SOUTH EAST DISTRICT - Delhi Police by fanzhongqing


									                                                                    Dated 14.05.2010
         High Profile Interstate cheat involved in duping money exchangers
          arrested by Crime Branch.
         Accused used eight different identities for eight crimes
         Cheated amount is around Rs. one crore.
         Three cases of Delhi, Kolkatta & Pune solved.
         24,000/- US Dollars (Approx Value Rs 11 Lacs), three mobile Phones, Six
          Sim cards, one forged driving license, two forged PAN cards, Forged
          visiting cards recovered.

       The Special Operations Squad of the Crime Branch of Delhi Police has arrested
one high profile interstate cheat Manikandan Pillai @ Sabri Ganeshan @ Vickneshwar
@ Rajesh @ Tyagraj @ Deepak @ Dhremander @ Suresh s/o Arumugam r/o 6 B
Maisonder Apartments, Parambil Cross Street Panampillay Nagar Cochin Kerla age 34
years . He has duped several money exchangers to the tune of more than one crore

1. 24,000/- US Dollar (Approx value Rs 11 Lacs )

2.                                                 Three mobile Phones
3.                                                 Six Sim Cards of different mobile
     service providers.
4.                                                 One forged driving license
5.                                                 Two forged PAN Cards
6.                                                 Forged visiting cards
7.                                                 Some additional documents


        On 13/05/10, Insp. Raj Pal Dabas, SOS Crime Branch received secret
information that one high profile cheat who is involved in cheating several money
changers and is wanted in a case of cheating of PS Barakhamba Road would be coming
to Chandni Chowk. Accordingly a team led by Insp.Raj Pal Dabas and consisting of SI
Virender Singh, ASI Suresh Chander, HC Hanuman, HC Rajbir, HC Mahabir, HC
Rajinder, HC Harvinder and Ct Sanjay was deputed for the task. At about 3.00 PM one
person came near Shish Ganj Gurudwara, Delhi from Railway Station side. On the
pointing out of the informer, the said person was apprehended and after interrogation he
was arrested u/s 41.1Cr.P.C.


       The accused would prepare fake identity documents i.e. Driving License and
PAN Card and visiting cards with fake name describing him as a representative of some
reputed company. Then he would select a city and take a room in a luxury hotel there
using the fake name and identity. After checking in, he would search for money
exchangers in the city through or contact them through hotel staff. For
this purpose, he would use a new mobile number purchased on the fake identity for
contacting his target. He would ask the money changer to come to the hotel with the
foreign currency. In the meanwhile, he would check-out from the hotel and would keep
his previously purchased air ticket ready for the next destination. He would meet his
target in the lobby or meeting room of the hotel and would ask him to hand over the
foreign currency to him so that he may check the same. After taking the money he would
ask the money changer to wait while he went to get his passport etc from the room. He
would then leave the hotel quickly and go directly to the airport in the taxi while the
money changer is left waiting in the lobby. Thereafter he used to throw away the Sim
card used in commission of crime on the way to airport.



1.        FIR NO 128/09 dt 27.08.09 u/s 420 IPC PS Bara Khambha Road Delhi

          On 27.8.09 Sh Vijay Khurana of Laxner Forex Service Ltd having his office at
           Vikrant Tower Rajindra Place New Delhi received a call and the caller introduced
           himself as Vignesh, the manager of Hotel Continental and told him that he
           wanted to do business with Vijay Khurana. The caller asked him to send 12000
           Euro on the pretext that a delegation was to go to Europe. Vijay Khurana sent
           two employees of the company to the hotel with 12000 Euro (Appx.Rs. 8 Lacs)
           where above said Vigneshwar met them in the lobby of the hotel and took them
           to the meeting lounge. He took away the money on the pretext of checking it and
           asked them to wait there but he did not return.

     2.   On 24th April 2009 the accused visited the office of Aman Travels Ltd at
          Chiranjeev Tower Nehru Place, posed as Mani Kumar, Finance Head of a
          software company namely Drona Software System. He told them that their
          company wanted to deal with them in foreign exchange. On 25th April he
          contacted the Sr. Manager and told that he wanted to exchange 24,000/- USD for
          Indian Currency. He asked them to come with Indian Currency to the hotel. One
          employee of the company came to the hotel with cash Rs 5,89,200/-. He took
          him to the meeting hall and managed to get away with the cash.

