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					                            Landlord Liaison Project               

Dear Landlords,

The Landlord Liaison Project is part of the Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness in King County,
which documents the commitment to ending homelessness in King County by 2014 and outlines
strategies that will support this goal. Since the county is unable to build enough rental units to
house currently homelessness people, the Landlord Liaison Project is looking for private
landlords who are willing to rent to households who have rental barriers such as a past eviction,
criminal background, or bad credit often due to extenuating circumstances such as an illness,
divorce, or another unfortunate situation.

If a landlord is willing to accept tenants from our program:

        We arrange for tenants to participate in support services with monthly home visits
         from a service provider during their first year of tenancy
        Tenants receive ongoing training on rental responsibility and money management
        You can call our 24-hour landlord hotline for after hours help with LLP tenant
        You have access to limited financial assistance in case an LLP tenant damages a
         unit beyond the security deposit, falls behind in rent, and/or breaks a lease

This is a wonderful program that helps landlords fill vacant units with terrific tenants who want to
succeed and who already have support from local agencies. This program is funded by King
County, the City of Seattle, and United Way, and is administered by the YWCA.

Enclosed for your review in this information packet is the Landlord Partnership Agreement, a W-
9 form and a Fair Housing document. This packet also includes a Screening Criteria Form that
we ask landlords to apply to Landlord Liaison tenants. You can agree to all of our suggested
alternative screening criteria, or you can write in the screening criteria that best fits your unit.
Please note, convicted sex offenders and methamphetamine producers are automatically
denied by Landlord Liaison Project, so we will not ask if you will accept people with those rental

Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns, and please share this
information with other landlords who have vacant units and could benefit from this program.

Thank you,

The Landlord Liaison Project Staff

Phone: (206) 336-4601
Fax: (206) 336-4604
Address: 4800 S 188th St, Ste 245, SeaTac, WA 98188

 We are asking for your support—please do your part to help end homelessness in King County,
            while receiving fair market rent and protecting your investment property!
LLP: 3/24/2011

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