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									                                    Stratford and District Right to Life

                                    Newsletter                                                                               December 2010
                                                                                                                Newsletter No.120
STRATFORD AND DISTRICT RIGHT TO LIFE IS A PRO-LIFE, non-denominational organization of individuals who believe that all life - before and
after birth - has a right to care and protection. We try to serve as a centre of information on the abortion issue, and to reach out to all Canadians
concerning the preservation and dignity of human life, and also to urge one to take action in our democratic society.

                                         Latimer granted full parole after murdering disabled daughter
       BOX 21133,                                                             VICTORIA, British Columbia, November 30, 2010
     STRATFORD, ON                                                            ( - Robert Latimer, the
        N5A 7V4                                                               infamous euthanasiast who murdered his
   TEL: 519-271-7233                                                          disabled twelve-year-old daughter in 1993, has                                                been granted full parole.
    FOR LATEST INFO PLEASE CHECK                                              The 57-year-old, whose daughter, Tracy,
    website:                                                 suffered from cerebral palsy, announced
                                                                              Monday through his lawyer, Jason Gratl, that

  UPCOMING                                                                    the change will take effective on December 6.
                                                                              The National Parole Board made the decision
                                                                              Thursday, but Gratl, vice-president of the B.C.
        EVENTS                                                                Civil Liberties Association, would not share any
                                                                              other details.
                                                                              Latimer, a farmer from Saskatchewan, has been
                                                                              on day parole since March 2008, after his 1997
                                                                              conviction for second-degree murder.
      PLEASE NOTE NEW TIME!!!            While his wife and other children were at church, Latimer put Tracy in his pickup
             7:35 P.M.                   truck and ran a hose from the exhaust pipe into the truck’s cabin. He claimed it
   4TH TUESDAY OF EVERY MONTH            was a “mercy killing” - language consistently repeated in major media outlets - and
               EXCEPT                    has never expressed remorse for the murder. In fact, he has leveraged the notoriety
       JULY AND DECEMBER                 he’s won from the case to become a major figurehead for Canada’s euthanasia
            PICKETING                    After an appeal to the Supreme Court over sentencing, he was imprisoned in 2001
   LAST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH            with a ten-year sentence. He won an early release after seven years.
              4-5 P.M.                   Advocates for the disabled have argued that the light treatment given to Latimer is
        IN FRONT OF LHSC AT              a frightening sign that Canadians with disabilities are not equally valued.
 WELLINGTON & COMMISSIONERS              Alex Schadenberg, executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, told
            RD. LONDON                   LifeSiteNews Tuesday that his organization has “always held that Robert Latimer
 CALL TERRY MILLER: 519-272-1669         should be treated in the same manner as any other person who was convicted of
                                         second-degree murder.”
        COME & SEE                       “The tragedy of the Latimer case was that many people, including many media
    OPEN HOUSE & BAKE SALE               outlets, were willing to describe Tracy Latimer in a dehumanizing manner in order
        APRIL 2, 2011                    to defend the heinous crime of her father,” he said.
                                         By Patrick B. Craine
           PARISH                        Editor’s note:
      FROM 10 AM – 3 PM                  We are constantly being told about the cases of euthanasia and assisted suicide in
                                         Holland, Belgium, and other places in the world; we must not let this happen in
        ART CONTEST                      Canada. But since l988 there has been no law in Canada to protect the most
   KINDERGARTEN TO GRADE 8               vulnerable, the unborn, right up to the moment of birth. In l993 Robert Latimer
       ESSAY CONTEST                     decided to kill his handicapped daughter, out of mercy. Mercy for whom, I ask,
         HIGH SCHOOL                     certainly not his daughter. Now he is a hero to those who advocate euthanasia.
     JANUARY – APRIL 2011                Good people, can you not see that euthanasia is already happening here in Canada?
    MORE DETAILS IN MARCH!               It is time to speak out!                                 V.M.

