How To Order Replacement Vertical Blinds Slats

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How to measure & order replacement vertical blinds slats

The measurments we require for Replacement Vertical Blind slats is the Fabric Drop.

This is the size of the fabric that is on your current blind. All you need to do is measure the full
length of the fabric. Lay the slat on the floor or a table and measure from the very top to
the very bottom. Do not include the hanger.

Enter this measurement in to the Fabric Drop box.

Then count the number of blinds on your current blind. and enter that figure into the
No. of slats box.

Then check the width of your current slats to make sure you order the same size. There are
only two sizes 89mm & 127mm or 3.5” & 5” Select the slat size you require from the drop
down menu. All fabrics are available in 89mm but not all in 127mm.

Please note that if you require slats for multiple blinds order them seperately as we will chain
up the fabric in the quantity entered, So for instance if you require 30 slats for 3 windows
totalling 90 slats, order 3 sets individually or the 90 slats will all be chained together.

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