     3.   About 8 months ago, he went to Mumbai and called one money changer Bonsai
          Forex to buy foreign currency. He called the employees of the company with
          foreign currency at Kalptaru Business Park, Banda Kurla Link Road Andheri,
          Mumbai. He took the money on the pretext of checking it and never returned.

     4.   In another incident, about 6 months ago, he again went to Mumbai and stayed at
          Hotel JW Marriot in the Juhu Area. On his request, an employee of the hotel
          called one money changer. Using the same trick, the accused got away with Rs
          5.5 lacs.


     5.   About 9 months ago, the accused cheated one money changer of Rs 4 lacs at
          Regus Business Centre Chennai.

  6.    About 6 months ago, he went to Bhubneshwar and stayed at Mayfair Lagoon
        Hotel. He obtained the number of a money changer and cheated him of Rs 6


  7. On 11/05/10 he went to Kolkata and stayed at The Hyatt Hotel near Salt Lake in
     the name of Tyagraj and cheated one money changer for Rs. 12 lacs and left for

 8.    The accused took a room in Tammana Hotal Hinjiwadi in the name of Vigneshwar
         and cheated on Forex Company of Euros worth Rs 12 Lacs. A case FIR/Cr No
         191/09 dt 17.6.09 u/s 420 IPC PS Hinjiwadi Pune, Maharastra has been found to
         be registered regarding this incident.


        The accused was born in 1976 in Cochin and he studied upto class 10. He left
studies and started the business of garments. He got married in 2004. He suffered
losses in business and in 2008, his wife divorced him. In mid 2009 he, came to Chennai
and for the first time he cheated a person on pretext of changing foreign currency of Rs
4 lacs. With this money, he started a cafeteria in Panampilly Nagar Cochin. After tasting
success in his first attempt, at cheating, he started cheating people in Delhi, Mumbai,
Kolkatta, Pune, Chennai, Bhuvneshwar and Bangaluru and invested the money in his
coffee shop, purchased property and a car. He was living a lavish lifestyle with the
cheated money and his monthly expenses are more than one lacs. He used to operate
alone and has never been arrested before. His interrogation has revealed his
involvement in eight such incidents and he has cheated several money exchangers to
the tune of Rs. one crore in different cities of India.

       All the concerned Police Stations have been informed accordingly. Accused is
being produced in court today.

                                                       (NEERAJ THAKUR)
                                              ADDL. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE,
                                                                         CRIME, DELHI

               With the arrest of two persons, namely Smt. Reena w/o victim Om
Parkash and Satish Kumar Chauhan s/o Ram Pal Chauhan, the staff of PS Hari Nagar,
has worked out a sensational alleged robbery case wherein victim Om Parkash was
stabbed by two motorcycle borne boys when he resisted their attempt of snatching the
gold chain of his wife Smt. Reena.

1.      Knife (dagger type)
2.      Motorcycle - Black Sujuki Samurai
3.      Blood stained clothes of accused
1. Smt. Reena W/o Om Parkash @ Pappu R/o Naraina Delhi

     age - 24 Years

2. Satish Kumar Chauhan S/o Sh. Ram Pal Chauhan R/o Naraina, Delhi, age- 21 years
    Permanent address - Village Lakheem Pur kheere, Distt. Lakheem Pur, UP

                On the night intervening 07/08.05.10, a PCR call was received at PP Hari
Nagar regarding stabbing of a person behind DDU Hospital. On reaching at spot, it was
found that a blood stained knife (dagger type) was lying at the spot while the injured had
been shifted to DDU Hospital. The injured Om Parkash @ Pappu S/o Late Sh. Babu Lal
R/o Naraina Ring Road, Delhi was unfit for statement. He had sustained nine stabbed
injuries on vital parts of body. Smt. Reena W/o Om Parkash @ Pappu R/o Naraina Ring
Road, Delhi stated that she alongwith her husband Om Parkash had come to DDU
Hospital as she had stomach ache and when they were going back to home after
treatment, she felt some dizziness. Her husband stopped the scooter. Meanwhile two
Motorcyclists came and snatched her chain. When her husband tried to intervene, he
was given multiple stabbed wounds by the assailants and thereafter fled away. Case FIR
No. 154/10 u/s 394/397/34 IPC dated 08.05.2010 PS Hari Nagar was registered and the
investigation was taken up.

