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                                     Archimedes screw, pi (konstanta
                                     matematika), prinsip hydrostatic

                                      Archimedes is famous for his theories about
                                      the relationship between surface andvolume of a sphere to
                                      cylindrical. He was also known as the theory and the
                                      formula ofthe principle of hydrostatic and equipment to
                                      raise the water -
                                       'Archimedes Screw' orArchimedes screw, which is
                                      still widely used in developing
                                      countries.Walaupunpengungkit or ungkitan have been
                                      found long before the birth of
                                      Archimedes,Archimedes is developing a theory to calculate
                                      the required load to the lever.Archimedes is also ranked as
                                      one of the ancient mathematician and is the best and
greatest of his era. Accurate calculations of Archimedes on the curve ball made
inmathematical constants for Pi or π.
Archimedes was born in 287 BC in the port city of Syracuse, Sicily (now Italy). In his

youth, Archimedes is expected to get his education in Alexandria, Egypt.
Air is moved upward through an Archimedes Screw threaded on a

he story of Archimedes are many stories told by people is when Archimedes finds a
way and the formula for calculating the volume of objects that do not have a standard
form. According to the story, a crown for King Hiero II had been made and the
kingordered Archimedes to examine whether the crown was really made
of pure gold orsilver containing added. Due to King Hiero II do not trust
the manufacturer's crown.When Archimedes soak in the tub, he
noticed that water spilled out of the tub is proportional to her size. Archimedes realized
that this effect can be used to calculate thevolume and content of the crown. By dividing
the weight of the crown with a volume of water displaced, the density and specific
gravity of the crown could be obtained. Severetype of crown would be lower than
the density of pure gold crown if the maker was to cheat and add a silver or metal with a
lower specific gravity. Because it was too excited by this discovery, Archimedes jumped
out of the tub, forget the dress first, and ran outinto the
street and screamed "EUREKA!" or 'I find it'.

  5kg load is placed at a certain distance can balance the load 100kg on one ungkitan

The books written by Archimedes and contains mathematical formulas can still be
foundtoday, such as On the Equilibrium of Planes, On
the Measurement of a Circle, OnSpirals, On the Sphere and the Cylinder, and so
forth. Mathematical theories are made by Archimedes does not mean much to the
development of science as Archimedes died.But after his work translated into Arabic in
the 8th and 9th century (about 1000 years afterArchimedes died), some mathematicians
and thinkers of Islam developed themathematical theories. But the most influence on
the development and expansion of themathematical theory is the 16th and 17th
centuries, which in that century, the printing press has been found. Many
mathematicians are making a book by Archimedes as a
handle them, and some mathematicians are Johannes Kepler (1571-
1630) danGalileoGalilei (1564-1642).

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