           Congratulations to Our Draw Winners                          Stratford RTL Annual Dinner
       $25.00 (2) Gift certificate for Madelyn’s Diner - Don Henry
        $50.00 Gift certificate for M&M Meat - Camilla LaRouche                     2010
     Clock Gift certificate from Goettler’s of Dublin - Mary Jacobs
             Glass Candlelabra by Jean Centen - Marie Fuhr            The Annual Dinner Meeting for the Stratford &
Ladies Watch from Swanson Jewelllers - Bert Vorstenbosch              District Right to Life was held on Saturday,
           Framed print by Eileen Rothernel - Patsy Crowley           November 6, 2010, at the Christian Reformed
     .    Queen size Quilt from St. Joseph’s CWL - Marie Gulikers     Church on Attlone Ave. in Stratford. The evening
                                                                      was opened in prayer by Pastor Bill Hoogland. Mr.
                                                                      John Henry Westen, who is the co-founder and
                                                                      editor of LifeSite News, was the guest speaker for
                                                                      the evening. His message was compassionate and
                                                                      insightful regarding life issues while calling all of us
                                                                      to learn the truth about these issues, abortion,
                                                                      euthanasia, etc., and take appropriate actions. We
                                                                      also heard from Students for Life from St. Michael’s
                                                                      S.S. Stratford as well as from the president of King’s
                                                                      for Life, Kings College, London , informing us of
                                                                      their endeavors of the past year to spread the
                                                                      prolife message in their respective schools. The
                                                                      dinner was prepared and served by Providers Plus
                                                                      and enjoyed by about 190 peopleThe Executive
                                                                      Officers and Directors for the next term are as
                                                                      follows:     President - Elisabeth Dobbe;           Past
                                                                      President - Madeleine Visser; 1st Vice President -
                                                                      Howard Culligan;       Recording Secretary - Janet
                                                                      Albert; Corresponding Secretary - Virginia Miller;
                                                                      Newsletter Editor - Virginia Miller; Treasurer -
                                                                      Dorothy Dario; Membership - Colleen Ryan; Board
                                                                      Members - Andre Gras, John Devlin, Carla
                                                                      Revington, Terry Miller, Mary Horenburg, Cathy
                                                                      Walsh. The concluding prayer for the evening was
                                                                      lead by Fr. Dick Bester.       Many thanks to all who
                                                                      donated items for the Raffle and congratulations to
                                                                      all the winners. Thanks also to all who have
                                                                      volunteered in so many different ways throughout
                                                                      the past year

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         Message                                                                 All proceeds go to support pro-
                                      God's Great Gift                family work to protect all human life, including
This year has been a bumpy
ride full of learning                     of Love                     the unborn, the disabled, the sick, and the
experiences. It has been my
privilege to serve as your
                                             In                        Contact Betty or André Gras at 519-271-7688.
newsletter editor for 2010 and        Each and Every
I look forward to feedback
from you, as well as any good
                                        New Life...
                                           Merry                                    Now Available!!!!
suggestions for the new year.
                                                                           Pocket sized Agenda for Life 2011
As this year comes to a close, I        Christmas".                                       $5.00
wish each and every one of
you a Blessed Christmas and                                               Call Elisabeth Dobbe – 519-271-7233
New Year.       Pax – Virginia

