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					Title      Subtitle Edition              Author                      Short
                                                       Publication Date Description Catalogue Copy         Contents
           Text and Readings Edition
                        Second                                 2009 This book is a hybrid of text and readings, providing both origi
Sociological Theory in the Classical EraLaura Desfor Edles and Scott Appelrouth                            of text and readings, provide
                                                                                              This hybrid Introduction: WHAT Is Sociol
           Marx, Weber, Sociology
                        Second Edition John A Hughes, Wes Sharrock and Peter J Martin : `Totally First Edition Sociology's Int
Understanding ClassicalDurkheim                                                               Praise       Introduction \ 'Totally reliab
                                                               2003 Praise for the First Edition for the reliable the :authors have
Key Concepts in Classical Social Theory  Alex Law                                              entries introduce, explain and contextua
                                                                                                           individual entries introduce,
                                                               2010 This book's individualThis book's Introduction: Classical Social
           Formations Second Edition Thought
Marx, Durkheim, WeberModern SocialKen Morrison                                                A thoroughly revised and expanded For
                                                                                                           to classical INTRODUCTION \
                                                               2006 `This is an excellent introduction PART ONE: social theory.editi
                        Seventh Edition Jonathan H. Turner, Leonard Beeghley and CharlesthisPowers Rise of Theoretical Socio
The Emergence of Social Theory                                                                This book covers the covers the first one
                                                             Jan-12 Now published by SAGE, H. scholarly textfirst 100 years of so
           Text and Readings Edition Scott A. Appelrouth2011 Laura Desfor Edles This hybrid Introduction \ PART ONE: FO
Classical and Contemporary Sociological Theory                                                             of text Theory is a "hybrid" b
                                                                and Classical and Contemporary Sociologicaland readings, combin
           Text and Readings Edition Scott Appelrouth and Laura Desfor Edles
Sociological Theory in the Contemporary Era                                                    the Contemporary Era: Text and Readin
                                                                                                           Introduction \ social Is Socio
                                                               2011 Sociological Theory inA new edition of a popular WHAT theory
Understanding SocialSecond Edition Derek Layder                                                challengingA Map of challenging The Or
                                                                                                            and provocative and and pr
                                                               2005 'This is a robust text - 'This is a robust text -the Terrain: one wh
                                                                                              This book closely examinesand Mills ando
                                                                                                           C. Wright Mills the writings
The Social Thought of C. Wright Mills A Javier Trevino 2011 This book closely examines the writings of C. Wright Postwar A
           International Theory          Derek
French Post-War SocialKnowledge Transfer Robbins                                              'Derek this Introduction: Background Co
                                                                                                           book explores the trans-cultu
                                                               2011 Detailed, timely and original Robbins has shown, once again, t
Structure and Agency    Four-Volume Set Mike O'Donnell                                        The relationship of Modernity, collective
                                                                                                            Part 1: social structure to ind
                                                               2010 The relationship of social structure to individual and Sociology
           Condensed Second Edition Jeanne H Ballantine and Keith A.brief text, two This is a of the Teaching Sociology movem
Our Social World        Version                             Dec-11 In this Roberts                         PART I. Understanding Our t
                                                                                              leaders revised and updated edition ofSo
           Introduction to SociologyMedia UpdateBallantine and Keith A. Roberts of Our Social World: Introduction to Sociolog
Our Social World        Third Edition    Jeanne H.             2011 The Third Edition                      PART I. UNDERSTANDING po
                                                                                              This is an updated Media Edition of a OU
           Introduction to Sociology, Media H. Ballantine and Keith A. Roberts Media Update of Our Social World:popular f
                        Updated Edition
Our Social World Interactive E-Book3eJeanne Edition            2011 The Third Edition         An updated Media Edition of a Introduc
                        Ninth Edition     Everyday Life
SociologyExploring the Architecture of David M. Newman                                        Continuing his tradition of highly engagin
                                                             Jan-12 . The intro textbook that keeps students reading. Continuing h
            (reader) Ninth Edition        Everyday Life ReadingsJodi O'Brien
                                                              and                             This carefully edited focuses on everyda
SociologyExploring the Architecture of David M Newman Jul-12 This carefully edited companion anthologycompanion antholo
                        Seventh Edition George Ritzer Aug-12 George Ritzer s McDonaldization 1. An Introduction to McDon
The McDonaldization of Society 7                                                                            of Society , now celebrating
                                                                                              George Ritzer s McDonaldization of Socie
