore
                                                               John Duer — Duer & Sons Remodeling
November                                                          1795 S.E. 82nd Street, Runnells, IA, 50237
BAR Exam                                                          515-266-0582
PREP Exam                                                         CGR 5/31/2008

                                                                  blueprintMAGAZINE                September 2011 13
            Home Owners Resisting
        Increased Costs of Remodeling
             Under Lead Paint Rule
       Owners of homes built before 1978 are balking at the         tion,” Peterson said. “A huge part of the problem is that
  additional cost needed to repair and renovate their homes         home owners who have no children living in their home do
  — an up to 24% increase — under the U.S. Environmental            not see the need to pay this expense.”
  Protection Agency’s Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting             Under the EPA’s lead paint regulation, remodelers and
  rule, according to a recent NAHB survey.                          other contractors working in homes built before 1978 must
       “Remodelers are finding that conducting renovation           take precautions to contain lead dust — including using
  work in older homes has become more expensive under the           lead-safe work practices, establishing dust containment ar-
  lead regulation and that home owners are reluctant to pay         eas and containing dust during the renovation, cleaning up
  the increased costs,” said NAHB Remodelers Chairman Bob           after the project and maintaining detailed records.
  Peterson, CGR, CAPS, CGP, of Associates in Building & De-             The regulation also requires that they obtain training
  sign, Ltd., of Fort Collins, Colo.                                and certification, and that they distribute the EPA’s Reno-
       Responding to special questions in NAHB’s quarterly          vate Right lead-safe guide to their home owner clients.
  Remodeling Market Index (RMI) survey, remodelers indi-                According to the American Housing Survey by the
  cated that the cost of remodeling projects of less than $5,000    Department of Housing and Urban Development and the
  — a vast majority of the projects nationwide annually —           Census Bureau, professional remodelers annually work on
  would increase by as much as 24% under the lead rule. The         16.6 million projects involving housing built before 1980. Of
  cost of remodeling projects of more than $100,000 would in-       those, nearly 13 million are smaller projects priced under
  crease 9%, respondents indicated.                                 $5,000.
       At least 65% of the respondents also indicated that home         The total estimated costs for remodeling under the lead
  owners are trying to avoid the additional costs of the lead       rule — including training, equipment, materials and work
  rule by attempting to do the work themselves, working with        hours — could reach as much as $10.5 billion a year if home
  uncertified contractors who do not comply with the lead           owners do not change their remodeling plans, according to
  rule, scaling back the size of their remodeling projects or de-   the survey.
  ciding not to remodel at all.                                         For more information on the lead rule, visit www.nahb.
       “Remodelers want to protect vulnerable children from         org/leadpaint; or email Kelly Mack at NAHB, or call her at
  lead exposure, but we’re seeing that home owners do not           800-368-5242 x8451.
  want to pay the costs for complying with the lead regula-

                          Rory Robson                                      Monarch Foundations
                                                                           Over 40 years of service dedicated to the highest quality
                                                                              footings, foundations, excavation & engineering.
                       Insurance Services                                                                 Residential & Commercial
                                                                                                          Latest Modern Technology
      Specializes in Home Builders, Remodeling
                                                                                                           3700 SE Beisser Dr., Suite A
        Contractors and Artisan Contractors.                                                                    Grimes, IA 50111
                                                                                                              Phone: 515-986-5566
       12345 University Ave. Des Moines, IA 50325-8245                                                         Fax: 515-986-1118

14 September 2011      blueprintMAGAZINE
 Home Builders Association of Greater Des Moines applauds
                  Anawim Housing & HBA member,
                      Hubbell Realty Company
                         on completion of
                   8 new affordable housing units.

     On Wednesday, August 24th Anawim Housing and                  bell Realty Company and many other members that give
Home Builders Association member, Hubbell Homes, cel-              back to the Des Moines community by supporting afford-
ebrated the completion of eight new townhomes with a rib-          able housing and neighborhood revitalization.
bon cutting ceremony in front of the new properties located
at 2201 Forest Avenue.                                             Since 1987, Anawim Housing has developed hundreds of afford-
     Since early 2009, Anawim Housing and Hubbell Realty           able desirable housing units for families throughout the City of
Company have partnered to provide affordable and desir-            Des Moines. Its services include housing development and man-
able homes for families throughout the Des Moines area.            agement along with supportive housing programs.
This important initiative receives a portion of its funding
through a collaboration with the City of Des Moines and the
Polk County Housing Trust Fund.
     “Home is where our stories begin. Part of our mission is
to ensure that those stories get off to a good start. We are so
grateful that eight more families in the Des Moines area will
now have a new beautiful home to move into on September
1st,” said Russ Frazier, President of Anawim Housing.
     “Hubbell Realty is thrilled to continue to partner with
Anawim Housing.” said Rick Tollakson, President of Hub-
bell Realty. Tollakson continued, “This partnership not only
benefits the residents of the homes but the entire Des Moines
     The HBA of Greater Des Moines is proud to have Hub-

