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									Funding Alert
May 2006

The May 2006 AFHK Funding Alert includes information on funding opportunities that can help
your State Team implement its Action Plan. It also provides links to resources that can make
fundraising easier and, in our "Meet Your State and Local Foundations" section, it profiles state
and local foundations funding in Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Minnesota.

Some of the funding opportunities profiled below have deadlines in May and June, so check
the links in each entry for application procedures, deadlines, and more information. To find out
how National AFHK can help with fundraising, contact Joe Moag at or (773) 248-2958.

Funding Opportunities from National Foundations and Organizations

The American Legion's Child Welfare Foundation is accepting proposals for multi-state
knowledge dissemination projects that promote the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
welfare of children. Grants are for one year, and project activities must be completed within a
calendar year. Click here for more information about this funding opportunity and to access
application guidelines. Application forms must be requested from the foundation by July 1st
and completed applications must be submitted by July 15th.

Rosie's For all Kids Foundation makes grants for renovation of playgrounds serving young
children. First priority is given to established early childhood programs serving low-income,
urban areas. Requests are accepted throughout the year and the first step is submission of a
letter of inquiry. Click here for more information about the foundation's grantmaking and
application procedures.

The Bowling Foundation will award grants to help schools and nonprofit organizations
implement the Bowler's Ed Youth In-School Bowling Program, which promotes lifelong
physical activity by providing elementary and middle school teachers with free bowling
curriculum enhanced with math, spelling, physics, and other important skills. Applications are
due by June 1st. Click here for more information about this funding opportunity and to
download the application.

Funding Opportunities from State and Local Foundations

The Northwest Health Foundation recently announced a new grant program, Alliance for
the Promotion of Physical Activity and Nutrition, that will support local community
coalitions dedicated to promoting physical activity and healthy eating by improving the social,
organizational, physical, and policy environments in which these activities take place.
Coalitions may represent communities throughout Oregon and Clark, Cowlitz, Skamania,
Pacific, and Wahkiakum counties in southwest Washington. Grants will be awarded for projects
lasting up to four years and proposals must be submitted by June 26th. Click here for more
information about this new initiative and to download the Request for Proposals and
application cover sheet.
    Many health insurers are working with other organizations to combat overweight and obesity,
    as a way to improve the health of covered populations and to contribute to general community
    wellness. As a result, health insurers or their affiliated foundations may be promising potential
    funders for AFHK State Team activities. Here are two examples.

           The corporate giving program of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois makes
    contributions for projects addressing health care, education, social services, cultural, and
    community concerns. The next deadline for submission of grant requests is September 30th.
    Click here for more information.

           The Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida supports community-based solutions
    that address many different health care challenges facing Florida. The foundation awards up to
    $1 million annually, with grants ranging from $10,000 to $100,000. For the foundation's
    winter 2006 cycle, applications must be received by September 15th. Click here for more
    information and to download application materials.

    Corporate Funding Opportunities

    The Balance Bar Food Company is accepting applications for community grants to enable
    communities and organizations to pursue physical activities that enrich their lives. The grant
    must be dedicated to a project that will provide organization members, as well as community
    residents, with opportunities to lead healthy, active lifestyles. Grants will range from $1,000 to
    a maximum of $25,000. The deadline for community grant applications is August 30th. Click
    here for more information.

    The Dannon Company makes grants to programs that nurture healthy eating habits among
    children in each of the communities where a Dannon facility is located (Auglaize County, OH;
    Salt Lake County, UT; Tarrant County, TX; or Westchester County, NY). To qualify,
    organizations must be nonprofit and must need funding for a current nutrition education
    program for children up to age 18 or be able to launch such an initiative in late 2006.
    Applications must be received by June 30th. Click here to access the application form.

    The National Gardening Association and Home Depot are partnering to offer Youth
    Garden Grants to schools, youth groups, community centers, and other child-serving
    organizations. Applicants must plan to garden in 2007 with at least 15 children between the
    ages of three and 18 years. Applications must be postmarked by November 1st. Click here
    for additional information about this program and to access the 2007 application.