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        Stratford and District Right to Life in Action – Virginia Miller
Our RTL group was invited to make a presentation at the           The Christian Reformed Church ‘Coffee Break Ladies
Mennonite Church in Milverton on Sunday, October 17,              Group’ in Stratford hosted a pro-life presentation on
2010 for their high school and Senior Bible Study groups as       Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 10:00 a.m.
well as the whole congregation. My daughter Elyssia, with         Madeleine Visser looked after the slide equipment
Mary Horenburg, presented to the high school group,               while I did the speaking on behalf of the Stratford &
while I presented to the senior group, with Elisabeth             District Right to Life Group. We used an edited high
Dobbe as backup.        We used an edited high school             school powerpoint for the presentation. Many were
powerpoint, focussing on the humanity of the unborn right         surprised to learn that abortion is legal in Canada right
from conception, the fact that abortion is legal right up to      up to delivery and that a child is not considered human
the point of delivery, and explored some of the reasons           until after birth. Gruesome stats reveal the number of
and arguments for abortion and then the alternatives.             abortions in comparison to all the lives lost in all the
Also included were stats showing total numbers of                 world wars, as well as the largest groups who are
abortions in relation to lives lost in all world wars, as well    having abortions, according to age. The reasons and
as the largest groups who are having abortions according          arguments in favour of abortion were closely followed
to age. Most importantly, we talked about alternatives,           by reasons not to, including the fact that abortion is
including adoption, and where to go for help.                     violence against women and solves NO social problems.
At the end of our presentation we were asked “How can I           We looked at alternatives to abortion, including
help someone who is pregnant and wants to abort?”.                adoption and parenting; where to go for help, and the
The answer is to love the girl, assure her of help, and that      many websites set up with the latest information.
it is not the end of the world. Remember that she is              During the questions we talked about the fact that
extremely stressed. Encourage her to think about the              historically “personhood” under the law, was denied to
alternatives and most of all, walk through them with her.         women, Jewish people and coloured people. Now it is
After the presentations, Pastor Mike Wiebe started the            being denied to unborn babies so that they can be
church service. We were introduced and invited to                 killed. We must realize that any other human right
address the congregation. We spoke for about 10 mintues,          that can be named means nothing if the most
summing up what was said in the presentation. We also             fundamental right, The Right To Life, is not upheld.
told them about our Right to Life group, who we are, what         At the end of the meeting the children came back
we do, and why we do it.                                          from the nursery and refreshments were served.
In the evenig, the film “In The Womb” was shown at their                                ***************
church. Elisabeth and I returned for the film and stayed
to answer any more questions and pass out literature
during the social afterward.
                                                                     International Pro-Life Conference 2010
                      In Memoriam                                 Ottawa hosted the International Pro-Life Conference
                                                                  from Ontario 28-30th, 2010. Elisabeth Dobbe and I had
                June – October 2010                               the privilege of attending for Stratford and District
 We encourage everyone to make a donation in memory of            Right to Life. The weekend was packed with world
 a deceased friend or relative. Cards for the Stratford and       renowned speakers who brought us the latest
 District Right to Life are available from us or at the           information about what is really happening all over the
 Funeral Homes in our area. The funeral home sends the            globe, as well as pertinent ways for us to help in our
 donation to us and we issue a tax deductible receipt to          war for the Right to Life
 you.                                                             We heard speakers from the U.K., the Philippines,
 Donations can be made directly to us as well. Please mail        Brazil, Poland and Eastern Europe, the U.S. and
 to us at P.O. Box 21133, Stratford, ON. N5A 7V4.                 Canada. Their messages concerned politics, legalities,
                                                                  education, the media, palliative care, and prayer. Dr.
 Florence Gladding                                  Sarah Ulch    Jack Wilke, who is the founder and president of the
 Dr. Anand Hegde                               Harold Gaffney
                                                                  International Right to Life Federation, and wife
 Nellie Van Moorsel                            Ignatius Dobbe
                                           Nicholas Groenestege
                                                                  Barbara, gave us the history of the Right to Life
                                                                  I was greatly honoured to personally meet and talk to
We gratefully acknowledge year to date donations                  such giants of the RTL Movement. By the end of the
                   of $750.00.                                    conference my head was swimming with all the
Stratford and District Right to Life also                         For a brief overview of the conference, please see our
acknowledges receipt of miscellaneous cash                        website -
donations throughout the past year for a total of
$530.00. God bless each one of you for your
generous donations!
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                                                                  Shauna’s Story
                                                                  Adoption was best for my baby

