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									Article                                                            Issue
"Ace" Eyes the Sky                                                 1978-4 October
"Crash McPherson's" Old Bi-Plane Dictionary                        1983-2 April
"Crash" McPherson's Radial Engine Starduster Too - Part IV         1984-1 January
"Magnificent Men"                                                  1982-3 August
"The Key to a Lost Art" by "Crash" McPherson                       1984-3 July
11 Year Dream Set to Fly High                                      1982-4 October
15 Years and 5000 Hours…..So Far!                                  1982-4 October
16th Annual Starduster Open House                                  1996-1 January
18th Annual Open House                                             1998-3 July
1984 "Starduster Fly-in" by Bill Clouse                            1984-3 July
19th Annual Starduster Openhouse and Fly-In                        1999-2 April
1st Annual Starduster Too Fly-in                                   1981-1 January
20th Annual Starduster Open House                                  2000-2 April
95% Finished - 95% To Go                                           1980-4 October
A Bit of Biplane History                                           1999-1 January
A Boy's Ambition                                                   1982-1 January
A Chevy Engine in a Starduster Too?                                1999-2 April
A Chevy Engine in a Starduster Too? - Chapter 2                    1999-3 July
A Disc Grinder                                                     1983-1 January
A Dopey Experience                                                 1977-3 July
A Home Away From Home                                              1999-2 April
A Letter from Al Johnson                                           1982-3 August
A Low-Cost Hobby - Charlie Webber                                  1986-1 January
A Marriage Made in Heaven                                          1998-2 April
A Mount That Reduces Engine Vibration                              1998-3 July
A New "V-Star"                                                     1982-1 January
A Note from Tod Peterson                                           1982-3 August
A Pilotless Plane in 1923?                                         2000-1 January
A Report of Real Flying - Pioneering Style - By Brenda Handleson   1984-1 January
A Round Engine and Two Wings                                       2000-3 July
A Salute to Dave Baxter                                            2000-2 April
A Sobering, Hand-Propping Experience                               1979-4 October
A Solution                                                         1982-1 January
A Stirling Effort                                                  1983-4 October
A Story of Discovery                                               1983-1 January
A Story to Tell - by Roy Garrett                                   1982-3 August
A Suggestion Concerning Fuel Shut Off Valve Bracket                1982-3 August
A True Starduster Fan                                              1982-3 August
A/C Cables                                                         1986-3 July
Accident Report                                                    1981-4 October
Accident Safety Reports                                            2001-2 April
Accidents Safety AD's                                              1997-3 July
Accidents Safety AD's                                              1997-4 October
Accidents With a Twist                                           1978-2 April
Accurate Angles                                                  1986-2 April
Acro - Peter Cavallo                                             1992-1 January
Acro Parts List                                                  1986-3 July
Acrobatics in the Acroduster Too                                 1977-1 January
Acroduster I Accident Investigation                              1977-2 April
Acroduster One Flown by Italian Aerobatic Champ                  1979-3 July
Acroduster Too Baggage Door                                      1979-4 October
Acroduster Too Sheet Index                                       2001-1 February
AD Notes, FAR's, NPRM's and Other Info                           1991-1 January
AD Notes, FAR's, NPRM'S and Other Info                           1991-2 April
AD Notes, FAR's, NPRM'S and Other Info                           1991-3 July
AD's Safety and the Like                                         1995-3 July
AD's Service Bulletins                                           1994-3 July
AD's Service Bulletins NPRM's                                    1994-2 April
AD's, FAR's, NPRM's, Safety                                      1995-4 October
Ads, Service Bulletins, NPRM's, and the Like                     1995-1 January
Aerobatic Engines                                                1985-1 January
Aerobatics by Peter Cavallo N2HC                                 1991-2 April
AeroQuip Hose Problems                                           1993-2 April
Again Fuel Systems                                               1981-4 October
Agreement Forms                                                  1982-3 August
Aileron Hinge Bearing Strength                                   1976-3 July
Aileron Hinge Bearing Strength                                   2001-1 February
Aircraft Bill of Sale                                            1983-3 July
Aircraft Oil                                                     1992-1 January
Aircrafts of Interest                                            1985-3 July
Airworthiness Directive                                          1987-3 July
Airworthiness Directive AD-1997-15-11, Avco & Textron Lycoming   1998-1 January
Al Pietsch                                                       1985-2 April
All About Flying Wires                                           1992-1 January
All You Ever Wanted To Know About Streamline Tie Rods            2000-4 October
An Exciting Experience                                           1981-4 October
An Explosive Experience                                          1979-2 April
Analysis of a Miss                                               1981-2 April
Analysis of a Near Miss                                          1997-1 January
Andy's Bandy Takes to the Sky                                    1983-3 July
Another SA300                                                    1982-1 January
Antique Aero                                                     1976-2 April
Apologies to Oscar Bayer                                         1998-1 January
Applicability of Airworthiness Directives                        1998-1 January
Are You Competent? How Do You Know?                              1999-2 April
Are You High on Nyquil?                                          1992-2 April
Arlington Fly-In Starduster Awards                               1998-4 October
Armed with a Loaded Cake - MIG 29 Pilot                           1992-4 October
Article "Hot Line" (credit Sport Aviation)                        1985-3 July
Article Wooden Leading Edges                                      1985-1 January
Assuring the Spark                                                2000-3 July
Attention Owners & Builders of S/D Aircraft                       1992-2 April
Attention Starduster and Acroduster Too Owners                    1983-4 October
Aviation Swap Meet                                                1981-2 April
Award Winners                                                     1997-2 April
