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					               The Credit Union Pipeline
 Summer 2011              “Make Your Family Part of Our Family”

                    Low Car Loan Rates
       Let PG&W Employees FCU put you in the driver’s seat with a great auto loan!

                     Rates as low as 3.50%APR*
                                   Our great rates and flexible terms make buying a new car
                                    easy, more affordable and allows you to get more car for
                                   your money. Already driving your dream car? We may be
                                   able to refinance your current high rate auto loan from an-
                                                 other institution at our low rate!
                                    Call or stop by the credit union today and let us help put
                                                     you in that drivers seat.
                                       APR = Annual Percentage Rate
                                         *Certain Restrictions Apply

                                                         Summer Park Savings
                        PG&W EFCU                        Summer is here and the credit union will once again
                                                         be offering discounted tickets and coupons to the
                          Board of                       following area parks.
After 35+ years of service, Jack Flannery has
resigned from the credit union’s Board of Di-
rectors. There is now an opening on the Board
of Directors of the credit union. The credit un-
ion is searching for a member with a commit-
ment towards the credit union, understanding
of the credit union’s services and basic finan-
cial knowledge.
The Board of Directors are elected, volunteer
positions within your credit union. If you are
interested in volunteering your time please                   Camelbeach $25.99 All Ages
contact Carole Fischer at (570) 829-8753 for               Dorney Park $22.00 Jr –31.99 Adult
more information.
                                                          Hershey Park $29.95Jr - $41.95 Adult

                         You can also check us out online at
        Top Summer
        Vacation Tips                                                 Join us for Breakfast at
Regardless if you are packing up the                                 PG&W Employees FCU’s
kids in the back of the van or travel-
ing solo to exotic destinations, here
                                                                       36th Annual Meeting
are some travel tips to make this         Members have the opportunity to elect board members, learn about happenings for
summer vacation your best one yet:        the credit union during the past year and hear about plans for the future. There are
Pack Right                                  three Board of Director positions up for renewal this year along with one Credit
Packing is a fine balance of bringing       Committee position. Nominations may be made to Emil Augustine, Nominating
what you really need without taking        Committee Chairman. Nominations may also be made that morning from the floor.
too much. How do you do it? Plan-
ning ahead and having a really good                                      East Mountain Inn
list. Don’t bring too much of any-                                Saturday September 24, 2011
thing, you will not wear six pairs of                                   9:00 am to 11:00 am
shoes I promise you.                                               Tickets are $7.50 per person
Have Plenty of Sun Screen,                                          RSVP by September 15th!
The sun is stronger in the summer
time and UV rays keep increasing.
There is nothing worse then getting
sunburned on the first few days of
your summer vacation and spending
the rest of it uncomfortable.
                                          Sign up for freedom
Be Flexible                               Simplify your life with
Leave a little wiggle room in your        online bill pay
plans. Give yourself plenty of time
for delayed flights and traffic jams.
                                             Schedule payments in a few clicks
Bring A Camera
This one sounds obvious I know, but          Save time and money every month
you would be surprised how many              Make safe and secure transactions
people either forget to bring the cam-
era or the extra batteries or the mem-
ory card (in the old days it used to be   Enroll for this free convenient service at
the film).
Keep The Kids Amused                               WWW.PGWEFCU.ORG
If you are traveling with kids, unless
you love to hear “Are we there yet?”
over and over, make sure they have
enough to stay amused. You can find
                                              Congratulations to our Youth Week Winners!
inexpensive travel games in stores, or
                                                          Elizabeth Breznay (left) and Brooke Myzick (right)
you can play your own such as “I
Spy” or the license plate game.
Be Prepared For Rain or Cooler
There is nothing worse then packing
t-shirts and shorts only to be hit with
a cool spell and spending your sum-
mer vacation trying to stay dry and
Be Ready For An Emergency
If traveling by car keep an emergency
kit handy that includes jumper cables,
basic hand tools, flares or reflective
warning triangles, a first aid kit, a                                    A bake sale was also held throughout youth week
flashlight with fresh                                                    which raised $100 for the Wyoming Valley Chil-
batteries.                                                               dren’s Association’s Music Program, which helps
                                                                         special needs children with music therapy.

      Help our family grow! Pass this newsletter along to a family member
                                       Why Throw Away Your
                                       Money? Save with Sprint!
                                   Join the over 1.2 Million credit union              Member Services
                                   members nationwide that are al-
                                   ready saving over $111 million on                    Share/Savings Accounts
                                   their wireless plans! PG&WEFCU is                     Share Draft Accounts
pleased to bring our members these major savings through the
Sprint Credit Union Member Discount Plan.                                              Christmas Club Accounts
Ways you can save:
    10% off* most regularly priced Sprint individual service plans                Vacation Club Accounts
    15% off* most regularly priced Sprint business service plans                     All Purpose Loans
    Waived activation fee on new activations                                        Home Equity Loans
    Waived upgrade fee                                                               VISA Credit Cards
    Available to new and existing Sprint customers                                VISA ATM/Debit Cards
Enjoy the perks, benefits and exclusive discounts that only credit                        Overdraft Protection
union members like you can receive.
3 Ways to Get Your Discount:                                                             Life Savings Insurance
    - Call 877.SAVE.4CU (877.728.3428) and let them know you’re a
       credit union member. Ask to be a part of the NACUC_ZZM Cor-                        Credit Life Insurance
       porate ID to save
    -    Click
                                                                                       Credit Disability Insurance