In the back of my head, I accepted the fact I was pregnant. But, I kept finding excuses to not think about it. I knew I
couldn’t hold it off forever,so one night after I tucked my daughter into bed, I decided to call the Pregnancy Support
Leanne picked up on the other end and we discussed abortion options. Because I was so far along, she explained the
risks of such a late-term procedure. She offered me the option of making an adoption plan, which seemed to be perfect for
me, as I knew there was no way I could parent this new baby, and my daughter on my own.
Since I was seven months pregnant, the Pregnancy Centre immediately arranged for me to meet Pat, a counsellor from
Beginnings. Talking with Pat, I went through so many emotions: the joy of a new life; the guilt of not being able to raise the
baby myself; anger for ending up in this situation; the feeling of loss as I wasn’t going to be parenting my child; and lastly,
the most important—the hope for a wonderful future for the new family that was to be created. To this point, I told no one I
was pregnant, except for the staff at the Pregnancy Centre and Pat from Beginnings. But, I finally gave in and told my best
friend. She gave wonderful support and agreed to look after my daughter while I was in hospital; my greatest fear was
going into labour in the middle of the night with no one to care for her.
When I did go into labour, I was somewhat at ease knowing my daughter was cared for. The delivery went well and I had
a beautiful baby boy. I spent lots of time with him in the hospital and we had some good talks. I explained to him the
choice I made and why, and promised I would find the best parents in the world for him. Pat was helpful in contacting the
baby’s father — something I didn’t want to do — but, she was able to educate and involve him in the adoption plan.
After my release from the hospital, I met with Pat to choose the family — the one thing that stuck in my mind was her
saying, “I would just know when I found the right family.” I read over a bunch of profiles, and she was right, I found the
one! There was something about this couple that made the voice in my head yell yes! Pat arranged a meeting.
I met with Greg and Ally, and I felt an instant relief that my instincts had been right. I had fulfilled my promise to Thomas
and found him the perfect family. The day of his placement I went to Hamilton with Pat and was so excited he was going
to be with his new family. I have lots of baby pictures and I can call or email whenever I want. We are planning a get
together in a few months and my daughter will meet her new brother.
Shauna                                (Article courtesy of New Beginnings –

       Beginnings - Head Office                         Beginnings – Guelph                             Beginnings – Woodstock
1 Young Street, Suite 308, Hamilton, ON       64 Baker Street, Guelph, ON N1H 4G1                 602 Dundas Street, Woodstock, ON
                L8N 1T8                                                                                      N4S 1C8
           1-877-528-6665                                                                                    519-421-2127

                                            Dr. Oz on Stem Cells
The truth on Stem Cells                       embryonic stem cells is that they                  with more than 100 diseases and
From Dr. Oz       (Oxford Right to Life)      come from embryos, all of us were                  conditions. Parkinson’s, diabetes and
This summer on the Oprah Winfrey              made from embryos. The use of them                 heart disease are only a few of them.
program, Dr.Oz, a cardiovascular              means the destruction of human life.               Because they are the patient’s own
surgeon at Columbia, made it clear to         Embryonic stem cells can become any                stem cells, rejection is not an issue as
Oprah and her guest, Michael J. Fox,          cell in the body, but it is very hard to           is the case with embyonic stem cells.
that [embryonic] stem cell debate is          control them and so they can become
“dead”.                                       cancer.
Michael J Fox is a well known                 Embryonic stem cells have yet to
embryonic stem cell research                  catch up to their adult stem cell
advocate who has warped and twisted           counterparts.
the positions of pro-life advocates           He believes researchers are within
during previous elections.                    ten years of making major
Dr. Oz said the problem with                  breakthroughs using adult stem cells,
                                              which have already helped patients