b. 1923, And Still Going Strong                                   2000-2 April
Baa Baa Black Sheep - A Critique                                  1976-4 October
Back Country Flying in Montana and Idaho                          1998-1 January
Bad News                                                          1981-4 October
Battery Maintenance                                               1998-1 January
Battle Burbank Airport Wins Court                                 1998-3 July
BD4 Crashes During Ground Taxi Tests                              1978-2 April
Bell Crank System for Throttle Mixture - by Tom Tschida           1983-2 April
Beware of the 100LL Imposter                                      1998-2 April
Bi-Diving                                                         2001-2 April
Birth of an AD                                                    1991-4 October
Bob Kaveney & project                                             1985-3 July
Bob Scarlett's First Flight                                       2000-3 July
British Champ to Perform with Acroduster                          1976-1 January
Brochure and 3-View $2                                            1978-1 January
BT13 at Oroville Open House                                       2001-2 April
Bubble Canopy Installation                                        1977-2 April
Builder Ideas: Dick Lucas N56AM                                   1993-2 April
Building a V-Star                                                 1979-2 April
Building the Starduster Too "X" Wing                              1982-2 April
Bullets for Alignment                                             1998-4 October
Canopy Hardware                                                   1981-3 July
Carb Ice a Real Threat                                            1999-1 January
Care to Cut a Tube at an Odd Angle and Exact Length? Here's How   1998-2 April
Celebrity Aircraft                                                1991-1 January
CFI Rating in a Starduster Too                                    1999-3 July
Change of Command                                                 1981-3 July
Check Out! Who Me?                                                1999-2 April
Check Out! Who Me? - by Hank Schmel                               1983-3 July
Chico Airport Land Encroachment                                   1998-3 July
Chinese Blood chit                                                1977-3 July
Choosing a Save Altitude                                          2001-1 February
Cindy Rucker dies in Air show Crash                               1981-2 April
Circuit Wiring Diagram, Acroduster Too                            1975-1 January
Claude V. Preston - Starduster II                                 1987-3 July
Clyde Bourgeois and Early Starduster History                      1999-3 July
CNC Machine Cutting Acroduster Too ribs                   2001-2 April
CO2 Poisoning In An Open Cockpit Biplane                  1999-1 January
Coast to Coast in a Biplane (and Return)                  1976-1 January
Concerning First Flights                                  1977-3 July
Construction Tip                                          2001-1 February
Continental Trouble Shooting                              1986-2 April
Continuing an Aviation Tradition                          2001-2 April
Continuing Saga of 4226Y                                  1999-4 October
Control Stops - Acroduster Too                            1979-4 October
Control That Acid                                         1976-2 April
Controlled & Uncontrolled Airports Revisited              1997-1 January
Correspondence                                            2001-1 February
Correspondence                                            2001-2 April
Covering                                                  1976-3 July
Crankshaft Replacements in Continental Engines            1998-2 April
Crash Analysis - San Diego PSA - Cessna Crash             1979-3 July
Credits and Warranties                                    1979-3 July
Cross Country Flight Planning for Open Cockpit Biplanes   1991-2 April
Cross-country Air Race                                    1998-3 July
Custom Fuel Tank                                          1985-1 January
Dave Millikan Tells How It's Done in New York             2000-1 January
Decreasing the Flat Plate Area                            2000-2 April
Destined to Fly                                           1983-1 January
Did you Know?                                             1992-4 October
Do Your Rib Drawings Match the Plans?                     1999-2 April
Don Mortensen Reminisces About the Wild Blue Yonder       1999-1 January
Don't Stall Around                                        1999-2 April
Double Sliding Canopy Drawings - by Lowell Slatter        1983-2 April
Drawing Change SA750 sheet 5                              1980-2 April
Drill a Long Hole Where You Want It Every Time            1998-3 July
Editorial - Auto Engines in A/C                           1992-2 April
Electrical System Diagram                                 1979-1 January
Elliptical Wings and a Ford V6                            1993-1 January
Emergence AD                                              1993-1 January
Emergency Back Pack                                       1984-4 October
Enamel Finish                                             1986-3 July
Engine Components Northwest - Items to be Aware of        1992-3 July
Engine Ideas                                              1994-3 July
Engine Installation Procedure                             1977-2 April
Engine Location Data                                      1985-1 January
Engine Mount Offset                                       1976-3 July
Era for Plane Builders                                    1981-4 October
Eric Shilling Joins Starduster                            1975-2 April
Eric Shilling Retires from "Starduster"                   1981-1 January
eStarduster                                              2001-2 April
eStarduster Starduster Corporation Online                2001-1 February
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Landing Gear    1999-3 July
Experimental Operating Limitations                       1986-3 July
Experimentals Restricted Over Densely Populated Areas?   1998-3 July
FAA Airworthiness Directives                             1993-4 October
FAA Courtesy Inspection                                  1992-4 October
FAA Problems, ask Charlie                                1985-4 October
Fabric Finishing With "Imron"                            1980-1 January
Failed Controls in a Hammer Head                         1999-1 January
FAQ                                                      2001-1 February
Feedback From the Shipping Department                    1978-1 January
First Class Spring Pre-Flight                            1992-1 January
First Flight                                             1975-4 October
First Flight                                             1993-2 April
First Flight - Super Starduster II N5462                 2000-4 October
First Flights                                            1993-4 October
First Flights                                            1996-1 January
First Kit Built Acroduster I Flies                       1975-2 April
First Plans Built Acroduster Too Flies                   1975-1 January
First-time Builder…Pitts or Acroduster Too?              2001-2 April
Flannigan's                                              1994-1 January
Flash!!--New Oshkosh/Wautoma Accommodations              1999-2 April
Flat Spins                                               1975-3 July
