Motorola Xoom Quadband 3g Android Honeycomb Tablet GSM Unlocked (10.1-inch, 32gb, Wifi, 3g)

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					 Motorola Xoom Quadband 3g Android Honeycomb Tablet GSM Unlocked (10.1-
                           inch, 32gb, Wifi, 3g)

Bottomline: Don't be expecting to be using this right off the bat unless you already have a
microSIM card available. A little heavy and some features aren't as nice as the Ipad, but it
is much more customizable to fit your particular use for it and offers a lot of flexibility
for those who like to tinker. Not for the Android-naive.

When I received the tablet, it displayed an error message: Tablet is not provisoned; please
insert a SIM card and reboot. There was no way to bypass this. I did not have a SIM card
in the country I was at and did not wish to buy one as I would soon be leaving; however,
I wanted to make sure that it worked before I left and couldn't return it anymore.

An hour on the phone with Motorola was no help, as they just kept on repeating to me
that there were not unlocked tablets in the US (Motorola has a deal with Verizon). So I
was frustrated.

Finally, I was able to get a SIM card (micro sim not mini sim) and use it to set up the
device. After that, it no longer requires one to turn the tablet on and it seems to work
relatively well.

From what I've noticed so far, I like:

1) Pretty intuitive to figure out how to install apps, download pictures, take pictures, e.g.
the basic functions IF you are an Android user already. The setup menu was a little
difficult to find.

2) Nice graphics. Not that different than the Ipads I've seen.
3) It has front and back cameras, making video chats possible.

4) Adjustable language setting: whatever you pick when you first set-up the device can
easily be changed; you aren't stuck with a particular geographic region/language.

5) Doesn't have to be dead-on to see the screen. I haven't used it in daylight yet so I can't
speak to this.

6) Syncronization with google accounts is fast and efficient.

7) Lots of screens and space to organize as you please. It's, in general, very customizable
to your user interface needs/preferences.

What I don't like:

1) No user guide or real help manual was provided (other than a 3 leaflet brochure), so
you're dead in the water if you can't figure something out. Motorola customer service
leaves much to be desired. If you haven't used Android before, this might be a difficult
device to start with.

2) It would be nice if the setup menu had a physical button on the outside or pre-created
link to access it, but once you create a shortcut to it, that's not too bad of a hassle.

3) Webcams are about the same quality of a cellphone, so on a larger screen, the image is
a bit grainy.

4) It's pretty heavy for something so small. But maybe about the 3rd of the weight of a
small 11" notebook nevertheless

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