                                                                                                    Plumbing Contractor

     • Tax Planning & Preparation     • Financial Planning                    RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL
     • Business Problem Solving       • Investment Review
                                                                           NEW HOMES • MULTI-FAMILY • MOTELS
     • Estate Planning                • Computer Consulting
                                                                                            1425 Fuller Road
   102 East 15th Street                    8550 New York Avenue                      West Des Moines, Iowa 50265
   Pella, Iowa 50219                       Urbandale, Iowa 50322                  (515) 225-9532 • FAX (515) 225-9590
   641-628-4521                                    515-253-0099

                                                                                blueprintMAGAZINE                       September 2011 15
  Matt Connolly
  office 515.453.6196

  Introducing 2012 Chair:
  Matt Connolly
       Glad to be on board as the Green Building council board
  president. We had our first meeting with me pretty much
  at the head of the table and it went well with lots of positive
  discussion. Steve Theis is such a great asset to really anyone
  that knows him. He has us heading in the right direction for
                                                                    and I am proud to have that army of contacts to lean on.
  our board and has helped me in many ways the past couple
                                                                         Some of you might be aware of the new Home Sweet
  years. It’s a pleasure being around someone with such ex-
                                                                    Home show on local fox TV that I host because of our HBA.
  pertise and experience in this great industry of ours.
                                                                    It is on at 9:30 on Sunday mornings or anytime on the web
       My office is in the Iowa Realty building on Beaver and,
                                                                    at, Home Sweet Home. All shows include noth-
  a lot of time, the go to guy for people’s construction needs.
                                                                    ing but HBA members promoting their products and/or
  Not only do I refer business to many people that I have
                                                                    services, give it a watch.
  done business with in the past, more importantly I always
                                                                         Getting back to our August board meeting we discussed
  use my HBA contact guide booklet for referrals. What I tell
                                                                    education opportunities and certifications on the greener
  people like my manager who needs an insulator is that you
                                                                    side of things, most of us are working towards our mas-
  can trust anyone who is a member of our great association
                                                                    ter green builder certification through the HBA. Certifying
                                                                    homes green through the HBA is not a difficult process and
                                                                    can really make your homes stand out as we recommend
                                                                    all members get more familiar with it as it gains more and

         Beautiful Floors                                           more credibility around the country. For instance, we be-
                                                                    lieve Habitat for Humanity is strongly considering using

        For Over 47 Years                                           our green building standard for many future homes they
                                                                    build and the NAHB is pushing hard for entities such as
                                                                    HUD to incorporate our NAHB green standard as well. Lo-
                                                                    cally there has been some certifications green through our
                                                                    organization and we applaud them for achieving these im-
                                                                    portant certifications on high performing homes.
                                                                         Thanks for your time, glad to be back in the mix at the
                                                                    HBA. Contact me anytime! •

                                                                             We are an Iowa based company and look forward to working with you
                                                                            to protect the deck, patio, concrete, wood, or masonry around your home
                                                                                or business! Contact Us with any questions or if you would like to
                                                                                        receive a quote for this unique service that we offer.

                                                                                                        Gary Scott
                    Floor Covering                                                         Sealwize of Iowa
                    2709 Ingersoll Ave., Des Moines, IA                                       12641 Oakview Heights Drive
                    (515) 243-8608                                                                Story City, IA 50248
                                                                                  Phone: 515-231-0743               Fax: 515-733-2969

16 September 2011        blueprintMAGAZINE
Emily Perry

William Elliott Whitmore to Headline COSC’s
“Evergreen” Party

     The Nov. 2 event at People’s Court supports the non-
profit’s community programs and showcases Iowa’s top tal-
ents in entertainment, foods, craftsmanship and sustainable
business practices.
     West Des Moines, IA (August 11, 2011) - William El-             About COSC
liott Whitmore will headline this year’s “Evergreen” event           Center on Sustainable Communities (COSC) is a non-
benefiting Center on Sustainable Communities (COSC).            profit membership organization founded in 2005 that serves
The fundraiser will take place at People’s Court in down-       as Iowa’s trusted educational resource for sustainable build-
town Des Moines on Wednesday, November 2 at 7:00 p.m.           ing. As the recognized leader in providing education and
                                                                connecting resources, COSC empowers individuals and
and showcase Iowa’s top talents in entertainment, foods,
                                                                communities to make everyday decisions that promote sus-
craftsmanship and sustainable business practices. Proceeds
                                                                tainability, resulting in a better quality of life for all Iowans.
support the region’s recognized leader in empowering indi-      COSC’s schedule of residential, commercial and energy-
viduals and communities to make everyday decisions that         specific workshops can be found at •
promote sustainability.
     Tickets for COSC’s “Evergreen” event go on sale this
coming Tuesday, August 16, at General
admission tickets are $25.50 and VIP tickets are $48.50. The
latest event details are available at                                                                 Shop at our
     Whitmore has been called an heir of Pete Seeger and                                                         showroom:
Bruce Springsteen. His distinctive voice carries a timely ode
                                                                                                                    5150 SE
to farmers in his recently released “Field Songs” album,
                                                                                                                   Rio Court
which is attracting critical acclaim. Informed by experiences
on his family farm in Lee County, Whitmore predicts a com-                                                          Ankeny
ing paradigm shift toward “a more sustainable way of farm-                                                       515-276-6791
ing, something that’s going to make the land a lot happier,”
as he stated during his interview last month on NPR’s Talk
of the Nation.
     Whitmore will be joined by “Evergreen” emcee and                 Moehl Millwork
                                                                   has been in business
Iowa’s own Do-It-Yourself television personality Michele             for over 40 years.
Beschen in celebrating COSC’s role in advancing Iowa’s               We have built our
                                                                   business on suppling
sustainability initiatives. Beyond the outstanding enter-
                                                                   quality products and
tainment offerings, “Evergreen” attendees will be treated           excellent customer
to complimentary appetizers from local producers; a silent         service. Stop in and
                                                                      let us turn your
auction featuring handcrafted furniture and sustainable                   blueprints
building products; and a lively community networking en-               into the home
                                                                      or room of your
vironment. More event details are available at

