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					Subject          Topic                  NZC (2007)                Example Key      Example of Learning
                                        Achievement Objective
English/         Writing – Picture of   Show a developing         Picture Key      Teacher draws a
Literacy         a Worm Farm            understanding of how                       picture of Worm
                                        texts are shaped for                       farm and students
                                        different purposes and                     have to create a
                                        audiences                                  story about this using
                                                                                   their senses.

Science          Clean And Green        Explore various aspects The Different      Students have to list
                                        of an issue and make     Uses              different uses for
                                        decisions about possible                   glade wrap and how
                                        actions.                                   it can be affectively

Mathematics/     Statistical            Conduct investigations    The Ridiculous   Students will gather
Numeracy         Investigation –        using the statistical     Key              and sort classroom
                 Class Waste Audit      enquiry cycle.                             waste, identify
                                                                                   patterns and trends
                                                                                   and communicate
                                                                                   findings using data

Social Science   Impact of E waste      Understand how people     The              Students have to
                 on different           make decisions about      Brainstorming    identify the impacts
                 people.                access to and use of      Key              of
                                        resources.                                  E-waste on people in
                                                                                   different countries
                                                                                   and brainstorm
                                                                                   possible solutions to
                                                                                   their problem.
Technology       Construct a            Undertake planning to     The              Students will use
                 recycling centre at    identify the key stages   Construction     information gathered
                 school                 and resources required    Key              from their statistical
                                        to develop an outcome.                     investigation to plan
                                        Revisit planning to       The BAR Key      and construct a
                                        include reviews of                         recycling centre for
                                        progress and identify                      their school. The
                                        implications for                           students will reflect
                                        subsequent decision                        and make changes
                                        making.                                    according to the BAR
The Arts         Recycled Poster        Explore some art-         The              Students will gather
                 Design                 making conventions,       Alternative      alternative tools that
                                        applying knowledge of     Key              can be used to
                                        elements and selected                      produce an
                                        principles through the                     awareness poster
                                        use of materials and                       and promote the
                                        processes.                                 schools new recycling
Health/          Plan and present a     Participate in communal The Variations        Students will be
Physical         community              events and describe     Key                   educated on how e-
Education        seminar in regards     how such events                               waste affects us.
                 to the harmful         enhance the well-being                        From this
                 affects of e-waste.    of the community.                             information they will
                 Eg. Ink cartridges,                                                  hold a seminar to
                 monitors and                                                         educate the
                 printers.                                                            community about the

In relation to our “Clean As” unit we believe that by taking the students to a local recycling centre
we can authentically integrate the use of Thinker’s Keys to enhance the students knowledge of
reusing, reducing and recycling.

       The What If Key: Before the students visit the recycling centre, they use the question
        starter “ What if...” to create questions they may have about the centre. When the students
        return to class use the ideas wheel to record response to the questions answered.
       The Disadvantages Key: List 5 disadvantages of not following the 3 R’s. Now list some ways
        of correcting or eliminating these disadvantages from the information you have gathered at
        the site.
       The BAR key: When the students return from the recycling centre, they will follow the BAR
        key to think about how they can make their recycling centre bigger, what they can add or
        replace to make it more effective for the school.
       The Different Uses Key: While visiting the recycling centre the students will list different
        objects and the uses, E.g. What happens to plastic and glass bottles once they have been
        The Brick Wall Key: Whilst at the recycling centre students will get into groups of 3 and
        discuss this statement using a PMI. “Rubbish trucks should pick up curb side recycling.”

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