              A team comprising of Inspr. Virender Singh, SHO/Hari Nagar, SI Gulshan
Nagpal I/C PP Hari Nagar, ASI Balwan Singh was constituted under the supervision of
Sh. Milind Dumbre, ACP/Tilak Nagar for investigation of the case.

              During investigation, scene of crime was visited again and minutely
examined. Number of stab injuries sustained by the victim pointed out that the robbery
alone may not be the motive for this crime. There were contradictions in the statement of
Smt. Reena, wife of victim. Though the husband had sustained grievous injuries
whereas his wife did not have any injury or abrasion on her neck. Finding it abnormal,
an enquiry from the family members of the injured was conducted. Meanwhile, the
brother Raja Ram of the injured stated that his brother Om Parkash @ Pappu (injured)
was not in good terms with his wife. He further revealed that his brother had seen her
talking to some unknown person in odd hours especially at night for a long period.

                Secret enquiries from the neighborhood of injured revealed that Reena
used to talk to a person namely Satish Kumar Chauhan S/o Sh. Ram Pal Chauhan R/o
Naraina, Delhi in odd hours for a long duration. Satish was apprehended and
interrogated. Initially, he did not come out with the truth but on sustained interrogation,
he confessed of his crime.


               During interrogation, accused Satish disclosed that he was living in the
neighborhood of Om Parkash for the last 2-3 years. He also became friendly with
Deepak, the nephew of injured and he used to visit house of the injured very frequently.
During these visits, he developed intimacy with the wife of the injured. Gradually the
relationship developed to the extent that they decided to live together forever. They
formally accepted each other as a husband and wife in a non-conventional marriage in a
temple in November, 2009. Meanwhile, Om Parkash got suspicious of his wife as she
used to talk a lot on her mobile to some unknown person. Whenever, he asked about
the person to whom she was talking, she would say that she is talking to her relative.
When Om Parkash raised objections and put restrictions over his wife’s activities, she
complained about this to Satish. Then they hatched a conspiracy and decided to remove
this thorn from their lives. Satish also told his problem to one of his close friend who over
jealously offered him to assist in the conspiracy. On the fateful day, on the pretext of
having stomach ache, Reena brought her husband Om Parkash @ Pappu to the
Hospital. As per their plan, Satish with his friend reached behind DDU Hospital where
Reena had stopped her husband on the pretext of some dizziness and was waiting for
them. They attacked Om Parkash @ Pappu with a dagger type knife in order to kill him.
After causing multiple injuries leaving behind Om Parkash in a pool of blood to die, they
fled away. As per the conspiracy, Reena informed Police and narrated a fabricated story
of Chain snatching.

              Subsequently, Reena was also arrested and interrogated. She also
confessed that she fell into an affair with Satish because of bad habits of her husband.
She had so deeply fallen in love with accused Satish that she decided to get rid of her
husband and live happily with Satish forever. Efforts are being made to arrest the
remaining accused.

               Staff involved in the good work is being rewarded.

                                                  (SHARAD AGARWAL) IPS

                                           DEPUTY COMMISSIONER OF POLICE

                                            WEST DISTRICT, NEW DELHI


       With the arrest of two African Nationals, the South District Police has
busted a gang involved in cheating by using cloned/forged credit cards of
different banks at various Malls and luxury stores.


   1.     Dare @ Oludare s/o Aderibigbe r/o 37, Shipeolu Street, Shomolu, Lagos,
   2.     Kehinde s/o Raheem r/o 26, Ojota Street, Lagos, Nigeria

       An information was received that some African Nationals are targeting the
high end stores located at different Malls of Delhi and doing shopping of
expensive articles by using cloned/forged credit cards causing losses to different
banks. In order to identify and apprehend criminals involved in such incidents, a
special police team comprising of SI K.P. Singh, PSI Rakesh Kumar, HC Surender,
Constables Satish, Jitender and Ranjeet under the supervision of Inspr. Satyapal Singh,
SHO/Vasant Kunj North and Shri Mohd. Ali, ACP/Vasant Vihar was formed.