Flickering Vertigo                                       1991-3 July
Flight Control Failures                                  1998-4 October
Flight Report on the Goldduster                          1981-4 October
Float Type Fuel Gage                                     1978-4 October
Flush That New Gas Tank                                  1977-1 January
Fly-In at Smiley Creek                                   1999-4 October
Flying in the Snow                                       2000-4 October
Flying N11TR - by Tom Robbins                            1983-2 April
Flying the Pressure Hills                                1998-2 April
Flying Tiger News                                        1976-4 October
Fly-Ins - Arlington & Oshkosh                            1992-4 October
Fly-Ins and Open Houses Regarding Stardusters            1991-2 April
Fly-Ins: Flabob, Watoma                                  1993-2 April
Fly-Ins: Independence, Arlington, & Oshkosh              1991-4 October
Fokker Crashes at Las Vegas                              1980-4 October
Fools Rush In…                                           2000-4 October
Forced Landing                                           1977-2 April
Frank Luft                                               1986-3 July
Franklin Engines Return to Market                        1980-4 October
Fred Myers Explains How to Align a Nose Cowl             1998-2 April
From Our Readers                                                1998-2 April
From The FAA                                                    1998-4 October
From the Internet                                               1999-1 January
From the Starduster Bulletin Board "Landings-1"                 2001-1 February
From the Starduster Bulletin Board "Landings-2"                 2001-1 February
From The Wautoma Resorter                                       1998-4 October
Fuel Management                                                 1998-3 July
Fuel Selector                                                   1993-3 July
Fuel Tank Installation, Inverted System                         1975-2 April
Fuel Valve Note                                                 1999-1 January
Fulfillment of a Dream                                          1995-4 October
Fun Unlimited                                                   1983-1 January
Fuselage Modification of SA300 for Cessna Gear                  1983-3 July
GA Safety Trends                                                1999-2 April
Garth Meinke                                                    1985-3 July
Gas Tank Pressurization                                         1976-4 October
Gas Tanks Installation Drawing                                  1980-3 July
Gasohol - Promise and Performance                               1980-4 October
Gee Bee Model Z Replica Flies at Flabob                         1978-4 October
Gel Cell Information                                            1985-1 January
Gen. Chuck Yeager to Starduster Pilots                          1999-3 July
Getting Started Building                                        1996-2 April
Glen & Clay Report on Oshkosh/Wautoma 2000                      2000-4 October
Glen Beets - General Foreman                                    1975-3 July
Glue Tests                                                      1984-3 July
Go Ahead, Abuse Your Engine                                     1998-4 October
Good News                                                       1981-3 July
Grand Champion Sun N Fun                                        1993-3 July
Grand Champion Sun N Fun N77AN                                  1996-3 July
Great Planes                                                    1991-1 January
Hand You Spurs to the Crew Chief by James R. Patterson          1984-2 April
Hap Gets His Starduster Too N26AH                               1995-1 January
Harold Burrell Contributes some Info About His Starduster Too   1984-1 January
Hartzell's Upgrade to Eliminate AD 1997-18-02                   1998-3 July
Header Systems                                                  1985-2 April
Hello to Ken Farwell's N2552                                    1999-3 July
History N750X                                                   1993-3 July
Holiday Potpourri                                               1975-4 October
Homebuilding in Japan                                           1976-4 October
Homemade Airplanes Taking flight                                2001-1 February
Hooked on a Starduster                                          1998-1 January
Horror Story                                                    1994-2 April
Horsepower, Speed, and Rate of Climb                            1978-2 April
Hot Dog N9212N with Lyc R680 at Oroville Open House             2001-2 April
How I Did It                                             1998-1 January
How Much Does Air Weigh?                                 1998-2 April
How They Do It In Spain                                  2000-3 July
How Tight Is Your Tank?                                  1999-3 July
How to Breath Easy When Your Com System Goes Out         2000-1 January
How to Breath Easy While Painting Your Starduster        2000-1 January
How to Build a Basic Box Welded Structure                1980-1 January
How to Build a Wooden, Fabric Covered Wing               1979-1 January
How to Build a Wooden, Fabric Covered Wing - Part Two    1979-2 April
How to Edge Aluminum Sheet                               1979-4 October
How to Enter the Traffic Pattern                         2000-1 January
How To Get Out Of A Microburst                           2000-4 October
How To Install An Engine                                 2000-4 October
How to Install Windshields                               1975-3 July
How to Make a Forced Landing                             1975-1 January
How to Make a Hole Say for Instrument Mounting           1998-2 April
How To Rig a Biplane                                     1999-1 January
How to Rig Your Biplane                                  1977-3 July
How To Start An Engine With A Bang                       1998-4 October
How to S-T-R-E-T-C-H Your Glide                          1977-3 July
IAC and the Starduster Too                               1994-2 April
In 20 Years, Dave Baxter has his Too                     1985-4 October
In Rebuttal by "Crash" McPherson                         1984-2 April
In the Beginning… Eric Shilling                          2000-4 October
In the Next Issue of The Starduster Magazine             2001-1 February
In the Winners Circle                                    1999-4 October
Info From AVCO Lycoming                                  1982-1 January
Informative SA300 Project                                1985-1 January
Installation Instructions for Turtle Deck Antenna        1982-2 April
Installing and Hooking Up Instruments                    1981-1 January
Installing and Hooking Up Instruments (Part Two)         1981-2 April
Installing the Engine                                    1980-2 April
Installing the Engine (Part Three)                       1980-4 October
Installing the Engine (Part Two)                         1980-3 July
Instead of Disney Land                                   1986-3 July
Instrument Flight in a Starduster Too                    1992-2 April
Items of Interest (4 lil Stardusters)                    1985-3 July
Items of Interest (4 lil Stardusters)                    1991-2 April
J.V.Withrow                                              1985-4 October
Janet Melton Solos Acroduster Too on Her 16th Birthday   1978-3 July
