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									How do we try to define ourselves and what
  we do particularly in our philosophical
      approach to life…and death?

 Let us assume…and here are many pointers
               in this direction,
that we are manipulated by an outside force.
       It could be god or an alien race.

 All we have to go on are ancient written
Whatever we believe or have faith in – and I
 use the word faith in the dogma sense,
         comes from these texts.
 Almost without exception we are exhorted
    to have faith in an invisible power.

We are delivered a message – from wherever
it came to behave in a certain manner and to
 die in the belief that we have made our way
 in keeping with instructions…made our way
              where? Or to what?

   The Hero’s Spiritual Journey of today is
    fraught with unimaginable difficulties
because to be able to begin it, it is necessary
 to throw all preconceived ideas out of the

Jonathan Black, author of The Secret History
of the World paraphrased it very well. ‘One
 must look at everything back-to-front and
                inside out.’
  I put it this way: ‘Physical matter is only
visible to the dead - To these the melody of
           the universe is inaudible’.

   All the great prophets that have weaved
 their spell on this planet have had a simple
message. Behave in a specific manner on the
  physical plane and you will advance in the
                 spiritual plane.

   (Let us not forget at this stage we are
 assuming we are controlled by an outside

This separation of the physical and spiritual
has induced a feeling of guilt rendering us all
gullible to its manipulation…and this is true
 from the smallest to the most significant of

   Just as if one repeats something often
     enough it gets accepted as fact, so
generations, life-times and our DNA has been
The scene is now set for the heroes – the prophets
     and anti-heroes – the villains of history.

   On the macro level they provide a perfect
counterfoil to each other in ensuring that humans
swing between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ like pendulums –
   the perfect scenario for the rhythm of the

 But you are all heroes in your own right. The fact
that you are here listening to this today is perhaps
      part of your own hero’s healing journey.

Realise that there cannot be a purpose In eternity!

 All the great prophets that have weaved
their spell on this planet have had a simple

Behave in a specific manner on the physical
plane and you will advance in the spiritual

  (Let us not forget at this stage we are
assuming we are controlled by an outside
   However, with quantum physics taking us
  into parallel universes through quarks and
  Bosun’s particles it is quite possible that all
 answers are correct or that all these answers
      could be incorrect…and even more
interesting, that the answers are both correct
        and incorrect at the same time.’

This week I refreshed my introduction to my
  website and I would like to read you an
              extract from this:

‘In some ways it may sound very pedestrian
 but the heart of this website is a composite
of human aspirations, desires and efforts. It
 is through these that each and every one of
us seeks greater understanding of where we
    are, why we are here and where are we
  going. Of course the conundrum is that to
find the answer to one you need the answer
 to all. To find the answer to all you need to
             find the answer to one.
 What is starting to become apparent is that
   there is another dimension to quantum
 physics (I express this in non-scientific terms
to assist the concept) that shows our thought
 processes control the behaviour of some of
 the smallest particles known to humankind
              and these particles,

 or quarks as they are called, are shown to
 exist in a single spot in the universe at one
  moment, and in every other conceivable
place at the same time – depending on how
 you think about them. At this level these
and other strangely called things such as the
  God Particle are considered the building
        blocks of our known universe.

  Their home is a place or non-place where
 time and space do not exist. A place where
we are, so to speak, putting a tentative finger
in the water to test the temperature. But in
    all possibilities there is a certainty that
  someone else was there before us and we
 are all ‘particles’ dancing to their tune. The
question is: Is this the possibility we need to
     accept to begin the healing journey?

Today’s hero’s journey is also coloured by the
 fact that all matter is materialised through
the interaction of vibrations (Vibrations that
 are made of quarks and God Particles etc –
   dammed little beasts are everywhere).

His or her journey therefor can only be made
 using the vibrations that manifest at higher
  levels – those associated with less dense
  materialisation such as thoughts and the
  subtle energies that power our existence.

 However, the only entrance to this strange
world at present is through the control of our
  own thoughts – a novel concept, and this
  gives us the one option of meditation. It
 seems ironic that for once we need to wait
   for the scientific community to produce
 information that could change the way the
     entire planet views the spiritual way

  In a sense I have answered two of the
questions in the three-part conundrum that
   faces the Hero on a spiritual journey.

. But where is he or she going? Inward? To a
     new dimension? A spiritual Nirvana?
  Oblivion? The advent of the quark and the
 vibrational nature of the universe place the
  options before each and every one of us as

 Our single greatest strength is that we each
     have a unique vibrational code and
       ultimately, whatever the outside
  interference, the moment you realise this
into your own journey, the universe changes
                  before you.


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