       The team so formed worked relentlessly and started working at different fronts
to identify the culprits. The private security staff deployed at Malls, particularly
DLF Emporio, DLF Promenade etc. located at Vasant Kunj was properly briefed
and sources were also deployed there. Finally, efforts of the police team bore
results and both accused Dare @ Oludare and Kehinde were apprehended while
they were using cloned credit cards at high end store ‘Paul Smith’ located at DLF
Emporio Mall. Both the accused were having no valid Visa and were staying in
India unauthorisedly. As such, a case vide FIR No.165/10 u/s 420/468/471/34 IPC
and 14 Foreigners Act was registered at PS Vasant Kunj North and they were arrested.


        During interrogation, it revealed that they were using an unique modus-
operandi for committing crime. They used to steal credit cards and their third
accomplice Allaje (also an African National) used to change the electronic strip of the
card used for swiping the card. He stole the data of credit cards through internet and
later on used this data while changing the electronic strip of the card issued by any
bank. In this way, the transaction was not held by credit card issuing bank.

      On 10.05.2010, they targeted a luxury store “Paul Smith” located at high
end DLF Emporio Mall and purchased luxury shoes, perfumes, T-Shirts worth
Rs.1,11,000/- and used cloned credit cards of ICICI Bank and Standard Chartered

       1.      Cloned Credit Card of ICICI Bank
       2.      Cloned Credit Card of Standard Chartered Bank
       3.      Pair of luxury shoes worth Rs.19,500/-
       4.      Bill Slips
       5.      One Mobile Phone
       Investigation is in progress and efforts are being made to ascertain their other
involvements and to arrest the absconding accused Allaje.

                                                                        ( H.G.S. DHALIWAL )

                                                                      DCP/SOUTH DISTRICT

                                    SOUTH EAST DISTRICT

PRESS RELEASE                                                   DATED 14.5.2010


                With the arrest of four accused persons namely Saleem, Sonu, Dina Bandu
Mallik @ Bengali and Usman two cases of robbery and murder of senior citizens in the area of
Kalkaji have been worked out.


                On the intervening night of 11-12, May, 2010, two houses in the area of Block 4,
Kalkaji Extension, New Delhi were ransacked by a gang of robbers and Sh. Janakraj Likhi 86
years was found tied and gagged in his room who was declared brought dead at the hospital. In
the adjoining house Smt. Vidya Gulbani 76 years was also found tied and gagged on her bed in
an unconscious condition.

        Some Jewellry items and cash around Rs. 25 thousand was looted by the robbers in
these incidents. Two separate cases vide FIR No. 239/10 u/s 394 IPC and FIR No. 240/10 u/s
394/302 IPC were registered regarding the incidents and the investigation was taken up.

        Different teams were formed to investigate the case, which were headed by Insp. BS
Rana, SHO/PS Kalkaji under close supervision of Sh. Rakesh Paweriya, ACP/Kalkaji. During the
investigation HC Bhura Singh developed his source and received a secret information from the
source that some boys, who were involved in petty theft cases and used to gather at Hans Raj
Sethi Park, Kalkaji were involved in the above incidents. The informer further informed that those
boys are again meeting in the said park today in early hours.

On receipt of this information a police team was formed and trap was laid in the said park. First of
all, two boys came in the park and at the instance of the informer they were over powered by the
police party. Their names were revealed as Saleem and Sonu. During personal search of Saleem
a silver coin mentioning “Ajay weds Sushmita, 23 June 2004” which was robbed along with other
articles from H.No. 4/1 above, was recovered from his pant pocket. Both boys were interrogated
but initially they denied about having any knowledge about any such incident.

        On sustained interrogation they disclosed about their involvement in the above cases.
They further disclosed that on Tuesday i.e. 11/5/10, they had consumed alcohol with other
associate persons in Hans Raj Sethi Park. After that they committed the above crimes Both of
them were arrested in both the above cases. They also pointed out the scene of crime and got
recovered the screw driver and pipe wrench which was used by them in the commission of crime
for removing the grills of windows of the above mentioned houses to gain entry. They also got
recovered the cap of late Jank Raj Likhi which was robbed along with other articles from his
above said house. They disclosed that one silver tea pot along with two bowls which was robbed
from the house of Smt. Vidya Devi has been sold by them to one person known as Bengali. Both
of them further disclosed that remaining looted articles and cash has been taken by their
associates mentioned above which was to be distributed later on. They further stated that Bengali
was also coming to meet them in the same park with a short time. Trap was laid for him, and at
the instance of arrested accused persons he was over - powered whose name was revealed as
Dina Bandu Mallik @ Bengali. Who stated to have further sold silver tea pot and bowls to Usman
Kabari in Govind Puri the same was recovered from Usamn. Dina Bandu Mallik @ Bengali and
Usman were also arrested in this case for receiving and disposing off the stolen property. Search
is being made for other accused persons also who are still absconding in this case. Accused
Saleem, Sonu, Debu Bengali, Prem and Sushil are all vegabonds. They have been taking food in
Kalkaji Mandir and Bhairon Mandit Bhandaras and sleeps on the pavements. They have no
permanent place to reside in Delhi. Debu Bengali and Saleem have also taken a room on rent in
Sec. 8, NOIDA, to hide themselves after committing major crimes in Delhi.