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                         Attention Students              Roxanne’s Law (Bill C-510)
                         Students interested in          In April 2010, Conservative,
                         resource material on            Ron Bruinooge, the Member of Parliament
                         abortion, AIDS,                 for Winnipeg South, introduced Bill C-510,
                         euthanasia, for essays          a private member’s bill that would make it a
                                                         criminal offence for anyone to coerce a
                         and presentations,              woman to procure or attempt to procure
YNC/YOUTH UNLIMITED please call 519-271-                 an abortion. The Bill, dubbed “Roxanne’s
     NORTH PERTH         7233. You are                   Law” in memory of Roxanne Fernando, a
    Home with a heart-   welcome to use our              young woman who was murdered by her
   A young mom program                                   partner after he failed to convince her to end
                         books, pamphlets,
    280 Wallace Ave., S.                                 her pregnancy,is aimed at helping protect young women
  Listowel, ON N4W 1Y2   films and videos!               who do not wish to terminate their pregnancies against their
     Director/Teacher                                    will through intimidation, threats, and pressure.
      Gertie Heimpel                                     It is expected that Bill C-510 will receive its first reading on
    Tel: 519-291-9296                                    or about November 1st. We ask you to contact your MP
    Fax: 519-291-9520                                    and request support for this Bill.
    Cell: 519-291-8795
                                                         See detailed information about Roxanne's Law
          Email:                                         at: or check the                               News/Events link at ■
Pro-life convictions worth risking career:
                     Jim Caviezel, the actor who took
                     the film world by surprise with
                                                            COME AND SEE
                     his moving depiction of Christ in         STRATFORD AND DISTRICT
                     2004, said this week that                       RIGHT TO LIFE
                     abortion has nothing to do with
                     helping women and that he is
                                                          is hosting our first Open House on
                     willing to risk his career to say               April 2, 2011 at
                                                            Immaculate Conception Parish
Caviezel gave an interview with the US magazine           Please plan to attend and bring a
Catholic Digest, in which he spoke about the                              friend!
challenge he received from a colleague to adopt a
disabled child as a demonstration of his well-             Enjoy a great luncheon, visit our
publicized pro-life stand. Earlier this year Caviezel               Bake Sale table,
adopted his second child - a five-year-old girl with a
brain tumour from the Guangzhou region of China.               and most of all – find out
                                                               who we are, what we do,
Reflecting on the 51.5 million surgical abortions to
date in the US since Roe v. Wade, Caviezel began by                and why we do it!
saying, "I was listening to Johnny Mathis the other       Here, you will find the answers to
day and I said, 'What an amazing voice'. I have yet to
hear another person sound like Johnny Mathis.
                                                         those questions you have wanted to
                                                                ask in a friendly relaxed
"Look, I am for helping women. I just don't see
abortion as helping women. And I don't love my
career that much to say, 'I'm going to remain silent         We look forward to seeing old
on this'. I'm defending every single baby who has           friends and meeting new ones!
never been born. And every voice that would have
been unique like Johnny Mathis's. How do we know                   WELCOME!
that we didn't kill the very child who could have
created a particular type of medicine that saves
other lives?"

