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					                                                          THE PROVIDER
PacificCARE                  “Enriching the lives of children and families”                                                  Vol. 3 Issue 4

                                Welcome to the World Of… Keys to Literacy

                                                                                       for in developmentally appropriate books for
                                            acificCARE is pleased to offer a
                                                                                       children from infancy to six years, and what
                                            series of early literacy workshops in
                                                                                       children need in order to learn to read and write.
                                all our communities in 2004 called “Keys to
                                Literacy”.                                             This training is based upon the importance of
                                                                                       oral language so come prepared to; interact,
 WINTER                         Based on the “You Bet I Care” Canadian Child
                                                                                       learn new rhymes and songs, exchange ideas
                                Care Study completed in 1999/2000, these
       2003/4                   workshops are designed to raise awareness and
                                                                                       about how to expand books into all areas of your
                                                                                       curriculum and laugh. At the end of each training
                                enthusiasm for daily learning opportunities with
  9-327 Prideaux St.                                                                   session there will be a great resource package
                                early literacy activities.
     Nanaimo, BC                                                                       (including a Key chain with rhymes, parenting
        V9R 2N4                 Over the past three years in Port Alberni, Keys to     tips, speech & language info, recipes and
         Phone:                 Literacy has been designed and delivered to a          activities) for each participants….which you’ll
    (250)716-2022               wonderful group of people who live and work in         receive as you hand in your evening evaluation!!
           Fax:                 the early childhood field. Once a month, Family
    (250)716-2023                                                                      When we considered the possible learning
                                Childcare Providers, Early Childhood Care &
        Toll Free:                                                                     opportunities that each day holds for young
                                Education Practitioners, ECCE students, Family
   1-888-480-CARE                                                                      children, and the awesome responsibilities that
                                Support Workers and Facilitators of Parenting                                                               we share together in positively impacting young
                                Programs have joined together for an evening of
                                                                                       children’s lives, we wanted to share this training
                                learning and networking.
        Editor:                                                                        with you.
     Judy Stewart               In the Spring of 2003, Pacific Child & Family
                                                                                       Your local consultants will be organizing the
                                Enrichment Society obtained permission from the
   Published quarterly                                                                 training for your community. Registration for the
                                Keys to Literacy Steering Committee in Port
                                                                                       training sessions will be done through the
                                Alberni to use their model and put forward a
                                                                                       Nanaimo Office: 1-888-480-2273. Theresa
                                proposal to the Vancouver Foundation to deliver
                                                                                       Gereluk will be overseeing the project and if you
                                Keys to Literacy in nine other communities. In
                                                                                       have any questions you may contact her through
                                June of 2003, PacificCARE received word that
                                                                                       the 1-888 number or call her directly in Port
                                the proposal had been accepted. The busy
 Funded by the Ministry                                                                Alberni - (250) 723-0001.
                                months of planning and preparation have led us
    of Community,
                                to announcing this training opportunity to you.        Theresa Gereluk, Child Care Consultant for Port Alberni and
    Aboriginal and
   Women’s Services                                                                    the West Coast
                                By a combination of funding from PacificCARE
                                and the Vancouver Foundation Grant, the Keys
                                to Literacy training will be offered to all            Inside this issue:
                                participants with no fee attached.
                                                                                       Letter from the Executive Director                       2
    PacificCARE                 At each of the workshop sessions we will provide
  Sponsored by Pacific          theory, practical and hands-on information along       Choosing Quality Books                                   3
    Child and Family
   Enrichment Society           with interesting activities. We will also have local   Theme Box Winners!                                       4
                                guest presenters come and speak on topics
                                related to various developmental areas, such as        Welcome to New Caregivers                                4
                                speech & language and motor control. Practical         Classified/Reading to Your Child/Fun With             Insert
                                information will be shared such as: what to look       Flannel
2                                                                                                                 THE PROVIDER