        Accused Saleem and Sonu used to sleep at Bhairon Mandir, Kalkaji and commit petty
thefts like iron roads etc, from the sites of Metro Railways and sold them to Usman who is running
a Kabari Shop in front of Kalkaji DTC Depot, Govind Puri. Their co accused person Debu Bengali
is a listed criminal and was earlier arrested in 2 cases of PS Kalkaji (FIR No. 227/09 u/s 324/34
IPC and FIR No. 442/09 u/s 25 Arms Act). He was recently released from Jail. After his release
from the jail Debu Bengali involved Saleem, Sonu, and other vagabonds with him and started
committing crimes of snatching of mobile phone etc.

        Accused Dina Bandu Mallik @ Bengali is an employee of Ministry of Defence holding
valid identity card and serving as peon in the Military Intelligence wing at Army Head Quarters,
New Delhi. He is running absent from his duty since May 2009. Surprisingly he is holding two
different Govt. accommodations in his name i.e. H.No. 501, Sector-5, Pushp Vihar and H.No.
1136, Sector-2, RK Puram, the house at Pushp Vihar has been rented out by him to one Dawood
Ahmad, serving in a private Firm, who previously used to be his tenant in his house at RK Puram
and his house at RK Puram is presently lying vacant. Dina Bandu Mallik @ Bengali himself is
staying in rented accommodation in the area of Govindpuri and receives stolen property from
other accused persons who are illiterate and have been involved in petty offences of thefts.

                 Accused Usman is running a Kabari Shop in front of Kalkaji DTC Depot in
Govind Puri area. He used to purchase the stolen articles from the accused persons. He had
purchased a silver teapot stolen by the accused in the above said crime through accused Dina
Bandhu Malik. The same has been recovered from his house on his instance.

        Further investigations are on progress.

                                                           ADDL. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE:
                                                          SOUTH EAST DISTRICT, NEW DELHI:

                                                                  DATED MAY 14TH, 2010

                                     PRESS RELEASE


  Major Highlights:

       Six notorious Robbers apprehended
       Recovery of robbed amount
       Handiwork of insider

Sleuth of South East District police unfolded the sensational broad day
light robbery and arrested six persons namely, Inderjeet Singh
Chaudhary S/o Sh. Talewar Singh, aged 28 Yrs., Mahavir Singh Rawat
S/o Pitamber Singh Rawat, aged 25 Yrs. Trilochan Dhyani @ Titu S/o
Ram Charan Dhyani aged 33 Yrs, Karambir Thapa S/o Tulbir Thapa
aged 65 Yrs, Dilshad S/o Idrish aged 28 Yrs and Monu Thapa @ Chotta
Bhai S/o Bam Bahadur, aged 24 Yrs involved in this dreaded act. One of
the accomplices Monu Thapa @ Chotta Bhai is a habitual criminal who
was previously involved in a case of Robbery with Murder and out on bail

Gist of the case:

    On 15.4.10 at about 12.40 PM Kishan Lal S/o Mohan Prasad
employee of Karni Communication Pvt. Ltd., 70 Sant Nagar, New Delhi,
was robbed by three unidentified motorcycle borne assailants at E-Block,
G.K.-II. The assailants robbed the complainant of Rs. 12.84 Lacs after
assaulting him with knife and butt of Desi Katta. A case vide FIR No. 77,
dated 15.4.2010, U/s 394/397/34 IPC was registered at P.S. C.R.Park
and investigation was taken up.