    -    Visit your nearest Sprint store                                               Cashier & Certified Checks
                                                                                           Payroll Deduction
    What are you waiting for? Start saving today!
                                                                                             Direct Deposit
*Application of discount requires 2-year contract extension on existing plans. Veri-
fication of membership is required at time of activation/upgrade. All rights re-             ACH Services
served. Sprint, the logo, and other trademarks are the trademarks of Sprint Nextel
                                                                                            Wire Transfers
                                                                                             Money Orders
Coming Soon… Private Student Loans!                                                         Notary Service
Watch for this service to be added by the fall!
                                                                                          NADA Auto Pricing
                                                                                       Discounted Movie Tickets
Avoid ATM Surcharges
                                                                                        Discounted Park Tickets
Credit union members should look
for the CU$ logo on machines or visit                                                  Friendly Personal Service for a complete ATM listing. Here are a few in                            Family Membership
your area:                                                                                Website Resources
Lackawanna County:
                                                                                            Online Banking
Penn East Credit Union– 700 Davis St, Scranton Pa
Luzerne County:                                                                             Online Bill Pay
Corner Post Credit Union—566 S Main St, Wilkes Barre Pa                                     VISA Gift Cards
Columbia County:
                                                                                           VISA Travel Card
PSECU—Monty’s Bloomsburg University, Bloomsburg Pa
Lycoming County:                                                                          Valuable Discounts
PALCO FCU— 191 Chad Rd, Muncy Pa

   or coworker and encourage them to check out PG&W Employees FCU!
                                                                              CURRENT LOAN RATES
                                                                    Signature                                  APR
                                                                    up to 24 months                             8.50% SPECIAL
            Our Mission Statement                                   25 to 48 months                             9.50% SPECIAL
                                                                    49 to 60 months                            10.50% SPECIAL
     The Credit Union’s mission is to dedicate our
    human, technological and financial resources                    Shared Secured
    to become the best financial services provider                  up to 36 months                              3.50%
      to our members. Through delivering these                      37 to 72 months                              4.50%
    services to our members, they will be afforded
     opportunities to improve their quality of life.                New Car Loans**                                           Motorcycles
                                                                    up to 24 months                            4.00%             5.50%
                                                                    up to 36 months                            4.00%             5.50%
                                                                    up to 48 months                            4.00%             6.00%
                                                                    up to 60 months                            4.50%             6.00%
                 Holiday Closings                                   up to 72 months                            4.50%             7.00%
                                July 4, 2011                        Used Car Loans**                                          Motorcycles
                                                                    0 - 1 yr old (up to 72 mths)   5.40%                        8.25%
                             Independence Day                       2 - 3 yr old (up to 60 mths)   5.40%                        8.50%
                                                                    3 - 4 yr old (up to 48 mths)   5.65%                        9.25%
                                                                    5 or more (up to 36 mths)      6.40%
           September 5, 2011                                        **Take an additional .25% off the above car loan
              Labor Day                                             rates when putting 20% down on the vehicle!
                                                                    **Take an additional .25% off the above car loan
                                                                    rates when paid through payroll deduction!
                                                                    Home Equity
                                                                    up to 3 years                  4.45%
                     Office Location                                4 to 5 years                   4.80%
                                                                    6 to 10 years                  5.25%
                265 South Main Street                               11 to 15 years                 6.25%
                Wilkes Barre Pa 18701                               16 to 20 years                 7.25%
                Phone: (570) 829-8882
                  Fax: (570) 829-8811                               First Lien Home Equity
              Toll Free 1-888- PGWEFCU                              up to 3 years                               4.10%
               Email:                              4 to 5 years                                4.30%
              Website:                              6 to 10 years                               4.85%
                                                                    11 to 15 years                              call for rate
                       Office Hours                                 16 to 20 years                              call for rate
                     Monday - Friday
                                                                    Visa Credit Card                            9.99%
                    9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
For your convenience, voice mail will record your transaction              **Rates as of June 30, 2011- Subject to change without notice.
request during non-business hours. Your request will be                                      ** Subject to limitations**
processed as promptly as possible. Please leave your phone
number in case the office staff has a question regarding your
request. The office is also equipped with a 24-hour fax                                 Minimum Balance                  APR*           APY*
machine for your convenience. Also, a mail drop slot is
available when the office is closed.                                Shares                     $100.00                   .40%               .40%
                                                                    Christmas                      $0.01                 .50%               .50%
                                                                    Vacation                       $0.01                 .30%               .30%
                                                                    Share Drafts
                                                                                     $500.00 - $999.99                   .15%               .15%
                                                                                     $1,000.00 or more                   .25%               .25%
                                             Opportunity            Certificates of Deposit
                                               Lender               The Board of Directors have currently suspended
                                                                    Certificate of Deposit offerings.
                                                                4    *APR = Annual Percentage Rate / *APY = Annual Percentage Yield

                                   You can also check us out online at

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