                                                                          THE BOARD OF PACIFIC CHILD AND
    Executive Director: Shirley Summers
    Office Staff: Hettie Fuson, Shanda Harris,                              FAMILY ENRICHMENT SOCIETY
    Margaret Sinclair, Judy Stewart
    Office Number: 716-2022 or 1-888-480-CARE(2273)
                                                                         The Board would look forward to registering
    FAX 716-2023.                                                      new members. If you are interested, please call
                                                                                    (250) 716-2022 or
    Child Care Consultants:                                                          1-888-480-CARE

    Joyce McMann            Campbell River         286-9790                           Board meetings:
                                                                              Every third Sunday of the month.
    Kathy Rae               Campbell River         286-9790
                                                                         Please call the office for times and location.
    Carlene Steeves         Comox Valley           338-4288
    Joanne Cruickshank      Nanaimo/Ladysmith      753-0125                          Everyone Welcome
    Carmen Barclay          Nanaimo                714-8754
    Anita Hickey            Nanaimo                741-6226
    Julie Rushton           North Island           956-3318
    Laura Knickle           Parksville             248-8661
    Theresa Gereluk         Port Alberni           723-0001           Dear Child Care Providers,
    Lori Burge              Powell River   (604)   483-4544
                                                                      Thank you for your patience during this past two
                                                                      years of funding uncertainty for us. The threat of
    PacificCARE (NANAIMO) OFFICE HOURS                                government cuts has necessitated changes in
    Monday to Thurs. 8:30am to 4:30pm                                 several ways including our fee structure. As I write
                                                                      to you, I understand that our funders will be
    Friday               8:30am to 4:00pm
                                                                      negotiating a contract with us to continue
    Lunch                12:00-12:30 pm                               providing service to you. Even though the funding
    Closed weekends and all stat holidays.                            will not be as much as in the past, I believe that
                                                                      with many efficiencies that we have begun to
    *CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY HOURS*                                         implement, PacificCARE will be able offer you the
     Closed Dec. 24, 2003 at noon, 25th & 26th                        quality you expect of an organization such as ours.
     Closed Jan. 1st and 2nd, 2004                                    The focus of this issue is that of early literacy, and
     Opening January 5, 2004                                          our Keys to Literacy project sponsored by the
                                                                      Vancouver Foundation. Look for free workshops
    PacificCARE has prepared a corner of the                          in your area and find out for yourself how exciting
    Nanaimo Regional Office for YOUR child care advertising           this approach is.
    needs. Please bring in your leaflets, pamphlets, business cards
    and advertising. FREE Internet access will also be available;
    open to PacificCARE members only.
                                                                             Shirley Summers, M.Ed.
                                                                             Executive Director, PacificCARE
    Small -    75¢ per foot
    Large - $1.50 per foot
    Photocopying fees: 8 ½ x 11” - 10¢ per copy. Bring your own
    paper - 5¢ per copy                                               Deborah Davenport and Laura Knickle,
    Fax: 25¢ per call
                                                                      conveners of the two-day, CIRCLE OF FRIENDS
    Phone the office at 716-2022 for information.
                                                                      Conference, in Parksville, October 24th and
                                                                      25th, would like to extend a HUGE thank you

       PacificCARE would like to express their thanks to              to everyone who helped to make the weekend
     LITERACY NANAIMO for their donation of children’s                event a success!
THE PROVIDER                                                                                                                                                             3
                                                                           Ages three to four
    from FRP Canada                                                        Goals
                                                                           •   Affirm self-worth and that it’s okay to make mistakes
The goal is not only to raise children who can read; it is to raise        •   Letters and numbers
children who choose to read- Mary Gordon, Keynote speech at the
celebration of the 100th anniversary of Frontier College, Toronto, 1999.   •   Counting, classifying and comparing objects
Parents are encouraged to read to their children every day, but • Acceptance of diversity and cultural contributions of home
this doesn’t mean reading just anything. The quality of the          and community
literature that you share with children could make the difference • Encourage social skills of sharing, taking turns and
between a child who can read and a child who chooses to              identifying and talking about feelings
read. Good books, shared in a warm and safe environment,
                                                                  Types of Books
promote children’s personal, cognitive, moral and social
development. Here are a few ideas to help you choose              • Concept books with large colourful pictures that invite

appropriate books for the age of your child. Librarians can also     children to compare, classify, group and count a variety of
point you towards books that have proven themselves as               objects
children’s favourites.                                            A few examples
Babies to age two years                                           • Arnold Adoff - Black is Brown is Tan

