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									Hanley Wood e-Media
It’s Time to Remodel Your Marketing Plan

                                   The Web is no
                                     longer just a
                                  component of a
                                  marketing plan,
                              it’s a cornerstone.

        Hanley Wood e-Media
Vital Internet Presence
Establishing an Internet
presence is imperative to your
success in the years ahead.                                             6.8

• The Web is the fastest-growing
  marketing medium
• It is one of the most effective
  tools for generating sales leads
• Nearly 85 percent of marketers
  plan to increase online
  advertising spend this year*

                                                1999                   2004

                                                  Internet Ad Revenue
 *Source: Forrester Research                           (in billions)

                          Hanley Wood e-Media
e-Media Delivers Results

Efficient: Get more impact for less cost.
Targeted: We’ll hit your demographic at precisely
the right moment.
Immediate: Generate instant response and sales
leads. Reach people at the moment of product
Measurable: Get exactly the ROI you want.
Flexible: Tailored campaigns meet your goals.
Guaranteed: We’ll meet your objectives or we’ll
refund your investment.

          Hanley Wood e-Media
Guaranteed Success

     Hanley Wood e-Media Advertisers





    2001             2002       2003   2004   2005

          Hanley Wood e-Media
Guaranteed Success

The majority of Hanley Wood’s top print advertisers
also advertise online and 85% renew their programs

          Hanley Wood e-Media
  Guaranteed Success
“Things are changing. We’re relying on the Internet more
  because our customers are using it more”
                             - Catherine Hewitt, Georgia-Pacific

“The growth of online usage with building pros made us realize
  the importance of online advertising. Plus, it’s measurability
  and cost-effectiveness justifies the investment.”
                                   - Denese Bottrell, James Hardie

“Web marketing has become one of our most effective means to
  reach builders.”
                                       - Jim Potthast, Merillat

               Hanley Wood e-Media
No. 1 Online Construction Network
In the building industry,
Hanley Wood sites
define the Web.
   • 20 award-winning Sites
     and 16 E-Newsletters
   • 700,000 monthly unique
     visits by building pros
   • 900,000 monthly unique
     visits by consumers looking
     to build a home
   • 40,000,000 pages views
     per month

             Hanley Wood e-Media
Site Traffic
                                                    VISITOR       UNIQUE
         WEB SITE                   PAGE VIEWS
                                                   SESSIONS      VISITORS
ebuild                            1,827,534      510,550      393,924
BUILDER Online                    335,198        162,050      115,500
REMODELING Online                 196,347        97,632       75,847
residential architect
                                  60,888         26,195       20,435
JLC Online                        576,124        94,590       47,720
                                  92,670         51,627       40,208
CUSTOM HOME Online                30,320         16,693       13,035
Dream Home Source                 17,132,862     713,338      422,424                        19,625,319     840,639      493,083
Totals                            39,877,262     2,513,314    1,622,176

                   Hanley Wood e-Media
 Reach Consumers When They’re
 Planning to Build
Dream Home Source (DHS)
 and offer over
 900,000 unique consumers
 per month about to build a
 new home
  A relevant and targeted
 audience actively planning
 to build
  Low-cost advertising
  Huge return on investment

             Hanley Wood e-Media
Audience Profile and Site Usage
 Average Household Income - $117,000
 78% College Educated
 47% Male - Avg. Age 43
 53% Female - Avg. Age 41

When They Build
 87% - build within 1 year
 71% - build within 6 months
 48%- build within 3 months

Reach & Usage
 900,000 Individuals per Month
 20 Million Page Views per Month
 Avg. Session: 34 minutes & 31 pages

                   Hanley Wood e-Media
Consumer Opportunities

Leading online destinations for home plans
Over 20,000 quality plans
Largest consumer audience – 900,000
The industry’s premier architects and designers
Proprietary home plan search technologies
Online tools & resources
eplans Redesign

            Hanley Wood e-Media
  Comprehensive Programs.
  Measured Results.
Low Cost

Highly Targeted

High Response

Large, High Impact Ad Units

Product Category & Keyword Targeting



Custom Plan Collection Sponsorships

DHS Product Guide

DHS Display Ads
                  Hanley Wood e-Media
Consumer E-Newsletters
Building Your Dream Home
103,212 Subscribers

Product Spotlight
103,067 Subscribers

Special Offers
103,043 Subscribers

eplans Featured Plan of the Week
38,000 Subscribers

            Hanley Wood e-Media
Product Guide
Thousands of decision-makers searching products!