      Special teams comprising of Inspector Anil Dureja, SHO/C.R.Park,
Inspector Harish Kukreti, SHO/Pul Prahlad Pur, Inspector K.P.Malik of
Special Staff, Inspector Sanjay Singh, Inspector Hari Singh, and others
were constituted under the supervision of Sh. Mahi Pal Singh
ACP/Ambedkar Nagar. The teams meticulously and indefatigably

examined each and every aspect of the case to gather information and
further leads. Besides examining the previous BC and listed criminals,
role of some insider was also probed into. Each employee of the
complainant company was thoroughly and painstakingly examined.

    Based on intelligence, Inderjeet Singh Chaudhary, an employee of the
complainant company was zeroed down. Inderjeet Singh Chaudhary has
been working with Karni Communication for more than 2 Yrs. and was
well acquainted with       the functioning of the company including
movement of cash of the company in the banks. He was under debt and
creditors were pressuring him for money. When he was interrogated at
length and confronted with facts, he broke down and spilled the beans.
He along with his childhood friend Mahavir Singh Rawat and Trilochan
Dhyani hatched the conspiracy to loot the money. They in collusion with
Dilshad r/o Sangam Vihar contacted Karambir Thapa who in turn hired
Monu Thapa, Rajan and Vicky for execution of the task. On the fateful
day, Monu Thapa with his associates in two motor cycles and Mahavir
Rawat & Dilshad in another motor cycle visited Karni Communication
office at Sant Nagar where Inderjeet Singh Chaudhary showed the
motor cycle on which Kishan Lal used to carry the cash to the bank
daily. He further informed them that Kishan Lal would leave for the bank
after 12 noon. They all followed Kishan Lal on three motor cycles and
Monu Thapa and his associates Rajan and Vickey robbed Kishan Lal
after brutally assaulting him while others watched the incident from
close by and were to act in case of any exigency to help them. After
commissioning of the task, they reassembled at Tughlakabad near a
school and shared the booty. Six persons namely Inderjeet Singh
Chaudhary, Karambir Thapa, Mahavir Singh Rawat, Trilochan Dhyani,
Dilshad and Monu Thapa have been arrested and Rs.1.5 Lacs have been
recovered from their possession.

                  Further investigation is in progress.

                                                    (Virender Singh) IPS
                                             Addl. Commissioner of Police
                                                      South East District

                   CARTRIDGES RECOVERED

       With the arrest of Narender @ Don, a member of desperate and
hardcore inter-state robbers / car jackers, Special Staff of Outer District has
solved three different cases of firing on police, kidnapping for ransom and
robbery. One Country made pistol with five live cartridges and one empty
cartridge of 315 bore recovered from his possession.


       On 03.2.2010 at about 11:30 AM, HC Mahabir Singh along with Ct.
Govardhan of PS Aman Vihar, Delhi had gone to execute the NBW of accused
Narender @ Don s/o Rajbir Singh at Village Jonti, PS Kanjhawla. When the
accused was apprehended by them, he objected to getting arrested and
called his other associates to wait in a Swift car nearby. One of them opened
fire on the HC Mahabir, resulting in a gunshot injury. The accused with his
associates ran away from the spot. In this regard case FIR No 22/10 u/s
186/353/307/34 IPC was registered at PS Kanjhawla, Delhi.

       After this incident, a team comprising of Insp. Puran Pant, SI Deepak
Malik, SI Sanjay Gade, HCs Narender, Naresh, Jagdish, Virender, Bal Kishan
and HC Abhimanyu, Cts. Praveen, Prem, Krishan, Satbir, Rakesh, Samshar,
Narender, Ramesh and Ct. Sompal under the close supervision of Shri Ved
Prakash, ACP/Ops was constituted to apprehend the Narender @ Don and his

      The team spent many sleepless nights to lay several traps around
suspected hide outs of the accused. The team raided many places in Delhi,
Haryana, Rajasthan and UP to search for the accused and his associates.

       On 13.05.10 at about 03.00 pm, on receipt of secret information about
the movements of Narender @ Don in Mangol Puri area, the team
immediately swung into action and laid a trap near Deep Hyundai Showroom,
Mangol Puri Industrial Area, Delhi. At about 04.00 pm the police party tried
to stop Narender @ Don, who was coming on a motor cycle bearing
registration No. DL-8SAH-0466 from Mangol Puri Industrial area side. On
seeing the police, the accused Narender @ Don hastily took out a Country
made pistol and opened fire on police party. However, the bullet fired by him
could not hit anyone. He was promptly overpowered by the team. One
Country made pistol with five live cartridges and one empty cartridge were
recovered from his possession. A case vide FIR No. 362/10 dated 13.05.10
u/s 186/353/307 IPC & 25/27/54/59 Arms Act was registered at Police
Station Mangol Puri, Delhi.