    Marshall Field's Community Grant Program awards grants for projects addressing three
    issues: health and welfare, education, and arts and culture. To be eligible, applicants must be
    nonprofit organizations or units of local government (including schools) and be located in
    states served by Marshall Field's (IL, MI, MN, ND, OH, SD, and WI). For the next funding
    cycle, applications must be received by May 31st. Click here for additional information,
    including application guidelines.

    Federal Funding Opportunities

    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently released several announcements for
    research funding programs related to obesity, nutrition, and physical activity. While State
    Teams and partnering schools may not be in a position to apply for these research funds
    directly, the grant programs may provide opportunities for AFHK-affiliated schools to partner
    with academic and governmental researchers by serving as possible project sites. Among the
    recently released announcements are:

           School-based Interventions to Prevent Obesity This funding program will
    support the formation of partnerships between academic institutions and school systems in
    order to develop and implement controlled, school-based intervention strategies designed to
    reduce the prevalence of obesity in childhood. The next deadline is June 1st. (Funding
    Opportunity Number: PA-04-145)
          Planning Grants for Translational Research for the Prevention and Control of
    Diabetes and Obesity This program will support the development of cost effective and
    sustainable interventions, that can be adopted in real world settings, for the prevention and
    control of diabetes and obesity. (Funding Opportunity Number: PAR-06-358)
          Decision Making in Health: Behavior Maintenance This initiative will support
    research projects that will expand knowledge of basic decision-making processes underlying
    initiation and long-term maintenance of healthy lifestyle behaviors that may reduce the risk of
    cancer and other chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and addiction.
    (Funding Opportunity Number: PA-06-337)

    These grant programs typically have several funding cycles annually. For more information
    about NIH research grant programs, click here and enter the appropriate funding opportunity
    number in the search box.

    The Indian Health Service recently released two announcements for competitive grant
    programs related to health and children.

          Health Promotion and Disease Prevention This program will provide support to
    American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities to enhance and expand health promotion
    and reduce chronic disease by: increasing physical activity; avoiding the use of tobacco,
    alcohol, and other unhealthy addictive substances; and improving nutrition to support
    healthier AI/AN communities through innovative and effective community, school, clinic and
    work site health promotion and chronic disease prevention programs. Click here to access the
    funding announcement.

           Children and Youth Projects This program will provide support to federally
    recognized Tribes and urban Indian organizations serving American Indian and Alaska Native
    (AI/AN) children and youth for programs promoting health practices, and addressing unmet
    needs of children and youth. Click here to access the funding announcement.

    Fundraising and Grant Writing Resources

    The Child Welfare Foundation has compiled a straightforward guide for first-time
    grantseekers. The document covers the basics of researching potential funders and making
    that important first contact with foundations. Click here to access this useful guide.
The Michigan State University Library system has a large collection of on-line resources,
including over 500 documents on nonprofit fundraising. Among the useful documents you can
access from the Nonprofit Fundraising Web Resources page are "The Ten Most Common
Reasons Grants Are Declined," which may help you identify the simple mistakes that can doom
a grant proposal, and "Ask People for Money Face-to-Face, Participant Workbook," which can
help people new to fundraising overcome fears about asking for funding in person, rather than
in writing. Click here to access these and many other valuable on-line resources.

"Meet Your State and Local Foundations"


Care First BlueCross BlueShield, a health insurer serving Maryland, Delaware, the District
of Columbia, and portions of Virginia, has committed 2 percent of its 2006 net operating
income to fund health-related programs and organizations in its service area. Contribution
guidelines and an application can be accessed from the corporate giving program's web page.
Applications are accepted throughout the year, but requests for $25,000 or more must be
submitted on a quarterly schedule. Remaining due dates for 2006 are May 1st, August 21st,
and October 23rd.
Contact: Kendra Hance, Community Relations Department
Phone: (410) 998-7488
Corporate giving program home page:

A primary focus of The Aaron Straus & Lillie Straus Foundation's grantmaking is securing
better futures for Baltimore's vulnerable children and their families by connecting them to
opportunities, which nurture their educational, social, economic, and physical well being.
Grants are awarded three times a year and deadlines for proposals are February 1st, July 1st,
and October 1st. The foundation accepts the Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers'
common application, which can be downloaded from the foundation's web site.
Contact: Jan Rivitz, President and Executive Director
Phone: (410) 539-8308
Foundation home page:

The Commonweal Foundation supports educational programs, projects assisting
disadvantaged youth, and may also consider grant requests for health care-related projects.
Giving is limited to Maryland, the District of Columbia, and northern Virginia. The first step
should be a phone call to the foundation to discuss a potential funding request. The foundation
accepts the common application form of Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers,
which can be downloaded from the foundation's web site. Application deadlines are March 1st
and August 1st.
Contact: Carole Prest, Executive Director or Gloria Dairsow
Phone: (240) 450-0000
Foundation home page:

The Marion I. and Henry J. Knott Foundation makes grants to charitable organizations in
Baltimore City and Allegheny, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Garrett, Harford,
Howard, and Washington counties. Health and social services are among the foundation's
funding priorities. Application deadlines are February 1st and August 1st.
Contact: Greg Cantori, Executive Director
Phone: (410) 235-7068
Foundation home page:

[Also see the February 2006 AFHK Funding Alert for the listing of foundations funding in the
District of Columbia; many of the foundations listed there also fund in the Maryland counties
contained within the greater Washington metropolitan area.]

Facts from the Foundation Center: Maryland's top five givers (for all issues) are: The Annie
E. Casey Foundation; The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc.; The Ellison Medical
Foundation; The Baltimore Community Foundation; The Sherman Fairchild Foundation, Inc. To
see a list of the state's top 50 funders, click here.


Through several corporative giving programs, New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. makes
charitable contributions to projects and organizations in the communities that are home to its
primary facilities (Boston and Lawrence, Massachusetts and Norridgewock, Skowhegan and
Norway, Maine). One program, the New Balance Foundation, has identified childhood obesity
as a primary funding priority for the foreseeable future. A first step in seeking funding from
the foundation is submission of a two-page letter of inquiry. Proposals are accepted
throughout the year and reviewed quarterly.
Contact: Anne M. Davis, Trustee, New Balance Foundation
E-mail: N/A (Application address: The New Balance Foundation, c/o New Balance Community
Relations, Brighton Landing, 20 Guest Street, Boston, MA 02135-2088)
Phone: (617) 783-4000
Corporate giving program home page:

The mission of The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts is to improve the health
of those who live or work in the Central Massachusetts region, with particular emphasis on
vulnerable populations and unmet needs. The foundation has two main grant programs: (1)
The Health Care and Health Promotion Synergy Initiative, which provides multi-year
funding for partnership- based programs designed to redress health disparities by enhancing
systemic access to care and promoting healthier lifestyles; and (2) The Activation Fund,
which makes smaller one-year grants that complement the foundation's mission and priorities.
Letters of intent for both programs are due by August 1st.
Contact: Noreen Johnson Smith, Vice President for Programs
Phone: (508) 438-0009
Foundation home page:

Tufts Health Plan's Community Partnerships Program promotes the health and well
being of communities throughout Massachusetts by funding programs that serve at-risk and
underserved women, infants, teens, and elders. Proposals are reviewed twice a year and the
next application deadline is May 1st. Tufts Health Plan accepts the common application form of
Associated Grantmakers, which can be downloaded from the company's web site.
Contact: Anne Marie Boursiquot King, Manager, Community Partnerships & Volunteerism
E-mail: N/A
Phone: (781) 466-9435
Click here for the Corporate giving program home page

Timberland Company's Community Investment Grants Program provides support for a
range of charitable activities. An eligibility quiz and additional information about this and other
Timberland giving programs are available on the company's corporate giving web site.
Contact: Bill Adler, Manager, Timberland Social Enterprise Group
E-mail: N/A
Phone: (603) 772-9500
Corporate giving program home page:

Facts from the Foundation Center: Massachusetts' top givers (for all issues) are: Barr
Foundation; Boston Foundation, Inc.; FleetBoston Financial Foundation; Fidelity Foundation;
and Edward C. Johnson Fund. To see a list of the state's top 50 funders, click here.