                                Search by
                                keyword or

          Hanley Wood e-Media
Product Guide Category Sponsorship
Premium placement. High impact, targeted

          Hanley Wood e-Media
Product Inquiry Form (PIF)
Define a qualified lead with a custom page

                              • Qualify Prospects
                              • Generate Leads
                              • Gather valuable consumer date.

                              Completed forms are emailed in real time, with the
                              email subject field identifying the lead source,
                              product name and category.

        Hanley Wood e-Media
          Lead Generator
          The ultimate in permission-based marketing
Reach out to users who have indicated that they would like to be contacted
by dealers, manufacturers & providers of specific products or services.

Product Categories                                                                                                Auto Responder
► Appliances                            ► Green Building
► Automation, Networking & Technology   ► Heating, Cooling & Ventilation   ► Modular & Kit Homes                  Custom email forwarded to
► Cabinets & Countertops                ► Home Construction Financing      ► Molding, Millwork & Trim             users who’ve requested contact
► Central Vacuum Systems                ► Home Décor & Furnishings         ► Owner-Builder Products & Services
                                                                                                                  in your product categories.
► Closets & Storage                     ► Home Office & Library            ► Plumbing & Septic

► Construction Media, Books, Software   ► Home Theater                     ► Pools, Hot Tubs & Saunas

► Decks, Patios & Porches               ► Indoor Air Quality               ► Roofing

► Doors - Interior                      ► Insulation                       ► Security Systems & Safes

► Doors Entryways                       ► Job Site Equipment               ► Siding & Exteriors Finishes

► Fireplaces & Woodstoves               ► Kitchen & Bath Fixtures          ► Sky Lights

► Flooring                              ► Land, Lots & Acreage             ► Staircases

► For the Disabled                      ► Lawn, Garden & Landscape         ► Stone & Tile

► Foundations & Basements               ► Lighting Fixtures                ► Sunrooms & Enclosures

► Framing & Wall Systems                ► Log Homes                        ► Wine Cellar, Storage & Accessories

► Garage Doors                          ► Media & Game Rooms               ► Windows

Receive the ► Name ► Mailing Address
► Phone Number ► Email Address

Leads are emailed daily, weekly or monthly in CSV Format.

                                           Hanley Wood e-Media
    Home Plan PDF Display Advertising

Reach customers engaged
in finalizing their home plan
decisions with full-color
display advertising.

Your advertising is downloaded
with the home plan materials
customers work with to make
decisions, sketch out plan
modifications, and assess
building costs.

Full Page, Half Page, and Quarter Page Positions available. Monthly Insertions. 250,000 Downloads per month.

                            Hanley Wood e-Media
PlansCONNECT is an
integrated media buy that offers
tremendous value by reaching
consumers about to build a new

20,000 leads of Plan Buyers
Literature mailed to Plan Buyers
Print Advertising in Home Plan
Internet Advertising on eplans
E-Newsletter Advertising
Three Package Options

              Hanley Wood e-Media
    A New Consumer Launch in 2006

Target consumers who are actively involved in remodeling their home or
building a new one. will feature articles from our
House Beautiful special interest publications and American Dream Homes; a
searchable database of product information; community forums edited by
industry experts; design ideas slide shows; project planning tools, and more.
Audience Development Strategies:              Target Demographics:

 Promotion and editorial integration with     Average Household Income $130,000
Hanley Wood's six Home Shelter SIPs and       Average Age 45
seven Home Plan magazines                     80% Married
                                              About 2/3 Female
 E-mail marketing to Hanley Wood database     92% Existing Homeowners
of 200,000 consumers                          Market Value of Current Home - Over $300,000

 Co-branding on eplans and Dream Home
Source reaching 900,000 unique visitors per

 Public relations campaign

 Search engine optimization and marketing
                       Hanley Wood e-Media
    Targeting Every Consumer Segment
    & Building A Targeted Online Audience

A sponsorship with will generate
great response and increase your brand awareness.

One Premier Sponsorship: A dominant
position for one brand for the year.

Category Sponsorships: Ownership of
categories like kitchen, bath, outdoor
living, windows, doors, etc.

