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					 Change Number                  Description                                         Solution
3136           ILL - when deleting one of the potential           This has been corrected.
               suppliers from the borrowing request, the
               transaction qualifier is not updated
               accordingly. This is problematic when the
               item is shipped (after the request is sent)
               from the lending library. The status of the
               borrowing request is not updated because
               the transaction is not identified correctly.

3137              The description of the permission               This has been corrected.
                  "INVOICING/INVOICE-LIST" in
                  user_function.lng is inaccurate.

3138              ILL - there is no support for messages with     Support for messages with diacritics that are
                  diacritics that are sent in Latin-1 encoding.   sent in Latin-1 encoding has been added.

3140              SIP2: In some cases, when a Self-Check       This has been corrected. An empty "AJ" field
                  machine sends a non-existing barcode in a    is now sent if no item is found.
                  return request, the response of the Aleph
                  SIP2-server contains incorrect bibliographic
                  information in the "AJ" field (title
                  information). The "AJ" field should be empty
                  in this case.
3141   SIP2 server: When using the SIP2 server with This has been corrected. The title
       "tpl_extensions" enabled in order to          information (<ET>) is now included also for
       transmit the full details of cash transaction ILL arrival charges.
       charges to the self-check machines, ILL
       arrival charges do not include the title
       information (<ET>).

3142   SIP2 server: The patron information request      This has been corrected. A maximum
       (sip2 message 63) does not work properly         number of 1,000 items or loans are added to
       when more than 1,000 items or loans are          the output message. If this number is
       added to the output message.                     exceeded, an error message is written to the
                                                        SIP2 server log file.

3143   SIP2-server: When attempting to loan an          This has been corrected.
       item whose process status is defined in the
       tab100 variable "LOST-PROC-STATUS", the
       item's process status is correctly removed.
       However, the loan transaction is not
       completed successfully.

3144   This fix is relevant only to MAB customers.      This has been corrected.
       When loading BIB records to a MAB library,
       the field 545 (Further ISSN) contains
       incomplete data in some cases.

3145   Circulation - Payment Report - the report is     This has been corrected. The number of cash
       empty if there are more than 10,000 cash         transactions that can be handled has been
       transactions in the period selected for the      enlarged to 100,000.

3146   CIRC - when the tab100 variable "BOR-            This has been corrected. A new value - "H" -
       EXPIRY-DUE-DATE" is set to "Y", it sets the      has been added to the possible values of the
       due date for loans and renewals to the local     tab100 variable "BOR-EXPIRY-DUE-DATE".
       patron's expiry date. However, this variable     When the new value is used, the end of the
       is also checked when a hold request is           hold request date remains untouched
       placed on the hold shelf in order to calculate   regardless of the patron's expiry date. The
       the hold period. When the variable is set to     loan-related functionality is similar to setting
       "Y", the hold request's "end hold date" is set   the variable to "Y".
       to the current date if the patron's expiry
       date has already passed.
3150   SIP2-server: When cancelling a return         This has been corrected by deleting the Z36H
       transaction, the corresponding Z36H record record immediately after restoring the loan.
       (Loan History) is not deleted after restoring
       the loan record (Z36). As a result, when the
       same item is returned later and the return is
       cancelled again, the due date is incorrect
       and a redundant fine is created.

3151   Correction of a line in a Web page
       (Localization FRE).

3152   The French interface of the batch service p-
       publish-06 has been updated according to
       the English version (Localization FRE).

3154   Table 853_chrono - The order of the seasons
       for French has been corrected (Localization

3155   Header corrections - tab_preferred,
       1. tab_preferred: Spelling error corrections.
       2. tab_ill_change_status_out: Added
       information about the maximum number of
3156   In the DLF service "item-info", the text             This has been corrected. The message has
       related to the number of hold requests is            been added to the file
       always in English.                                   $alephe_root/error_lng/dlf_global.
                                                            Important: customers working with
                                                            languages other than English, French,
                                                            German or Italian must add the new
                                                            message as explained in the Implementation

3161   SLNP in ILL2 - Three corrections have been
       done in the SLNP server:
       1. When creating the z411 record for the
       dummy vendor ZFL, the SLNP server does
       not take column 8 of tab18.lng into account.
       If column 8 (Charge for e-mail) is set to "N"
       for transaction 0015 (ILL material arrival),
       the field Z411_PATRON_LOCAL_PRICE has a
       value, although it should be zero. This has
       been corrected.