Jim Smith                                                1985-2 April
John Huie Blasting Away                                  2000-3 July
John Reed - 1925-1997                                    1998-1 January
Keeping Cool                                             1977-4 October
Keeping Dinner on the Table                    2001-1 February
Kenny Ware's Award Winning Show Stopper        1998-3 July
Knight Twister - Vernon Payne                  1985-4 October
Landing Accident -- Keep the Pressure Up       1999-4 October
Landing Gear Revisited                         1996-2 April
Laser Light Hazards and the Law                1998-3 July
Learn The Language                             1996-1 January
Les Homan                                      1986-1 January
Let's Help the Boys Down Under                 1982-2 April
Letter                                         1992-3 July
Letter                                         1992-3 July
Letter About Starduster Too & Acrobatics       1975-1 January
Letter from "Crash" McPherson                  1984-2 April
Letter from a Friend                           1984-3 July
Letter from a Satisfied Starduster Too Owner   1984-2 April
Letter From E.A.A.                             1986-2 April
Letter from Walt DeGroot                       1984-3 July
Letter Sedona                                  1994-1 January
Letters                                        1991-4 October
Letters                                        1992-1 January
Letters                                        1993-1 January
Letters                                        1993-2 April
Letters                                        1993-3 July
Letters                                        1993-4 October
Letters                                        1994-1 January
Letters                                        1994-2 April
Letters                                        1994-3 July
Letters                                        1994-4 October
Letters                                        1995-1 January
Letters                                        1995-2 April
Letters                                        1995-3 July
Letters                                        1995-4 October
Letters                                        1996-1 January
Letters                                        1996-2 April
Letters                                        1996-3 July
Letters                                        1996-4 October
Letters                                        1997-1 January
Letters                                        1997-2 April
Letters                                        1997-3 July
Letters                                        1997-4 October
Letters                                        1998-1 January
Letters                                        1998-2 April
Letters                                        2000-3 July
Letters                                        2000-4 October
Letters - Lee Darrah Re: N1457                                     1992-4 October
Letters & Photos from Roy Uptegraff                                1984-4 October
Letters from Friends & Photos                                      1984-4 October
Letters from Owners and Builders                                   1991-2 April
Letters from Owners and Builders                                   1991-3 July
Letters Plus AD Notes                                              1992-2 April
Letters to President                                               1986-2 April
Lewis and Clark Trip by Oscar Bayer                                1996-1 January
Life Line                                                          1978-3 July
Light Weight Starter                                               1994-3 July
Liverpool and District Model Aircraft Society                      1982-3 August
Locked Brakes Cause an Upset                                       1999-1 January
Loctite on Aircraft Bolts                                          1998-4 October
Lou Stolp Receives "Master Mechanic" Award                         2000-2 April
Low Cost Coverage                                                  1980-4 October
Lycoming and Continental Engine Price List                         1983-3 July
Lycoming Flyer                                                     1992-2 April
Lycoming Flyer                                                     1993-1 January
Lycoming Info                                                      1986-1 January
Lycoming Power by Dick DeMars                                      1985-4 October
Lycoming Trouble Shooting (part 2)                                 1985-3 July
Lycoming Warranty                                                  1985-4 October
Magazine Article                                                   1991-1 January
Magazine Article: Dick Lucas N56AM                                 1991-2 April
Magazine Format                                                    1991-1 January
Magazine Policy                                                    1978-4 October
Mandatory SA750 Drawing Change sheet 4                             1978-2 April
Marion Carey shares a Sentimental Story of Good Times Remembered   1984-1 January
Mark II Skybolt                                                    1987-3 July
McCarran International Noise Complaints                            1998-3 July
Meet Lloyd Lambert                                                 1999-1 January
Metal Fatigue                                                      2000-3 July
Mike Guarino Tells I like It Is                                    1998-4 October
Model "X" Acroduster Crashes, Pilot Unhurt                         1978-4 October
Modified Landing Gear Drawing - SA750                              1981-2 April
More from Dick "Crash" McPherson                                   1983-3 July
More Horror Stories by Oscar Bayer                                 1994-2 April
More Letters                                                       1996-1 January
More on Gas Tank Venting                                           1979-2 April
More on the Super Starduster                                       1983-4 October
More Sad News                                                      1991-3 July
MT Hangar Talk                                                     2001-2 April
N.A.S.A.D. Aircraft Bill of Sale                                   1983-4 October
N363J - The Gold Duster - at Tyndall AFB Airshow                   2001-2 April
National Biplane Fly-In Oklahoma                 1997-3 July
National Biplane Fly-In Oklahoma                 1997-4 October
New Acroduster One Flies                         1980-1 January
New Acroduster Too Flies                         1977-2 April
New Airspace                                     1992-4 October
New Battery Holder                               1978-1 January
New Drawings - SA750                             1977-1 January
New Drawings - SA750 sheet 11                    1976-4 October
New Drawings - SA750 sheet 27                    1977-4 October
New Drawings - SA750 sheet 38                    1978-1 January
New Equipment -- New Training                    1978-1 January
New Landing Gear for Starduster Too              1975-4 October
New Products                                     1991-3 July
New Pushrod Ends - SA300                         1976-4 October
New Sales Plan - Acroduster I                    1975-4 October
New Starduster Competition Pilot                 1975-2 April
New Starduster Smoke System                      1981-4 October
New Super Acroduster One Unveiled - 260 HP       1978-3 July
New Years Eve Party                              1977-4 October