Goals                                                                      •   Molly Bang - When Sophie Gets Angry
•    Introduce young children to books                                     •   Paulette Bourgeois - Franklin (series)
•    Develop perception and hearing using simple, rhythmic,                •   Ted Harrison - A Northern Alphabet (and other alphabet
     repetitive language                                                       books from Tundra Books)
•    Link objects in the world to objects in the books                     •   Robert Heidbreder - I Wished for a Unicorn
•    Build self-esteem and security (family routines)                      •   Pat Hutchins - Where’s the Baby?
Types of Books                                                             •   Robert Munsch - David’s Father
•    Sturdy, chewable cloth or board books with bright pictures of         •   Barbara Reid - The Party
     objects that are familiar to the baby
                                                                           •   Maurice Sendak - Where the Wild Things Are
A few examples
                                                                           Ages four to five
•    Mother Goose - many versions
•    Eric Carle - The Hungry Caterpillar
                                                                           •   Stimulate memory and vocabulary by telling short,
•    K.M. Denton - A Child’s Treasury of Nursery Rhymes                        meaningful stories and inviting children to re-tell
•    Eric Hill - Spot (series)                                             •   Build concepts of sequence and of time, such as day of the
•    Helen Oxenbury - Tom and Pippo (series)                                   week, seasons, etc.
•    Margaret Wise Brown - Good Night Moon                                 •   Recognize and handle emotions
Ages two to three                                                          •   Empathy: identify with characters and story
•    Categorizing, grouping                                                Types of books
•    Colours and shapes                                                    •   Children love storytelling at this age; flannel boards and
                                                                               picture stories are popular too.
•    Affirm emerging self-identity and sense of self-worth
                                                                           A few examples
•    Social development: build on interest in other families and
     the behaviours and values of others.                                  •   Rachna Gilmore - A Screaming Kind of Day
•    Stimulate imagination and make believe                                •   Demi - One Grain of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale
Types of books                                                             •   Tomie De Paola - Strega Nona
Large colourful picture books                                              •   Angela Johnson - Tell Me a Story, Mama
A few examples                                                             •   Robert Munsch - Ribbon Rescue
•    Debra Frasier - On the Day You Were Born                              •   William Steig - Spinky Sulks
•    Marie-Louise Gay - Good Morning Sam                                   •   Janet Stevens - The House that Jack Built
•    Teddy Jam - Night Cars                                                This resource sheet is based on Weaving Literacy into Family and Community Life: A Resource
                                                                           Guide for Promoting Literacy in Family Resource Programs (2000) by Smythe and Weinstein,
•    Dennis Lee - Alligator Pie                                            Ottawa

•    Leo Lionni - Little Blue and Little Yellow                                         Family Literacy Day—January 27, 2004
•    Sam McBratney - Guess How Much I Love You                                                 
4                                                                                                                  THE PROVIDER