       2. When rejecting a lending request received
       from the central ILL server via the SLNP
       protocol, the system sends a "NotAvailable"
       message to the central ILL server. However,
       the message text is cut off after 40
       characters. This has been corrected so that
       now the message is limited to 100
       characters. If additional text exists (that is, if
       the original note is longer than 100
       characters), three dots ("...") are added to
       the end of the message.

       3. The SLNP server correctly executes the
       "PAT-DELINQ" checks defined in
       xxx50/tab/tab_check_circ. However, if one
       of the checks fails, the SLNP server returns
       an irrelevant error message and the
3162   A new operation code - "ADD-CURRENT-
       DATE" - has been added to the set of
       operation codes available for the
       "fix_doc_do_file_08" fix program. This
       operation code can beused to add a new
       field to the document that includes the
       current date (format YYYYMMDD).

3164   The batch service p_serial_51 (Export 85x  This has been corrected.
       Records) reads ADM or HOL records starting
       from record number 2 instead of record
       number 1.

3165   X-server: When the "update doc" x-service This has been corrected. If an x-service URL
       contains an invalid xml, the target BIB record contains an invalid xml, an error message is
       is corrupted.                                  displayed and the service is not activated.

3166   The batch process p-item-12 (Clean HOL      This has been corrected.
       number from Item) malfunctions when there
       are many items to process (for example,
       more than 150,000). In addition, the status
       of the batch service is not updated in the
       GUI jobs display.
3167   In the GUI-ACQ, when activating acq-32 to     This has been corrected.
       load invoice and line items for Monograph
       order, the unused encumbrance amount is
       not released back to the budget balance.

3170   The batch services "Renew Items on Loan (p- The performance has been improved.
       cir-08)" and "Courtesy Notices (p-cir-10)"
       take a very long time to run.

3171   ILL protocol type letter - it is impossible to This has been corrected.
       change the date when renewing or recalling
       an item.

3172   Web OPAC - A continuation of rep_change This has been corrected.
       #2279 - it is possible to set the hour in the
       booking due date to an hour in the past. For
       example, the booking due hour can be set to
       08:00 AM when it is 04:00 PM.

3173   German customers only - Minor corrections
       in the 853/853X forms.
3174   Two problems have been corrected in the         Both problems have been corrected.
       "Open new Aleph site" script:
       1. Generation of the "library_relation" table -
       when two ADM libraries (each having its
       own Course Reading library) are linked to
       the same HOL library, the "HOL" line of the
       second Course Reading library is created
       with an incorrect HOL library.

       2. The "LOCAL" line in the file
       $data_root/pc_tab/catalog/scancode.dat is
       incorrectly generated and the library codes
       are not in the correct columns.

3175   Configuration corrections in the file
3176   EDI orders and MAB format - When sending       This has been corrected. When building the
       an EDI order for a sub-ordinate record         EDI message, the system uses the expand
       (record type "u") of a multi-volume work       routines specified in section "CREATE-Z13"
       (record type "h") and the imprint              of xxx01/tab/tab_expand. As a result, when
       information is only catalogued in the multi-   "expand_doc_mab" is specified in this
       volume work, the EDI message does not          section, the EDI message contains the
       contain any imprint information (segments      imprint information taken from the multi-
       IMD+L+110 (publishing place), IMD+L+109        volume work.
       (publisher) and IMD+L+170 (publication

3177   In continuation of rep_change #3017 - the      This has been corrected.
       patron barcode validation check is done

3178   This fix is relevant only for MAB customers    This has been corrected.
       working with German consortia. In some
       cases, the ue_11 messaging daemon
       malfunctions when replicating the deletion
       of a ZDB holding record (ZDB is the Central
       German Serials database) into a local

3180   In some cases, when running the batch        This has been corrected.
       process p-com-03 (Report of New and
       Updated Catalog Records by Cataloger), the
       last letter of the cataloger name is missing
       (for long cataloger names).
3181   Online help corrections for batch services.
       1. p-adam-01.html, p-adam-03.html, p-
       manage-500.html: Correction to the
       information about path names.

       2. p-ill-66.html: Correction to the list of
       ignored request statuses.

