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					                                                                  John Westcott / Journalism 101

                      Leads: the good, the bad and the ugly
        Eric Harsh is a freshman at Fullerton College majoring in communications. Harsh
was hit by lightning during a thunderstorm.

        A Fullerton College freshman suffered major injuries Tuesday when he was
struck by lightning during a thunderstorm. Eric Harsh, 20, was treated for shock and
third-degree burns at Western Medical Center in Anaheim.

      Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control conducted a really major study
of American marriages and announced the results at a press conference Monday.

       Nearly half of couples who marry will break up within 15 years, according to a
study of 50,000 men and women by the Centers for Disease Control.

        Fullerton College has a terrible parking problem. The college has been trying very
hard to add more parking spaces. The college opened a new 1,722-space parking
structure on Thursday.

      Jonathan Mayer is the new Fullerton College ASB president. Mayer announced
Tuesday that both Fullerton and Cypress colleges have adopted a policy banning all
smoking on both campuses.

        Too many young people are getting credit cards and spending money like crazy.
Totally lacking in self-control, they see something they like, and they buy it without
thinking whether or not they can afford it. A dress here, a pair of shoes there, a cool pair
of jeans there. They just don’t know when to stop!

        Mary Kopinski earns $27,000 a year but owns 300 pairs of shoes. Now she’s
paying for it.
        The 24-year-old former manager of an Ann Taylor boutique plans to file for
bankruptcy – one of a growing number of young adults who are so in over their heads
financially that they are resorting to bankruptcy to bail themselves out.

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