                                                                 WINNER’S CIRCLE!
                     Caregivers Corner
                                                                 •   DINO THEME BOX WINNERS
       Welcome to New Caregivers On Our Program                      Congratulations... to King’s Kids
                                                                     Catholic and Community Preschool in
                                                                     Comox and to Kidsinc Family Child Care
    Comox Valley
                                                                     in Courtenay, both winners of the Dinosaur
    LNR                                         April Brosko
                                                                     Theme Box membership draw, October 10. Both centres
    Courtenay Elementary OOSC               Angela Ackerman
                                                                     qualified for the draw by paying their fees on time! Thanks
    Courtenay’s Kidz FCC                         Robin Lloyd
                                                                     to both of you!
    Dragonfly FCC                                Laura Lister
    Royston Group Day Care                   Tracy Wharram       •   The winner of the door prize at the Powell River
                                                                     PacificCARE launch was Sharon Muncaster from
                                                                     Shining Stars Family Child Care. Sharon won Peter
    Nanoose 1st Nations & Headstart CM        Sandra Scott
                                                                     Rabbit with his own storybook for her daycare, donated by
    LNR                                      Sheryl Friesen
                                                                     Suzanne Martin. Congratulations Sharon!
    Live Out Nanny                        Heather McEwan
    Live Out Nanny                     Ashley Brownbridge        •   Congratulations to the Swap/Shop raffle winners at the
    Happy Faces B/A School      Connie Barth/Carolyn Martin          PacificCARE launch in Nanaimo:-Fran Bafaro, Lynn
    Taylor’s Playhouse FCC                     Lori Arscott          Helset, Nonie Vandersluys, Wendy Koch, and Sharon
                                                                     Larkins. Our thanks to the donors, Kool &Child, Sparrow
    Port Hardy/N. Island
                                                                     Software, Tupperware®, Avon®, and Discovery Toys.
    Thimbleberry’s Child Care Centre/ Caroline Derkson-Marrara
    Sointula Coop Preschool                      Marnie Crowe

                                                                       TOP TEN FREE TOYS FOR CHILDREN
    Applejacks FCC (Errington)                    Lisa Wilson
    Bronson’s Place OOSC (Nanoose)             Cheryl Brucker          1. Cape made from a bath towel
    LNR                                        Lisa McTavish
                                                                       2. Empty squeeze bottles for tub toys
    Time For Tykes FCC                             Jan Aitken
                                                                       3. Arm sling made from a dish towel
    Port Alberni
                                                                       4. Pretend grocery store stocked with empty food
    Country Corner FCC                      Karrine McFarlane         packages (canned goods, cereal boxes, spices, etc.)
    Kat’s Kids FCC                          Kathleen Lessard
                                                                       5. Binoculars made from empty toilet roll tubes
    Powell River                                                      taped together (add plastic food wrap lenses for
                                                                      professional effect)
    Playscapes Child Care                    Christie Mitchell
    Mini Melodies FCC                             Ildiko Kelly         6. Puppets made from the stray socks piling up in
                                                                      the laundry room

                                                                       7. Sewing cards made from clean Styrofoam trays
                                                                      and old shoelaces

                                                                       8. Pretend post office stocked with junk mail
•    PacificCARE has extended its registry of Live-Out
                                                                       9. Tent made from sheets and blankets
     Nannies to all regions on our program. If you are
     interested in providing care in a child’s own home,               10. Cardboard box
     please call the office and leave your name and number.                                                            S
                                                                      Honorary mention: Own library                   A
     You will be contacted for an interview with one of our           card                                           F
     child care consultants. For details phone 716-2022 or                                                         UV
     1-888-480-CARE (2273).                                           (Adapted from Book of Lists to Live by,   G RV O
                                                                      Crystal Kirgiss, mother of three.)
                                                              EXTRA INSERT

       READING TO YOUR CHILD                FUN WITH FLANNEL                     by Sylvia Tritch