                                                                             blueprintMAGAZINE                   September 2011 17
  Builder Appreciation Night

18 September 2011   blueprintMAGAZINE
  NAHB Remodelers Resources, Networking at
  the Remodeling Show in Chicago, Oct. 13-15
    The 2011 Remodeling Show in Chicago on Oct. 13-15               Attend the 2011 Remodelers Gala
will feature NAHB Remodelers courses on marketing, esti-           Remodelers can also register for the 2011 NAHB Remod-
mating, scheduling, business management, aging in place,      elers Gala, the annual black tie event showcasing NAHB Re-
risk management, PREP and networking that will help re-       modelers achievements for the year. The gala will be held
modelers compete in a tough economic environment.             from 6:30-10:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 24, at the Art Institute
    In addition, NAHB remodelers will staff a booth on the    of Chicago.
exhibit floor — #1608 — where they will share their experi-        During the celebratory evening, NAHB Remodelers
ence and answer tough questions on how to compete and         will acknowledge the 2011 CADRE recipients, National Re-
run a successful remodeling business.                         modeling Hall of Fame inductees, the NAHB Remodeler of
    Visitors to the booth can also learn about NAHB Edu-      the Year and the Homes for Life Award winners.
cation offerings, the 2012 NAHB International Builders’            For a full list of courses and NAHB Remodelers ac-
Show in Orlando, workforce development and training pro-      tivities at the Remodeling Show and to register, visit www.
grams from the Home Builders Institute and the benefits of
being a member of the NAHB Remodelers.                             For more information, email Kelly Mack at NAHB, or
    In addition, NAHB Remodelers will host a roundta-         call her at 800-368-5242 x8451.
ble where staff members of local remodelers councils can
network, share ideas and brainstorm — from 3:00-4:30 p.m.
on Thursday, Oct. 13.
    Email to register for the roundtable.

     K&E Distributing Inc.                                                          Bosch is committed to reinventing energy
                                                                                    efficiency with gas tankless, electric heat pump
      Proud supplier of green heating, cooling,                                     water heaters, solar thermal, gas boilers &
                                                                                    geothermal products for hot water production &
      & hot water products from Bosch                                               year-round indoor comfort. These innovative
                                                                                    solutions work alone or together as an integrated
                                                                                    system to reduce carbon footprint & lower monthly
                                                                                    energy bills.

                  K&E Distributing Inc.
                  1501 Walnut
                  Dallas Center, IA 50063
         “Energy Solution Products for a Green Future”

                                                                            blueprintMAGAZINE                         September 2011 19
  Professional Women in Building
   Char Hobson
   President’s Message

                                                                                    This month’s picture
            Be so good they CAN’T ignore you.                                   was taken from the DSM
                                                                               Magazine photo-shoot for
                     — Steve Martin
                                                                               the Men’s/Women edition
                                                                                highlighting Professional
                                                                                    Women in the Home
                                                                                     Building Industry –
                                                                                       pick up your copy!