Key Concepts in Sociology                Peter Braham Nov-12                                  Sociology consists of a myriad of concep
Post Industrial Society Four-Volume Set Barry Smart                                           This major collection brings together con
                                                                                                            VOLUME 1 \ Barry Smart In
                                                               2010 The idea of post-industrial society and a constellation of rela
           Tradition and for the 21st Century Kalekin-FishmanOver Ann past century, the field of sociologyContributors \ soci
The Shape of SociologyRenewal            Devorah             Apr-12 and the Denis                          About the vision, great Dev
                                                                                              'With a comprehensivehas experienced e
15 Disturbing Things We Need to Know     James Crone                                          This is an anthology ofsupplementary anM
                                                                                                            Know is a 15 'disturbing' \
                                                            Aug-12 15 Disturbing Things We Need toJames Crone Introductionart
           Classical Life Edition
                        Fifth            Peter Revisited 2011 Illuminating Social Life has enjoyed increasing popularity incre
Illuminating Socialand Contemporary TheoryKivisto                                                           Social to has enjoyed with
                                                                                              IlluminatingPrefaceLifethe Fifth Edition \
            Today                        Arnaud Sales                                         This collection effectively mirrors the div
                                                                                                           PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \
SociologySocial Transformations in a Globalizing World Aug-12 We are living in a turbulent world marked by fast, continuous
           Sociology, Social Change, andKathleen Odell Korgen, Jonathan Mprovides vivid examples of Sociological Perspective
Sociologists in Action                     Social Justice                                      Shelley White how sociologists are how
                                                               2011 This book White and This book provides vivid examples ofusin
                        Seven-Volume Setacob John Kattakayam Studies in Indian Sociology is anIndian Sociology is an of schola
Studies in Indian Sociology              J                     2011                                         VOLUME collection invaluab
                                                                                              Studies in invaluable ONE: INDIAN SOCIO
           Community, Policy, and Social Action
Social Problems         Third Edition                          2                                this popular book, Anna Leon-Guerrero
                                                                                                            Edition of SOCIAL PROBLEM
                                         Anna Leon-Guerrero010 In the Third Edition ofIn the ThirdPART ONE:this popular book,
Discovering Statistics Using R                              Mar-12 and Zoë Field DiscoveringWhy to Discovering Statistic
                                                                                                            Statistics Evil Lecturer Forci
                                         Andy Field, Jeremy Miles Watch Andy Field's introductory videoIs MyUsing R takes stude
                         Using SPSS
Discovering StatisticsThird Edition      Andy Field                                           Fully revised and restructured, this latest
                                                                                                           Preface has introduced impo
                                                               2009 . . 'In this brilliant new edition Andy Field Introduction \ What’
                                                                                              This to statistics, the text to statistics p
                                                                                                           SPSS Prefix: General Overview
Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences Gregory J Privitera 2011 . An engaging introductionengaging introductionprovides read
                        Diverse Society Chava Frankfort-Nachmias and Anna Leon-Guerrero Statistics for a Diverse Society, Sixt
Social Statistics for a Sixth Edition                                                         The new The of this bestselling of Sta
                                                               2011 The basic premise of Social editionWhat and the Why text c
                        Second Edition Rachad                                                   Interpreting resource for students anal
                                                                                                           The Basic Language with IBM
Interpreting Quantitative Data with IBM SPSS AntoniusNov-12 The Second Edition ofAn invaluableQuantitative Data of Statist
            Quantitative Methods
Teaching Getting the Basics Right                              2011 This exciting             This exciting collection clearly lays out th
                                                                                                           Geoff Payne and clearly lays
                                         Geoff Payne and Malcolm Williams collection is both useful and timely. ItMalcolm W
           for Research Third Edition
Statistics With a Guide to SPSS                                                               This fully updatedfor Research explains s
                                                                                                           PART edition INTRODUCTIO
                                         George Argyrous 2011 . This fully updated edition of StatisticsONE: ANexplains statist
           A Guide Third Edition         Johnny             Aug-12 This book is a comprehensive guidecomprehensive guideresea
                                                                                              This          a to the whole survey to th
Designing Surveysto Decisions and ProceduresBlair, Edward A. Blair and Ronald F. Czaja book isSurvey Praxis \ Survey Error
                                                                                              Designing and Doing introduction toThen
                                                                                                           Survey Research Design: is a
Designing and Doing Survey Research Lesley Andres Mar-12 Designing and Doing Survey Research is anSurvey Researchthe