News from Switzerland & Oshkosh winners          1986-3 July
News from the Net                                1999-2 April
News from the Net                                2000-2 April
Nolan Getsinger -- From Dream to Reality         1999-2 April
Nolan Getsinger's Comments on "Breathing Easy"   2000-3 July
Notes from builders                              1986-3 July
Occupant Alert                                   1993-1 January
Odds & Ends from Your Editor                     1992-2 April
Odds & Ends from Your Editor                     1994-2 April
Odds & Ends from Your Editor                     1995-1 January
Odds & Ends from Your Editor                     1995-2 April
Odds & Ends from Your Editor                     1995-3 July
Odds & Ends from Your Editor                     1995-4 October
Odds & Ends from Your Editor                     1996-1 January
Odds & Ends from Your Editor                     1996-2 April
Odds & Ends from Your Editor                     1996-3 July
Odds & Ends from Your Editor                     1996-4 October
Odds & Ends from Your Editor                     1997-1 January
Odds & Ends from Your Editor                     1997-2 April
Odds & Ends from Your Editor                     1997-3 July
Odds & Ends from Your Editor                     1997-4 October
Odds & Ends from Your Editor                     1998-1 January
Odyssey of a Too                                 1985-1 January
Off the Ground                                   1999-4 October
On Choosing an Engine                            1975-4 October
On the Level                                               2000-1 January
Ontario ARSA                                               1993-1 January
Open Cockpit Biplanes                                      2000-4 October
Open House                                                 1976-2 April
Open House                                                 1991-1 January
Oroville Starduster Open House                             2000-1 January
Oscar Bayer                                                1986-1 January
Oscar Bayer Reports on Sun 'N Fun                          2000-3 July
Oscar Bayer's Aircraft                                     1986-2 April
Oscar Bayer's Flight Around the US Border                  1995-1 January
Oshkosh / Watoma                                           1994-3 July
Oshkosh / Watoma 1995                                      1995-3 July
Oshkosh / Wautoma                                          1993-3 July
Oshkosh / Wautoma                                          1993-4 October
Oshkosh / Wautoma                                          1997-2 April
Oshkosh / Wautoma                                          1997-3 July
Oshkosh / Wautoma                                          1997-4 October
Oshkosh / Wautoma 1995                                     1995-4 October
Oshkosh / Wautoma 1999                                     1999-3 July
Oshkosh / Wautoma Trip 1996                                1996-4 October
Oshkosh 81 Guests                                          1981-3 July
Oshkosh '82                                                1982-1 January
Oshkosh '94 by Glen Olsen                                  1994-4 October
Oshkosh Guest list & photos                                1984-4 October
Oshkosh Schedule                                           1980-3 July
Oshkosh, By Gosh                                           1976-3 July
Our Centerfold - The First Four Engine Starduster          1984-1 January
Owners and Builders                                        1991-1 January
Pages Taken from Kitplane                                  1985-2 April
Paper Templates                                            1981-1 January
Parts from Gene Hudkins                                    1987-3 July
Paul Roberts Tells How It's Done in South Africa           2000-1 January
Paying Attention in Traffic Pattern - by Wayne Ensey       1997-1 January
Persistence Pays Off                                       2000-1 January
Personal Opinion                                           1978-2 April
Photos of a Starduster being put together by Al Peterson   1984-4 October
Photos of Dave Spencer's Beautiful Acroduster I            1984-4 October
Photos of Stardusters at Sun 'n Fun                        1999-3 July
Physiological Hazards of Aerobatic Flight Explained        1984-3 July
Picture of Interest                                        1987-3 July
Picture of Interest, Colin & June Powers                   1987-3 July
Place Holder for an Acroduster                             1998-1 January
Postal Tragedy                                             1978-4 October
Potpourri                                                  1985-4 October
Prestolite Alternator                                           1981-3 July
Priming Metal Aircraft Parts                                    1998-1 January
Progress N192RK                                                 1992-4 October
Progress Report -- A Radial Pulling a Starduster                1999-3 July
Progress Report -- N53T                                         1999-3 July
Project by Michael Mattei                                       1987-3 July
Project Flying Gibbon                                           2001-1 February
Project Flying Gibbon Update                                    2001-2 April
Propeller                                                       1985-4 October
Propeller Bulletin                                              1980-1 January
Proper Crosswind Landing                                        1998-4 October
Questions of Interest                                           1982-1 January
Racing at Reno N9116Y                                           1997-4 October
Racing at Reno N9116Y - Super Starduster One                    1997-1 January
Radial Engine Starduster Too - Part Three                       1983-4 October
Reality or Fantasy?                                             1981-3 July
Red Letter Day                                                  1982-1 January
Refinishing Fabric Surfaces                                     1980-3 July
Refueling Plastic Funnel Ignites                                1998-1 January
Report from Cindy Rucker                                        1978-4 October
Ribs'R'Us!                                                      2001-2 April
Richard Stiles, First Flight for N122VT                         1999-3 July
Rigging - By Hank Schmel                                        1982-2 April
Rigging - By Hank Schmel                                        1982-3 August
Rough Engine Enigma                                             1976-2 April
Round Power Department by "Crash" McPherson                     1984-3 July
Roy Uptegraff                                                   1985-3 July
Rudder Trim System                                              1976-4 October
Ryan PT-22 - Fred Thompson                                      1985-3 July
SA100 N247L J. Pirch, Okemos, MI                                2001-1 February
SA300 "X" Wing Progress Report from Tom Bullington              1984-1 January
SA300 C-GSVC Clyde Murray, Abbotsford, BC, Canada               2001-1 February
SA300 Covering Estimate                                         2001-2 April
SA300 Landing Gear Modification for Round Engine                1983-3 July
SA300 Mickey Jordan, Arlington, GA                              2001-2 April
SA300 N379C Bob Harris, McMinnville, OR                         2001-1 February
SA300 N4226Y Les Homan, at Flabob Reunion with Mount Rubidoux   2001-1 February
SA300 N52U Charlie Betts, Costa Mesa, CA                        2001-1 February
