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                                                                                               MANAGED SERVER SOLUTIONS
                                                                                               Maintaining secure, reliable Internet hosting for mission-critical ebusiness
                                                                                               applications can be challenging for companies of all sizes. Nexvision Managed
                                                                                               Server Solutions takes this burden off of the shoulders of internal personnel and
                                                                                               resources, providing organizations with cost-effective access to Internet expertise
                                                                                               and comprehensive systems support.

                                                                                               Through server management, Nexvision offers a truly comprehensive, turnkey
                                                                                               solution to companies seeking secure, reliable Internet hosting. Nexvision
                                                                                               managed server solutions encompass full software and systems management,

                    hosting                                                                    including:

                                services                                                                   o Full hardware maintenance and support
                                                                                                           o Redundancy evaluation and recommendations
                                                                                                           o Software installation, configuration and troubleshooting
                                                                                                           o Security systems development and monitoring
                                                                                                           o Periodic systems and software upgrades
                                                                                                           o Frequent data backups
                                                                                                           o Ongoing system performance monitoring
                                                                                                           o Comprehensive solution support with 24x7x365 response

 FEATURE                                           DESCRIPTION                                                                        BENEFIT
 Turnkey hosting solution                           Nexvision managed server solutions meet all hosting needs from                     o Relieve the burden of internal IT staff
                                                    software to systems to support.                                                    o Deal with only one provider for
                                                                                                                                         complete hosting services

 Software administration                            Nexvision evaluates, recommends, installs and maintains leading-edge               o Take advantage of the best in server
                                                    server software.                                                                     software
                                                                                                                                       o Achieve peak performance online

 Systems administration                             All hardware and systems are optimally configured, maintained and                  o Maintain peak systems operation
                                                    updated as necessary to maximize performance.

 Robust data security                               Nexvision installs best-of-breed security software while closely                   o Protect vital enterprise data
                                                    monitoring all hosted data.

 Software upgrades                                  Software is periodically evaluated and recommendations are made for                o Maintain updated system software
                                                    advantageous upgrades.                                                             o Ensure seamless software installation

 Data backups                                       All critical client data is regularly backed up and made available in hard-        o Maintain critical customer, product
                                                    format if required.                                                                  and company data

 Continuous system monitoring                       Nexvision continuously monitors systems for performance, integrity and             o Immediately identify issues,
                                                    security.                                                                            eliminating costly downtime
                                                                                                                                       o Maintain top performance

 Comprehensive solution support                     24x7 t elephone, email and on-site support provided by Nexvision                   o Access comprehensive support
                                                    technology experts.                                                                o Maintain your technology investment

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scalable solutions, products or services, please contact us at, or call us at
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