A Companion to Survey Research                                                                This book isThe Standard Model of intro
                                                                                                            a introduction to doing surv
                                         Michael OrnsteinNov-12 This book is a complete and critical complete and critical Surve
           Choosing and Research
                        Third Five Approaches
                                         John                                                 In this ThirdIntroduction W. Creswell ex
                                                                                                            Edition John Philosophical
Qualitative Inquiry Among EditionDesign W. CreswellMay-12 In this Third Edition of his bestselling text of his\bestselling tex
                        Fourth Edition David Silverman 2011 Lecturers, click here to request an e-inspection copy of this tex
Interpreting Qualitative Data                                                                              PART book for any AND MET
                                                                                              This is the perfectONE: THEORY student n
Qualitative ResearchThird Edition                                                             This hugely PART ONE:textbook has been
                                                                                                           successful inspection copy
                                         David Silverman 2010 Lecturers, click here to request an electronicINTRODUCTION T
                        Second Edition Kathy Charmaz Nov-12 This is the second edition SecondAn Invitationgroundbreaking
Constructing Grounded Theory                                                                                Edition of Kathy Charmaz's g
                                                                                              The of Kathy Charmaz's to Grounded Th
                        of Qualitative Norman                  2011 Presenting the            Presenting the state K the art for Yvonn
                                                                                                             the theory and practice of q
The SAGE Handbook Fourth Edition Research K Denzin and Yvonna S Lincoln state of the art forNorman ofDenzin and the th
Interpreting Interviews                  Mats Alvesson                                        Researchers conducting interviews in the
                                                                                                           Introduction \ sciences Inter
                                                               2010 Researchers conducting interviews in the social Views on quick
            Handbook Second Edition Amir
                         Method                              Apr-12 The new edition of this landmarkJay Gubriumlandmark volume
                                                                                              The new edition of this and James dyna
                                                                                                            volume emphasizes the
The SAGEContext andof Interview Research Marvasti, James A Holstein, Jaber F Gubrium and Karyn D McKinney MarvastiHolst
            Methodology Qualitative Mats Alvesson and 2009 Praise for the First Edition : ' Reflexive Methodology is a textb
ReflexiveNew Vistas Second Edition Research                    Kaj Sköldberg                          Introduction: The Intellectua
                                                                                              Reflexive Methodology established itself
           Practical Strategies
Qualitative Data Analysis                Patricia Bazeley Dec-12                                           PART ONE: PLANNING book
                                                                                              Written clearly and accessibly, thisTHE RO
           Working in Everyday Life Svend Brinkmann Jul-12 This book is a "survival guide" forIntroduction: Makingand rese
Qualitative Inquirywith Everyday Life Materials                                                              guide' for students Less wh
                                                                                              The 'survivalstudents and researchers M
         Mystery as and Theory Development
Qualitative ResearchMethod                                  Dan Empirical                Empirical data is one of the cornerstones
                                                                                                      The Use knowledge in the
                                        Mats Alvesson and 2011Karreman data is one of the cornerstones of Empirical Materia
Working with Spoken Discourse                                                             Discourse provides a Discourse provides
                                                                                                      PART ONE: PRELIMINARIES \
                                        Deborah Cameron 2001 Working with SpokenWorking with Spoken comprehensive acc
Researching the VisualSecond Edition Michael Emmison     Nov-12                                        the contributions of tradition
                                                                                         Drawing onIntroduction \ Current Trend
         Doing                           Online                                          This exciting textusing online communitie
                                                                                                      now is and Communities th
Netnography Ethnographic ResearchRobert V Kozinets 2009 With as many as 1 billion people Culturesthe first to explore O
         An Introduction to Researching withRose Materials . . The new edition of 'Substantially updated to critical the third
Visual Methodologies  Third Edition     Gillian Visual      2011                                      Preface: introducing a wide
                                                                                          Gillian Rose's bestselling includeintroduc
         An Introduction                VS Verlag
Doing Discourse Researchfor Social Scientists            Dec-12                                       The Current Relevance to th
                                                                                         This book provides an introductionof Dis
                      Second Edition Johnny Saldana Oct-12 The second edition ofThe second An a's internationalCodes and
The Coding Manual for Qualitative Researchers                                                          edition of Johnny bestseller
                                                                                           Johnny Salda Introduction toSalda a's in
