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									                                                                Laurel Heights Conference Center
                                                             3333 California Street • San Francisco

                  Developmental Disabilities:
                                      An Update for Health Professionals
MARCH 1-2, 2002

                            A 2-Day Continuing Medical Education Course Presented By:
                             University of California San Francisco • School of Medicine
                               University of California San Diego • School of Medicine
                  Made possible by a grant from the California Department of Developmental Services

                              School of Medicine
                          Developmental Disabilities:
                  Course Overview                             enable you to attend and bring others
MARCH 1-2, 2002

                  We are pleased to invite you to attend      from your practice and your community
                  our Developmental Disabilities course       who will benefit from the course. We
                  in San Francisco March 1 & 2, 2002.         anticipate that not only those attend-
                  Primary care health professionals are       ing, but your patients with special care
                  increasingly caring for patients with       needs will be the ultimate beneficiaries
                  complex health care needs. These            of the increased knowledge this
                  patients include children and adults        course will provide.
                  with developmental disabilities who are
                                                                  Lucy S. Crain, MD, MPH, FAAP
                  considered medically fragile. We have
                                                                  Course Co-Chair
                  designed a comprehensive program
                  that should provide a useful and practi-        Hank Chambers, MD
                  cal update as well as an overview of            Course Co-Chair
                  relevant information for pediatricians,     Educational Objectives
                  family physicians, internists, nurses,      Upon completion of this course,
                  physician assistants, and others who        participants should:
                  are involved in the care of individuals
                  with developmental disabilities. This       • Be familiar with various diagnostic
                  course also will be of interest to those      and treatment options for develop-
                  in allied health, special education, and      mental disabilities: current, new,
                  social work professions who coordi-           and under development.
                  nate special health care resources          • Understand current screening
                  for these patients and their families.        options and techniques for assess-
                  Removing barriers to access imposed           ing signs and symptoms of autistic
                  by transportation systems, home care          spectrum disorder.
                  needs, restrictive managed care guide-
                  lines, and inadequate reimbursement         • Recognize physical characteristics
                  are some of the issues for which this         and clinical signs suggesting
                  course will attempt to provide problem        syndrome entities associated
                  solving strategies.                           with mental retardation.
                  The faculty for this course is com-         • Understand subspecialty concerns,
                  prised of specialists well acquainted         diagnostic and treatment options,
                  with children and adults with develop-        and referral resources for individuals
                  mental disabilities and special health        with complex health care needs and
                  care needs. They look forward to              developmental disabilities.
                  sharing their expertise and experience
                                                              • Understand options for enhanced
                  in order to assist you in better serving
                                                                reimbursement for specialized
                  these patients. Course lectures and
                                                                medical and nursing services for
                  workshops will provide you with
                                                                individuals with developmental
                  knowledge about diagnostic and
                  treatment considerations, as well as
                  the availability of additional resources.   • Be familiar with various aspects
                  The California Department of Develop-         of bioethical and legal concerns
                  mental Services has awarded a grant           for individuals with developmental
                  to the Offices of Continuing Medical          disabilities. These include consent
                  Education at UC Diego and UC San              and refusal of medical treatment,
                  Francisco, enabling us to greatly             advance directives, and indica-
                  discount the registration fee for this        tions for guardianship and/or
                  conference. We hope that this will            conservatorship.
An Update for Health Professionals