Narender @ Don, aged 29 years s/o Shri Rajvir, r/o Village Jonti New Delhi.


      During the course of interrogation, the accused disclosed that on
03.02.10, one of his associates opened fire on police officials, who came to
his house for execution of warrant against him.
      He further disclosed that he along with his associates had kidnapped a
lady with her two kids while traveling by car at Shushant Lok, Gurgaon,
Haryana by using two stolen cars i.e. one Swift and another Santro Car. He
had also committed a robbery in Nangloi area with his associates, in which
one of his associates fired on the target and robbed a Lancer car with cash
and other articles.


       Modus operandi of the gang was to rob or steal a vehicle and use the
vehicle for commission of offence. The gang members always keep fire arms
with them and even do not hesitate to open fire on targeted person or police.


       Narender @ Don S/o Sh. Rajvir r/oVillage Jonti, New Delhi (Age-29
Years) has studied up to 8th standard. Previously his nick name was Donny
and in the year 2004 he entered into the world of crime for the first time
when he stole motorbike from Mehrauli area for taking his girl friend for a joy
ride. He was caught 2 months later and he remained in jail for about 3
months. Later, he entered into the world of crime and associated himself with
hard core criminals who started calling him ‘Don’. He was previously
involved in different cases of robbery, theft, car-jacking and Arms Act. He
was considered to be desperate and the most daring member of his gang.


 1.Case FIR No. 793/04 u/s 379 IPC, PS Mehrauli
 2.Case FIR No. 55/05 u/s 379 IPC, PS Mehrauli
 3.Case FIR No. 401/06 u/s 25/54/59 Arms Act, PS Mehrauli
 4.Case FIR No. 44/09 u/s 379 IPC, PS Mangol Puri
 5.Case FIR No. 67/09 u/s 365/34, PS Aman Vihar
 6.Case FIR No. 60/09 u/s 399/402/411/34 IPC & 25/54/59 Arms Act, PS
   Vasant Kunj North

One Country made pistol of 315 Bore.

 1. Five live cartridges.
 2. One used empty cartridge.
 3. One Motor cycle No. DL-8SAH-0466 used for commission of offence.

 1. FIR No. 22/10 u/s 186/353/307/34 IPC, PS Kanjhawala, Delhi.
 2. FIR No. 20/10 u/s 364A/363/34 IPC & 25/54/59 Arms Act, PS Sushant
    Lok, Gurgaron, Haryana.
 3. FIR No. 499/09 u/s 307/397/34 IPC, PS Nangloi, Delhi.

                                                    (CHHAYA SHARMA)

                                                           DCP/OUTER DISTT.
                                                                   DATED 14.5.2010

                                  PRESS RELEASE

                                 OUTER DISTRICT


       With the arrest of 6 persons namely 1)Asif (age 25 yrs) s/o Yunus,            2)
Yakub (24 yrs) s/o Hanif 3) Wasim (19 years) s/o Akram 4) Kailash (20 yrs) s/o
Ghasi Ram 5) Sita Ram (40 yrs) s/o Mool Chand and 6) Salim (30 yrs) s/o Mukeem,
a special team comprising of officials of special staff and police station Vijay Vihar,
Outer District Delhi apprehended a gang of very desperate cow slaughterers. Two
Country made pistols alongwith live cartridges, one delivery van (PIK-UP Van)
several instruments used for killing, cutting and packing the meat has also been
recovered from the accused persons.

      In the recent past a spate of incidents had occurred where animal remains
had been found dumped in various places in Outer district and other districts of Delhi
which used to cause tension in local community. Accordingly, a special team was
formed to apprehend the criminals and strict night patrolling was done.