       It always seems after a successful show like the Tour of        The planning for this year’s Christmas party is well un-
  Remodeled Homes, there’s a ripple effect of business from        der way and promises to be a first class event. I am looking
  all the ideas and inspirations it creates. Please take time to   for donations for the auction – if your company, or yourself
  support this year’s show and see the latest trends/demands       would like to donate items, gift cards or cash, you will re-
  on a local level. Don’t forget to take time to appreciate the    ceive recognition in the January Blue Print magazine. All
  knowledge, skill, talent and professionalism of the remodel-     the money raised during the auction goes directly to the
  ers involved!                                                    scholarship fund. Please contact Tara Cox for more infor-
       As the kids are heading back to class – I’m looking ahead   mation.
  at the PWB schedule. There are only two meetings left for
  this year. Please join me for one of the upcoming meetings.
  If you haven’t been to a meeting in a while, it’s the perfect                                                 Char Hobson
  time to come back.                                                                          Rowat Cut Stone & Marble Co.
       We are still recruiting for open board seats and event            2010 Local President Professional Women in Building
  chairs – if you would like to get more involved – it only re-                             
  quires a few hours every month. Please call me for more                                                        515-314-5667

                                   Introducing the 2011 Executive Board

   Char Hobson                                Beth Bezdicek                                Kathy Barnum
   Rowat Cut Stone & Marble Co.               McGough Glass and Mirror                     Barnum Quality Hardwood Floors
   President                                  Secretary                                    Past President                           
   515.314.5667                               515-255-1550                                 515-440-0776

   Tara Cox                                   Treasurer:                                   Polly Marean
   Coldwell Banker Mid-America Group          Open                                         Marean Construction L.C.,
   Vice-President                                                                          Membership                                                
   515-971-1890                                                                            515-287-1413

20 September 2011      blueprintMAGAZINE
          Save                                                                          Save up to 29% on
                                                                                        select FedEx®
        The Date!                                                                       shipping services

             October 18, 2011                              FedEx Advantage® for
      5:30 pm Social & 6:00 pm start
        Sleepy Hollow Sports Park
                                                           NAHB Members
            4051 Dean Avenue                               NAHB members can now enjoy savings of up to 29% off select
           Des Moines, IA 50317                            FedEx services. There are no costs and no minimum
               515-262-4100                                shipping requirements to take advantage of this program.
                                                           To enroll call 1-800-MEMBERS or visit:
                                                  and enter passcode HVCSP8.
            November 15, 2011
      5:30 pm Social & 6:00 pm start
            Waterfront Seafood
       2414 Southeast Tone’s Drive
            Ankeny, IA 50021

 Remember – there is NEVER a charge
     for coming to a meeting.

        Looking ahead.....                                 Save at least 70% with YRC on your
Exciting changes for next year’s line                      less-than-truckload frieght (150 lbs+)
  up includes sit-down meetings,
morning coffees and evening mixers!

                                                           • National – YRC connects key North American markets with
                                                           reliable three-day and coast-to-coast shipping services.
                                                           Seamless less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation is provided
                                                           throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico

         FIND US ON FACEBOOK                               To enroll call 1-800-MEMBERS or visit:
              Become a fan of                    
    Home Builders of Greater Des Moines
      Professional Women in Building

Feel free to share pictures, experiences and information
       on the latest trends involving our industry.

                                                                     blueprintMAGAZINE                    September 2011 21
  NAHB Report
               EPA Backs Down on
        Faulty Stormwater Management
          Rule for Construction Sites
      The Environmental Protection Agency announced on                      The agency said that it still couldn’t justify any specific
  Aug. 17 that it has decided to reconsider imposing a nation-         limit and will start over again.
  wide cap on the amount of sediment allowed in stormwater                  The EPA said it will be talking to home builders, en-
  draining from a construction site.                                   vironmental scientists and other members of the public to
      The announcement came a year after the EPA’s first pro-          gather better data — a solution that NAHB has advocated
  posal to develop a numeric limit for the turbidity, or cloudi-       for more than three years.
  ness, of stormwater was rejected by the 7th Circuit Court of              “The EPA set a numeric limit for water cloudiness that
  Appeals, which essentially told the agency to come up with           was based on flawed analyses,” said NAHB Chairman Bob
  an Effluent Limitation Guidelines (ELGs) number that was             Nielsen.
  legally defensible.                                                       Both the Small Business Administration and the Office
      NAHB has estimated that attempting to comply with                of Management and Budget warned the EPA that the regula-
  the regulations would carry a $10 billion annual price tag —         tion would not hold up, joining NAHB in voicing concerns
  stunting new home production and forcing costs up for                over its monitoring and sampling requirements.
  home buyers.                                                              “In its calculations, the EPA relied on questionable data,
                                                                       including figures obtained from the vendors that would
                                                                       have supplied the expensive systems home builders would
                                                                       have been required to use. That’s no way to come up with
                                                                       national policy,” Nielsen said.
                                                                            Because terrain, geography and rainfall vary signifi-
                  Des Moines’ oldest Abstract Company,
                 and only complete set of Abstract Books
                                                                       cantly across the country, NAHB has long held that a na-
                                                                       tionally applicable numeric limit is neither defensible nor
                     Tell your Realtor or Lender to use
               American Abstract & Title for your transaction.         practicable.
                         Bill Blue, General Manager
                                                                            “It’s our hope that the EPA’s research will take that fact
                                                                       into account,” he said.
                                                                            In the meantime, NAHB is redoubling its efforts to col-
                                                                       lect turbidity data from its members’ construction sites to
                                                                       help ensure that the eventual ruling makes good scientific
                                                                            “Stormwater management must be straightforward, af-
                                                                       fordable and workable,” Nielsen said. “That’s the only way
                                                                       we can continue to make progress.”
                        Impeccable Service Since 1856                       NAHB supports responsible development and the goals
                             Never a fee to store your abstracts.      of the Clean Water Act, he said, and “the association will
             Polk County:                          DallaS County:      continue to work with state and federal regulators to keep
        1840 nW 118th Street                   117 north 9th Street
              Suite 110                         (on the toWn Square)   our waterways clean.”
         Clive • 515-283-2266                   Adel • 515-993-1986
                                                                            For more information, email Ty Asfaw at NAHB, or call
                www.AMeRiCAN-ABSTRACT.CoM                              her at 800-368-5242 x8124.

