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									                                                                        TOP 10 LIST
             Bill                   Sponsors                                        Summary                                      Chamber             Status
SB 10—Nurse Staffing Levels MORSE/FRANGAS            Requires hospitals to develop, implement, file w/the state health          Oppose     Killed in Senate Health
in Hospitals                                         department & provide to patients, a staffing plan for nurses. Increases               Committee 2/14/07
                                                     reporting requirements for hospitals.

HB 1072—Labor Peace Act       GARCIA--VEIGA          The elimination of the requirements for a vote ratifying an all-union       Oppose      Vetoed by Governor
                                                     agreement                                                                               2/9/07
HB 1069—Ft Carson eminent MCKINLEY--KESTER           Withdrawal of the consent given by the state to the federal government Oppose           Signed 5/03
domain                                               for the acquisition of land within the state for military training purposes
                                                     by the means of eminent domain
HB 1151—License to sell       VEIGA--FRANGAS         Requires a license annually from the department of revenue to sell or       Oppose      Fiscal Impact. Postponed
cigarettes                                           distribute cigarettes in the state                                                      Indefinitely in business
                                                                                                                                             committee 03/23/07

HB 1232-- Military Dependant MERRIFIELD--TAPIA Aid for school districts in which pupils who are the dependents of           Support          Passed 2nd reading in
Supply Pupil Aid                               military personnel enroll after October first. Aid for the cost of educating                  the Senate 4/26
                                               pupils who are enrolled in the district as of February first.

HB 1190-- Regional            LISTON--SCHWARTZ       Specifies that the amount of the sales or use tax levied by a regional     Support      Awaiting Governor's
Transportation Auth Tax                              transportation authority that the department of revenue may retain as                   Signature
Collection Cost                                      payment for collecting, administering, and enforcing the tax nay not
                                                     exceed the net incremental cost of the collection, administration, and
HB 1008-- Workers' Comp       CERBO--(NONE)        Requires that, under the “Workers’ Compensation Act of Colorado”, if a Oppose--ask Awaiting Governor's
Coverage Firefighter Cancer                        firefighter contracts cancer, the condition or impairment shall be deemed Governor for Signature
                                                   to have occurred within the course of employment unless a physical        Veto
                                                   exam of such shows evidence that preexisted employment

SB 146--Veterans Mental       MORSE--RICE          Creates a 3-year mental health services pilot program for spouses and            Support       Awaiting Governor's
Health Services Pilot                              dependent children ("families") of discharged veterans of operation                            signature
                                                   enduring freedom and operation Iraqi freedom ("pilot program").
                                                   Authorizes the department of human services to purchase mental health
                                                   services from community mental health centers in the Colorado Springs
                                                   area for families of recently discharged veterans.

HB 1338--Homeowner            POMMER--VEIGA        Makes waiver of certain basic statutory rights and remedies by                   Oppose        Signed by the Governor
Protection Act Of 2007                             residential property owners in their transactions with construction                            on 4/20/07
                                                   professionals void as against public policy

HB 1344 Public Safety Cap     MERRIFIELD--KESTER
                                                   Concerning the authority of a local governmetn to levy an increased              Support       Awaiting Governor's
                                                   increment of sales tax to finance local improvement expenditures, i.e.                         Signature
                                                   public safety and public health.
HB 1355--Rate Banding         MCGIHON-HAGEDORN Determine Small Employer Carrier Premium                                             Oppose          Awaiting Governor's
                                                                                                                                                  Signature--Chamber has
                                                                                                                                                     asked for a veto
Renewable EnergyBills                              Monitor all renewable energy bills for impact to business and costs
Regulatory Bills                                   Monitor all regulator bills to look for over regulation and actions harmful to   Monitor and
                                                   small business.                                                                  Oppose

