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									Executive Summary
Platform Components

Grid Financial Services, Inc. is a Business Process Outsource firm located in Raleigh, NC. Grid Financial has a national footprint servicing
25+ banks, private equity firms, mortgage origination platforms, and servicing companies. On the loan origination side of our business,
Grid Financial provides outsourced loan processing, underwriting and closing services. In addition, Grid Financial is your outsourced
default services department, providing full Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) and non-HAMP modifications, short sales,
deeds-in-lieu and all manner of default services.

Origination Fulfillment

On the mortgage fulfillment side, Grid Financial’s services include a mortgage origination fulfillment platform with staff processors,
underwriters and closers, which allows us to offer complete front end services ranging from file audit, document collection, processing
with complete customer/client interaction, file underwriting to include Direct Endorsement and LAPP , complete closing services, post
closing audits, trailing document management and direct investor shipping. These services can be retained as a complete solution or
on a customized level of service.

By choosing Grid Financial, you are able to access any piece or an entire custom solution to meet your needs. With the availability of
short term engagements, your turn times should always stay where you want them. Why risk the additional hedge and lost revenue
exposure of a 60 to 90 day lock period, when you can have expert plug-n-play support on very short notice?

Grid Financial gives you elasticity to your front end sales functions which allows you to concentrate on your customer’s needs. Grid
Financial allows you to avoid the tremendous expense and reputational damage associated with big fluctuations in headcount.

Always enjoy a modest and predictable cost to originate. The economies of scale become your ally when we add staff to your
dedicated team as needed. The ability to move floaters on and off your team allows us to keep your requirements met and you avoid
fulltime staff expenses and training.
Platform Components (cont.)

Loan Modification/ Loss Mitigation/Default Services

Grid Financial offers a complete loss mitigation/default services process that allows a client to assign any loan that is currently 31 days
delinquent or greater to Grid Financial and the borrower will be put into our aggressive program take the borrower through the entire
loss mitigation waterfall all the way through to REO liquidation, if needed. We specialize in HAMP and non-HAMP modifications, short
sales (HAFA or non HAFA), deeds-in-lieu, cash for keys, foreclosure filings and reporting, bankruptcy reporting, portfolio risk analytics
and property valuations. With our management’s deep experience across the entire loss mitigation/ risk management spectrum, we
consult regularly with our clients on overall strategies.

Our loss mitigation platform provides an aggressive customer (right party) contact program that involves mail, express mail, phone calls
(after hours and weekends) to field services. Our program provides for real time updates on the occupancy and condition of your
property. We provide property pictures on every visit.

Grid Financial will evaluate delinquent and Imminent Default borrowers for HAMP and complete the entire modification process for
you, including all requisite reporting. We can even take care of the monthly reporting requirements after final modifications are
completed. For borrowers who not qualify for HAMP, we will process them for alternative modifications, short sales, deeds-in-lieu
(HAFA or non-HAFA) and will even facilitate the foreclosure process on your behalf.

Our property preservation group will give you peace of mind, knowing that your property is not suffering needless price decay due to
neglect. We will keep your vacant properties code compliant based on each MSA. We provide a consolidated billing structure that is
itemized by time and service provided. So if you need the landscaping taken care of on a jumbo property, locks changed, windows
boarded up in a code compliant manner, please inquire today.
Platform Components (cont.)

Loan Modification/ Loss Mitigation/Default Services (cont.)

Our HVCC compliant appraisal/valuation department allows for fast and accurate valuation of assets all over the country. Our services
are full appraisals, government appraisals, BPOs, and commercial/project valuations.

Not only are our process flows customized to meet your needs, so is our reporting capability. We can deliver scheduled reporting on
everything from EDR reporting, right party contact attempts, times dialed, talk times, conversion rates and file status reports.
Mortgage Fulfillment

Loan Setup                             Loan Underwriting                                       Post Closing / Shipping

•File pre-audit                        •File review                                            •Audit file for documents and signatures
•Data entry                            •Underwrite to exact investor guidelines                •Put in correct stacking order
•4506T request                         including risk overlays                                 •Collect any trailing documents
                                       •Decision the file and sign off on final stipulations   •Ship file to client for review or to investor

Loan Processing                        Loan Closing

•Customer welcome letter               •Gather remaining pertinent information
•Missing document request              (taxes, insurance)
•Scheduling and ordering               •Get final approval from client to close
(appraisal, title, etc.)               •Prepare closing instructions
•Document review                       •Review settlement statement for accuracy
•Automated underwriting decision       •Send documents to attorney
•Underwriting submission               •Verify closing
(Grid Financial, client or investor)   •Receive executed and recorded file
•Final stipulation clearance
Loss Mitigation

Property Retention Products                                                         Modification Processing and Underwriting