22 September 2011        blueprintMAGAZINE
NAHB Eye On Housing
                   NAHB Analysis Sheds Light on
                         Second Homes
    Pundits and policymakers who want to trim the mort-        tion’s counties — 907 all together — have a local housing
gage interest deduction often point to second homes as a       stock in which at least 10% of the units are second homes.
primary target, stereotyping these residences as expensive     In fact, all but one state (Connecticut) and Washington, D.C.,
beach houses owned by the very wealthy. But home build-        have at least one county in which 10% or more of the hous-
ers know this characterization is way off the mark. Not only   ing stock qualifies as second homes eligible for the mortgage
are many vacation homes used as rental properties and          interest deduction. Moreover, 26 counties can attribute at
therefore NOT eligible for the mortgage interest deduction,    least half of their local housing stock to second homes. To
but many second homes that DO meet the requirements            make the point about the prevalence and geographic diver-
for a deduction are those from which a family has recent-      sity of these homes even stronger, 12 states in the nation can
ly moved or homes that are under construction where the        name at least one county within their jurisdictions in which
eventual owner holds the construction loan. To help set the    25,000 or more second homes are located. Such findings sug-
record straight about where second homes that qualify for      gest that much caution needs to be exercised regarding pro-
the mortgage interest deduction are located, NAHB econo-       posals that would affect second home ownership — because
mists analyzed data from the 2009 American Community           reasons for owning a second home are much more diverse
Survey (the most recent available) to produce a map of the     than critics usually provide, and because there are many lo-
share of each county’s housing stock that consists of second   cations across the country where second homes constitute a
homes. The results should surprise some people. Overall,       significant portion of the total housing stock. Read NAHB’s
6.9 million housing units qualify as second homes, or more     analysis on our Eye on Housing blog, or for more informa-
than 5% of all housing units nationwide. And 28% of the na-    tion, contact study author Rob Dietz at 800-368-5242, x8285.

                                                                            blueprintMAGAZINE                 September 2011 23
                      Altoona Boy Scouts
                    Receive Recognition for
                    Assisting with HSE 2011
      In recognition of the many hours of volunteering and   sembling bags with coupons, booties and the HSE Program,
  support, Home Show Expo Chair, Brandon Klinge, and         refilled and recycled booties at all 10 houses, and helped
  Co-Chair, Colin King, addressed Altoona Boy Scout Troop    keep the HSE site clean by picking up trash and emptying
  383 on August 29 and presented a donation of $1,000 from   trash and recycling containers. On one evening, they even
  the Home Builders Association of Greater Des Moines and    helped secure a rogue hot air balloon from crashing into one
  Gilcrest/Jewett Lumber Co.. Both Brandon and Colin re-     of the houses. They were a great help, and the HBA looks
  marked what an outstanding organization the Boy Scouts     forward to working with the Boy Scouts at future events and
  were and how helpful Troop 383 was during the 10 day       Home Shows. •
  show at Ironwood Development. The Scouts helped by as-

24 September 2011    blueprintMAGAZINE
      Top 10 Reasons to Do Business with an Active
                  Associate Member

1. Associate members support NAHB at the local, state and national levels.
2. Associate members volunteer time, talent and treasure to help the
   association accomplish its goals.
3. Associate members recruit their colleagues and business contacts to
   become members.
4. Associate members serve on committees and councils gaining valuable
   networking opportunity while helping to advance the association’s
5. By doing so, you increase the value proposition for all membership in
   your HBA.
6. Associate members are strong supporters of local and state PACs and
7. Associate members are a major source of non-dues revenue through
   sponsorships, advertising, etc.
8. As industry partners, Associate members are a valuable resource for
   business and management tips.
9. Associate members are heavily invested in your business success: You
   win, they win!
10. Why wouldn’t you do business with a member?

