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					                 THE TOY TIMES
                     Newsletter of the Masterton Community Toy Library
                                      September 2004

         New Fund-raiser!                        New Toys                      Can you help us?
We have our next fund-raiser starting             Talk'n'Learn    The Masterton Community Toy Library is
already! This one is very different to           Creativity Desk  a community-based service/organisation,
anything else we have done in recent years             IP24       run for its members by its members. Its
... maybe ever.                                    Fisher Price   committee is made up of volunteers from
                                                  Little People   among its members, and while there is a
One of our toys suppliers (MTA – Modern         Discovery Village
                                                                  bit of work for the committee to do, the
Teaching Aids) has a special fund-raising              DH9        more people on the committee, the less
catalogue called “Chalk” with all sorts of      My Happy Family
wonderful toys and 'goodies' for you to         Dolls' House Set work required of each committee member.
order at reduced prices. The toy library             VI123           If you are not sure if being on the
then receives a voucher for 20% of the           Finding Nemo        committee is for you, come along to the
total of the orders to spend on what we              video           meetings 2 or 3 times to get a feel of what
want for the toy library. The final day for         VI124            goes on and of how you may be able to
returning completed order forms to the toy        Piglet's Big       assist.
library is Saturday 20th November 2004            Movie video
                                                                     Being on the committee can be a lot of
- be on time, please! (See the letter with          VI125
                                                Rugrats Go Wild      fun, and it does have some benefits that
the Chalk catalogue for more details.)
                                                     video           you may not be aware of. Committee
                                                                     members often get to see the new toys first
     Fund-raising ... again.                    Bob the Builder      and have a play with them at the
                                                 Can We Fix It       committee meetings. We also get to enjoy
                                                  CD-ROM             suppers that someone else has made or
Well, the pie & pizza fund-raiser didn't go
as well as hoped, as out of over 100                 CD54            bought (e.g. Lisa Hancock's muffins were
members, only 13 (mostly committee)
                                                 Hi-5 Activity       very memorable and we are looking
                                                Centre CD-ROM        forward to her baking us some more!).
returned order forms and money (on time –
2 were late and therefore they missed the
                                                     CD55            Committee members get to make decisions
                                                   Freddi Fish       about the future direction of the toy
dead-line, unfortunately).                          CD-ROM
                                                                     library, fund-raising activities (like what
Though some of you clearly do not like              BL10             movie shall we see next?), fee structures,
participating in fund-raising, it is              Mega Bloks         and all sorts of other important, and
                                                  Maxi Blocks
something that we as a toy library must do                           sometimes exciting, things. Committee
                                                  Fire Truck
due to our status and all members are                                memberships pay $35- per year, just like a
expected to contribute. Consequently, the            DU23
                                                                     helper membership, but you don't have to
committee has decided that as of next year,         Costume          do helper duties at the toy library.
there will be a $20/year fund-raising fee
which you can choose to pay so that you             PU153            Masterton has had a toy library for about
                                                Winnie the Pooh      25 years now, but if we don't get some
won't be required to be involved in other        and Friends
forms of fund-raising for the toy library. If                        more people to come on to the committee
you choose not to pay the fund-raising fee,                          soon, we may have to close, and that
                                                    PU154            would be a great loss to the community of
you will be expected to participate in fund-      Zoo Animals
raising activities. If you choose to not pay        puzzle
the fee and also refrain from being             (See the librarian   So please, consider becoming a committee
involved in fund-raising activities, you        to reserve any of    member – the sooner we get some more,
will be billed for the $20- fund-raising fee.   these new items)     the better for the future of our toy library!
           THE TOY TIMES - Newsletter of the Masterton Community Toy Library – September 2004

                                                   New Toys
            Did you know...?                                                 A few notes from the
                                                  Domino Tornado                 Librarian ...
•   Donations to the toy library are tax
    deductible.                                                        When on helper duty, please do not bring
                                                  Coming Soon
                                                                        your children with you (if possible).
•   If you have an e-mail address, you can          Power Tech
    have the toy library newsletter delivered       Ford F-150         The roster calendar is on the door – please
                                                   Monster Truck         check it and write on it when you can
    to your e-mail inbox as soon as it is         battery-powered
    completed instead of waiting until the                               help. This system has generally been
    next time you go to the toy library. Not                             working well, but the have been a few
                                                   Lil Artist Easel      times in the last month where a
    only will you get toy library news faster,
    but you will also be saving the toy library    Jumbo Cook &          committee member has had to be called
                                                     Serve Set           in to help because no-one had
    money – money that can then be spent on
    more toys for our children.                    Wonderworld           volunteered (or due to helper no-show –
                                                   ABC Touchy            see next item).
    The newsletter will be e-mailed as a PDF
    file (Adobe's Portable Document Format)        My First Drum          ... and a few more from
    which will usually take about minute or
                                                    Fisher Price               the committee
    two to download, and which can be                GeoTrax
    viewed (using a free program from               Tracktown          If you are rostered on and don't turn up for
    Adobe or a 3rd party) on Windows,                 Railway              your duty, you will be fined $10-.
    Linux, MacOS, and almost anything else.           National
                                                                       When you come to the toy library, please
    If you would like to receive the toy            3D Viewer &         do not park in the driveway, obstructing
    library newsletter via e-mail, please send       Cartridges         traffic. Parking in the parking spaces is
    an e-mail to:                                    Little Tikes       OK (except for the back corner one           Little Landscaper     which usually has an orange cone in it),
                                                  Mulching Mower        but please refrain from parking in the
    Any comments, questions, suggestions,           Little Tikes        driveway itself. - We have had
    contributions, input, can also be sent to     Explorer Wagon        complaints.
    this e-mail address.                            Thomas &           Largely due to our major rent increase
                                                   Friends Let's
                                                  Have a Race Set
                                                                         (from $100- per month to almost $600-
                                                                         per month), we are putting rentals on
                                                     Little Tikes
        Masterton Community                       Grill'n'Glow BBQ
                                                                         some new toys. Currently, we are
                                                                         limiting the rentals to the more
            Toy Library                           Yamaha Portable        expensive items (e.g. $100- and over)
          contact numbers                            Musical
                                                                         and to toys that we think may have a
                                                                         short life. Some items will have a
➢    Toy Library – 025 651 3244                                          rental for a short time (6-9 months)
                                                  Music Blocks &
                                                    Additional           while others may have rentals for a
➢    President: Tracy Voice – 377 4626              Cartridges           number of years.
➢    Newsletter: Graeme Nelson – 378 8724           Neurosmith
                                                     Musini                            A tip -
                                                      12 note
                                                    Glockenspiel       To help prevent loosing toy or pieces,
                                                    Rainbomaker          ensure toy library items are 'put away'
                                                                         when finished with, or even limit their
                                                   (Keep your eyes
                                                     open for more
                                                                         use to one room in the house. (Yes, I
                                                  toys and things to     have heard of this being done ...
                                                    come this year)      successfully.)

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