SA300 Plans Correction                                          2001-1 February
SA300 Robert Warren, West Drayton, Middlesex, UK                2001-1 February
SA500 Bob Munch, Palm Bay, FL                                   2001-1 February
SA750 & SA300 Frame Modification Requirements                   1983-2 April
SA750 Cabane Inspection                                         1981-4 October
SA750 Cabane Strut Recommendation                               1983-2 April
SA750 F-PYPF Francois Hebrard, France                    2001-1 February
SA750 Gene Wright, Danvers, IL                           2001-1 February
SA750 N2396X Don Williams, Madera CA                     2001-1 February
SA750 Ready to Paint, Anthony Kovschak, Fort Worth, TX   2001-2 April
Sad News                                                 1992-4 October
Sad News                                                 1994-3 July
Sad News                                                 1995-1 January
Sad News - Bob Herendeen                                 1994-2 April
Sad News - N7691                                         1997-1 January
Safety                                                   1998-2 April
Safety - Taxing Accident                                 1992-3 July
Safety AD's                                              1996-4 October
Safety Ad's                                              1997-2 April
Safety AD's                                              1997-1 January
Safety AD's Amateur-Built Maintenance                    1996-3 July
Safety Ads and the Like                                  1994-1 January
Safety Ads and the Like                                  1994-4 October
Safety Ads and the Like                                  1996-1 January
Safety AD's Mandatory Service Bulletins                  1996-2 April
Safety and Discipline                                    1981-4 October
Safety and Sad News                                      1991-1 January
Safety First                                             1981-2 April
Safety note taken from Acro Sport News #11               1985-3 July
Safety Tips & Service Letters                            1991-4 October
Safety: Fuel Pumps                                       1991-4 October
Saga of 4226Y                                            2001-1 February
Santa Monica Pilots Sue Santa Monica                     1998-3 July
Santa Rosa Open House 1996                               1995-4 October
Scud Running: Discussing A Delicate Subject              2001-1 February
Seat Belts and Buckling Up                               1994-4 October
Self Locking Nuts                                        1999-1 January
Service Bulletin                                         1991-3 July
Service Bulletin - Avco Lycoming                         1983-4 October
Service Bulletins                                        1992-1 January
Service Bulletins and AD's                               1995-2 April
Service Letter AD Prop Strike                            1993-2 April
Service Letter from TRW                                  1983-3 July
Servos vs. Spades                                        1985-1 January
Shake-down Cruise of the Born Again N1923S               1998-3 July
Shen Valley 1983 Fly In                                  1982-4 October
Shen Valley Fly-In Info                                  1983-2 April
Shen You Smell Gas, Get Out of the Air                   2000-4 October
Shilling on Acro-II Acrobatics                           2000-4 October
Shipping Shenanigans                                     1978-1 January
Shock Cord Installation Tool                                     1978-1 January
Shop Safety, An Eye-Opening Experience                           1980-1 January
Shortcut to Disaster                                             1998-2 April
Sit on Your Survival Kit                                         2000-1 January
Six Thousand Miles X-Country                                     1981-4 October
Skybolt Awards                                                   1986-3 July
Slave Struts Q&A                                                 2000-1 January
Sneak Preview of the Super Starduster One                        1982-2 April
So You Want To Build a Starduster Too?                           1991-1 January
Someone Once Said                                                1981-1 January
Something Interesting & Factual about Stress by Carsten Rueter   1984-4 October
Spence by Dale "Andy" Anderson                                   1986-1 January
Sport Aviation Showcases Acroduster, Stardusters                 1999-1 January
Spring Aluminum Landing Gears                                    1978-4 October
Spring Gears and Wheel Alignment                                 1980-3 July
Starduster 14th Annual Open House                                1994-1 January
Starduster 14th Annual Open House                                1994-2 April
Starduster 15th Annual Open House May 1995                       1994-4 October
Starduster 15th Annual Open House May 1995                       1995-1 January
Starduster 15th Annual Open House May 1995                       1995-2 April
Starduster A/D - SA 300 Only                                     1986-3 July
Starduster BBQ                                                   1986-1 January
Starduster Fly-in?                                               1980-4 October
Starduster History                                               1991-1 January
Starduster History                                               1991-2 April
Starduster History                                               1991-3 July
Starduster History                                               1991-4 October
Starduster History                                               1992-1 January
Starduster History                                               1992-2 April
Starduster History                                               1992-3 July
Starduster History                                               1993-1 January
Starduster History                                               1993-2 April
Starduster History                                               1993-4 October
Starduster History                                               1996-3 July
Starduster History                                               1996-4 October
Starduster History                                               1997-1 January
Starduster History                                               1997-2 April
Starduster History                                               1997-4 October
Starduster History - Al Pietch                                   1995-4 October
Starduster History - Morgan Schrack's N5461                      1995-3 July
Starduster History - N163G - Fam Dancy                           1995-1 January
Starduster History - N191DG                                      1994-3 July
Starduster History - N3CS                                        1995-2 April
Starduster History - N639PK                                      1994-4 October
Starduster History - N700XP                                     1994-2 April
Starduster History "N7691"                                      1996-2 April
Starduster History N1189B "Girl San"                            1996-1 January
Starduster History N1923S by Vern Reynolds                      1997-3 July
Starduster History N2341C SD I                                  1992-4 October
Starduster History, Part 1                                      1998-2 April
Starduster History: Der Jager                                   1994-1 January
Starduster II - F. E. McClanahan                                1987-3 July