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        Judge refuses to dismiss case against Melchert-Dinkel
It appears that sanity is prevailing.
Judge Thomas Neuville has refused to          Rice County District Judge Thomas             And offered step-by-step instructions
dismiss the case against William              Neuville disagreed in a 21-page ruling,       on how they could kill themselves.
Melchert-Dinkel, the Minnesota nurse          saying speech that aids the suicide of        Melchert-Dinkel also entered phony
who admitted to encouraging and               another is not protected by the U.S.          suicide pacts, Beaumaster said.
counseling Nadia Kajouji (18) and Mark        Constitution’s First Amendment.               Beaumaster said in earlier court
Drybrough (32), to commit suicide.            “The judge also said Minnesota law            documents that Melchert- Dinkel
An Associated Press article                   makes it a crime to participate in speech     admitted participating in online chats with
(November 9, 2010) reports:                   that intentionally advises, encourages, or    at least 15 to 20 people about suicide and
“The judge ruled that the case against a      aids another intaking his or her own life.    entering into fake suicide pacts with
former nurse – who allegedly sought out       And, the judge wrote, the courts have         about 10 people, five of whom Melchert-
depressed people in Internet chat rooms       ruled that speech that constitutes aiding     Dinkel believed killed themselves.
and encouraged them to kill themselves        and abetting criminal conduct is not          The prosecutor said that he is pleased
– won’t be dismissed on free speech           protected.                                    with the judge’s ruling and is preparing
grounds.                                      “Thus, speech that directly encourages        for trial.
“William Melchert-Dinkel, 48, was             and imminently incites the act of suicide     Terry Watkins, Melchert-Dinkel’s lawyer,
charged with two counts of aiding suicide     … falls outside the protection of the First   also had asked that the case be dismissed
in the 2008 drowning of Nadia Kajouji,        Amendment,” Neuville wrote.                   because of a lack of probable cause and
18, of Brampton, Ontario, and in the          Rice County Attorney Paul Beaumaster          because the state’s aiding suicide law is
2005 hanging death of Mark Drybrough,         argued that Melchert- Dinkel was              too vague. Neuville denied those requests
32, of Coventry, England.                     obsessed with suicide and that he             as well.
“His lawyer had asked that the case be        searched on the Internet for potential        Watkins said nothing has changed, and he
dismissed, saying Melchert-Dinkel’s           victims. When he found them, he posed         is anticipating his client will plead not
conversations involved protected speech.      as a female nurse, feigned compassion         guilty.

                     STUDENTS ARRESTED AT CARLETON                                                 – The Interim, November, 2010
Five pro-life students were arrested on                                                     that scared me more than anything else.”
Monday, Oct. 4 at Carleton University in                                                    Following this, the students were taken to
Ottawa as they tried to put up the                                                          the campus security office on campus.
Genocide Awareness Project to peacefully                                                    They were uncuffed and informed of the
share the pro-life message on their                                                         charges against them. Lobo explains, “I
campus.                                                                                     was put in another room with the security
Carleton Lifeline had contacted the                                                         manager, the chief of police and the cop
university in the summer to request                                                         who had been assigned to me. When they
permission to have GAP in the Troy Quad,                                                    told me I was being charged with
an outdoors, busy area of the campus.                                                       trespassing and I asked, ‘How?’, The chief
The university refused to grant permission                                                  gave me an example: He said that it’s
but offered an alternate location in Porter                                                 similar to when you buy a house and your
Hall, a location in a closed, difficult to                                                  neighbour keeps coming on your property
find room. Club vice-president James                                                        but you don’t want him to. You call the
Shaw says, “Telling us we can protest but                                                   police and they charge him to keep him
in a back room no one goes to, is like                                                      off of your property. I asked the chief,
telling black people they are welcome to                                                    ‘How does this work if you pay money into
ride the bus as long as they sit at the                                                     the ‘house’ thereby making it not
back.”                                                                                      completely private property?’ He didn’t
Ruth Lobo, president of Lifeline explains     nine police officers.                         respond.”
why they chose to participate in GAP even     After some dialogue and warnings, the         The students were there for about 15-20
though pro-life students in Calgary were      students were arrested and charged with       minutes before being let go with no
charged for holding a similar event: “We      trespassing on two accounts: failure to       academic sanctions and told they could go
wanted to do GAP because it is                leave premises when asked and                 to their classes or wherever they want.
educational and has helped save babies.       attempting to go ahead with a prohibited      National Campus Life Network’s Executive
The reasons as to why students have been      activity.                                     Director, Rebecca Richmond, responds to
charged with trespassing while doing GAP      Five students were put in handcuffs and       what happened, “Unfortunately, what
are simply the product of a society that      put into the paddy wagon. Lobo likens the     happened at Carleton is not an isolated
thinks they have the right to ‘not be         experience as “being put in a dog             case. While it is, arguably, the most
offended.’ In this way, (the other            kennel.”                                      extreme example, we’ve seen censorship
students being charged) did not play a        She said, “It was not necessarily a scary     and discrimination towards pro-life
strong factor in our decision to go ahead.”   experience. The only time I was slightly      students at several universities across
On the day of the planned event, the          panicked was when they put me in the          Canada. Different clubs had used
students carried their signs around           paddy wagon and left me there alone for       different strategies, but ultimately, it’s
campus and were stopped by three              a while. I didn’t know what was going on      not the strategy but the pro-life message
campus security personnel and at least        or what was happening to my team and          that is being discriminated against.”