                                                blueprintMAGAZINE      September 2011 25
              Register Early for IBS 2012 …

                                Save Big!
       Registration for the 2012 NAHB International Builders’        connect with customers. Fortunately, that’s exactly what the
  Show opens September 1 … and as an NAHB member, you                next International Builders’ Show (IBS) from Feb. 8–11, 2012
  can save big by registering any time during the month!             in Orlando is designed to help you do.
       Here’s how. If you register for IBS 2012 between Septem-          Now there’s even better news. If you’re a new NAHB
  ber 1 and September 30, you can choose how you want to             member or a first-time attendee at IBS 2012, you can save
  save — either a FREE 4-day expo pass or $100 off the early         some serious money! If you meet one of the following condi-
  full registration fee of $325. Even better, spouse registrations   tions, you can see all the exhibits and attend all the educa-
  are also FREE in September!                                        tion sessions you want for only $125:
       The bottom line? For just $225, you can enjoy all of these           You only ever registered for the IBS before as a
  benefits:                                                                 non-member and you are now a member of the
   · Over 200 education sessions, including general business              Home Builders Association of Greater Des Moines
      topics as well as specialized insights into green building,                                 OR
      multifamily, marketing, financing, 50+ housing and more             You are currently a member of the Home Builders
   · Hands-on access to the newest, most essential products                Association of Greater Des Moines and you have
      from the most respected suppliers                                           never previously registered for IBS
   · Relaxed, enjoyable networking opportunities to meet with
      friends old and new                                                 That’s up to $325 in savings for full access to four days
   · Insights into evolving markets, emerging trends and prov-       of exhibits and education — and even better, your spouse
      en strategies for survival                                     can attend for only $20!
       Remember, these offers are only good from September 1              To take advantage of this special offer, just go to www.
  through September 30. Please visit  and follow the “member” registration
  tember for information and to register.                            path. You’ll see the First-Time registration option listed right
                                                                     after you provide your contact and demographic informa-
  First-Time Attendees at IBS Save Up to $325!                       tion. Simply select the discounted full registration option,
      As a member of the Home Builders Association of Great-         and you’re on your way!
  er Des Moines you already know that success as a builder                Please note that first-time attendee registration forms
  requires much more than just being able to swing a hammer.         will be checked against past records. If NAHB’s records in-
      In fact, to move your business ahead, you need to learn        dicate that you have previously registered for IBS as a mem-
  about new materials, plan marketing strategies and better          ber, you will be charged the full member registration fee.

26 September 2011      blueprintMAGAZINE
                                                                              New Construction
                                                                          Licensed, Bonded, Insured
                                                                              Free Estimates
                                             Dedicated to Customer Service and Electrical Excellence
                                                         Ron Mealey • 515-669-3418
                                                          P.O. Box 426 • Norwalk, IA 50211

                         Jim C. McNabb
                         Curtis A. McNabb
                         Dustin Fitzgerald

Overhead Door Company of
Des Moines & SW Iowa, Inc.
     P.O. Box 3565, Urbandale Branch         3705 SE Beisser Drive
          Des Moines, Iowa 50323
        Plant: 15205 Hickman Road
             Clive, Iowa 50325
515-276-1332 • 515-987-4591 • 800-622-3667

                                                      blueprintMAGAZINE                      September 2011 27
                             Monday
                                       Sept. 26th, 2011
                                8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

                                        The PREP is the required
                                        first step in the process of
                                        becoming a Certified
                                        Graduate Remodeler
                                        (CGR). Candidates do not
                                        pass or fail the PREP.
                                        Results determine the
                                        course of study for CGR

                                        The 150 question
                                        assessment measures a
                                        candidate’s knowledge in
                                        five core areas of
                                        remodeling business
                                          • Marketing and Advertising
                                          • Business Management
                                          • Estimating
                                          • Contracts, Liability and
                                        Risk Management
                                          • Project Management

28 September 2011   blueprintMAGAZINE
                         Thursday
                             Sept. 29th, 2011
                           8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

                      Are you ready to join the elite
                      ranks of the nation’s top building
                      industry professionals? The
                      Certified Graduate Builder (CGB)
                      designation is your sign to clients
                      and colleagues that you are a
                      member of this respected group
                      of professionals. The Builder
                      Assessment Review (BAR) is
                      your first step towards obtaining
                      this prestigious designation. This
                      comprehensive course
                      assessment will measure your
                      expertise in five key areas of the
                      building industry: Building
                      Technology, Business and
                      Finance, Project Management,
                      Sales and Marketing and Safety.
                      Your results will show you the
                      areas where your knowledge is
                      strongest, where it is weakest,
                      and will determine the courses
                      required for you to obtain your
                      CGB. Now for the first time, you
                      have a chance to test out of
                      those areas where your
                      knowledge and experience is
                      greatest. This will allow you to
                      earn your CGB designation faster
                      than ever before. The BAR has
                      been set high. Do you have what
                      it takes to be a CGB? Let’s find
                      out…If you are up to the
                      challenge, you too can join the
                      most prestigious club in the
                      building industry.