3182   Configuration corrections - menu-acq.xml,
       p_manage_102 error message,
       1. menu-acq.xml - the staff services have
       been added.
       2. p_manage_102 (in ./aleph/error_LNG) -
       correction of an error message.
       3. tab_loader_def - an update of the demo
       configuration table.
3183   GUI Open Hours management (tab17) -           This has been corrected.
       when a date range (from-to) is defined in the
       "Exceptions" section and then the "to" part
       is deleted, many redundant lines are added
       to tab17.

3184   When scrolling the item list in the GUI      This has been corrected.
       Acquisitions "Check In" node, parts of the
       item information are not displayed in some

3185   In the GUI "Search Find" and "Search         This has been corrected.
       Browse" tabs, the "Clear" button deletes the
       text. However, the cursor does not return to
       the search box to allow typing of new text.

3186   Data replication between central and local   This has been corrected.
       Aleph systems via ue_11:Replication of
       digital objects between DigiTool and ADAM
       does not work properly. There is an error
       message in the ue_11 log file.
3188   This fix is relevant only for MAB customers.   The following files have been added or
       The setup of the Course Reading module in      changed:
       MAB libraries is inconsistent.                 1. New files have been added to mab30/tab.
                                                      2. pc_tab_crs_fast_cat.lng in mab50/tab:
                                                      this table is used for fast cataloging from
                                                      course reading. It contains USM fields, which
                                                      have been replaced with MAB fields.
                                                      3. tab_base.lng: the U-MAB30 library has
                                                      been added.
                                                      4. union_global_param (in alephe/tab):
                                                      parameters for MAB have been added.
                                                      5. base-list (in alephe/www_f_lng): links to U-
                                                      MAB30 have been added.
                                                      6. mab30/pc_tab/catalog and
                                                      mab30/pc_tab/catalog/html: both
                                                      directories contain USM files. They have
                                                      been replaced by MAB files.

3189   Online help correction.

3190   CIRC - The patron tab (specifically the cash   This has been corrected.
       transactions node) is not updated after
       printing a letter for the patron.
3193   ILL form in PRIMO - it is impossible to use a   A new section, "LEVEL-OF-SERVICE-P", has
       separate set of values for the "level of        been added to pc_tab_exp_field.lng to be
       service" list when creating an ILL request      used for ILL requests from PRIMO. The
       from PRIMO.                                     existing section, LEVEL-OF-SERVICE, can be
                                                       used for both ILL requests created in the GUI
                                                       by staff users and for ILL requests from
                                                       PRIMO (in case the section "LEVEL-OF-
                                                       SERVICE-P" is not defined).

3194   DLF services - When using the "get holdings" This has been corrected.
       service with the "view" parameter set to
       "items", the item links are incorrect.

3196   GUI Circulation and ILL - The                This has been corrected.
       "AutoInputMethod=2" setting in
       Alephcom.ini (enabling item retrieval
       according to call number instead of barcode)
       does not work properly for some of the item
       edit boxes.
3198   CIRC - The late return fine is not calculated This has been corrected.
       properly when the fine method (tab 16,
       column 14) is one of the following: "2", "D",
       or "R". These fine methods do not take
       library closed days into account for the
       calculation of the fine. If an item is returned
       on a closed day after the due hour (by using,
       for example, a self-check machine), the
       closed day is erroneously taken into account
       for the calculation of the fine.

3199   This is a continuation of rep_changes #2398 This has been corrected.
       and #2420. The "Patron" button in the
       History node of both the Loan and the
       Return tabs does not work properly when
       the patron barcode is allowed for GUI logon
       rather than the system ID (column 5 in
       tab_bor_id.lng is set to "N" and column 1 is
       set to "00").

3200   After installing the Aleph 20 Minor Release 2 This has been corrected. See the
       (20.2), it is impossible to update the open   Implementation Notes.
       GUI module by using the "Version Check"

3201   Replication of records from central to local This has been corrected. Now all
       system - if the definition of a replication in occurrences of a subfield are checked.
       $data_tab/tab_replication_group is based
       on the existence or the content of a subfield,
       only the first occurrence of the subfield is
3202   When converting Marc XML records to               This has been corrected. Long fields are now
       "Aleph Sequential" format by using the            split into two or more fields in the Aleph
       batch service p-file-02, long fields such as      Sequential format in the same manner as
       520 or 505 (longer than 2000 characters) are      long fields in MARC Communications format
       truncated.                                        are split (see rep_ver #3376).

