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Using GOBI


									Using YBP and GOBI
to “freshen” your daily processes:

    The Quest
    Experience        MOBIUS 2008 : June 4, 1:45pm

                      Shirley Bergeson, Library Assistant
                      State Fair Community College

                      Les Lynam, Director of Technical Services
                      University of Central Missouri
Using GOBI
How GOBI has changed our work flow. . .

   at SFCC.
Using GOBI
How GOBI has changed our work flow. . .

   at UCM.
Facts about SFCC Library

  Approximately 38,000 books
  FY 07-08 book budget - $22,000
  Four full-time staff members
Facts about UCM Library

  Approximately 450,000 books
  FY 07-08 book budget - $378,000
  Five Librarians in Tech. Services
  Ten full-time TS staff members
  15 Subject Selectors (all librarians)
The old way to select books…

  Director looked through catalogs
  Found reviews in Choice and LJ
  Checked Quest catalog to see who else
   owns it
  Marked books in catalogs with sticky
  Hoped nothing got lost in the process!
The old way to select books…

  Selectors looked through catalogs, other
   sources (BIP, BNA/YBP/Choice slips,
   teaching faculty requests, etc.)
  Found reviews Choice, LJ, online
  Marked in catalogs for student assistants
   to fill out cards
  Hoped nothing got lost in the process!
Selecting Books with GOBI
    Can search GOBI by title, author, ISBN, LC Classification, or content
Selecting Books with GOBI
    Full view shows which other MOBIUS libraries purchased the book.
Selecting Books with GOBI
    Many records include 1-click reviews from Pub Weekly, LJ and Booklist
Selecting Books with GOBI
    Can create electronic lists that are order-ready, which saves staff time.
Many Hats

    Being a smaller library, our staff wear
     many hats.
Ordering Process

    GOBI has made the ordering process
     more time efficient.
Finalizing an Order
    Since I also manage the budget, I finalize all orders with our Director’s
Finalizing an Order
    Once the template is applied I can view the status of the books as well
     as the discounted price.
Finalizing an Order
    One click sends off the order.
Finance Transaction

    GOBI has helped to simplify our financial

    Prior, the Business Office
     would do all of our ordering.
GOBI Saves Us $$

  Discounts
  Book Searches
  GOBI Communication
  Vendor Accounts
Simplified Millennium Order Records

  GOBI saves time by giving us all the
   information needed to create a more
   detailed and correct order record.
  We do not Edifact our orders but we do
   create an order record in Millennium for
   each book once it is ordered.
Many Whistles and Bells

    Last year was our first experience with GOBI.
    GOBI software has been very easy to work
     with and self-explanatory.
    If a problem occurs, our representative is just
     a phone call away and always willing to assist.
    Support with GOBI is a big plus.
    The software offers other tools and ideas
     which we hope to utilize in the future as we
     become more acquainted with GOBI.
GOBI Records a Plus

  By doing a search for library activity, I
   always have available a complete history
   of all orders.
  Orders can easily be separated into
   cancelled, open and completed.
  More time efficient to double check and
   update order records in Millennium.

   The GOBI software is very flexible and
    user friendly.
   Templates

 Our books have always arrived in a timely
 Notice of cancelled books are provided
 Shipments are sent separate by account.
 Returns are no hassle.
 No shipping charges, processing fees are

 In closing, GOBI has provided us with an above
  average selection process.
 Above average software package to order books
 Above average tracking system, and order
  records history.
 Above average support system.
  This has saved our small library both time and
  dollars in our selection and processing of orders.
Selection, etc.

   Back to UCM.
Selecting / Ordering Process

  GOBI has removed some redundant
  No more selector to cards to Acq to
   retype to order
  Selector puts in cart, Acq opens cart,
   reviews and exports selected records
  Export file goes to MCO for loading into
S / O Process, Continued

  Acquisitions tests record for duplication
  Remove dups of own titles from order
   and Millennium, order record moved to
   matching bib, canceled.
  Move orders for dups of cluster-mate
   titles onto full bib, delete brief bib and
   retain order, changing Vendor Code from
   YANKE (process) to YBP08 (no process)
S / O Process, Continued

    EDIFACT order file to YBP
      Separate files if both Vendor Codes
      EDIFACT shows as “ordered” in GOBI the
       next day
      An average of about 600 monographs
       ordered each month
The PromptCat equation

  UCM contracted with OCLC/YBP for the
   PromptCat service.
  YBP VERY helpful in getting this set up.
        Wrote most of “best practices” document
         from the YBP/UCM experience
  Working out the “bumps” takes several
  80% of YBP orders are PCat Matches
The Shelf-Ready equation

  UCM contracted with YBP for physical
   processing of PromptCat orders.
  YBP Creates a processing template, we
   altered as needed, and have added to it
   over time.
  Processing “package” includes property
   stamps, bookplates, spine labels and
   barcode (including scanning to item).
Shipments / Receiving

  Our books have always arrived in a timely
  Notice of cancelled books, OP, NYP come
  Shipments are sent separate by account.
  Returns of non-processed books are no
  Tracking UPS shipments (Quantum?)
The PCat Invoice / Records

  OCLC emails UCM when a “batch” is
  We pick up the file from their Website.
  File held until order is received.
  When received, full bibs and item
   records as well as electronic invoice
   loaded in single process.
The Payoff

  Shelf-Ready books ready to use within a
   day of arrival.
  Total order to shelf time averages down
   from 90 days to about 30 days.
  Much time saved in invoice processing.
  Initial headaches worth the payoff.
The Wrap up

  Questions?
  Contact information:
      Shirley: sbergeson@SFCCMO.EDU
      Les:

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