         A Practical Guide              Cathy                                            Based on do we code andUnderstanding
                                                                                                      Introduction \ experience w
Grounded Theory for Qualitative Research Urquhart Nov-12 What is grounded theory? Howthe author's own theorize using
                      Third Edition
Researching Society and Culture         Clive Seale                                      Clear, coherent and the perfect book to
                                                                                                      Clive Seale Introduction and
                                                         Dec-11 . . Clear, coherent and trusted this book istrusted, this guide isG
         Methods of Social Edition Daniel F. Chambliss and Russell K.Sense of the Social World, fourth editionto anSocial Re
Making Sense of the FourthWorld                          Mar-12 Making Schutt                         Science, Society and engagin
                                                                                         This engaging introduction is social rese
         The ProcessSeventh
                       and Practice of Russell K.                                        This Seventh Edition continues to make r
                                                                                                       methods, applied to engagin
Investigating the Social WorldEdition Research Schutt Dec-11 . The most cutting-edge researchScience, Society and Social Re
                      Methodology Peter Clough and Feb-12Nutbrown Edition of this hugely Edition ONE: provides popular t
A Student's Guide to Third Edition                        Cathy The Third                             PART text RESEARCH IS MET
                                                                                         The Third popularof this hugely students
         A Practical Introduction
Social Research                                             2011 Original, fresh and relevant this is a theoretically-informed pra
                                        Bruce Curtis and Cate Curtis                                  PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \
                                                                                         Original, fresh and relevant, this is a theo
         An Introduction Edition Matthew David and CaroleThe perfect book forThis new edition of Matthew David and R
Social Research       Second                                2010 . D Sutton                           PART ONE: STARTING YOUR
                                                                                           any student taking a research methods C
                      Third Edition
Researching Social Life                 Nigel Gilbert                                    this excellent guide Nigel Conceptualizin
                                                                                                      Geoff Cooper Gilbert's hugel
                                                            2008 . `This new edition of The Third Edition of maintains the standa
                      Third Edition                         2009 There is virtually no way to complete one's The Nature and U
                                                                                         There is virtually no way to complete on
                                                                                                      PART ONE:
Reading and Understanding Research Lawrence F Locke, Stephen J Silverman and Waneen Wyrick Spirdusoeducation without
         An Introduction to Its Methodology
Content Analysis      Third Edition                       J                              of the First Edition of Content Analysis: A
                                                                                                      Introduction \ PART ONE: CO
                                        Klaus Krippendorffun-12 Since the publication The Third Edition of Content Analysis rem
Comparative-Historical Research Methods                                                  This bright, Comparative-Historical a tho
                                                                                                      engaging title provides Meth
                                        Matthew Lange Nov-12 This bright, engaging title provides a thorough and integrated
Doing Excellent Small-Scale Research Derek Layder                                        In this inspiring and engaging book, how
                                                                                                      Overview project? And read
                                                         Nov-12 How do you conduct a small-scale researchof the Adaptive Ap
                                        Gayle Letherby, John Scott and Malcolm Williams are key concepts in The Philosoph
Objectivity and Subjectivity in Social Research                                          Objectivity and subjectivity are key conc
                                                         Oct-12 Objectivity and subjectivity          Introduction \ social research
                                        Martino Maggetti, Claudio Radaelli and Fabrizio Gilardi both qualitativeWhat Is at Stak
Designing Research in the Social Sciences                                                Covering Introduction: and quantitativ
                                                         Nov-12 This innovative research design text will help you make inform
         Key Debates and Methods in WendyResearch 2011 'Written with freshness and energy, this livelyand energy, this
Data Collection                         Social Olsen                                                  PART ONE: guide to data co
                                                                                         'Written with freshnessDATA COLLECTIO
         Thinking Creatively about Method Mason and2010 Jennifer Mason and Angela Dale's book seeks to set outbookD
Understanding Social Research           Jennifer             Angela Dale                              Jennifer Angela Dale's cuttin
                                                                                         Jennifer Mason and Mason and Angela s
         A Step-by-Step
                      Second Edition Diana
The Literature Review Guide for Students Ridley                                          The SecondIntroduction: What Is A the L
                                                                                                       Edition of Diana Ridley's bes
                                                           Jul-12 This second edition of Diana Ridley's bestselling guide to Litera
                      Research Proposals
Developing Effective Second Edition Keith F Punch                                        Keith F Punch's and thorough Proposal:
