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internet cafe report


									                                          Prepare a report that look at some of the issues
00. Task Outline
                                          involved in setting up and running an internet
                                          café in the greater Brisbane area. Your budget
                                          for the project is $500 000 over 3 years.
                                          The café requires approximately 100 square
                                          metres of floor space (this is twice the size of
                                          C5 computer room)

                                          use the site to
                                          find a shop front or office to setup your internet

                                                 You will need to get a price to lease or
01. Location of the Cafe                          rent the premises for a year.
                                                 You will need to get an image of the
                                                  premises you will be using.
                                                 You will need to get a map showing an
                                                  approximate location for your Cafe.

                                          Explain how someone would get to your cafe
                                          using public transport from St Patrick's College.
                                          Explain where you think your customers will
                                          come from to use your cafe.
                                          Internet Access for the café:
                                          The café needs internet access for the
                                          customers to be able to access the internet.
                                          Upload speeds are very important for the cafe.
                                          For this reason we will only choose SDSL or
                                          You will need to choose speeds of at least
                                          10Mbs for upload and download.
                                          You will also need to find an unlimited amount
                                          of downloads for the month with no throttling
                                          of speeds when going over the download limit.

                                          NOTE: For further information look at
02. Internet Access for the café.

                                          Give details about the internet plan you choose
                                          and give details about the speed, download
                                          limits and setup costs and ongoing costs.


                                                 What will customers be uploading and
                                                 Why is upload speed so important for
                                                  the cafe customers?
                                                 Why should there be no throttling of
                                                  speeds by the internet provider

                                          Specifying the Workstations
03. Specifying the Workstation Hardware   What are the main uses for the computers at
                                          the café?
                                          What are the main features that people will
                                          expect from the computers?
                                          Is it important for all the computers to have the
                                          same specifications? Why?

                                          Items to be considered when choosing the
                                          computers for the internet cafe:

                                                 What are the main uses for the
                                                  computers at the cafe?
                                                 What are the main features that people
                                                  will expect from their computers?
                                                 Decide on the number of computers for
                                                  your cafe (remember that 32
                                                  computers fit easily into C5 which is 65
                                                  square metres.)
                                                 Should all the specifications be the
                                                  same for all the computers? Why would
                                                  this be useful?
                                                 Should they be gaming, basic,
                                                  multimedia or a mixture?
                                                 Should you buy Headphone or speakers
                                                 Should the computers be name brand
                                                  eg. Dell or Apple or built up from a
                                                  store eg. Umart.
                                                 Decide on suitable CPU, RAM, Hard
                                                  drive, video card??, monitor size
                                                 Decide on network options
                                                 Warranty must be 3 years

                                          Further information look at


                                          ITEMS REQUIRED FOR THE REPORT
                                          A quote showing all the components that make
                                          up the computer system by selecting the quote
                                          and copying into Word.
                                          Explain in 50 words why the system you have
                                          chosen makes a good choice for your internet
                                          gaming café.
                                          The computers in the cafe will require software
                                          to be loaded up on them. Examples of this
                                          software include:

04. Specifying the Workstation Software
                                                 Office Applications (Word, Excel etc)
                                                 Adobe Reader / Flash Player
                                                 Graphics /Photo Software
                                                 Games
                                                 Instant Messenger Programs (Skype)
                                                 Browsers to surf the internet
                                                 CD / DVD Authoring Software
                                                          Media / Music / Video Players
                                                          Virus Checking Software

                                                 Find a paid version of each type of software
                                                 and a free version of each type
                                                 Explain what each of these programs allows the
                                                 customer to do.
                                                 Add any other software you think is necessary.

                                                 Look up 3 Internet Cafe's that are found around Australia
                                                 and then look at 2 internet cafe's that are located overseas.

                                                 Find out about the following items:

                                                          Location and name of the Cafe
05. Looking at Internet Cafes around the world            Screenshot of their homepage.
                                                          Costs to use the cafe.
                                                          Extra services offered (eg. printing, copying)
                                                          Hours cafe is open
                                                          Any special features.

                                                 The internet cafe will be functioning as a simple cafe that
                                                 can serve simple drinks and food.
                                                 Equipment that will be required to do this includes:

                                                          Glass door Fridge
                                                          Coffee machine (business not home use)
                                                          Microwave
                                                          Food warmer box (glass windowed box for food)
                                                          POS (point of sale) system
                                                          Barcode Scanner

                                                 Furniture that will be required for your cafe includes:

                                                          Swivel chairs with backrests and armrests plus
06. Cafe Extras & Furniture                                some spares
                                                          Individual workstation desks
                                                          Front counter
                                                          Sofa chairs 1 and 2 person
                                                          Round or square café tables
                                                          Printer / scanner / Disk duplication desks


                                                 Decide on furniture for the café and discuss why the
                                                 furniture was chosen. Find images and prices of the
                                                 furniture and cafe extras you have chosen and calculate
                                                 the total cost of furnishing your café.

                                                 Floorplan of the Internet Café
                                                 Use a drawing program such as Microsoft Visio
07. Floorplan of the Internet Cafe               to show a floor plan of your proposed Internet
                                                 Café showing all the main features that it will
                                 What points need to be considered when
                                 drawing the floorplan for the café?

                                 At a minimum it should show the entrance
                                 area, counter area, workstations, server and
                                 café area. Include furniture you have chosen
                                 for the café as well as the cafe extras.

                                 Provide labelling showing the different sections
                                 of your cafe and also give your layout a Title.
                                 Server Hardware
                                 The cafe computers will be controleed by the
                                 server computer.
                                 Some software that will be required by the
                                 server include:

                                        SQUID (free proxy software, controls
                                         access to the net, controls speeds for
                                         different users to the net, control
                                         computers that can access the net)
                                        WINGATE (windows version of SQUID)
                                        GIAI (printer charging software,
                                         different prices for different print jobs)
                                        HotSpot( product that is able to
                                         combine all the above products into 1 )

                                 Find how each product will benefit the café.
                                 (Why do we need it?)
                                 Get screenshots for products offered by
                                 Hotspot software.
                                 Find licencing costs for using
08. Server Hardware & Software
                                 You also require some networking equipment

                                        We require 2 switches (why?)
                                        We require 2 Wireless access points
                                        B & W Laser Printers,
                                        Scanner,
                                        CD Duplicator,
                                        POS,
                                        fax

                                 All of the above devices will be attached to the
                                 main switch. Draw a network diagram using
                                 visio showing all connections (including your
                                   Construct a spreadsheet that shows how much
                                   money will be required to do a partial setup of
                                   an internet café. List down the different
                                   categories where your money goes and be as
                                   specific as possible.

09. Budget for the Internet Cafe
                                   Decide on the amount of money that customers
                                   will be charged to use the facilities. Look at
                                   other café’s to see what prices they charge and
                                   also what types of specials they offer.

                                   List some items that have not been budgeted
                                   for in our proposal that would need to be
                                   included in a real proposal to be more realistic.
                                   Format of the Report.
                                   Prepare a report using the following guidelines:
                                   • A title page with your name, subject and title
10. Final format for the report
                                   of your report.
                                   • Contents page with each of the sections
                                   • Each section should have a title with the
                                   information listed to complete each section.

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