                                    PRIORITY BILLS TO MONITOR WITH POSSIBLE ACTION
              Bill                 Sponsors                                          Summary                                         Chamber              Status
SB 125--Subsequent Injury    KOPP--GARCIA          Eliminates the tax on premiums paid by employers insuring employers       Neutral   Killed in Senate 2/15.
Major Medical Ins Fund                             against liability for personal injury or death to their employees that is           Fiscal Impact
                                                   used to fun the subsequent injury fund and the major medical insurance
                                                   fund. Makes conforming amendments.
HB 1107—Sealing of criminal CERBO--BACON           Reduces the time from 15 years to 10 years that a person must wait        Oppose    Awaiting Governor's
justice records                                    before filing a petition to seal arrest and criminal records information            Signature
                                                   pertaining to a criminal offense that was not charged or a case that was
                                                   dismissed due to a plea agreement in a separate case
HB 1043--Telemedicine In     TODD--TOCHTROP        The option of a covered state employee under a self-insured group        Oppose     Killed in Health and
Home Health Care                                   benefit plan to obtain medical care in an accredited foreign health care            Human Services
                                                   facility.                                                                           committee Fiscal Impact

SB 53-- Education Pre-       TUPA--MERRIFIELD
                                          Creates a legislative oversight committee to oversee the work of the P-16 Oppose             Killed in Senate
kindergarten To Higher Ed                 council. Creates the P-16 council for continued examination of an                            Education Committee
                                          integrated, seamless system of education from pre-kindergarten to higher
HB 1189 –Drunk Driving Law JUDD           Increases the driver’s license revocation period for first-time DUI to five Oppose           Postponed indefinitely
Enforcement                               years. Increases who a second violation to 20 years                                          3/08/07
SB 117/HB 1247—Recover     MARSHALL—ROMER Specifies a limitation on the amount of the ward for workers’ comp and Oppose                Killed in House 3/08.
Wages Due Attorney Fees                   requires the director to annually adjust the cap on disfigurement awards                     Fiscal Impact

SB 91—Renewable Resource     SCHWARTZ—MASSEY       Creates a task force on renewable resource generation development       Oppose      Awaiting Governor's
Generation Dev Areas                               areas to meet during 2007 term to identify renewable resource areas                 Signature
                                                   within Colorado that have potential to support competition and to
                                                   develop a map of such areas
SB 137—License Regulate      TOCHTROP—WHITE        Requires the examining of board of plumbers to set and collect fees for Oppose      Awaiting Governor's
Plumbers Apprentice                                application and renewal of a license of a plumber                                   Signature
HB 1328--Educate Public      FISCHER--VEIGA        Allows the office of water conservation and draught planning to create              Awaiting Governor's
Storm Water Quality                                educational programs concerning water conservation and water pollution              Signature
                                                   from storm run-off
HB 1312--Employee Leasing   MCGIHON--VEIGA     Clarifies that for tax credit and economic incentive purposes, work-site                 Signed 4/16
Co & Work-site Employer                        employees are solely employees of the work-site employer and is entitled
                                               to any credit or incentive that arises as a result of the employment
                                               regardless of a relationship with an employee leasing company.

HB 1078—County Regul Bldg SOPER--BACON         Authorizes any county in the state to establish a licensing program to Oppose            Signed 4/9. Conditional
Contractors                                    require a person who engages in the business of being a building                         Fiscal Impact
                                               contractor within the county to obtain a license from the country prior
                                               to engaging in the business
HB 1219--Health Care Special ROBERTS--BOYD     Concerning special districts that provide health care services, and, in    Support       Awaiting Governor's
Districts                                      connection therewith, providing exemptions from certain provisions of the                Signature
                                               "Special District Act" for the information of such special districts,
                                               allowing health assurance districts to be created in any part of the
                                               state, authorizing health service and health assurance districts to levy a
                                               sales and use tax, and authorizing counties to impose a sales tax for the
                                               purpose of providing health care services

SB 22—PUB low income        VEIGA--FRANGAS     Concerning the authority of the public utilities commission to consider  Oppose          Awaiting Governor's
regulatory consideration                       the needs of low-income households when setting utility rates for energy                 Signature