        On 14.5.2010, an information was received at PS Vijay Vihar that a gang
involved in the commission of such crime would be passing through the area of PS
Khanjhawala to dispose off the cow flesh to some traders in U.P. Acting on the
information a special team comprising of Insp. Swadesh Kumar, SI Jasmohinder
Choudhary, SI Mahavir Singh, HC Surender Dahiya, Rohtash Singh, Naresh Tyagi,
Rajesh, Ct. Hari Chand, Sandeep, Manish, Rakesh, Kuldeep, Pawan immediately
swung into action and laid a trap on Nangloi Rani Khera Road and after lot of chase
managed to apprehend 6 persons engaged in the business of killing cows and selling
their flesh in the market. The team worked very hard

        The criminals tried their level best to run away from the spot in their PIK-UP
Van alongwith the flesh of cows kept in the van. One of them even fired on the
police vehicle due to which the police vehicle was damaged and the raiding party also
got minor injuries while apprehending them but finally six of them                were
apprehended. Pieces of cows’ flesh were also recovered from the PIK-UP Van.
Several implements meant for killing, cutting and packing were also recovered from
the van. Two Country made pistols were also recovered from the criminals. One used
cartridge was also recovered from the barrel of the pistol. Accordingly, a case vide
FIR No. 94/10 dated 14.5.10 u/s 186/353/307/295-A/427/429 IPC &25/27/54/59
Arms Act was registered at PS Khanjhawala Delhi.

1)Asif(age 25 yrs) s/o Yunus, r/o Azrala, PS Mundali, Distt. Meerut, U.P

2Yakub(24 yrs) s/o Hanif, r/o Vill. Dholdia, PS Jani, Distt. Meerut, U.P.

3) Wasim(19 years) s/o Akram r/o Vill. Umari, Distt. Moradabad, U.P.

4) Kailash (20 yrs) s/o Ghasi Ram, r/o Saloli, Teh. Rajgarh, Alwar, Rajasthan.

5) Sita Ram(40 yrs) s/o Mool Chand, r/o Vill. Bigarkha, Teh. Dosa, Rajasthan

6)Salim (30 yrs) s/o Mukeem,r/o Gali No. 1, Shyam Nagar, Meerut.


   1. Two country made pistols alongwith one live cartridge and one used cartridge
   2. One PIK-UP delivery van No. UP-14M7786
   3. One bag containing implements meant for killing, cutting and packing the
   4. A bundle of ropes.
   5. A bag of stones.


        This gang has people from different states and every individual has a different
role to play in this business. A few of them belong to a tribe who are nomads who
keep changing their places from one place to the other. They also keep animals
alongwith them in their ‘DERAS’. While travelling from one place to the other they
also gather cows belonging to none and mix them with their animals and in this
manner they take them to a segregate place. Later these added cows are separated
and are being handed over to different people of the gang who forcibly put them in
the delivery vans, take them to a remote open place(fields, forest, jungle etc) where
their limbs are tied and thus slaughtered. The group is so professional in their
business that they can slaughter 5 to 6 cows in jut15 minutes.


   1.           FIR No. 127/10 dated 12.4.10 PS Vijay Vihar
   2.           FIR No. 149/10 dated 24.4.10 PS Vijay Vihar
   3.           FIR No. 151/10 dated 25.4.10 PS Vijay Vihar
   4.           FIR No. 71/10 dated 23.3.10 PS Begampur
   5.           FIR No. 92/09 dated 1.3.10 PS Nangloi
   6.           FIR No. 276/09 dated 18.7.09 PS Nangloi
   7.           FIRNO. 310/09 dated 10.8.09 PS Nangloi
   8.           FIR NO. 313/09 dated 11.8.09 PS Nangloi
   9.           FIR No. 319/09 dated 18.8.09 PS Nangloi
   10. FIR   No. 11/09 dated 14.1.09 PS Kapashera
   11. FIR   No. 78/09 dated 28.3.09 PS Kapashera
   12. FIR   No. 220/09 dated 3.11.09 PS Kapashera
   13. FIR   No. 221/09 dated 4.11.09 PS Kapashera
   14. FIR   NO. 62/10 dated 26.2.10 PS Dwarka
   15. FIR   No. 13/10 dated 18.2.10 PS Jaffarpur
   16. FIR   No. 31/10 dated 24.4.10 PS Jaffarpur
   17. FIR   No. 24/09 dated 18.1.09 PS Chhawala
   18. FIR   No. 400/09 dated 8.11.09 PS Najafgarh

                                                           (CHHAYA SHARMA)
                                                            DCP/OUTER DISTT.

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