                        blueprintMAGAZINE           September 2011 29
                      Project                   Sept. 27th, 2011
                    Management                  Instructor: Steve Theis
                                                  CGP, GMB, CMP

                                        Develop the skills you need for
                                        successful on or off-site production
                                        operations management. This
                                        hands-on course covers the three
                                        phases of a successful venture:
                                        planning, implementation and
                                        evaluation. Owners, project
                                        managers, superintendents, sales
                                        managers and anyone involved in
                                        the pre-construction and
                                        construction process will benefit
                                        from this introductory course. As a
                                        graduate of this course, you will be
                                        able to:
                                          • Explain the basics of successful
                                        project management
                                          • Execute the pre-construction
                                        project management functions and
                                          • Implement the tools available for
                                        efficient project management
                                          • Manage trade contractors
                                          • Perform project management
                                        duties during the project
                                          • Complete the duties and
                                        responsibilities of post-project

                                        Continuing Education Hours: 6.0

                                        Designations: CGA,CGB,CGR

                                        Continuing Education Credits:
                                        CAPS, CGA, CGB, CGR, GMB,
                                        CSP, Master CSP, CMP, MIRM

30 September 2011   blueprintMAGAZINE
             Membership Poker Run
              & Builder Bucks!!!!!!!!
    The HBA of greater Des Moines is proud to present you the members with this fun and rewarding program. Try to earn
the best poker hand you can and earn builder bucks along the way. Why do you want to take part in this you may ask? The
rules are simple and fun.

    (2) Cards are given for each new member recruited to the HBA!!!
    (2) Cards are given to the sponsor when he or she calls a member and gets
        them to renew!!!
    (1) Card is given to membership committee person who makes the call and
        gets the member to renew the membership!!!! (Join the committee, great
        chances to earn cards!!!)

                Why do you want these cards so bad?
         At the annual Chili Cook Off the best poker hands will win the following:

                             Best Poker Hand wins:              $500 in builder bucks
                             2nd place Hand wins:               $250 in builder bucks
                             3rd place Hand wins:               $125 in builder bucks

                                        Still need more!!!!!!
       Recruit 15 new members in 2011 and receive a 1yr free membership to the HBA

       Recruit 10 new members in 2011 and receive ½ off your membership to the HBA

      Recruit 5 new members in 2011 and receive 1/3 off your membership to the HBA

      Here is your chance to get involved, be rewarded, and have fun at the auction!!!!

                                                                         blueprintMAGAZINE               September 2011 31
     blueprintNEW MEMBERS & RENEWALS
  August 2011 Renewals
  Company                                Member Type      Since    Company                                Member Type    Since
  American Abstract & Title Co.             Associate     1955     Daniel Kealy, CPA, P.L.C.                 Associate   2006
  ABC Electric                              Associate     1959     Monarch Renovations, LLC                   Builder    2006
  Carlson Systems                           Associate     1967     Cenergy, LLC                              Associate   2007
  Dick s Concrete                           Associate     1973     The Des Moines Radio Group                Associate   2007
  Beisser Lumber Company                    Associate     1980     Whitfield & Eddy, P.L.C.                  Associate   2007
  T & T Sprinkler Service, Inc.             Associate     1989     Dorrian Heating & Cooling                 Associate   2008
  Certainteed Roofing                       Associate     1999     Monarch Foundations                       Associate   2008
  Kate Lo Tile                              Associate     1999     CertaPro Painters                          Builder    2009
  Silent Rivers Design Build                 Builder      1999     Integrity Builders of Iowa, LLC            Builder    2009
  Fireplace & Stone Center                  Associate     2000     Showplace Builders, Inc.                   Builder    2009
  Tyler Homes                                Builder      2000     Coldwell Banker Mid-America Group,
  Boesch Construction, Inc.                  Builder      2003         Realtors - Ken Clark                  Affiliate   2009
  Ferguson Enterprises                      Associate     2005     W.R. Main Contractor, Inc.                Builder     2010
  Prudential First Realty                   Associate     2005

                Save the Date
                         for an evening in Winter Wonderland

                                                                Home Builders Association of
                                                            Greater Des Moines Holiday Party

                                                                  Thursday, December 1, 2011

                                                              Prairie Meadows Grand Ballroom

                     Sponsored by Remodelers Council, Professional Women in Building and the Associates Council.