  • Be aware of and know how to gain          Tuition:   $250 for physicians
    access to community agencies and                     $125 for nurses, allied
    resources for augmenting care for                    health professionals,
    individuals with developmental                       interns, and residents
                                              Payment can be made by Visa,
  Accreditation                               MasterCard or check.
  The University of California School
  of Medicine, San Francisco, (UCSF)          You may pre-register for the course by:
  is accredited by the Accreditation          Mail: Fill out the enclosed registration
  Council for Continuing Medical              form and mail it to: OCME Registration,
  Education to provide continuing             UCSF, Box 0742, San Francisco, CA
  medical education for physicians.           94143-0742
  UCSF designates this educational            Phone: Please call the registration
  activity for a maximum of 17.5 hours        office at 415-476-5808 and have your
  in Category 1 credit toward the AMA         credit card number available.
  Physician’s Recognition Award. Each
                                              Fax: Fill out the enclosed registration
  physician should claim only those
                                              form (include your credit card number)
  hours of credit that he/she actually
                                              and fax it to 415-502-1795.
  spent in the activity.
                                              Hotel Accommodations
  CME credit is being requested from
                                              For your convenience, a block of rooms
  appropriate medical specialty organiza-
                                              has been reserved at the Maxwell Hotel,
                                              386 Geary Street, in Union Square, San
  Psychology Credit CME is accepted           Francisco, at a special rate of $125 per
  by the California Board of Psychology       night, single or double, until February
  for psychologists. Psychologists are        13, 2002. For reservations, call the
  responsible for reporting their own         Maxwell at 888.734.6299. A small block
  attendance at Continuing Medical            of rooms also has been reserved one
  Education activities to the California      block away from the Laurel Heights
  Psychological Association Accrediting       Conference Center at the Laurel Inn,
  Agency . The MCEP Credit Reporting          444 Presidio Avenue, until January 27,
  Form for this purpose will be available     2002 at a special conference rate of
  at the registration desk at this course.    $155 per night. Phone: 800.552.8735
                                              or 415.567.8467; fax: 415.928.1866.
  Nursing Credit The California State         When placing reservations by phone
  Board of Registered Nursing considers       or by fax with either hotel, please
  Category 1 CMA Accredited Continuing        mention that you are attending the
  Medical Education credits to be accept-     UCSF Disabilities conference.
  able toward meeting the requirements
  for license renewal. Nurses from states     Parking
  other than California must check with       Limited parking is available at the
  their local state board for specific con-   Laurel Heights Conference Center
  tinuing education policies.                 for $10/day on Friday and $1/day on
                                              Saturday. The conference center is
  How to Enroll                               located at 3333 California Street,
  Pre-registration is preferred to ensure     between Presidio Avenue and Laurel
  that registrants receive a syllabus and     Street and is accessible by public trans-
  CME Certificate at the course.              portation (MUNI lines 1, 2, 4, and 43).
Developmental Disabilities: An Update for Health Professionals • M14109
                                                                          Friday • March 1, 2002     TIME        TO P I C                                     SPEAKER
                                                                                                    7:30 AM      Sign-in & Continental Breakfast
                                                                                                    8:00 AM      Welcome and Introduction                     Lucy S. Crain, MD, MPH
                                                                                                                                                              and Hank Chambers, MD
                                                                                                                                                              Course Chairs
                                                                                                                 OVERVIEWS / THE SYSTEMATIC NATURE OF TREATING PEOPLE
                                                                                                                 WITH DISABILITIES
                                                                                                    8:15 AM      Overview of Developmental Disabilities       Terrance Wardinsky, MD
                                                                                                    9:00 AM      Oral Health and Individuals with             Francisco Ramos-Gomez,
                                                                                                                 Disabilities                                 DDS
                                                                                                    9:45 AM      Psychopharmacology 101+ in                   Glen Elliott, MD, PhD
                                                                                                                 Community and Office Practice
                                                                                                   10:30-10:45   Q&A
                                                                                                   10:45-11:00   Break
                                                                                                   11:00-12:30   CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS
                                                                                                                 (each session is 45 minutes and occurs twice, attendees choose two)
                                                                                                                 Common Causes of Mental Retardation:         Terrance Wardinsky, MD
                                                                                                                 Diagnosis and Treatment Considerations
                                                                                                                 Applied Practical Psychopharmacology:        Glen Elliott, MD
                                                                                                                 Treatment of Disordered Behavior in
                                                                                                                 Office and Community Practice
                                                                                                                 Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Screening,      Bryna Siegel, PhD
                                                                                                                 Diagnosis and Intervention
