Soft Tissue Management by fanzhongqing


									Soft Tissue Management

                    Bahrain Dental Society
The soft tissue in the oral cavity may be
linked to an outer frame that magnifies and
complements the beauty of the natural
teeth within. Without this outer frame the
color, contrast, and luster of the teeth will
not attain maximum attractiveness.
Clinicians seek to replicate in oral
implantology to give natural tooth
Unlike the natural dentition, a dental
implant is a metallic body inserted into the
jawbone. Therefore its collar does not
receive any blood supply from a
surrounding PDL or any other vessels
Peri-implant Vs. Periodontal
        Gingiva &Bone
                  Alveolar Mucosa

          Comparison of Vascular
  Periodontium                 Peri-implant
Supracrestal vessels     Terminal branches of larger
Vessels from PDL           vessels from periosteum

 Both built a crevicular plexus lateral to the JE.
Aesthetic implant positioning has a direct
influence on the soft tissue profile and final
The more precisely the implant positioned,
the easier it will be to obtain a natural
looking implant supporting restoration in its
soft tissue housing
Accurate diagnosis and treatment planning
set the stage for the timing for all events to
It is important to be able to identify and
classify the existing clinical conditions
whether they are related to hard or soft
tissue origin
 Timing in relation to soft tissue
There are no specific time when management of
peri-implant soft tissue should take place.
Small and Tarnow classified management of the
soft tissue around dental implants in the
aesthetic zone into 4 categories :(1) before
implant placement, (2) during implant
placement, (3) at the time of abutment
connection, and (4) at post-abutment connection
STM before implant placement
To enhance the quantity or the quality of
the soft tissue or to eliminate any existing
soft tissue pathology at the site of imlant
– Optimizing keratinized tissues
– Socket seal
STM during implant placement
One stage vs. two stage
Immediate vs. delayed implant placement
Guided tissue regeneration
  STM at the time of abutment
One stage vs. two stage
STM post-abutment connection
manipulating the soft tissue after the
prosthetic components are connected to
the implant fixture can be called peri-
implant tissue refining and profiling

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