32 September 2011      blueprintMAGAZINE
SPIKE CANDIDATE’S                   Rachel Flint           1              Darrel Avitt           185.5
Spike Name           Spike Points   Shannon Flickinger     1              La Donna Gratias       162.25
Ralph DiCesare       5              Gail Flagel            1              Rick Thompson          161
Jeffrey D Grubb      4.5            Ron Detrick            1              Tom Ward               150.5
Robert Myers         4              Al Brezina             1              Tom Stevens            149.5
Kathy Barnum         4              Frances Best           1              Bill Kimberley         147
Amy Kimberley        3.5            Rob Applegate          1              Ted Lockwood           146.25
Robert Jacobs        3.5            Terry L. Wilhelm       0.5            Jim Paine              129.5
Mike Van Gorp        3              Alan Rivers            0.5            Rollie Clarkson        124.25
Kelly Sharp          3              Brad Long              0.5            Ronald Grubb           124
Dan Knoup            3              Stephen Grubb          0.5            Duane Vanhemert        120
Eric Grubb           3              Angel M Grubb          0.5            Colin C. King          119.25
Ted A. Grob          3              Don Dorrian            0.5            Greg Arganbright       112.5
David Cosgriff       3              Rick Bratrud           0.5            Gerald Grubb           112
Curtis Busch         3              Rick Bianchi           0.5            Polly Marean           104.75
Georgette Schutte    2.75                                                 Rick Bach              88
Joseph Tollari Sr.   2.5            MEMBERS                               Steve Archer           85.25
Bret Nehring         2.5            Spike Name             Spike Points   Gene Buttrey           80.5
Dick Larimer         2.5            Matt Connolly          23             Gary Scrutchfield      69
Mark King            2.5            Eric Heikes            20             Ben Harrington         64
Toby Tyler           2              Jon Heim               19             John W. Grubb          62
James Slife          2              Chaden Halfhill        17.5           Tom Sheehy             61.5
K. Mickelsen         2              Wallace Yoho           16.25          Ronald Wyckoff         54
Brian Meyer          2              Randy Soper            15.5           Brad Gannon            52.5
Brandon Klinge       2              Robert Boesen          15             Gaylen Eller           51
Char Hobson          2              John Sample            14             Tom Lynner             50.5
Mary Henss           2              Frank Lindsey          13.25          Leslie Bryant          49.25
Larry Goodell        2              Christopher C. Boley   12.5           Dave Best              47.5
Mark Detrick         2              Kathy Barnhill         11.5           Devan Kaufman          41.25
Matthew Chizek       2              Kathy Barnum           11             Kent Katch             41
John Buttz           2              Brad Schulte           10.5           Greg Marean            40
Brennen Buckley      2              Steve Schrodt          10.5           Kim Beisser            39.5
Steve Bouchard       2              Rick Laffoon II        10.5           Charles F. Wasker      39
Larry Webster        1.5            Steve Theis            10.5           Terry Doling           36.5
Justin Washburn      1.5            Patrick Cardwell       10             Tom Gannon             33.5
Oran Struecker       1.5            Scott R. Cierzan       6.5            Jack Bohlender         31.5
Mark Parlee          1.5                                                  Craig Van Langen       31
Cliff Anderson       1.5            LIFE MEMBERS                          Brian Donaghy          30
Dana Walters         1              Spike Name             Spike Points   Ralph Haskins          29.5
David Volante        1              George Mirras          529.75         Jim Best               29
Joseph Smith         1              Thomas Gratias         408.5          M. Dan Collins         25.5
Jason Shepherd       1              Don Marean             291.5
Mike Schmit          1              Doug Mayo              220.75
Rory Robson          1              Don M. Beal Jr.        215
Daniel Kealy         1              Lloyd Clarke           211
Jon Jacobson         1              Keith Butz             187.5

                                                                  blueprintMAGAZINE           September 2011 33

   September 2011
                                                                                       ~    ~                                                                                              November 2011
             Sun                  Mon                               Tue                                Wed                                Thu                                  Fri                     Sat

   2                 3                               4                               5                                  6                                  7                              8
                                                                                  
                                                                                                   
                                                                                                                   
                                                                                                                            
                                                                                                
   9                 10                              11                                 12                              13                                  14                             15
                                                                                 
                                                                                                                                           
                                                                                                                           
   16                17                              18                                 19                               20                                 21                             22
                                                 
                                                                                                                                              
                                                                                                                            
                                                                                                   
   23                24                              25                              26                            27                                      28                             29
                                                                                                         
                                                                                                                       

   30                31
                     

             2011 General Membership Meetings 2013 Calendar, Windows Calendar HBA Networking After Hours
                               Download: 2011 Calendar, 2012 Calendar,

                                                                                                                                             Rowat Cut Stone & Marble
                         October 6th                                                                                                          Thursday, October 13th
         Metro area Candidate Night – Stoney Creek Inn
                            November 10th                                                                                                       American Contract Sales
                     Election & President’s Night                                                                                               Thursday, November 3rd
                           Stoney Creek Inn                                                                                                                     *all times are 5-7pm

                            December 1st
                        Winter Wonderland
                         HBA Holiday Party
                     Prairie Meadows Ballroom

34 September 2011           blueprintMAGAZINE
 See why
Builders & remodelers
     choose American.

Des Moines
5355 NW 86th Street • Johnston, IA 50131 • (515) 273-0492

   APPLIANCE                 HOME THEATER                       FURNITURE
                                                     blueprintMAGAZINE   September 2011 35
Home Builders Association
of Greater Des Moines         PRSRT STD
6751 Corporate Drive         U.S. Postage
Johnston, Iowa 50131
                             Waterloo, IA
                            Permit No. 901

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