•Aggressive right party contact strategy that includes; mail, certified mail,       •Clear concise boarding process
express mail, extensive outbound calling, field services – door knocking, current   •review and calculate necessary ratios
photographs, perceived occupancy status                                             •Prepare and deliver modification package to investor/agency standards
•Skip tracing                                                                       •Image files for return to investor for storage
•Fraud analysis                                                                     •Manage forbearance and repayment plans with follow up customer contact and
•HAMP and HAFA project management                                                   reporting
•Customer service inquiries
•Customer repayment plans                                                           Default Services
Loss Mitigation Analysis                                                            •Foreclosure referrals to attorney network for federal, state, and local
•Customer investigation/solutions – waterfall – customer options presentation,      •Foreclosure reporting and oversight
HAMP, non-HAMP modifications, repayment plans, short sales, deed s-in-lieu,         •Provide documentation as needed to key process stakeholders
foreclosure                                                                         •Ability to manage reinstatement figures and communication
•Modification payment tracking and reporting                                        •Point of contact for vendor, insurers, legal and investors through the process
•document collection and review – credit review, payment comparison analytics,      •Supply proper status and delinquency reporting
validation                                                                          •Handle the property liquidation process to best execution modeling i.e.listing,
•Best execution analytics – forecasted results with profit/loss                     auction, bulk sales
•Current property condition with photograph, perceived occupancy
•Manage short sale process; select realtor, listing agreements, monitor showings,   Bankruptcy Management
screen and present offers
•Title review i.e. vesting issues, liens, judgments and provide curative measures   •Verify information through Pacer or third party
                                                                                    •File all necessary motions through counsel
                                                                                    •Compliance reporting that is fast and accurate
                                                                                    •Be the point of contact for key stakeholders in the process
Origination Fulfillment

• Standardized, automated workflow and procedures for
  origination fulfillment

• Customizable solutions

• First rate borrower contact, assistance and loan resolution

• Senior management team with extensive residential
  mortgage experience

• Dedicated, experienced processors, underwriters and
  closers at your disposal

• Citrix access into Customer’s LOS

• Electronic loan closing, recording and investor delivery
Call Center Support Structure

• Inbound and Outbound Call Center Capability

• Onshore Call Center Functions

• Bi-lingual Staffing

• Data Input

• Data Collection

• Warm Call Transfers
Loan Modification/Loss Mitigation

• Broad-based experience in home retention/resolution

• Proprietary applications for HAMP, alternative
  modifications, HAFA solutions

• Best practices and proven success in right party contact,
  customer assistance and loan resolution
Loan Modification Services Overview

• HAMP Modification Services                                 • Alternative Modification Services

• Send solicitation letters                                  • Obtain/update borrower financial information

• Contact borrower, explain program, answer questions        • Obtain/update property valuation

• Collect required documents                                 • Prepare and submit modification request to appropriate
• Verify information
                                                             • Respond to GSE inquiries, clear conditions
• Run information through Waterfall, NPV
                                                             • Prepare Modification documents for borrower/Customer
• If NPV positive, prepare trial modification; if not send     signature
  decline and proceed to non-HAMP modification
                                                             • If borrower denied alternative modification, proceed to
• Shepherd borrower through Trial Period                       short sale

• Prepare Final Modification

• Prepare and submit required reports (to Customer and to
  Government Agencies)
High Level Modification/HAMP Process Design

                                              High Level Process Map

  •   Check queue                •   Review file for underwriting   •   Underwrite the loan        •   Trial payments verification
  •   Verify financial package   •   Identify discrepancies         •   Analyze income             •   Contact borrower
  •   4506T                      •   Contact borrower               •   Document System            •   Order documents to vendor
  •   Credit report              •   Update system and              •   Validate NPV supports      •   Participation in title
  •   BPO review                     eligibility calculator             modification                   endorsement / subordination
                                 •   Verify borrower information    •   Review monthly debts and       with processing
                                 •   Obtain additional                  back end DTI               •   Send documents to borrower
                                     information, if required       •   Validate BE DTI > 55%      •   Denial process
                                 •   Confirm eligibility                                           •   Foreclosure process
                                 •   Restart trial mode or Pursue
                                 •   Work with pre closers to
                                     determine subordination /
                                     title endorsement
Process Flow: Pre-Processing, Processing and Underwriting

                                                  End to End Process Flow
        Check           Verify            Order Credit
     Assignment       Financial             Report
       Queue          Package


    Review Files                                  Borrower              Update                Update                                                        Is program
        for        Discrepancies?   Yes            Contact              System               Eligibility
    Underwriting                                                                             Calculator                                                       Eligible?

                                                                                                   Cancel current                                          Cancel current
     Borrower       Additional                  Validate                                             trial mod:             Is loan in                       trial mod:
      Contact                       Yes        Documents                                            Pursue Non-                                Yes          Pursue Non-
                    Documents                                                                                              foreclosure
                                                                                                       HAMP                                                    HAMP

     Document        eligibility                Document              Restart trial           TDB
                   Calculator for                System                  mod                Process                                      No                     End
                    new income


                                     Underwriting                 Update                       Income
                                       the loan                  eligibility                  validation

                                                               Passed income                Document the                                        Send
                                    Is HMP eligible      Yes                          Yes    System and             BE DTI > 55%              counseling
                                                                 validation                 review BE DTI                                       letter                    C
Process Flow: Pre-Closing and Closing

                                                        End to End Process Flow

    Monitor trial mod                                                                                    Cancel mod in
      payments                   Payments                    Follow up              Unable to pay
                                                  No       with borrower                               system and restore
          2+3                     timely?                                           / meet terms -      loan to pre-mod
                                                                                     denial letter            state
                               worked out if                  Timely?                                  Attempt alternate
                                 necessary                                                              non-HAMP loss
                                                                                                          mit. options


                              Escrow analyzes              Print and send
                              account for final                                                               End
                                mod terms                     final docs

     signed final              Approved mod                Send docs to
                        Yes      and finalize               recording
       Mod doc                changes in system


    Send missing                  Send no                  Cancel mod in           Attempt alternate
     final mod                   response                system and restore         non-HAMP loss
      package                    expiration               to pre-mod state            mit. options
HAFA Compliant Workflow

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