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The International Space Station (PowerPoint download)

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									The International Space Station
                • Largest and most
                  complex structure ever
                  put into space
                • 16 countries were
                  involved (US, Canada,
                  Japan, Brazil, and the
                  11 European countries
                • 110 m long and 90 m
                  wide (not including
                  the solar panels
• In orbit, 400 km above
• supplied by the Space
   • Zvezda Service
   • living quarters for
     crew (has kitchen, TV,
     exercise equipment)
Zarya Module
      • Propulsion,
        navigation, electrical
        power, and
Unity Module
      • Great views of space
      • has air lock where
        astronauts prepare for
        space walks.
US Laboratory
       • Where many scientific
         experiments take place
       • controls for the
         stations exterior
         robotic arm
Canadian contributions to ISS
               •   The robot arm of the space shuttle
                   Discovery helps repair the Hubble
                   Space Telescope some 600 km
                   above Earth in this April 30, 1990,
                   file photo. (AP photo/ NASA)
               •   was installed on the International
                   Space Station in April 2001.
               •   designed for specific use in the
                   harsh environment of space
               •   Canadarm 1 and Canadarm 2
                   "grab" onto the Space Station and
                   other objects with something called
                   an end effector.

      •   ISS construction requires extensive
          international cooperation and
          preparation activities.
      •   The largest structure ever built in
          space and the most complex
          international scientific project in
          history. When complete, the ISS
          will be over four times larger than
          Mir and longer than a football field
          (including the end-zones),
Effects of Space Travel on the
         Human Body
Effects on the Circulatory System
                 •   One of the most visible effects of a space
                     mission is no doubt the “puffy-face”, “bird-leg”
                 •   look that astronauts get.
• All astronauts, when they leave
  the constant gravity field of
•   experience the phenonona
    known as the "Puffy Head"
•    The astronauts report a
    "stuffiness" of the sinuses,
    together with a "fullness" in the
    head and "puffiness" of the
    Space Sickness

Balance and orientation
What is up?
      • In space, “up” and
        “down” have no

      • this can lead to
• A trip to the dentist
Space Sickness
       • What is space sickness? Space
         sickness is when an astronaut
         feels like throwing up due to
         the speed of the space ship they
         are travelling in.
       • One way to prevented this from
         happening is to ride the vomit
         comet a few times before going
         into space.
       • The picture on the left describes
         before blasting off for space,
         astronauts try to acclimate their
         bodies to space by riding the
         "vomit comet."
Balance and orientation problems
                • Orientation and balance in
                  space is primarily measured by
                  three sensory systems:The eye,
                  The balance, The general
                  sensory system.
                • When all three sensory systems
                  are properly functioning, the
                  final result is a healthy balance
                • The picture on the left show
                  you the inner ear that contains
                  canals and vestibule for
Spins-offs of Space Technology
High speed computers
Enriched baby food
Ribbed Swimsuits
        • Small riblets on the
          surface of the fabric
          reduces resistance by
          up to 15%.
Aerodynamic Golf Balls
           • Recent Golf balls
             based on a NASA
             design have up to 500
             dimples arranged in
             triangular patterns
           • results in more
             predictable ball flight
       • A solar cell sensor is
         positioned directly beneath x-
         ray film.
       • Associated electronic
         equipment then sends a signal
         to cut off the x-ray source.
       • Reduction of mammography
         x-ray exposes a radiation
         hazard and doubles the
         number of patient exams per
        • Laser angioplasty with a
          "cool" type of laser
        • It does not damage blood
          vessel walls and offers
          precise non-surgical
          cleanings of clogged
        • Extraordinary precision
          and fewer complications
          than in balloon
      • This is a system that
        is made up of an
      • This contains the
        programming and a
        data printer.
      • Communicates
        through wireless
        telemetry signals.
-NASA developed a lens
that does not scratch
-It reduces water spots
-Coating the lens with a film
of like diamond carbon
-It does not only protect the
-Decreases surface frictions
-Reduces water spots
-Developed a water
treatment system
-They called it
Regenerable Biocide
Delivery Unit
-It uses iodine instead of
chlorine to kill bacteria
-swimming pool purification
was designed by space technology
-the system uses two silver copper
alloy to generate the silver and
copper ions
-electric current goes through them
-it kills bacteria and algae without
-NASA developed a technique
software package
-air quality monitor system
-separates gases in a smoke
stack and and exhaust streams
-developed technology
-with assistance with other advanced technology they
developed computers
-developed technology to project themselves into a computer
made environment
-matches persons head
movement and body movement
to the computer
-creates telepresence experince
-NASA program created for space craft design
-for instance used in other things either then NASA programs
-for instance automobile industry
      -manufacture of machine tools
      -hardware designs

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