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• The Internet society (Nigeria chapter) formation
  was started in September 1997 by five people
  namely: Prof. T.C. Nwodo, Engr. Dr. Umorem,
  Engr. Dr. Ahiakwo, Engr. Chief Oruye and Engr.
  G Massari, thanks to the moral support of Vint
  Cerf, who gave the suggestion to concretize our
  our goal becoming a chapter of ISOC.
• We were chartered by Isoc on June 1998 and at
  the same time we registered in Nigeria as a non-
  profitable organization with the initial slate of 35
• On the first
 year of activities, we carried
 out several activities
comprising seminars,
 courses, professional
conferences and workshops
whose aim was to diffuse
the awareness of Internet.
•     On January 1999, we succeeded
    in organizing in Nigeria an Internet
    International conference captioned
    ‘ ISOC Nigeria 1999’ with the topic
    “ Information Revolution in the
    third millennium” dedicated to the
    memory of Jon Postel who has
    been and is our role model in the
    actualization of our mission.
•   In this conference, we had 7
    international experts along other
    Nigerian ones. Amongst the
    participants were Lynn Saint
    Amour(On the picture), Daniel
    Stern, Mike Jansen, Derek Asoh,
    Garsett Larosse.
•   On the same year and the subsequent years
    we participated actively in all over Nigeria to
    diffuse internet awareness and to realize our
    mission and dream that the impact of
    Internet in Nigeria and in the Third world at
    large will help to reduce the digital divide.
•   Specifically we organized between 1999 and
    2002 various internet awareness free
    courses were we had 600 participants from
    various working categories and schools.
•   On the same years we participated with
    other professional bodies and school in
    organizing various Workshops(16),
    Technical Events(24), National
    Conferences(12) and Seminars(15) in
    different place of the country.
• In 2002, we radically changed our impact on
  Internet promotion and we decided to start a
  new path on that direction. Along with our
  participation in conferences and seminars we
  started believing that the best way to diffuse
  internet in Nigeria where the majority of the
  people have no opportunity to access internet
  connection, was to provide equipment and
  facilities where people can freely access internet
  and get all the benefits. We focused on schools
  and professional bodies as the first point of
  action on Internet diffusion.
                   RSUST IT CENTER
•   We started sourcing for funds and the first
    project was launched on the 23rd of
    October, 2002 at the Rivers State University
    of Science and Technology (RSUT) Port
    Harcourt, where we built and installed
    internet facilities worth $ 50,000 USD at the
    Faculty of Engineering, Department of
    Electrical and Computer Engineering, Port
    Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. The center
    was equipped with the following facilities:
•   v One conference room;
•   v One office;
•   v Two toilettes;
•   v One internet room with:
•   v 6 computers Pentium 4 with all
    accessories including printers connected in
•   v 1 wireless internet system with 128
    dedicated band shared by LAN into the 6
    computers ( which will be updated in the
    near future.)
             IT CENTER NSE PORT
•   Another project was the
    commissioning of Internet center
    to the Port Harcourt Branch of the
    Nigeria Society of Engineers
    (NSE). The center, which was
    commissioned on the 17th May,
    2003 has a 40 square foot full air
     conditioned portakabin equipped
    with 10 computers, printers,
    accessories and a satellite
    Internet connection. The Internet
    center costed $ 35,000 USD and
    was also dedicated to the memory
    of Jon Postel for his tremendous
    contributions and impact on
    Internet.(A NET BUILDER THAT
•   On the 3rd of October, 2003 an
    Internet center was commissioned at
    the Nigeria Society of Engineers
    (NSE), Headquarters Lagos State
    (South West Nigeria) The center was
    equipped with the following facilities:
•   Twelve full multimedia desktop
    computers of 1.8GHz, 40 GB HDD,
    512MB RAM and CD writers for each
•   Laser jet printers, scanners and all
    other related accessories
•   No. 2 A/C split unit system
•   A VSAT Internet system in Ku band
    with the capacity of 300Kbps –
    6000Kbps upload and down load
    respectively. The value of the center
    can be estimated as US$ 35,000.
•   The fourth IT center worth $ 40,000 USD was
    commissioned on the 8th of March 2004.