                                                     LEGISLATION TO MONITOR
             Bill                Sponsors                                     Summary                                        Chamber          Status
HB 1049--Fast Growing Sch   LISTON--MCELHANY   Allows a school district that has satisfied the fast growth requirements     Monitor   Signed 3/30. Fiscal
Dist Bonded Debt Limit                         for 3 consecutive fiscal years and is therefore permitted to increase its              impact
                                               bonded debt limitation to issue debt during the 3rd fiscal year in which
                                               the district experiences fast growth, rather than waiting until the fiscal
                                               year following the 3rd fiscal year in which the district experiences fast

SB 8-- Expand Water         TAYLOR--CURRY      Allows any local or state entity that provides water at retail to            Monitor     Awaiting Governor's
Efficiency Grant Program.                      customers to participate in the water efficiency grant program                           Signature
                                               administered by the Colorado water conservation board
HB 1024-- FPPA Property Tax CERBO--TOCHTROP         For property tax years on or after January 1, 2007, exempts real       Monitor        Awaiting Governor's
Exemption                                           property used and occupied by the fire and police pension association                 Signature. Fiscal Impact
                                                    and personal property used by the association from the levy and
                                                    collection of property tax.
HB 1036-- Limit Acquire       SONNENBERG--          Prohibits the state and specified political subdivisions to acquire    Monitor        Deemed Lost
Water Eminent Domain          SHAFFER               specified water rights through the exercise of the power of eminent
HB 1115-- Construction        RIESBERG--TAPIA       Requires an owner to provide evidence to a contractor or subcontractor Monitor        Deemed Lost
Contract Payment                                    that moneys are available for payment. Requires a contractor to submit
                                                    monthly progress payment requests that include all work preformed on
                                                    the project during the previous month to the owner

SB 38-- Miss Med Exam         RENFROE               Modifies existing prerequisites to the development of a toll road or toll   Monitor   Killed in Senate Business
Suspend Workers' Comp Pay                           highway by a toll highway company and adds new prerequisites                          Committee 2/1. No fiscal

HB 1084-- Auto Health Care    ROSE--BOYD            Requires that an auto insurance carrier or a plan that uses health care Monitor       Postponed indefinitely.
Insurance Claims Review                             coverage to review claims by specified persons of health care services                No fiscal Impact
                                                    provided in connection
HB 1044-- Protective Services MCFADYEN--            Requires an oral repot within 24 hours of observed mistreatment of an at-Monitor      Postponed indefinitely.
For At-risk Adults            WILLIAMS              risk adult to believe that the at-risk adult has been mistreated.                     Fiscal impact

HB 1022-- Rural Health Care BUTCHER--SANDOVAL Makes legislative declarations to address rural health care shortages and Monitor           Awaiting Governor's
Needs                                          inadequacies through various measures. Requires the department of                          Signature
                                               public health to issue a request for the operation of a mobile cancer
                                               screening unit
HB 1145-- Renewable Energy  MERRIFIELD--GORDON Encourages the state board of land commissioners to identify land         Monitor          Signed 4/26.
Dev On State Lands                             suitable and appropriate for development of renewable energy resources,
                                               and also encourages the board to collaborate with other federal and state
                                               entities and agencies
SB 123—Regulate             TAKIS-KERR A       Creates the “Elevator and Escalator Certification Act”. Regulates the     Monitor          Awaiting Governor's
Conveyances and Mechanics                      profession of conveyance mechanics. Declares the regulation of                             Signature
                                               conveyances to be a matter of statewide concern
HB 1054—Increase number of CARROLL T. --       Increases the number of district court judges in the judicial districts.     Support   Awaiting Governor's
Court Judges               SHAFFER             Requires certain fees collected by the state judicial branch to be                     Signature
                                               transmitted to the state treasurer for deposit in the judicial stabilization
                                               cash fund.
HB 1085-- Requirements On   GARDNER B.--TUPA   Eliminates the requirement that a person must be a registered voter in Monitor         Lost in House State
Petition Circulators                           order to circulate a petition                                                          Affairs Committee
                                                                                                                                      2/20/07. No fiscal

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