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									Welcome to Jackson County!!!
      “The Crown Jewel of
  Extension’s Great Northwest”
  Jackson County Extension

           Report of
Long Range Program Priorities
        Marianna, Florida
            July 1, 2003
Jackson County Extension Faculty
   •Charles Brasher, CEA III     •Heather Kent, CEA I
   •Vegetables/1890’s Programs   •4-H Coordinator
     & Master Gardeners
                                 •M.S. Auburn
   •M.S. U of Tennessee          University
   •Jackson CES - 1974           •Jackson CES-1999

   •Joan Elmore, CEA IV          •Doug Mayo, CEA II

   •Family & Consumer Science    •Livestock, Forages, 4-H

   •M.S., U of West Florida      •B.S. U of Florida

   •Jackson CES-1979             •FCES-1996; JCES- 2000

   •Ed Jowers, CEA IV            •Clyde Smith, CEA II
   •CED, Agronomy                •Regional Specialized Ag/IPM
                                 •M.S. Mississippi State
   •M.S., U of Florida
                                 •JCES-July 1, 2003
   •FCES-1971; JCES-1985
Jackson County Extension Support Staff

        •Barbara Pledger                                       •Katrina Florence
        •Administrative Support III                            •Administrative Support II
          Office Manager                                         (Brasher & Elmore)
        •JCES-1974                                             •JCES-1982

        •Annette Hagans                                        •Sharon McRoy
        •Administrative Support I                              •Administrative Support II
          Receptionist                                            (Kent, Mayo & Smith)
        •JCES-1998                                             •JCES-1998

                                      •Joy Miles
                                      •4-H Program Assistant
            Jackson County Ag Office Complex

Completed: November 1997                   Occupants
Square footage: 24, 183                    • County Forester
 •   Extension: 14,183 sq ft               • Florida Peanut Producers
Cost: $1.6 million+                          Assoc.
New Auditorium (est. completion Jan        • USDA Farm Service Agency
2004)                                      • UDSA NRCS
 •   10,000 sq ft                          • USDA Rural Development
 •   Seating Capacity: 300 banquet style     (District & County Offices
 •   Cost: $850,000
Jackson County
              Jackson County Profile
  Area - 955 sq miles            • By Residence
   • >40% in farms                      • In Households - 40,561
   • 56% is forested                    • In Group Quarters - 6,194
                                 • Racial Demographics
  Population – 46,755                      o White – 71.3 %
   • Density – 53 per sq mile              o African American – 27.1%

   • 66% live in unincorporated areas      o Hispanic – 2.9%
                                           o American Indian - 1.4 %
• Towns with population > 1,000
      o Graceville – 2,402
      o Malone – 2,007
      o Marianna – 6,230
      o Sneads – 1,919
                  Jackson County
              Population Demographics


Population Demographics    45,000

 – 52.5% male              40,000

AGE Groups                 35,000
 – <5 years – 5.5%         30,000
 – 5-19 years - 19.9 %     25,000
 – 20–54 years- 10.0 %     20,000
 – 54-64 years- 30.2 %     15,000
 – >than 65-14.6           10,000
 – Median age – 37.6 yrs    5,000
                                    1980   1990   2000
             Jackson County Housing
Total Housing Units - 19,490

                               County    Florida
Home ownership rate (%)         77.9      70.1

Multi-unit structures (%)        6.5       29.9

Median value                   $66,700   $105,500

Households                     16,620       -

Persons/household               2.44       2.4

Median household income        $29,744   $38,819
             Income & Employment Profile

Income                                          Employment Category
                  1990         2000      7000
                         ($ million)     6000

Farm/Ag related   22.6           21.5    5000
Manufacturing     41.1           33.7
Retail Trade      40.8           44.3    2000
Services          38.5           53.1    1000
Government        122.5          151.6             1990          2000
Per capita        $12,421 $16,869
                                          Farm & Ag Related   Manufacturing
Mean Household    $32,372 $44,823         Retail Trade        Service
     Jackson County Agriculture

             Fruit & Nut Crops
                    2%                       Livestock
Vegetables                                     15%