                                                                                                      Introduction \ The preparatio
                                                            2006 Successful research requires effectiveupdate of his indispensab
           Handbook Second Edition Peter
                      of Action Research                    2007 'For anyone seeking to create meaningONE:of life, inspire othe
The SAGEParticipative Inquiry and Practice Reason and Hilary Bradbury                                  thinking GROUNDINGS \ P
                                                                                         'For anyonePART outabout or doing actio
Encyclopedia of Social Networks         George Barnett                                   This two-volume encyclopediaintroducti
                                                                                                      Zachary thorough provides
                                                            2011 This two-volume encyclopedia provides aNeal \Zachary Neal \
Analyzing Social Networks                                Nov-12                          Written by a stellar \ Introduction \ Basi
                                        Steve Borgatti, Martin Everett and Jeffrey Johnson            Preface team of experts, Ana
         History, Theory
Social Network Analysis and Methodology Christina Prell                                  'This book fills an important and in Socia
                                                                                                      Introduction: What Are the s
                                                            2011 We live in a world that is paradoxically both small void vast; ea
                                        John Scott          2011 This sparkling Handbook offers an unrivalled resource forresou
The SAGE Handbook of Social Network Analysis and Peter Carrington                                     Peter J. Carrington and thos
                                                                                         This Handbook offers an unrivalled John
Social Network Analysis Edition         John Scott                                       The Third Edition of this bestselling the
                                                                                                      List of Figures Preface revised
                                                         Nov-12 The Third Edition of this best-selling text has been fully totext
                      Four-Volume Set Christine Hine Oct-12 The new social contexts formed via the Internet,\and theONE:I
Virtual Research Methods                                                                               VOLUME ONE PART new
                                                                                         The new social contexts formed via the
Small World Researchour Volumes Sebastian Schnettler                                      started about fifty years ago with an ide
                                                                                                        research started about fifty
                                                         Oct-12 Small-world research Small-world VOLUME ONE: THE SMALL-W
                      Four-Volume Set                    Sep-12 It is no                 It say that virtually allONE: that virtually
                                                                                                       VOLUME quantitative resea
Correlation and Regression Analysis W Paul Vogt and Burke Johnson exaggeration to is no exaggeration to say REGRESSION
Focus Group Research                                                                     Focus widely accepted, and legitimate
                                                                                                       VOLUME ONE \ PART accep
                                        Graham Walden Sep-12 Focus groups are a popular,groups are a popular, widelyONE:re
                      Four-Volume Set                       2009 This collection brings together the key publications the key pu
                                                                                                      Volume 1: Issues in the Analy
The Secondary Analysis of Survey DataMartin Bulmer, Patrick J Sturgis and Nick AllumThis collection brings togetheron the sec
Cluster Analysis                                          Jan-12 Cluster analysis is a family of techniques that sorts - or morean
                      Four-Volume Set David Byrne and Emma Uprichard                                   VOLUME ONE: THE CLASSICS
                                                                                         Bringing work on classification, cluster a
Methods of Interpretive Sociology Set Matthew David                                      The development in terms of psycholog
                                                                                                       VOLUME 1 interpretive or v
                                                            2010 Should cultural meaning be understoodof an \ SECTION ONE:
                      Four-Volume Set Nigel Gilbert
Computational Social Science                                                             science is an approach \the essential wri
                                                                                                       VOLUME 1 Introduction \
                                                            2010 Computational social This set brings togetherincreasingly influe
                                                            2010 Ethnomethodology isPart One: BackgroundBackground on Soc
Ethnomethodology Four-Volume Set Michael Lynch and Wes Sharrock                                       Section 1: on Social Scientific
                                                                                          an approach to sociological research fou
Event History AnalysisFour-Volume Set Lawrence Wu                                         is an umbrella term for\aOverviews \ La
                                                                                                       VOLUME 1 set of procedu
                                                            2011 Event history analysisOver the last two decades, event history
                      Third Edition
The Cultural Industries                                  Nov-12 The first two editions The first two editions of The Cultural \the
                                        David Hesmondhalgh                                            Boxes, tables scrutinized Pr
                                                                                          of The Cultural Industriesand figures Ind
         From Creative Practice
Introducing theTheory to Industries Rosamund DaviesJan-13  and Gauti Sigthorsson                      Introduction The Creative E
