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A Community Service
Learning Project
Linden School 8th Grade
Block 1
What is a community?
 Eachone of us drew an image of what
 we think our community is.

 Some of us said the United States, some
 Massachusetts, some said Malden, and
 others said the Linden School community.

 Wedecided to focus on the local
 community for our issue.
 Poor  nutrition seems to be an issue
  for many young people in the
  United States, leading to various
  illnesses and problems.

 Itwas decided that we would
  tackle a national problem on the
  local level.
Action Groups
 Wechose our own groups based on the
 types of actions we wished to take.
 The   groups are:
    Team Super Awesome
    Team Eat Right
    Team Theoretical Physicists
    Team Hamburger Helpers
    Team Omnomnomers
Team Super Awesome
Objective: Team Super
 Awesome will prove to
 elementary students at Linden
 that physical fitness can be fun.
Project: We will coordinate and
 run an Open Gym Night for
 Linden’s Third Grade.
Team Super Awesome
How   will we do this?

 Request   permission from Dr. Angelico-
  Hart, Principal
 Coordinate with student council
 Create a flyer advertising the event
 Develop a detailed and exciting agenda
  for the evening.
Team Eat Right
Objective: Team Eat Right will
 inform younger students at
 Linden about the importance
 of eating healthier foods.
Project:We will run an assembly
 for elementary students with
 the goal of teaching them
 about healthy foods.
Team Eat Right
 How   did we do this?

 Coordinate assembly dates with principal
 Collect and examine data through
  surveys about what Linden students eat.
 Research nutrition/healthy foods
 Create an assembly
 Practice public speaking
Team Theoretical Physicists
Objective: Team Theoretical Physicists
 will promote physical fitness to the
 Linden School community.
1. We will produce a fitness calendar
   geared toward elementary students
   with daily suggestions of exercises.
2. Wewill also sponsor an equipment
 drive benefitting Linden’s Physical
 Education department.
Team Theoretical Physicists
How   did we do this?
 Researching   age-appropriate
 fitness strategies/activities
 Compile   fitness calendar
       students about what type of
 Survey
 gym equipment is desired
 Create   flyers advertising the drive
Team Hamburger Helpers
Objective: Team Hamburger Helpers will
 promote a healthy and active lifestyle
 to school-age students.

Project: We will create a video/news
  broadcast about healthy eating and
  physical fitness to be played at Team
  Eat Right’s assembly. We also look
  forward to contacting Malden Access
  Television with the hope that they will
  broadcast our video to the entire
  Malden community.
Team Hamburger Helpers
How     did we do this?
 Researching   healthy foods/fitness
 Deciding on the video’s message
 Writing/Editing a script
 Acting
 Group Meetings and Discussions
 Filming
Team Omnomnomers
Objective: Team Omnomnomers
 will promote healthy eating to
 Linden students and their
Project: We will produce a flyer to
 go home with Linden students
 with a week’s worth of meal
Team Omnomnomers
How    did we do this?
 Researching nutritious foods
 Communicating with local partners
 Creating and editing a flyer
 Generate creative ideas
 Planning a message to students and their
Community Partners
  After brainstorming about people who can
  help us understand the in’s and out’s of
  We  had to contact nutrition experts through
   professional emails inviting them to speak
   with us.
  We also had to prepare thoughtful questions
   to ask while interviewing our guests.
  We also understood that their time is
   valuable, so we wrote thank you notes to
   each guest showing our appreciation for
   their help.
Mr. Matthew Gillis
Linden School Physical
Education Instructor
 Mr. Gillis explained to us
 how important physical
 fitness is for our health.

 He also helped us narrow
 down which exercises are
 important for the age
 group we are targeting.

 Mr. Gillis also explained
 how much exercise these
 students should be getting
 per day.
Ms. Jessica Prickett
Linden School
Health Instructor

Ms. Prickett spoke with us
about healthy eating and
food choices.

She helped narrow down
what a healthy diet for an
elementary school student
would look like.

Ms. Prickett also suggested
an extremely helpful website:
Kim Talbot,
Clinical Nutrition Manager
Hallmark Health System

We were connected to Kim
through the Malden Board of

She spoke with us about the food
pyramid and what makes up a
healthy diet.

She also helped us decide on
how to best get our message
across to our younger audience.

Kim stayed in contact with us via
email. We were able to contact
her with any questions. She was
always willing to give us advice!
Ms. Lauren Deaderick
Mentor Teacher
Generation Citizen

 Ms. Deaderick worked
 with us throughout the
 project to help us be
 successful in achieving
 our goals.

 She informed us about
 techniques we could use
 to create the ultimate
 community service
What we’ve learned…
 Everyoneshould “eat the rainbow,” that is,
 eat every part of the food pyramid.
 WATER   is the drink of choice!
 Weshould be getting 30-60 minutes of
 exercise per day.
         should always be safe…you can
 Exercise
 overdo it!
 Balancethe calories you put in your body
 and the calories you work out.
  Skills we’ve improved…
 Communication          Planning
                         Setting  long-term
 Networking
                          and short-term
 Sending/Responding      [realistic] goals
  Professionally to      Meeting
  Emails                  deadlines
 Researching            Responsibility

 Being Resourceful
                         Public Speaking
                         Interpersonal Skills
 Participation/Being
                         Teamwork
                         Student
 Accountability          Ownership

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