Field & Forage

                 Estimated Farmgate Value, 2002- $96 million
Acres-Major Fld Crops
No. of farms $
     Jackson County Vision Process
County Wide Survey
16 Community
2 County-wide Forums
Vision Concentrated
– What we want to
– What we want Jackson
  County to be in 2020
– Sets out framework for
Identifies strategies
Indicators of success
         What We Heard
 “Cornerstones of Imagine Jackson”
Livable Communities
• Goal: To take full advantage of planned growth by
  defining and preserving our rural character, and
  enhancing the services and facilities available to all
Healthy Economy
• Goal: To create an economy that allows all citizens the
  opportunity to carry out a productive life, fulfilling
  personal aspirations and adding value to the economy.
High Quality Environment
• Goal:To identify and manage our natural assets in such
  a way as to preserve their value for present and future
  generations, while offering recreational and interpretive
Implementing the Vision
   Listening Session Report

Family and Youth
– Citizen Apathy
– Disorganization of the County
– Health, Nutrition, Disease Prevention
– Financial Management
– Character development
      Listening Session Report
Agriculture and Natural Resources
–   Diversified agriculture/integrated resource management
–   Value added ag opportunities
–   Need for more emphasis on small farm/ranchettes
–   Alternative crops
     Finding the crops that best match our region (world competitive)
– Maintain core ag programs
– Assistance in developing alternative incomes
     Ecotourism, high value and low acreage crops, marketing
– More efficient and cost effective irrigation systems
– More cooperation between ag and rural interest groups
Long Range Program Priorities
             July 1, 2003

       Jackson County Extension
4-H/Youth Development
   Long Range Goals

Improving Organizational
Development & Public Relations
 – Develop 4 new partnerships with grass-roots
   organizations that target youth
 – Develop and maintain 8 new community or special
   interest 4-H clubs in the communities of Graceville,
   Grand Ridge, and Malone.
 – Recruit, train, and utilize and 4-H and Expansion and
   Review Committee that reflects Jackson County’s
 – Develop a Jackson County 4-H Foundation
  4-H/Youth Development
     Long Range Goals

Developing Volunteer Leadership
– Implement a standard procedure for screening,
  selecting, training, and evaluating volunteers
– Identify, recruit, and train at least 4 minority
Developing Life Skills
– 30% of 7,716 (2,315) youth will develop, improve, and
  enhance life skills such as public speaking, self-
  confidence, record-keeping, responsibility, and money
  management through a variety of subject-matter
  projects. These skills will be measured through 4-H
  member and parent surveys.
Outcome Indicators
Improving Organizational
Development & Public Relations
–   Increase in number of clubs
–   Increase in communities’ knowledge of 4-H
–   Increase in minority involvement in 4-H
–   Increase in monetary support of the overall 4-H
Developing Volunteer Leadership
– Increase in quality and quantity of full-time volunteers
Developing Life Skills
– Increase in life skills as reported through 4-H member
  and parent surveys
           Family & Consumer Sciences
Program Area: Financial Management
Target Audience(s)
– Individuals with poor budgeting or credit history
– Federal prison inmates preparing to be released
– Middle & high school age youth
Long Range Goals
– Help individuals become financially stable
– Help individuals understand where they are
  spending their money
– Reduce credit card abuse and debt
Outcome Indicators
–   Program clients will make at least 2 lifestyle changes
–   Utilize ways to reduce debt
–   Engage in comparison shopping
–   Keep a spending record
–   Begin planning their spending
         Family and Consumer Sciences

Major Priority Area:
Consumer Economics
Target Audience(s)
– Senior Citizens
– First Time Home Buyers
Long Range Goals
– To provide Consumers with more resources for
  making informed decision as it relates to home
  buying frauds.
Outcome Indicators
– Reduced consumer fraud
– No. of first time home owners
– Individuals will make at least 2 lifestyle changes,
       Make a will
       Get important papers together
       Comparison shop for mortgages
       Preplan for funerals
        Family & Consumer Sciences
Major program area:
Living healthier-Putting Prevention First
Target Audience(s)
– Youth ages 9 to 12
– 50+ seniors & other Jackson County citizens
Long Range Goals
– To make healthier choices in lowering the risk of
  chronic diseases such as heart disease, certain forms
  of cancers, diabetes, & strokes
– To make healthier food choices in preventing obesity
Outcome Indicators
– Started an exercise program
– Eating a healthier diet by reading labels, serving sizes,
  eating 3 to 5 serving of fruit/vegetables daily, less fat,
  oils & sugar; using alternative seasonings
– Preventive choices
– Lbs weight lost
– Have control of diabetes, lower cholesterol, lower
  blood pressure
       Agriculture Programs