[Type text]

                    Lord am I willing to go on?
                       President’s Message by Elisabeth Dobbe
When I took on the job as president of Stratford & District Right to Life,
I knew it would be an uphill battle, and it has been a tumultuous year.
I knew my life was quite different than most of our executive and board
With the support of my husband Nate, and our friends, I made it through
the first year.      Last November, Nate and I celebrated our 50th
Anniversary! We made a DVD of our lives like we all do nowadays and
we watched our lives pass by in 18 minutes. It was a success according
to our guests from far and near. We also celebrated Nate’s 80th
But the good Lord had other plans again! On the 30th of September He
called my husband Nate to be with Him and to be with our sons.
I would like to give our readers a little bit of information of what it
really means when we say we are “Right to Life from Conception to
Death”. Jesus told us “Whatever you do to the least of my Brothers you
do unto me”.
Nate lived his life like that.
He devoted his whole life to our boys, William & Albert, to the day they
died. Some of you may remember from my first President’s Message
that we took care of two severely handicapped sons. We had to make a
living in order to care for them at home and we had very little support
or help . It was just not normal to waste your lives, we have institutes
for those people! Or so we were told. But with the Grace of God and
very special experiences in our lives we were able to keep on going till
the day they died. After the death of our sons, Nate devoted the rest of
his life volunteering for “Canadian Food For Children”, helping poor
children in the third world. For years Nate took part in London
picketing in front of Victoria hospital to protect the unborn. Nate
encouraged all of us to stay the course!                                             Pictured above:
In closing, I would like to wish our executive and their families, our               Top – Elisabeth and Nate Dobbe with sons
members and readers, a Blessed Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful                    William and Albert.
New Year                                                                             Bottom – Nate and friends faithfully
I also would like to thank our outgoing executive and board members for              picketing at Victoria Hospital, London.
all the years they have devoted to Stratford & District Right to Life
                                                                                      Prayer for Life
A Rose to –                                                                         Father of us all, Author of Life
                                                                          I thank you for my life and the appreciation of it
    Faithful volunteers who cheerfully                            Please help me to always respect the lives of all your children,
    assemble the newsletters, and place                                           from conception to natural death.
    the stamps & labels on the envelopes                    Let your Spirit enlighten the minds and open the hearts of those who do not
    Elisabeth Dobbe and Terry Miller for chairing the                    fully respect all human life according to Your will.
                                                            Where there is remorse, grant peace to all women and everyone affected by
    fundraiser raffle and for making the Annual Dinner a                                    past abortions.
    success                                                        Lighten the burdens of all women with problem pregnancies.
    Veronica Price who retired Sept.30,2010, after over                           Bring law to protect all human life.
    38 years of untiring work in the Right to Life –                                   Thank you Father, Amen.
    God Bless you for all of your efforts over the years!
    Providers Plus for the excellent dinner                              MEMBERSHIP 2010 - 2011
                                                                                     $20.00 Per Year
                                                                              Stratford & District Right to Life
            Attention readers!                                             P.O. Box 21133, Stratford, ON N5A 7V4
We need your ideas! Do you have an item or story             All donations of $20.00 or over include a membership, newsletter
you think might be suitable to share with our                subscription and tax deductible receipt.
membership? Do you have a comment or opinion on
one of our articles? Your feedback is important!             Name       ______________________________
Please call or email us today!                               Address    ______________________________
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