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									                       The Reynolds Team Credit Score Review
         Today more than ever, credit scores can make the difference in available funding options
for your borrowers. While lenders like First Capital increasingly rely on these scores to assist in the
underwriting process, scores are only as good as the credit date used to generate them. First
Capital now offers a revolutionary solution from CreditXpert called Credit Score Review that helps
borrowers understand what factors are influencing scores and easy solutions to improve them.
Using actual data from your credit report, CreditXpert Credit Wizard shows what steps each indi-
vidual should take to achieve their best potential credit score.
         First Capital Credit Score Review assists borrowers to expedite the investigative and
recording processes associated with credit file updates at the bureau level. Each of the creditors
report confidential information to the three major credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian and
TransUnion – at different points in the month. In the mortgage process, The Reynolds Team with
First Capital can work with credit reporting agencies to manually update accounts and correct
any discrepancies that might be lowering credit scores. The Reynolds Team is committed to as-
sisting borrowers with the rescoring process in order to capture a better interest rate.
         There are three easy steps to improve your credit score as follows:
                 1. Reduce Credit balances
                          If you can send a payment that will reduce your account balance to a
                          lower percentage of the available credit line, you will increase your credit
                 2. Wait to Buy that New Car
                          When you start looking to buy a house, you want to delay any large pur
                          chases, or even extra inquiries into your credit.
                 3. Close Accounts with Caution
                          By closing older accounts, you look more risky to lenders because your
                          credit history appears shorter.
         The Reynolds Team with First Capital offers a fast, free, and no obligation credit report
consultation. Helping borrowers improve their credit score is part of the complimentary service
The Reynolds Team offers.

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