•   The IT Center was estabilished at the Department
    of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
•   Federal University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT)
•   The center comprises:
•   v One VSAT on KU Band with a speed of
    600kbs Downloading and 300kbs Uploading;
•   v No.9 Computers with the following
•   Pentium 1,8 GHz, 256 MB RAM, CD Writer, 15”
•   Floppy, 40GB HDD, P4 Casing, Lan Ethernet card,
    Sound card,
•   Modem, Keyboard and mouse, USB card,
    Speakers, UPS, Stabilizer 1KVA.
•   Laser jet printers, scanners and all other related
•   No. 3 A/C split unit system
•   Full furniture for the computers and the full electrical
    and civil refurbishment of the
•   Rooms hosting the center.
•   One stand by generator of 16KVA power.
•   On 20 February2004, we participate to one seminar
    hosted at the Federal
    University Nmamadi Nzike at Akwa, Nigeria for the
    development of IT in
    Nigeria specifically on the education sector.The
    seminar was organized in
    partnership with IEEE Nigeria Section.
    At that ceremony we presented a donation of no. 6
    Computers with
    On 27 February 2004 in partnership with Nigeria
    Society of Engineers, Port
    Harcourt Branch and in conjunction with an US
    based no-profit organization,
    we started a project for the Donation of 25,000
    technical and science book
    that will be distributed to some tertiary institution in
    Rivers State,
    We have already sent the relevant money for the
    shipping of the said books
    and we have started all the required procedure to
    obtain the waiver of the
    Custom Duties from the Federal Ministry of
    Finance. We are expecting the
    said books in three-four months time.
•   Another ISOC Nigeria Chapter project has started involving the Federal
    University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO). The project has two phases: The
    first phase involves the establishment of a Research Center for Energy
    and Power System with the installation of 8 Computers connected in a LAN
    along with a printer and a scanner as well as all the related furniture
    and 2 A/C Systems. This work will be completed before the end of April
    2004. The second phase comprises the establishment of an IT Center with
    10 Computers connected in a LAN including printers and a scanner. A
    will be connected to the network. This work will be completed on June
    The two Centers dedicated to the memory of Jon Postel are the
    continuation of the program to bring to reality the diffusion of
    Internet in Nigeria, ISOC Nigeria Chapter's main Mission.
•   As per the Telemedicine facility, it is going to be seen as a great innovation of the Internet. Here
    the will be collaboration among doctors in Italy and in Nigeria. The center will make possible the
    treatment of patients with relative ease and efficiency. It is a joint venture of ISOC, Nigerian
    society of Engineers, IEEE ,Robotics and Automation Society, University of Port Harcourt
    Teaching hospital, the University of Verona-Department of Computer science, Italy and The
    General Hospital of Verona
•   It will comprise of:
•   An IT center for the doctors. Here, there will be about eight computers, printers and scanners, all
    connected in LAN. This in turn will be connected to the VSAT internet facility.
•   A tele-consulting room with two computers interfaced with a digital camera, an echography
    equipment, a telecamera, a set of laboratory test equipment and a printer. Here the the doctors on
    both end-Italy and Nigeria are connected via the Internet and can thus engage in video
    conferencing. Thus they can carry out life teleconsulting, diagnosis and treatment.
•   The third room will make possible to the faculty students lecturers and doctors to participate in the
    discussions and consultancies online. To make this possible will be a multimedia projector
    connected with the consulting room.
•   It will greatly face a change to the old and obsolete Nigerian medical system, thus granting even
    the people that cannot afford good medical attention without having to travel out.
•   Already, a member of ISOC Nigeria chapter, Engr. O.O Oruye, has been invited to present a
    paper on the telemedicine at the conference; SUSTANABLE MANAGEMENT IN ACTION,
    SMIA’03 taking place in Geneva from 4th -6th Sept 2003 and he will present another paper on the
    same subject at AFNOG Conference that will be hold in Dakar, Senegal the next 24th May, 2004.
                      THE FUTURE
•   To continue and expand this program we are locating other institutions
    where can be established such IT centers.
•   We are scouting for other funds to realize our plans.
•   We are planning with IEEE Nigeria Section to build a national center for
    both organization having an IT Center.

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