3204   When loading patron local information             A new fix routine can be used by setting the
       (z305) into Aleph with the batch process          specific fix parameter to "Z305-FIX2". In this
       p_file_06 (Import Database Tables - With          case, only missing or invalid values in the
       Checks), a special fix routine can be applied     z305 record are populated from tab31.
       to populate the permission fields and expiry
       date from tab31. However, all z305 fields are
       overridden by values from tab31. It is
       impossible to populate only empty z305
       fields from tab31. This functionality is often
       required during conversion projects.

3205   Web OPAC - When using sort option "01" in         This has been corrected. The preferred
       tab_sub_lib_sort (sort by sublibrary name         sublibrary is shown first, and the remaining
       with the "preferred sublibrary" determined        sublibraries are displayed in alphabetical
       by the patron's profile in the first position),   order.
       the sublibraries are not always displayed in
       the correct order.

3206   In certain cases, the browse list incorrectly     This has been corrected. Now the correct
       displays that 1998 records are linked to a        value is displayed according to the tab100
       heading.                                          variable "ACC-COUNT-LIMIT", for example:
3207   A new filing routine, "snip_string", allows the
       consideration of only part of the input string.
       The string can either be limited by defining
       the first position that the string should be
       cut off (POS=) or by defining a substring. The
       filing routine cuts the string before the

       100 L $$aHofmann, Rainerx$$9107254352

       !1 2 3 4
       05 F del_subfield
       05 F snip_string ,

       => "Hofmann, Rainerx$$99107254352"
       becomes "Hofmann"

       !1 2 3 4
       05 F del_subfield
       05 F snip_string POS=8

       => "Hofmann, Rainerx$$99107254352"
3208   becomes "Hofmann"
       The batch service p-acq-14 (Send List of      This has been corrected. A new value, "98"
       Orders to a Vendor) does not use the          (Vendor List Format), has been added to the
       "vendor list" configuration when creating     "report format" field in the service's
       order lists. It only uses the "report format" parameters screen. This value indicates that
       specified in the service's parameters screen the vendor list configuration is to be used
       (format "00").                                when the order lists are created.
3209   GUI - Selecting two or more headings from This has been corrected.
       the Result List of a browse action and
       clicking on the "Save As Set" button does not
       work properly if one of the headings has
       more than 1,000 results.

3210   When a patron with a specific profile and   This has been corrected.
       base (other than the general "ALEPH"
       profile) logs on to the Web OPAC using PDS,
       the web pages displayed are those of the
       default "ALEPH" profile rather than ones
       with an extension of the base name.

3211   GUI - It is possible to type multi-line text   This has been corrected so that the "CR/LF"
       containing line break characters (CR/LF        character combination or part of it is
       combination) in multi-line text fields (full   replaced by the space (' ') character.
       view of long edit fields). However, these
       characters are problematic for subsequent
       processing of the data.

3212   This is a continuation of rep_change #2450. This has been corrected. From now on, it is
       Additional types of GUI drop-down lists do impossible to use the mouse wheel for
       not work properly when changing the         scrolling in all types of GUI drop-down lists.
       selection by using the mouse wheel.

3213   ARC - ETL log files contain error messages     This has been corrected. ILL information is
       when the ILL library is not defined.           not retrieved when the ILL library is not

3214   Web OPAC - When there are many My e-          System performance has been improved for
       Shelf (Z129) records, it takes a long time to displaying the "Basket" folder and for adding
       display the My e-Shelf "Basket" folder and to new records to it.
       add new records to it.
3215   SBN Catalog - It is impossible to modify       This has been corrected.
       records in the SBN catalog because the
       permission check is done for function
       "CATALOG" instead of "RECORD"

3216   A staff user who does not have a "User -   This has been corrected.
       Update" permission (PASSWORD / UPDATE-
       USER) is nevertheless able to create a new
       staff user or modify an existing one.

3217   In continuation of rep_change #3077, patron This has been corrected.
       indexes are not created for new patrons
       loaded by p-file-20.

3218   Batch process p-course-02 (Pickup List) - The This has been corrected.
       number of retrieved items in the log file
       does not match the number of retrieved
       items specified in the output report.