Starduster Info - David C. Baxter                               1986-1 January
Starduster Magazine Technical Summary                           1982-4 October
Starduster Open House                                           1976-1 January
Starduster Open House                                           1977-1 January
Starduster Open House                                           1992-2 April
Starduster Open House                                           1993-3 July
Starduster Open House                                           1998-1 January
Starduster Open House                                           2001-2 April
Starduster Open House - Santa Rosa, CA 1995                     1995-3 July
Starduster Open House '91                                       1991-3 July
Starduster Open House '92                                       1992-3 July
Starduster Open House Oroville 1997                             1997-2 April
Starduster Open House Oroville, CA                              1996-2 April
Starduster Open House Oroville, CA                              1996-3 July
Starduster Open House Oroville, CA                              1997-3 July
Starduster Open House Oroville, CA - May 1997                   1997-1 January
Starduster Open House Oroville, CA May 1997                     1996-4 October
Starduster Open House Sedona                                    1993-4 October
Starduster Open House Sedona                                    1994-3 July
Starduster Owners Info                                          1987-3 July
Starduster Procedures for a Successful First Engine Run         1977-2 April
Starduster SA-400                                               1991-1 January
Starduster SA-400 Executive Drawing                             1991-2 April
Starduster Sale                                                 1985-2 April
Starduster Smoke System                                         1981-1 January
Starduster Song                                                 1994-4 October
Starduster Survey                                               1998-1 January
Starduster Too - New Landing Gear Drawing                       1991-2 April
Starduster Too Aircraft Finds Home in Buffalo, N.Y.             1986-2 April
Starduster Too Drawing Errors - Partial List                    1979-3 July
Starduster Too Fly-in                                           1981-2 April
Starduster Too Grand Champion                                   1977-4 October
Starduster Too Landing Gear Problems                            1977-3 July
Starduster Too New Drawing for Aileron Forward Mounted Struts   1991-2 April
Starduster Too Update                                           2001-1 February
Stardusters Around the U.S.: Letters                            1999-4 October
Stardusters Around the World: Letters                       1999-4 October
Stardusters At Oshkosh                                      1998-4 October
Stardusters at Sun 'n Fun                                   1999-3 July
Stardusters At Wautoma                                      1998-4 October
Stardusters Continue to Grace the Pages of Sport Aviation   1999-2 April
Stardusters in the News                                     2000-1 January
Stardusters in the News                                     2000-2 April
Stardusters in the News                                     2000-4 October
Stardusters In The Sky                                      1998-4 October
Stardusters to Alaska (and Back)                            1999-4 October
Stardusters to Oshkosh (and Back)                           1999-4 October
Starlet Pilot Report                                        1999-4 October
Starlet Project Report                                      1999-4 October
Statement of Liability of "Amateur-Built" Aircraft          1979-1 January
Staying Alive in VFR                                        1997-2 April
Stearman PT17 at Oroville Open House                        2001-2 April
Steve Lorenz                                                1987-3 July
Stits Covering Notice                                       1992-2 April
Stits Tech. Bulletin                                        1992-3 July
Streamline Terminals/Tie Rods                               1986-3 July
Stuck Controls on an Approach                               1999-1 January
Subject of Noise - Lee Johnson                              1985-2 April
Summary Accident UK                                         1994-2 April
Suspicions Confirmed                                        1992-2 April
Tail Wheel Landings & the Starduster Too                    1991-4 October
Tall Grass Too Much for Starduster SA100                    1998-2 April
Tech Talk                                                   2001-2 April
Tech Tip - Speedy "Too"                                     1994-3 July
Tech Tips                                                   1993-3 July
Tech Tips                                                   1994-1 January
Tech Tips                                                   1994-4 October
Tech Tips                                                   1997-1 January
Tech Tips                                                   1998-2 April
Tech Tips - Annual Condition Inspection                     1993-4 October
Tech Tips - AC & DC Switches - How They Differ              1998-1 January
Tech Tips - Carbon Monoxide - by Les Homan                  1996-3 July
Tech Tips - Checklist                                       1997-2 April
Tech Tips - Copy of Letters about Weight and Balance        1996-2 April
Tech Tips - EAA Technical Counselor News                    1996-1 January
Tech Tips - From Lycoming Flyer                             1996-4 October
Tech Tips - Head Sets                                       1993-1 January
Tech Tips - Intercoms                                       1996-4 October
Tech Tips - Liability Insurance                             1997-3 July
Tech Tips - Lycoming Flyer                                  1996-1 January
Tech Tips - Main Tank Support                                    1997-3 July
Tech Tips - Record Keeping C & R Aircraft                        1995-1 January
Tech Tips - Shoulder Harness Attach Points                       1997-4 October
Tech Tips - Weight and Balance                                   1996-2 April
Tech Tips - Wheel Pants                                          1995-4 October
Tech Tips - Wood Preservation and Coatings                       1997-4 October
Tech Tips - Wooden Leading Edges - by John Huie                  1996-3 July
Tech Tips Cockpit Heat                                           1994-2 April
Tech Tips from EAA Technical Counselor News                      1995-3 July
Tech Tips on Tail Wheels                                         1991-1 January
Tech Tips Rigging                                                1995-2 April
Tech Tips: Cam & Tappets                                         1992-1 January
Tech Tips: Cessna Pedals                                         1991-4 October
Tech Tips: Fuel System                                           1991-4 October
Tech Tips: More on Tailwheel                                     1991-3 July
Tech Tips: Radio Box and Panel Lighting                          1991-2 April
Technical Changes                                                1979-4 October
Technical notes                                                  1985-3 July
Technical Tips                                                   1978-3 July
Technical Tips                                                   1992-4 October
Technical Tips - Instrument Panels                               1992-3 July