•    Show delight and enthusiasm as

     you read. Never turn reading into a
     Try to read to your child each day.
                                                               S    torytelling has long been a favourite activity of young children.
                                                                    Stories give great pleasure and those feelings of pleasure
                                                               result in a love of literature and a future interest in reading. Flannel
•    Find time when you and your child
     are relaxed and interested in                             boards are a wonderful way to extend storytelling.
     reading, such as at bedtime or after
     a nap.                                  Presenting a story on a flannel board frees you to watch your children’s expressions
•    Let your child choose the books
     and pages to read.                      and provides children with opportunities to participate. Many young children who find
•    Point to the pictures as you talk       it difficult to sit passively, participate enthusiastically in a flannel story. Shy children
     about them.                             often begin to show self-confidence as they experiment with flannel-board props.
•    For very young children, talk about
     the picture; read the text when
     they are older.                         A flannel board interest centre can be developmentally appropriate for all children.
•    Let the child help hold the book        Toddlers enjoy working with large pieces in a variety of textures, while older children
     and turn the pages.                     enjoy creating original stories. All you need is a shelf, materials and imagination.
•    Tell a familiar story, but leave out    Whether you use flannel boards in small groups or to encourage children to work
     words or parts of sentences for
     your child to fill in.                  individually, language skills develop as children formulate their own stories and tell
•    Let your child describe the pictures    them to others.
     and tell the story to you.
•    Write down your child’s
     homemade story and read it to           MAKE YOUR OWN FIGURES
•    Ask the child to make up a story or     You can make figures for flannel board activities from felt, fabric interfacing,
     to finish one you have started.         laminated cardboard, and construction paper. Cut illustrations from damaged books,
•    If your child periodically does not
     show an interest in reading,            or use magazine pictures and photographs glued to cardboard. (Paper and
     continue to read to the child as he/    cardboard figures need felt, sandpaper, or Velcro glued to the back to adhere.) You
     she plays quietly. Eventually the       can also glue Velcro to lightweight, three-dimensional plastic objects.
     child will again be eager to
     participate in reading.
                                             Resource books, poetry, songbooks and storybooks provide great ideas for flannel.
How to choose a good book                    Just ask yourself, “How could I make that into a flannel board activity?”

•    Stories should be appropriate for
     the child’s age level. Many schools     HINTS FOR PRESENTING ACTIVITIES
     or public libraries offer lists of
     books by age range and subject          Presenting flannel board stories and activities isn’t difficult. Here are some hints to
•    Pictures should be clear, with not      help you along:
     too many objects on a page.
•    The pictures should tell a story        Practice your story or activity before you do it for the children.
     that makes sense without the            Know the story well, so you can make eye contact as you tell it.
     printed words.
•    Predictable story lines are always a
     great way to encourage “turn-           Be sure everyone can see the board and get to it easily.
     taking.” Make the story                 Use large, easy-to-handle props as well.
     interactive – provide a role for the
                                             Let your enthusiasm show.
•    Stories should be for pleasure and
     fun, but include educational books,     Your excitement motivates children to listen and participate.
     too. Some books may teach new
     speech sounds, concepts (such as        Instead of putting the materials away when you are finished, store them in your
     farm animals, things we wear,
                                             flannel board interest centre.
     colours,) or morals (how to share,
     make friends, etc.)                     Use flat boxes or tote trays to avoid wrinkling. Encourage children to reproduce the
•    Books should help add new words         activity on their own or create new ones.
     to the child’s vocabulary.
                                                           EXTRA INSERT
advertising/classified                                                                                                       THE PROVIDER

            CLASSIFIED                                              •   Little Tikes® Variety Climber with swing attach-
                                                                        ments, 6 months old, asking $400.
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   Deadline for next issue will be February 15,                    Seryna-Bree Doula Services
                                                                   Nanaimo, BC
   In addition, Pacific Child and Family                 
   Enrichment Society is offering one free
   business card size ad with every new                            Because the miracle of birth... should be the
                                                                   most wonderful experience of your life.
   membership to the Society.