3219   When a serial pattern is shared by several     In order to see the Summary Holdings, a new
       subscriptions, the pattern should be defined   expand program, "expand_doc_hol_adm",
       in the ADM record. In this case, however, it   has been created. It expands the ADM data
       is impossible to see the Summary Holdings.     into the holding record (according to the
                                                      holding sublibrary) and should be added to
                                                      the HOL library's tab_expand before the line
                                                      with "expand_doc_hld_stmt".

3220   Correction to file Ill2Hlp.chm.
3221   Course Reading - When a bibliographic             This has been corrected. When the
       record attached to one or more courses is         bibliographic document is updated, the
       updated, the course connection documents          connection documents are marked for re-
       are not re-indexed (by the ue_01 daemon).         indexing.
       In addition, these documents cannot be
       published for Primo.

3222   When using the F11 key (Print Preview) in    This has been corrected.
       the GUI Cataloging Items List, item barcodes
       containing special characters (such as
       &,',",<,>) are truncated.

3223   DLF services - the parameter "con_lng=lng" This has been corrected. Note that if your
       (part of the DLF URL) does not work if there language is not one of Aleph's out-of-the-
       is no $aleph_dev/aleph/error_lng directory. box languages, an $alephe_root/error_lng
                                                    directory must exist.

3224   When sending a request to the Z39.50 server This has been corrected.
       to retrieve items in OPAC format
       (Util/n/3/3), it returns items whose column
       10 of tab15.lng (OPAC Display) is set to "N"
       and items linked to suppressed holding
       records (with field "STA", subfield $a
       "SUPPRESSED"). Such items are not
       displayed in the Web OPAC and the Z39.50
       "OPAC" record results should not include

3225   In some cases, it is impossible to create an This has been corrected.
       item call number that starts with a single "$"

3226   In the Serial Check-in function, if several       This has been corrected.
       issues are "arrived" in one action and the
       print configuration is set to "labels", the
       label of the last arrived issue is not printed.
3227   A patron can delete another patron's hold    This has been corrected. When a patron tries
       request in the Web OPAC.                     to delete a hold request, the system makes
                                                    sure that the hold request indeed belongs to
                                                    that patron.

3232   This fix is a continuation of rep_change     This has been corrected.
       #3188. It is relevant to MAB customers only.
       The setup of tab_sort in the Course Reading
       library MAB30 is inconsistent.
3233   German interface - The definition of the     The "Note" column has been added to
       "Note" column for the list of courses is     pc_tab_col.ger.

3234   ILL - The SLNP service "SLNPKleineKasse"      This has been corrected.
       used to create ILL charges, malfunctions with
       "Execution error" messages.

3235   System performance for the "Patron Cash"
       function in the GUI has been improved.

3236   This fix is relevant to German consortia. In This has been corrected.
       some cases, when displaying items for a
       specific BIB record from a non-Aleph system
       using the SLNP interface, the catalog client
3237   Header corrections - tab_check_circ,
       tab_delinq.eng, library_relation,
       tab_hold_request, tab_expand,
       1. (a) tab_check_circ: The description of
       "1_a" and "1_b" "patron blocks" check
       procedures has been updated.
       (b) tab_delinq.eng: The information about
       the table use has been updated.

       2. library_relation: A note about a required
       definition for the p-serial-52 ("Import 85x
       Records") service has been added.

       3. tab_hold_request: The description of
       "check_booking_request_c" has been

       4. tab_expand: A description about the "X-
       AVAIL" expand menu has been added.

       5. tab_z403_directory.eng: the file name in
       the header is wrong.

3238   Batch service p-print-03 (Download machine This has been corrected.
       readable records) - When converting records
       in a MAB environment from MAB to
       MARC21, the header and directory of the
       MARC data is incorrect. The tags are
       converted correctly, but the structure of the
       header and directory is incorrect.
3239   A new DLF service - "get filters" - is now
       available. This service provides the year,
       volume, and sublibrary of items connected
       to a specific BIB record.
       The service can be accessed using the
       following URL:


3240   The DLF service for updating a patron's       This has been corrected.
       address does not update the e-mail
       attachment type.

3241   Batch service p-ill-52 (Load Potential         This has been corrected.
       Suppliers Default) - If the "Average Supply
       Days" and the "Delivery Delay" are not
       defined in tab_z701 (col. 6 and/or col. 8) the
       values of these fields in the potential
       supplier record are not taken from the
       partner record as required.