The Ford Motor Company Fund makes awards in five categories: education, environment,
public policy, health and social programs, civic affairs and community development, and arts
and humanities. Giving is focused primarily in areas of company operation, with emphasis on
southeastern Michigan. Applications are accepted throughout the year and a grant application
cover page is available for downloading on the fund's web page.
Contact: Sandra Ulsh, President
Phone: (313) 248-4745
Corporate giving program home page:

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation offers grants in several categories,
including a Community Health Improvement Matching Grants Program to support
nonprofit organizations addressing significant health issues in Michigan and a smaller proposal
development award program. While proposals are accepted at any time, the foundation's
board of directors reviews grant proposals at meetings in May, August, and November; the
foundation needs to receive proposals at least 5 months prior to these meetings.
Contact: Nora Maloy, Senior Program Officer
Phone: (313) 225-8706
Foundation home page:

The Foundation for a Healthy Community makes grants to charitable organizations
working to promote healthy lifestyles among people living in the area served by Foote Health
System (Jackson and surrounding communities).
Contact: Cindy Bjorkquist, Executive Director
E-mail: N/A
Phone: (517) 780-7306
Foundation home page:

The GM Foundation makes grants in several target areas, including education and health.
Proposals must be submitted using the company's on-line system, which can be accessed from
the web page below.
Contact: Hilary Spittle, GM Communications
Phone: (313) 665-3126
Foundation home page:

Facts from the Foundation Center: Michigan's top five givers (for all issues) are: W.K.
Kellogg Foundation; The Kresge Foundation; Charles Stewart Mott Foundation; Ford Motor
Company Fund; and General Motors Foundation, Inc. To see a list of the state's top 50
funders, click here.

Minnesota The Cargill Foundation is accepting applications for grants to support educational
programs and services that take place during the school day, typically within the classroom.
Remaining 2006 deadlines for applications in this focus area are May 4th, August 10th, and
November 7th.
Contact: Mark Murphy, Executive Director
Phone: (952) 742-4311
Foundation home page:

International Dairy Queen, Inc. provides funds annually to nonprofits that serve Minnesota
communities and have programs geared toward children. Grants are made in four categories:
culture and performing arts, education, health care and hospitals, and social welfare and
community services. Applications must be submitted by September 1st and guidelines for
submitting an application can be accessed on the corporate giving program's web page below.
Contact: Janelle Lanfolla, Contributions Manager
Phone: (952) 830-0207
Click here for the corporate giving program home page.

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation makes grants aimed at creating
healthier Minnesota communities. The foundation is currently soliciting applications for its
Growing Up Healthy: Kids and Communities Funding initiative. The first step is a call to
the foundation to discuss potential funding, followed by a letter of inquiry due by May 1st.
More information about this and other foundation initiatives can be found on the foundation
web site.
Contact: Lisa Simer, Program Officer
Phone: (651) 662-0188
Foundation home page:

The Best Buy Children's Foundation Twin Cities Fund funds nonprofit organizations
serving people in the Greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area, which includes Anoka, Carver,
Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott and Washington counties. The first step is submission of a
letter of inquiry. Remaining 2006 deadlines for proposals are May 1st, August 1st, and
November 1st. Guidelines for submitting a request can be found on the foundation's web site.
Contact: Stephanie Woods, Community Relations Manager
E-mail: (Letter of inquiry address: Best Buy Children's
Foundation, Best Buy World Headquarters, PO Box 9448, Minneapolis, MN 55440-9448)
Phone: (612) 292-4000
Click here for the foundation home page.

Facts from the Foundation Center: Minnesota's top five givers (for all issues) are: The
McKnight Foundation; The Minneapolis Foundation; Bush Foundation; The Saint Paul
Foundation, Inc.; and Anderson Foundation. To see a list of the state's top 50 funders, click

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