                                                                                         With so much talk about\the creative ind
         Culture and Policy
The Creative Industries                 Terry Flew                                       This book sets the agenda Origins commu
                                                                                                      Introduction \ for in of Crea
                                                            2011 The rise of creative industries requires new thinkingdebates ab
Publishing rinciples and Practice                                                         Publishing is a remarkable achievement
                                                                                                      Introduction \ A History of st
                                        Richard Guthrie 2011 'Absolutely first rate..'An indispensable and highly-readable Bo
         Industries, Images,Edition David Croteau, William Hoynessociety saturated by mass media,ONE: MEDIA//SOCIETY
Media/Society         Fourth and Audiences                                               IntroducingPART from newspapers andi
                                                            2011 . In a and Stefania Milan             students to a sociologically
Understanding New Media                                                                  New media Understanding New with so\
                                                                                                       are so many technological
                                        Eugenia Siapera 2011 New media are everywhere, yet with everywhere, yetMedia d
           An Introduction
Media, Culture and Society                Paul Hodkinson                                    'In his clear Introduction: Media, and bro
                                                                                                           and broad-ranging account o
                                                               2010 'In his beautifully balanced, beautifully balanced, clear Culture
Understanding Digital Culture             Vincent Miller                                     another book on Internet studies. Tracin
                                                                                                          Introduction \ Revolutionary
                                                               2011 This is more than just'Vincent Miller's book provides a very go
Key Concepts in Media and Communications                       2011 This                    This book covers the key concepts centra
                                                                                                          Articulation \ Audience \ Bro
                                          Paul Jones and David Holmes book covers the key concepts central to understanding re
The Network SocietyThird Edition          Jan van Dijk                                      The Network Society is now, more than e
                                                                                                          Introduction: A New Infrastru
                                                             Apr-12 The Network Society is now more than ever the essential guid
           Theory        Practice
Cultural Studies and Fourth Edition Chris Barker                                            'Has been, for many previous editionsbe
                                                                                                          PART ONE: CULTURE AND th
                                                            Dec-11 . Building upon the scope and authority ofyears, one of the CU
What's Become of Cultural Studies? Graeme Turner                                            'Graeme Turner is one of the most into a
                                                                                                          book draws the reader Cultu
                                                               2011 This original, sharp and engaging Introduction: Practisingrema
                        Second Edition
How to Do Media and Cultural StudiesJane Stokes                                               this student favouritethis student favou
                                                                                                           Edition \ takes readers thr
                                                            Nov-12 The Second Edition ofThe SecondPreface ofIntroduction \ PAR
Doing Cultural Theory                                                                         is a textbook and a toolkit that Studies:
                                                                                                          Introducing Cultural teaches
                                          David Walton Mar-12 Doing Cultural Theory'Accessible and insightful throughout; of
           Cultural Second Edition Signifying Jessica Evans Since 1997 Representation 1997,Stuart Hall The Workbeen the
Representation Representations andStuart Hall,Practices     Nov-12 and Sean Nixon                          Representation has of Repr
                                                                                            Since has been the go-to textbook for st
           A Critical Introduction
Understanding Foucault                                       Jan-12 Michel Foucault is 'An outstandingly good introduction to F
                                                                                                          as one of of most importan
                        Second Edition Tony Schirato, Geoff Danaher and Jen Webbnow regarded QuestionstheMethod \ Powe
           Everyday Life
Situating Practices and Places            Sarah Pink                                        The is fundamental to our understandin
                                                                                                          Introduction: (Re)Thinking ab
                                                             Apr-12 The study of everyday lifestudy of everyday life is fundamenta
Popular Music Trends & TrajectoriesTara Brabazon                                            This is the Music to be written after the s
                                                                                                          Introduction: Walking on the
                                                               2011 This is the first textbook on Pop first textbook on pop music to
Popular Music           Four-Volume Set Chris Rojek                                         This social science perspectives ofAND T
                                                                                                           VOLUME 1: HISTORY popul
                                                               2011 This collection focuses on collection launches from the cultura
           Everyday Life Practice
The Dynamics of Social and how it Changes                   Mika Pantzar and Matt defined   Everyday life is defined and characterize