3242   ILL - In some cases, if the configuration of This has been corrected.
       the "ISS" field in tab_ill_bib_info does not
       match the document's data, the server times
       out when sending a Borrowing request.

3243   ARC - Sublibraries of type 3 (pickup location This has been corrected. Sublibraries of type
       that is not a library), are loaded to ARC with 3 are now extracted to ARC with the
       an incorrect sublibrary name.                  sublibrary name as defined in
3244   In continuation to rep_change #2036, when
       sorting items using sort option 14, the sort
       key is now built according to the following
       if enumeration-a or enumeration-b not
       spaces or ^ then
       enumeration-a + enumeration-b +
       if chronology-i or chronology-j or chronology-
       k not spaces or ^ then
       chronology-i + chronology-j + chronology-k
       if supp-index-o not spaces then
       if enumeration-a and enumeration-b and
       chronology is spaces or ^ then

3245   Aleph-DigiTool Synchronization - In some         This has been corrected.
       rare cases, DigiTool metadata records are
       not harvested by the Aleph OAI harvester

3246   In some cases, the batch process                 This has been corrected.
       p_manage_180 (Load Catalog Records -
       Parallel Load) malfunctions.

3247   Online help correction for the batch service
       "p-serial-52" (Import 85x Records) - A note
       about a required definition in
       library_relation has been added to p-serial-
       52.html, in continuation of rep_change
3248   Configuration corrections in bor-history-loan- This has been corrected.
       no-loan, check_circ_override, and check_circ
       error message.
       1. bor-history-loan-no-loan: The page title is
       different than "bor-history-loan-head".

       2. (a) check_circ_override: an update of the
       demo configuration table.
       (b) check_circ (in ./aleph/error_LNG):
       removal of error messages.

3249   When an e-mail is sent from one of the mail This has been corrected.
       utilities in the Web OPAC, it is possible to
       use an escape character (potentially
       exposing the functionality to other uses).

3250   Header correction in
       tab_ill_change_status_out. An example has
       been added.
3251   A typo in an error message has been

3252   This is a continuation of rep_change #3003. This has been corrected.
       In some cases, word indexing does not work
       properly for Latin strings when using one of
       the following word-breaking routines:
       "morpheme_index", "thai_index",
       "cjk_2gram_lng", and "cjk_2gram_all".

3254   Online Help changes.
3258   German localization only - There are several This has been corrected.
       inconsistencies in user_function.ger.
3259   The "OK" button is invisible in the German   This has been corrected.
       booking request forms.
Related Documentation             Implementation Notes                Auto
                        Not Required

                        In the file $alephe_tab/user_function.lng,

                        INVOICING L Invoicing INVOICE-LIST L
                        Invoices - Display list of line items


                        INVOICING L Invoicing INVOICE-LIST L Order-
                        Display list of invoice line items

                        Restart the ILL server.

                        Not Required
Not Required

Not Required

Not Required

Not Required

Not Required

1. To use the new value, set the following in
the file ./[ADM Library]/tab/tab100:


2. Synchronize the header of tab100
Not Required

Not Required

Not Required

Not Required

Synchronize headers by performing util/h/2
and util/h/3.
Note: this implementation note is
mandatory for customers working with
languages other than English, French,
German or Italian.

If localization is required, add the following
line to

0545 $1 request(s) of $2 items.

If localization is required:

(1) Add the following line to

0057 0000 L Patron check 'check_circ/PAT-
DELINQ' with $1 error(s)

(2) Change the following line:

0034 0000 L No items available for the ILL
request (Reason: $1, Note: $2).


0034 0000 L No items available for the ILL
request (Reason: $1, Note: $2$3$4).
To activate the new functionality, add a line
such as the following to the configuration
file under the directory ./<BIB


In the example above, if the source
document has an "LDR" field, a new field,
XYZ, is created with the current date in
subfield $a.

Not Required

If localization is required, add the following
line to

0030 xml_full_req contains an invalid xml.

