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									    Futrell/Valvasori, ABC’s of Relationship Selling through Service, 4th
                              Canadian Edition

ROLE PLAY – The Life, Times and Career of the Professional Salesperson +
              Planning Your Sales Call and Presentation
                            Chapters 1 & 7

Futrell Photocopiers


      Friday before last was your first day on the job. Last week you completed your ini-
      tial one-week training course. Your boss now wants you to make several sales
      calls this week before you attend a four-week sales training program beginning
      next week. She feels this will help you relate better to the class materials.

      You talked with Chris Hammond, owner of Travel Xpress, for about five minutes
      last week when he was called into the district sales office. You mentioned to
      your boss that you would like to call on Chris. She said: "Go for it!" The
      following are some of the main things you learned from talking to Chris.

Travel Xpress—A Small Business________________________

      Travel Xpress (TX) is a personalized travel agency located in your town. TX has
      been in business 15 years. Chris bought the agency from the original owner
      about six years ago. He worked at the agency as a part-time (college student)
      employee since its beginning. He makes all business decisions for the company.

      TX has one full-time and one part-time employee. The full-time employee is
      going to have a child and will shortly become a part-time worker. Chris has had
      trouble getting good part-time help. Right now the part-timer is a 17-year-old
      student. Most part-timers stay about three months because the job demands
      customer service skills and a detailed orientation.

      Business has been growing for Chris’ company. Sales doubled in the last two
      years and they are expected to increase another 20 percent this year.

      Four years ago, Chris purchased a Futrell 300 photocopier. It cost $675. At
      that time sales were quite modest at the time. Although the Futrell copier works
      well for incidental copying, it is a bit slow (six copies per minute). In addition, the
      Futrell can only print single copies—so Chris or the employee has to stand by the
      machine to make multiples. Since TX has begun group sales, it is often necessary
      to issue multiple itineraries. In addition, Chris now provides multiple-page
      information sheets to customers and to attendees at travel seminars. He has
      begun to send out multiple-page work to Kinko's. However there is a $50
    processing fee on each Kinko's job (pick-up/delivery and order handling). Chris
    estimates he makes about 5,000 copies a month.

    Chris has called DataMax, the Futrell dealer, several times about upgrading his
    machine. DataMax encouraged Chris to deal with a telemarketer who specializes
    in small businesses. The telemarketing representative talked with Chris for
    about 10 minutes. The representative sent Chris a bid on another Futrell
    machine. However, the bid did not mention the toner cost or copy speed.
    The representative stressed that the machine was lightweight and easy to
    use. The bid price is $595. Chris likes this price! Chris asked the representative
    how long he could expect the copier to last and was told about five years.

    Chris is concerned with the copy quality and durability. Last year, Chris had to
    send the copier out for repairs three times. One time the copier shut off and
    would not restart. The auto shut-off mode had short-circuited. That repair took
    three days and cost TX about $400. On another occasion, a customer got
    upset with Chris's full-time employee because the copy the customer was given
    was too light to read. The customer threw a fit, screaming at the full-time
    employee and telling the other customers on site that TX was a "rinky-dink,
    small-time operation." Shortly thereafter, the full-time employee indicated that
    she would go part-time after the birth of her child.

    Three weeks before, the copier jammed late one evening. Chris decided to fix it.
    After opening the copier case with a screwdriver, Chris failed to dislodge the
    jammed paper. Chris was unable to reassemble the copier. Paul, owner of Office
    Machine Repair, told Chris that it would cost more to fix the Futrell 300 than the
    machine was worth.

    So Chris is stuck with a dead, four-year-old copy machine. Chris wants to buy
    another machine but is skeptical about all copiers.

Preparation for the Sales Call________________________

    Excited, yet nervous, about making your first sales call, you wonder how to
    prepare for meeting Chris. Your boss suggested you find the answer to these
    four questions:
    1. How many copies does Chris make a year? Chris told you he makes about
        60,000 copies a year.
     2. How many years does Chris think he will keep the copier? You guess about
        five years.
     3. What are the costs associated with the copier you will recommend and the
        Futrell copier? A bottle of Futrell copier's toner lasts for 1,600 copies and
        costs $100.95. Your machine's toner costs $14.50 and produces 1,500
     4. How you will move Chris through the five mental steps in buying? Plan a
        basic outline. (Attention-Interest-Desire-Conviction-Purchase) See page 187.
You also created a table showing how your Minolta copier compares with the
Futrell copier on six items. Your biggest challenge is to overcome the initial
price objection. Also, you feel, maybe wrongly, that Chris will not want to know
about all the items in your comparative analysis. However, you need to be
prepared to discuss all items Chris may consider in his buying decision.

Your sales manager said that getting a small business owner to part with $ 1,000 is
sometimes harder than getting a purchasing agent of a large corporation to
pay $100,000 for equipment. Small business owners seldom look past actual
price, whereas buyers for large businesses will.

                                                         Competitive Information

                                           Minolta                       Futrell
                  Price                    $2,295                       $595
                  Mfn. Rec. Mo/vol         500 to 2,500 copies          Up to 500 copies
                  Configuration            Desktop, stationary          Desktop, moving
                  Toner                    Dry, dual component          Dry, mono-component
                  Optics                   Lens and mirror              Fiber optics
                  First copy               5.9 see                      15 sec
                  Multi-copy               13cpm                        Single sheet
                  Warm-up                  30 sec                       None
                  Paper feed               Single tray                  User feeds single sheets
                  Paper capacity           250 sheets                   Single sheets
                  Maximum original size    8'/2" X 14"                  8'/2" X 11"
                  Copy toner yield         1 ,500 copies                1,600 copies
                  Toner price              $14.50                       $100.95
                  Imaging cartridge (drum) $365 for 21,500 copies       Included in toner price
                  Comments                 Can produce up to one set    Maintenance-free — user
                                           of 50 copies; imaging unit   replaces PC cartridges,
                                           contains organic drum,       no warm-up lime,
                                           cleaning blade, remote       portable, desktop unit with
                                           meter reading.               pop-up carrying handle.

                  Dimensions (H x W x D)   14”x 25” x 21                14.25” x 15.5” x .25”
                  Weight                   70lbs                        17lbs
                  Power Requirements       120v,11a                     115v, 6a

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