                                                                                                   12:30-1:30    LUNCH (Box Lunch Provided)
                                                                                                                 Keynote Address: Autism: Is there really     Bryna Siegel, PhD
                                                                                                                 an epidemic?
                                                                                                                 THE CUTTING EDGE: ADVANCES AND PROGRESS IN TREATMENT
                                                                                                                 FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH SELECT COMPLEX HEALTH CARE NEEDS
                                                                                                                 SEIZURES & MOVEMENT DISORDERS: NEW OPTIONS FOR
                                                                                                                 DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT
                                                                                                   1:45 PM       Overview of New Medical Treatments for       Yvonne Wu, MD, MPH
                                                                                                                 Seizure Disorders
                                                                                                   2:15 PM       Interventions in Treating Spacticity:        Nicholas Barbaro, MD
                                                                                                                 Neurosurgical Treatments for Cerebral
                                                                                                                 Palsy and Seizure Disorders
                                                                                                   2:45 PM       Orthopaedics: What We Have to Offer          Scott Hoffinger, MD
                                                                                                   3:15-3:30     Q&A
                                                                                                   3:30-3:45     Break
                                                                                                                 POTPOURRI OF PULMONARY AND GASTROENTEROLOGY PEARLS
                                                                                                   3:45 PM       The Ins and Outs of Gastroenterology         John Snyder, MD
                                                                                                                 and Developmental Disabilities
                                                                                                   4:15 PM       And If Your Patient Cannot Breathe           Karen Hardy, MD
                                                                                                   4:45–5:30     SPECIAL LECTURE: What the Future             Randi Hagerman, MD
                                                                                                                 Holds for Individuals with Disabilities:
                                                                                                                 Putting Molecular Genetics Research
                                                                                                                 into Practice
                                                                                                   5:30-6:00     Q&A
Saturday • March 2, 2002     TIME        TO P I C                                       SPEAKER
                            7:30 AM      Continental Breakfast
                            7:50 AM      Welcome and Introduction                       Hank Chambers, MD and
                                                                                        Lucy S. Crain, MD
                                         INNOVATIONS & CHALLENGES: EMPOWERING PRIMARY HEALTH
                                         CARE PROVIDERS
                            8:00 AM      A Phone Call Away: Telemedicine and            Don Hilty, MD
                                         Subspecialty Consultation Resources
                            8:45 AM      Innovations in Office Practice: House          David Hirsch, MD
                                         Calls, Care Coordination, and Risk-
                                         Adjusted Reimbursement
                            9:30 AM      A Patient’s Perspective: Best Practices        Kathleen Lankasky
                                         for Physicians Caring For Persons With
                                         Developmental Disabilities
                           10:15-10:30   Q&A
                           10:30-10:45   Break
                           10:45-12:15   CONCURRENT WORKSHOPS
                                         (each session is 45 minutes and occurs twice, attendees choose two)
                                         Fiscal Realities: Resources for Families       David Hirsch, MD
                                         and Health Care Providers
                                         Removing Barriers for Individuals With         Representatives of Family
                                         Special Needs and Medical Fragility            Voices, Regional Centers
                                                                                        (DDS), CCS, SSI, IHHS,
                                                                                        DOE, DSS
                                         Transitioning From Pediatric to Adult          Kathleen Lankasky and
                                         Health Care for Individuals With               Geraldine Collins-Bride, RN,
                                         Developmental Disabilities                     MS, ANP
                           12:15-1:45    LUNCH (on your own)
                                         COMMUNITY, BIOETHICAL & LEGAL ISSUES
                            1:45 PM      A Dialogue on Medical Decision                 Susan Rubin, PhD;
                                         Making for Children and Adults With            Rev. Rodney Seeger, MDiv;
                                         Developmental Disabilities: What’s Best        Mary Sancimino, JD
                                         and Who Should Decide?
                            3:30-3:45    Break
                            3:45-5:15    CASE REVIEWS
                                         Attendees are invited to submit a one-page case (500 words or less) for
                                         discussion and problem solving. Cases should be from your clinical practice
                                         and involve children or adults with disabilities that pose management chal-
                                         lenges or issues. These may include issues of abuse or neglect, sexuality,
                                         consent and refusal, and quality of life, as well as medical management.
                                         Approximately six cases will be selected from your submissions, which
                                         are due no later than 5:00 PM PST 2/15/02. Cases may be faxed, mailed
                                         or emailed to Paula Fleisher, UCSF Office of CME, fax: 415.502.1795,
                            5:15-6:00    Feedback from Workshops/Debriefing/Panel and Adjournment