Technical Tips - Torque Values, Props & Wheels                   1992-2 April
Technical Tips: Lighting                                         1993-2 April
Technical Update                                                 1979-3 July
Technical Update                                                 1979-4 October
Test Flight - Nieuport 2                                         1977-1 January
Test Flying Your New Homebuilt Airplane                          1976-1 January
Testimony of a Young Eagle                                       1999-3 July
That's My Story, And I'm Sticking To It !!                       2000-2 April
The "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words" Department             1979-1 January
The 10 Biggest Lies About Piston Engines                         1999-3 July
The Acroduster-Rucker Contest Circuit Report                     1975-3 July
The Art of Flying Tailwheel                                      1999-1 January
The ATC Controllers Are Not Such Bad Guys After All              1998-3 July
The Aviation Safety Reporting Program                            1978-4 October
The Bartlesville Biplane Fly-in Review                           1998-3 July
The Building of Marmalade                                        1977-1 January
The Common Bond Between a Pediatrician And a Commercial Artist   2000-1 January
The Dream in Cleveland by Pam Platt                              1984-2 April
The End of Streamline Tubing??                                   2001-1 February
The Fabric Butterfly                                             1999-3 July
The Fickle Flame of Fame                                         1998-3 July
The Fulfillment of Bob Caravas' Childhood Dreams                 1999-1 January
The Homegrown Wheel                                              2001-1 February
The Ignition Lead                                            2000-2 April
The Importance of a Good Electrical Ground                   2000-2 April
The Importance of Tension                                    1978-2 April
The Longest Journey                                          1998-4 October
The Lost Art of Flying                                       1998-1 January
The Power of the Pen                                         1998-1 January
The Proper Routes to Follow                                  1976-1 January
The Safety Equation                                          1999-1 January
The Saga of 4226Y, Part Four                                 2000-2 April
The Saga of 4226Y, Part Three                                2000-1 January
The Sense of a Goose                                         1998-2 April
The Skinny on Ditching                                       2000-2 April
The SMA SR305 Engine                                         2001-2 April
The Starduster Award Trophy                                  2000-2 April
The Starduster Electrical System                             1998-2 April
The Starduster Fly-In at Wautoma                             1998-4 October
The Starduster Too-ur                                        1998-1 January
The Story of N750AL - by John Helton                         1982-3 August
The Super Acroduster Too                                     1978-3 July
The Ten Biggest Lies, continued                              2000-1 January
Thinking Ahead - by Tom Robbins                              1983-2 April
Throttle and Carb Heat Control Hook up - by Larry McDonald   1983-2 April
TIG Welding 4130 Steel Tubing                                2001-2 April
Time to Fly                                                  1998-2 April
To Go Or Not To Go                                           2000-3 July
To Prepare for Winter Flying                                 1999-1 January
Torque and the Left Turning Tendency                         1976-3 July
Torque'ing of Bolts                                          1975-2 April
Tribute to Lamar Steen                                       1987-3 July
Trimming Your Biplane                                        1977-1 January
Trip to Oshkosh/Watoma 1994                                  1994-4 October
Trip to Oshkosh/Watoma by Les Homan                          1994-1 January
Trivia                                                       1992-2 April
Trouble Shooting                                             1985-2 April
Two New Acroduster Ones Take to the Air                      1978-3 July
Ultralights                                                  1985-1 January
Unsolved Problem - J.V. Withrow                              1985-2 April
Upgrading the Carb Intake System                             2000-2 April
User Fees                                                    1997-3 July
Using Aerolite glue                                          1981-2 April
Utah State EAA Heber Alley Fly-In                            1995-1 January
Verne Reynolds' Dreams                                       1999-1 January
Vic Tatelman                                                 1986-3 July
V-Star - Walt Luke                                           1987-3 July
V-Star Adventure                                                1977-4 October
V-Star SA900 The New Sport Pilot Classification                 2001-1 February
W.J. Lynch                                                      1986-2 April
Walt DeGroot                                                    1986-1 January
Watoma 93?                                                      1992-4 October
Wautoma Starduster Fly-In Award Winners                         1998-4 October
We Have More Pilots Than You                                    1998-1 January
Weight & Balance Work Sheets                                    1981-4 October
Weight and Balance 101                                          1999-4 October
What is Starduster?                                             1997-4 October
What Not To Do with Your Starduster                             1993-4 October
Where Are They Now?                                             1991-1 January
Where Do You Put Your Eyes When You Land a Starduster?          2000-1 January
Where Do You Put Your Eyes When You Land a Starduster? Vol II   2000-2 April
Where Do You Put Your Eyes? Again                               2000-4 October
Where Do You Put Your Eyes? Vol III                             2000-3 July
Who is Dierk Reuter                                             1983-1 January
Who the Hell is Oscar Bayer?                                    1999-3 July
Why Starduster Wings Are Better                                 1978-1 January
Why Starduster Wings Are Better                                 1999-2 April
Wild 30 Second Ride - Robert W. Ishler                          1985-2 April
Wing Heaviness Solved                                           1980-2 April
Wing Heavy - Harold B. Franklin                                 1987-3 July
Wiring Diagram Revision                                         1983-1 January
Wood Prop Installation                                          1998-1 January
Wooden Wingtip Bows - Jim Fackler                               1986-1 January
Worn Magnetos - Piston Pins - Carb Floats - Mode S              1992-4 October
Wright Brothers Awards                                          1991-4 October
Ye Olde Weight and Balance                                      1976-2 April
You and Your Physical Examination                               1977-1 January
Young Eagles Flying Stardusters                                 1999-3 July
Your Editor Flies with Norma Granville                          1994-4 October
Your Starduster Gas Tank                                        1977-4 October

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