                                                                    • Sparrow Software Development and Sales

                                                                            ...Introduces the first of its new line of products
                       FOR SALE                                          CHILD CARE ADMINISTRATION SOFTWARE
    •   1997 Mazda, 8 passenger van, fully loaded,
        excellent condition, very clean, snow tires                 Key Features:

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        Call Tricia @ (250)245-8581 (Ladysmith BC)                  Child history on billing, schedules, health problems.
                                                                    Call Chris Hatenboer: (250) 246-1875
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            Have some things to swap?                               members.
            Contact us with a list of
            items you would be willing
            to give away and we will
                                                     PacificCARE is not responsible for the safety or reliability of items sold
            publish them free of charge.             from this newsletter. Buyers are advised to check products or services
                                                     carefully before purchasing.
Community Contacts                                                                                    P. RIVER


    Campbell River PacificCARE office is located in the Sunrise Resources building. You can reach Joyce or
    Kathy at 286-9790.
    ECE meetings every second month on the last Monday of the month @ 7:15pm- For location and
    information, please call 286-9790.
    PacificCARE support meetings every second Monday of the month except when a stat holiday falls in the
    week and will then be moved to the third Monday. 7:15pm @ Sunrise Resources (Tyee Plaza)- contact
    Kathy or Joyce @286-9790.
    Child Care Planning Meetings every second month. Contact Kathy or Joyce @ 286-9790

    PacificCARE and Child Development Services. Contact Carlene or Ann-Marie (OSA)@ 338-4288.
    Network nights/workshops usually 2nd. Tuesday or Wednesday of each month.
    ECEBC Comox Valley Branch—for information re: dates and locations call Penny or Keri@ 338-8445 or
    Penny at home @ 337-8547. Meetings 1st Monday of the month.
    Courtenay Health Unit - 338-1711

    Health Unit—Immunizations Fairs—1665 Grant Ave. Call 755-3341 or 755-3342
    0-6 Network - meets four times a year. Contact Carmen @716-2022
    Car Seat Safety (Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician) - Cheryl Morgan - 755-6245 for workshop
    E.C.E.B.C meetings - Kolbie Rai– 754-2499
    Caring and Sharing Committee - Sharon Larkins - 741-0600
    Community Care Facility Licensing Information Meetings — Phone 714-0424 for times and registration.
    C.A.L.M Committee (Community Approach to Lice Management) - Lynn Alton @755-3341 or Anita Hickey
    Child Development Centre - 753-0251
    Malaspina University College - 753-3245
    School District #68 - 741-5231
    Nanaimo Men’s Resource Centre - 716-1551
    Parks &Recreation (City of Nanaimo) - 756-5200

    PORT HARDY— Playgroup at the Infant Development Program every Tuesday from 10:00 a.m. to
    12:00 pm. Bring your snack. Mondays, 10-11:30am @ Family Place. Family Celebration Day last Tuesday
    of every month from 2:30-4:00pm @ Family Place. N.I. Crisis Centre 949-8333,

    Arrowsmith Child Care Association Meetings - 2nd Tuesdays. See Noticeboard for more information.
    Parksville Health Unit - 249 W. Hirst Ave., 248-2044
    For First Aid Courses contact Simon Illet, 723-9686 or Richard Kaufman @ 724-6230.
    Keys to Literacy workshops—Contact Theresa @ 723-0001
    Family Day Care Association meeting—third Wednesday of every month-contact Theresa @ 723-0001
    ECE meetings every third Monday. See Noticeboard for more information.
    Family Ties - Eleanor Gee– 726-2224. Drop-in every Tuesday at 10:30am
    Make Children First Initiative—West Coast . Contact Eleanor Gee 726-7686 or Sarah Hogan @ 726-3452 for
    date and time of monthly meetings.
    West Coast Women’s Resource Centre - Margaret Morrison, Coordinator - 726-2343
    West Coast Child Care Providers Networking meetings are held each month. For information on dates and
    times call Eleanor Gee @726-7686

           Remember to check your Noticeboard in this Newsletter for more community workshops and events.
   Keep this sheet for your records. A new copy will be included in your next newsletter if any changes have been made.
WEB SITES… - PacificCARE with links to other services           DO WE HAVE YOUR CURRENT E-MAIL
                                                                                      ADDRESS? - Government of B.C .
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more. - ABC Canada Literacy Foundation; public awareness, research on literacy in Canada, and
Family Literacy Day topics.

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