Agronomic Crops
Livestock & Forages
Commercial Vegetable Production
Limited Resource Farmers
Natural Resources
Agronomic Crops

          Major Program Areas
          – Peanuts
          – Cotton
          – Grain crops
          Target Audiences
          – Agronomic Crop
          – Agribusiness
          – Crop consultants
          – Industry represent ivies
                 Agronomic Crops
Long Range Goals
–To provide educational programs that will:
    Enable adoption of sustainable, efficient & environmentally
    sound production technology.
    Provide a wider agricultural base through new & emerging crops.
    Enable more cost effective, efficient production & pest
    management systems that maximize natural resources
    Introduce integrated production system that will capture the
    advantages of complimentary and compatible enterprises
Outcome Indicators
–Producers adopting new technology
–Increase in production of alternative crops
    Other than corn, peanuts and cotton
Major Priority Areas
–   Beef Cattle
–   Forages
–   Goats
–   Ponds
–   Dairy

Target Audience
– 532 Livestock Farms
       449 Beef Cattle Ranches
       240 Hay Operations
       7 Dairies
       ? Goat and Horse Farms
Long Range Goals
 – Improve Efficiency, Profitability & Resource
      500 livestock producers will receive BMP training in:
        – Reproduction management
        – Forage and pasture management
        – Nutrition
        – Herd health management
        – Record keeping and analysis
        – Pest management
Outcome Indicators
– Knowledge gained measured through exit surveys
– BMP adoption measured through producer survey in
  2010 compared to 2002 survey data
      Commercial Vegetables
Major Priority Areas
– Melons/vegetables
– Marketing assistance
Target Audience
– Commercial vegetable
Long Range Goals
– Maintain market share and profitability
Outcome Measures
– Level of production and profit
Major Priority Areas
– Farmers Market
– Master Gardeners
Target Audience
– Home gardeners
– Small vegetable growers
Long Range Goals
– Supplemental income
– More participation in home owner training
Outcome Measures
– Success of farmers market
– Master gardener contacts
    Limited Resources Farmers
Major Priority Areas
– Production Management
– Financial Management
Target Audience
– Small farms
Long Range Goals
– Increase knowledge
  and management
– Alternative crops
Outcome Measures
– Level of production
     Operations and acreage
               Natural Resources

Major Priority Areas
– Forestry
– Wildlife management
Target Audience(s)
– Farmers
– Landowners
Long Range Goals
– Nature based opportunities as an additional revenue
  source for the farmer or landowner
Outcome Indicators
– Master tree farmer and wildlifer program involvement
           Needs to Accomplish Plans
 – Adequate staffing..
      Success in any business depends on knowing your
      Quick response to needs is expected.
      County Extension unit is point of contact for our system.
      Cost advantage of county partner amplifies limited dollars.
      New CED for next 4 year plan
– More support for Information Technology/Delivery
      Polycom for interactive distance meetings(and in-service where feasible)
      Reliable field communications link among agents
          Needs to Accomplish Plans

State & Northwest District
– Specialists who have both their heart and minds into
  what they are doing
– Regional 4-H Specialist
– Weed specialist stationed in NFREC Marianna
Professional development
– Professional development opportunities that are driven
  by quick response to important changes and challenges
Pest Control Handbook like Georgia’s
– All crop pest control guides in one bound volume
– Published annually ahead of growing season
Struggling Economy
Limited Growth
Limited Job Opportunities
Preserve & Protect Rural Lifestyle
Need for Healthier Lifestyles
Improve Family Financial Management
Character Development in Youth
Apathy and Citizen Participation
Alternative sources of farm income needed
Keep Ag Sustainable
Growing Interest in Nature Based Income
                 Thank you

            Jackson County

       Northwest Extension District

Ed Jowers, CED
July 1, 2003
The sun is setting ….
and harvest is soon to be over.
There’s no need to be fretting….
But after another harvest or two is over,
if I were to bet.
A new cotton picker, you will be getting!

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