Basic Sponsorships: Build awareness
and drive response with an online

                   Hanley Wood e-Media
The Web Delivers Building Pros

 • 96% go online once per week or more, and
   75% use the Internet for work on a daily basis
 • 82% have high-speed Internet access
 • 90% use the Internet to get information on
   building products and services
 • 60% cite the Internet as their favorite source
   for researching product information

 Source: Readex Research

                     Hanley Wood e-Media
ebuild – the Construction Industry’s
Search Engine for Building Products

300,000 detailed
product specs from
400+ manufacturers

A direct connection
between manufacturers
and 350,000+ buyers

Influence product
specifiers as they

             Hanley Wood e-Media
ebuild: Top Housing Pros are Aware
of it—and More Use it Every Year

         ebuild Awareness With Building Pros



                  2002                    2003   2004   2005
  Source: Readex Research

                    Hanley Wood e-Media
ebuild: Unique Monthly Visitors

2001: 7,363
2002: 45,747
2003: 238,047
2004: 280,778
2005: 393,925

                Hanley Wood e-Media
        ebuild: Tap into a Responsive Audience
        Searching for Product Information

  72% of ebuild’s audience takes action after visiting.

       Visited a manufacturer’s Web site                         68%

Requested information from a building-                     40%
                product manufacturer

                 Shared product information              30%
                           with a customer

                      Specified or purchased a
                              building product

  Source: Readex Research

                             Hanley Wood e-Media
ebuild: Premium Listing

Connect to specifiers
and buyers
Generate Huge Response
Enhance a Basic Listing:
 • “Request Info” link
 • “Dealer Locator” link
 • “Contact Manufacturer” link
 • Collateral sales information
 • Ad in Manufacturers’ Index
$10,000 net per year

              Hanley Wood e-Media
ebuild: Premium Listing

                Event              12-month average

  “Contact Manufacturer”                 898

  PDF view                               498

  “Request Info” click                   844

  “Dealer Locator” click                1,488

  “Product Record” view                 7,150

             Hanley Wood e-Media
ebuild: Category Sponsorships

Target your ad message
within your product category
Influence buyers at the point
of product selection
Establish Industry
Exclusive and co-
Performance-based pricing

              Hanley Wood e-Media
The Housing Industry’s Most Popular
Magazines, Delivered Online, Everyday

         Hanley Wood e-Media
The Housing Industry’s Most Popular
Magazines, Delivered Online, Everyday

Build Awareness
Drive traffic to
your site
Capture return-

           Hanley Wood e-Media
 New Opportunities

  Web casts – Expand the
reach of in-person events
                                    Geo-targeting – Target your
with promotional/educational
                                    ad message by region
videos or PowerPoint sales
presentations                       Larger Ad Units – IAB
                                    standards; addition of 728 x
  Registration captures sales
                                    90, 160 x 600, rich media
leads for you
              Hanley Wood e-Media
E-Newsletters Put Your Message in
the Right Emailbox
 Builder Business Update
  • 79,000 opt-in circ, weekly
 Big Builder Newslink
  • 11,500 opt-in circ, weekly
 Remodeling Business Update
  • 70,000 opt-in circ, twice
 JLC Update
  • 44,000 opt-in circ, monthly
 ebuild New Product News
  • 122,000 opt-in circ, twice
 Multi-Family Executive
  • 38,000 opt-in circ, monthly

            Hanley Wood e-Media
Specialty Packages
 The New-Product Introduction package gives advertisers
 maximum exposure to Hanley Wood e-Media’s online
 audience of 700,000 building pros during the critical
 product introduction time.

 The Direct Response package hits the right target, at the
 right time, and generates leads immediately.

 The Brand Awareness package guarantees advertisers a
 measurable lift in brand awareness, or a full refund.

 The Event Promotion package helps drive traffic to your
 booth, a special event and/or a specific promotion.

            Hanley Wood e-Media
Custom e-Newsletters: Build
Communication with your Customers

e-Media editorial team
develops prototype
Hanley Wood editors
select “Industry Briefings”
for issues
You provide marketing,
promotion briefings,
and e-mail list
We set up, test, update,
send, and manage your
e-mail database

             Hanley Wood e-Media
Micro site Development

• Turn-key solution
• Support marketing
  campaigns with a
  micro site
• Excellent application
  for case studies,
  sweepstakes, new
  product introductions

               Hanley Wood e-Media
Editorial Content Licensing

• Feature Hanley Wood
  articles on your site
  and industry
• Lend more credibility,
  information, and
• Save time and money

               Hanley Wood e-Media
Electronic Catalog Services
                               • Add power to your Web
                                 site’s product information
                               • Build an easy-to-manage
                                 database from the print
                                 materials you create
                                 year after year
                               • Support your
                                 channel partners
                               • We provide catalog
                                 design, data entry,
                                 and data transmission

         Hanley Wood e-Media

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