           course faculty
     Lucy S. Crain, MD, MPH, FAAP                  David Hirsch, MD, MS, FAAP
              Course Co-Chair                          Phoenix Pediatrics, LTD
      Clinical Professor of Pediatrics               Medical Director, Pediatrics,
     Director, Pediatric Disabilities and                Hospice of the Valley
          Down Syndrome Clinic                                            ~
                                                Medical Director, Los Ninos Hospital
         UCSF School of Medicine              Medical Director, Hacienda de Los Angeles
                                                        Skilled Nursing Facility
          Hank Chambers, MD
            Course Co-Chair                             Kathleen Lankasky
     Clinical Associate Professor of               Projects Coordinator to United
          Orthopaedic Surgery                     Cerebral Palsy of the Golden Gate
    UC San Diego School of Medicine                         Oakland, CA
        Chairman, Department of
          Orthopaedic Surgery                     Francisco Ramos-Gomez, DDS
     Children’s Hospital San Diego                      Associate Professor
                                               Department of Growth and Development
          Nicholas Barbaro, MD                     Division of Pediatric Dentistry
Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery      Director, Pediatric Dental Services
         UCSF School of Medicine                     UCSF School of Dentistry

  Geraldine Collins-Bride, RN, MS, ANP                  Susan B. Rubin, PhD
        Associate Clinical Professor,                       Co-Founder
   Vice-Chair, Department of Community                   The Ethics Practice
              Health Systems                                Berkeley, CA
         UCSF School of Nursing
                                                        Mary Sancimino, JD
          Glen R. Elliott, PhD, MD                        Attorney at Law
             Associate Professor                     Law Offices of Robb & Ross
          Department of Psychiatry                         Mill Valley, CA
         UCSF School of Medicine
 Director, The Children’s Center at Langley          Rev. Rodney Seeger, MDiv
  Porter Psychiatric Hospital and Clinics          Director, Spiritual Care Services
                                                        UCSF Medical Center
         Randi Hagerman, MD
 Tsakopoulos-Vismara Chair in Pediatrics               Bryna S. Siegel, PhD
      Director of the MIND Institute                     Adjunct Professor
        UC Davis Health System                        Department of Psychiatry
                                                      UCSF School of Medicine
             Karen Hardy, MD
     Chief, Pediatric Pulmonary and                       John Snyder, MD
    Cystic Fibrosis Center at California            Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
       Pacific Medical Center and                     UCSF School of Medicine
       Children's Hospital Oakland
       Director, Bay Area Pediatric               Terrance Wardinsky, MD, FAAP
     Pulmonary Medical Group, Inc.                Medical Director, Alta California
                                                         Regional Center
          Scott Hoffinger, MD                          Sacramento, California
     Associate Professor of Pediatrics
        UCSF School of Medicine                        Yvonne Wu, MD, MPH
        Director of Orthopaedics                   Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
       Children’s Hospital Oakland                          and Neurology
                                                      UCSF School of Medicine
           Donald M. Hilty, MD
 Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry
       UC Davis School of Medicine
  Medical Director, Sacramento County
     Mental Health Treatment Center
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                           Registration Information: 415.476.5808
                           Course Information: 415.476.6127

                    Developmental Disabilities: An Update for Health Professionals • M14109
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