Tanner Williams Elementary Accelerated Reader Program by fanzhongqing


									Tanner Williams Elementary
Accelerated Reader Program

   Presented by: Kerra Middleton
        and Mrs. Hoffman
                      What is AR?
   Accelerated Reader
     a computerized reading program that tests
     Read the book
              Easy books-read more than 2 times before testing
              Chapter books-read one time, discuss with an adult or
               assigned buddy
         Visualize   the book as you read
              “like a movie playing in your mind”
         Take a quiz on the book to test your understanding
         of the material read
How will AR be different this year?
   We are “Blasting Off” with a space theme
     Prizes will be “Out of this World”
     AR quarter goals will be your AR mission to
      complete before the quarter ends
         Wewill track student progress and prizes will be
         awarded based on comprehension, points and
         word count
               AR Motivators
 Verbal praise
 Student/teacher conferences
 Books are “Just Right” for each student
 Stickers, bookmarks
 Quarterly recognition for meeting AR goals
     Honors assembly
     Prizes
                  Yearly Rewards

   Students meeting goals all 4 Quarters….SLIP-n-SLIDE

   Extra Incentives: skating pass, bowling pass, Hershey ice-
    cream coupon, Firehouse Subs coupon, Bay Bears ticket
    and much more!
Get Ready to Read!

            Make your AR goal ALL 4
What “new” books are available for
          AR testing?
 Many new series: Hannah Montana,
  Chestnut Hill, Edge Chronicles, Camp
  Confidential and many more
 Famous Americans- biographies: Peyton
  Manning, Beyounce
                        A.R. Tips
   Tip # 1: Did you know that 1 chapter book
    could give you more words than 9 “easy”

                                    Twice as many
   Book Level: 4.1
                                    points and 9 times
   Points: 0.5                     as many words
   Word Count: 908 words

   Book Level: 4.2
   Points: 1.0
   Word Count: 8, 499 words
                  A.R. Tip
   Tip # 2: New books are being added every
    week to the AR book list. You can search
    for books on topics you like. If you can’t
    find something you like “tell us”. We want
    you to read about things you enjoy.
    Help Us Raise Money for “Cool”

   Bring in your BoxTops

     Recycle ink cartridges
     Recycle old cell phones
5, 4, 3, 2, 1….Blast Off with AR!
 Get ready to set your goal
 Start your AR mission today
       Find books that are “Just Right” for you
   Work hard every day toward your AR
       100% is your target, 80% is okay-
          100%   is best

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