Not Required
Not Required

Not Required

1. Add the following lines to

ChangeStatus.Static.OrgDate Original Due
ChangeStatus.Static.NewDate Requested
Due Date

2. If localization is required, add the
following lines to

0066 0000 L Invalid recall date
0067 0000 L New date must be later than
original date

Not Required

Not Required
Not Required

Perform the following changes in the file

1. Replace this:
BINDING-S L Binding Services BIND-04 L BIND-
04 Print Bind Alert Report
BINDING-S L Binding Services BIND-14 L BIND-
14 Print Serial Binding Slips

with this:
BINDING-S L Binding Services BIND-01 L BIND-
01 Print Bind Alert Report
BINDING-S L Binding Services BIND-02 L BIND-
02 Print Serial Binding Slips

2. Add a line for ADAM-08 (between ADAM-
07 and ADAM-10):
OBJECT-S L Object Services ADAM-08 L
ADAM-08 Create Digital Objects Upload File
from DigiTool Export

3. Replace this:
Services COURSE-05 L COURSE-05 Reserve
Reading Items Report

with this:                                     No
Not Required

Not Required

Not Required

Not Required
Not Required

1. If localization is required, add the
following lines to the end of the file
<display>Staff Privileges Report (staff-
<display>Staff Users Report (staff-

2. If localization is required, in the file

5012 0000 L Library is not an AUT Library
(tab10 definition).


5012 0000 L Library is not an AUT Library
(tab100 definition).
Not Required

Not Required

Not Required

Not Required
For MAB customers only: to use the course
reading functionality, do the following:

1. Copy all files from
$aleph_dev/mab30/tab/ to your local
./[xxx30]/tab directory.

2. Copy the file pc_tab_crs_fast_cat.[lng]
from $aleph_dev/mab50/tab to your local
./[xxx50]/tab directory.

3. In $alephe_tab/tab_base.[lng], if xxx30 is
your course reading library, add the
following line accordingly:

U-XXX30 Courses (XXX30) XXX30 XXX30 N
alldocuments not wst=(suppressed or

4. In $alephe_tab/union_global_param, add
lines for your course reading library
according to the following example:

XXX30 B candidate_prog
union_candidate_course 100
XXX30 B match_prog union_match_course
XXX30 B preferred_prog
Not Required

Not Required
Add the LEVEL-OF-SERVICE-P lines to ./[ILL
library]/tab/pc_tab_exp_field.lng :

LEVEL-OF-SERVICE-P L When convenient <
LEVEL-OF-SERVICE-P L When convenient L
LEVEL-OF-SERVICE-P L Normal (Local) (
LEVEL-OF-SERVICE-P L Normal (Extended) {
LEVEL-OF-SERVICE-P L Normal (Full) [
LEVEL-OF-SERVICE-P L Priority (Local) |
LEVEL-OF-SERVICE-P L Priority (Extended) ]
LEVEL-OF-SERVICE-P L Rush (Extended) )
LEVEL-OF-SERVICE-P L Express (Local) >
LEVEL-OF-SERVICE-P L Express (Local) G

Not Required

Not Required
Not Required

Not Required

Immediately after service pack installation
(before activating any GUI module), override
the existing PC file
.\alephcom\bin\verutil.exe with the server

Note that this must be done for each and
every PC workstation.

Not Required
Not Required

If localization is required, add the following
section to $alephe_root/pc_b_lng/p-file-

<display>Update Borrower Record
completed by Defaults Table</display>

Not Required

Not Required
Not Required

If localization is required, add the following
option to the "Report Format" field in the
file $alephe_root/pc_b_<lng>/p-acq-14.xml:

<display>Vendor List Format</display>
Not Required

Not Required

Not Required

Not Required

Not Required

Restart the web server.
Not Required

Not Required

Not Required

Not Required

In order to see Summary Holdings when the
pattern is in the ADM record, add the
expand program "expand_doc_hol_adm" to
./[hol_library]/tab/tab_expand before the
line with "expand_doc_hld_stmt". For

WEB-FULL expand_doc_hol_adm
WEB-FULL expand_doc_hld_stmt
WEB-FULL expand_doc_hol_86x

Not Required
Synchronize headers by performing util/h/2

Not Required

Not Required

Not Required

Not Required

Not Required
If localization is required, add the following
line to

9054 L A hold request can be deleted only by
its requestor.

Note: This fix is relevant for MAB customers

1. Fix the alignment of
./[xxx30]/tab/tab_sort. The following demo
setup can be used as an example:

01 99 100## 200## 00 00
02 99 331## 00 00
03 99 425## 00 00
04 99 CNO#1 00 00

2. Correct the section "COURSE-DOC-SORT-
TYPE" in
./[xxx50]/tab/pc_tab_exp_field.[lng] so that
it matches tab_sort. Use the following demo
setup as an example:

COURSE-DOC-SORT-TYPE L Author 01---A02---
COURSE-DOC-SORT-TYPE L Course 04---A02---

3. Run the batch process p-manage-27 in the
Course Reading library.
This is relevant only to German GUI

Add the following line to

PC_COURSE_LIST L Notiz 09 010 it map Z108-
NOTE exists

Not Required

Not Required

Not Required
Synchronize headers by performing util/h/2
and util/h/3.

Not Required
Not Required

Not Required

Not Required

Not Required

Not Required
Not Required

Not Required

Not Required

Not Required
1. If localization is required, in the file
no-loan, replace:
<title>&f-base - Items on Loan </title>

<title>&f-base - Loaned Items On History

2. If localization is required, remove the
following lines from the file


0271 L Due date $1 is before current date
0272 L Due today - Due hour $1 is before
current hour $2.


0281 L Patron expiration date $1 is before
due date $2.

3. Remove the following lines from the file
Not Required

Synchronize "alephe" headers by performing
If localization is required, replace:

0011 0000 L Record has no links (Z03)


0011 0000 L Record has no links (Z103)

in the file

Not Required

Not Required
Relevant only if you maintain a German
language GUI client: In
$alephe_tab/user_function.ger, replace the
following lines:

L Vorausbuchung - ändern
L Vorausbuchung - Anlegen
OVERIDE L Vorausbuchung - Sperre
L Vorausbuchung - Löschen
L Vorausbuchung - Lieferung


L Buchung - Ändern
L Buchung - Anlegen
OVERIDE L Buchung - Sperre überschreiben
L Buchung - Löschen
This is relevant only if you maintain a
German language Web OPAC.

In the following files:


replace the line

<td class="td2" id="small">


<td class="td2" id="small" nowrap>
      Module                  SI number
ILL            16384-195863, 16384-197926

Acquisitions   16384-190777

ILL            16384-193516, 16384-195115

Circulation    16384-191176
Circulation   16384-194873

Circulation   16384-182815

Circulation   16384-184758

Cataloging    16384-186116

Circulation   16384-191780, 16384-192629

Circulation   16384-46232, 16384-147491
Circulation   16384-190015




General       158855, 16384-199812
General   16384-191813

ILL       16384-170520, 158262, 158339

Acquisitions   16384-190854

Web OPAC       16384-150903

General        16384-161608

Circulation    157454

ILL            16384-161532

Web OPAC       16384-38863

General   152045

General   16384-194037, 16384-194311, 16384-
          195029, 16384-194333
Acquisitions   16384-197868

Circulation    16384-203568

Cataloging     16384-203194

Cataloging     16384-165839
General   16384-171636, 16384-195794

General   16384-173123, 16384-201682, 16384-
Circulation    16384-150716, 16384-201593

Acquisitions   16384-159177

GUI            16384-182178

Cataloging     16384-205783


Circulation   16384-186161
ILL       16384-196246


GUI       16384-204118
Circulation   16384-166036, 16384-134746

Circulation   16384-184440

GUI           16384-207179

Cataloging    16384-202917
Cataloging    16384-134414

Circulation   16384-194105

Web OPAC      8192-101281

General       16384-178732
General        16384-103995

Acquisitions   159233
Search     16384-161541

Web OPAC   16384-199949

GUI        16384-188345

GUI        16384-189373

ARC        16384-186989

Web OPAC   16384-193960
Cataloging    16384-193690

General       16384-74634

General       16384-210061

Circulation   16384-195415

Serials       16384-182077

Course Reading   16384-192766, 16384-200005

Cataloging       16384-201254

General          159786

Z39.50           16384-1467

Cataloging       16384-183686

Serials          16384-61560
Web OPAC   16384-211930


ILL           16384-215481

Circulation   16384-193957

Cataloging    16384-194183
General      158774, 157575, 16384-164376, 159395,

Cataloging   16384-195844

General   16384-191498

ILL       16384-178802

ILL       16384-193924

ARC       16384-156373
Items        16384-211854

Cataloging   16384-180905

General      16384-212663

Serials      157575
General    16384-214086, 160024

Web OPAC   16384-216359

General    159844
Cataloging   16384-207520

Cataloging   16384-210887


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