                                                                                                          The Dynamics of Social Pract
                                          Elizabeth Shove, May-12 Everyday life is Watson and characterised by the rise, transfor
Consumption             Four-Volume Set Alan Warde                                          Consumption is a core issue for all discip
                                                                                                          VOLUME 1: studying 'culture
                                                               2010 Consumption is a core issue for all disciplinesTHEORETICAL AN
                        Three-Volume D                                                      The three-volume Encyclopedia of Consu
Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture Set ale Southerton 2011 The three-volume Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture covers c
           Heritage, Memory
Cultures and Globalization and Identity                        2011 'This volume of one 'This most comprehensive in the field. It
                                                                                                          Pierre Nora Foreword Yudh
                                          Helmut K Anheier and Yudhishthir Raj Isar of the volume is of one of the most\compr
           A New Social                   Margaret
Affect and Emotion Science Understanding Wetherell                                          has been a huge surge of beenLines affe
                                                                                                          Introducing Affect: a in of A
                                                             Feb-12 In recent years there In recent years, there hasinteresthuge su
The SAGE Handbook of Identities                                2010 Increasingly, identities are
                                                                                            Increasingly, for interdisciplinary initiativ
                                                                                                          Introduction \ the site for in
                                          Margaret Wetherell and Chandra Talpade Mohanty the site identities areMargaret Wet
Encyclopedia of Identity                                                                     is discussion of nationhood, race, fami
                                                                                                          Richard it is a discussion of n
                        Two-Volume Set Ronald L Jackson II 2010 No matter whether itNoamatter whether Lanigan \Lawrence F
Self and Identity                                              2011 Baumeister                the 'Self' has been a major theme togeth
                                                                                                           VOLUME ONE: brings throu
                        Four-Volume Set Kathleen Vohs and Roy F Although the study ofThis four-volume collectionSELF-CONCEP
           Essays and Readings on
                        Fifth             Jodi O'Brien
The Production of Reality Edition Social Interaction                                        This has been distinguished distinguished
                                                                                                          Preface \ PART ONE: INTRO
                                                               2010 This popular text//reader popular text//reader is by the engag
           A Multidisciplinary Edition Teun                                                 'Teun A VanTeun has managed to edit a
                                                                                                            Dijk A Van Dijk Introduction
Discourse Studies Second Introduction A Van Dijk 2011 Discourse Studies is the largest, most complete, most diverse v
Intercultural Communication & Ideology    Adrian Holliday                                   'A must-read to those interested in soc
                                                                                                          Preface and methodology \ K
                                                               2010 Although communication is centralfor the humanities and und
The SAGE Handbook of Sociolinguistics                          2010 'A superb volume Kerswill
                                                                                            The Handbook is Wodak,of unprecedente
                                                                                                          Ruth a work Barbara Johnsto
                                          Ruth Wodak, Barbara Johnstone and Paul Ethat weaves together the complex threads o
                        Four-Volume Set Paul James
Globalization and Culture                                                                   The third set in theby Paul James 'globa
                                                                                                           Edited Central Currents in G
                                                               2009 Central Currents in Globalization Series: The concept ofand Joh
British Social Attitudes 28                                 Dec-11 The annual British Social Phillips JohnDavid carried
                                                                                            '..Invaluableand Curtice Bridging by Gul
                                                                                                             survey of the national Brit
                                          Alison Park, Elizabeth Clery, John Curtice, MirandaAttitudessurveys is Utting outthemoo
           Metaphorical Journeys
                        Fifth Edition     Martin J. Gannon and Rajnandini Pillai, Professor, California Fifth Edition , authors Fifth E
                                                            May-12 In Understanding Global Cultures, State University, San Marti
                                                                                              and Diversity
                                                                                                          Preface: Understanding Cultu
Understanding Global Cultures Through 30 Nations, Clusters of Nations, Continents,In Understanding Global Cultures , Marco
                        Fourth Edition Wendy                                                In today's world, both are changingDiam
                                                                                                          Culture and the Cultural mor
Cultures and Societies in a Changing World Griswold Mar-12 In today's world, both cultures and societiescultures and socie
Social Change                             Garth Massey                                       and informative, informative exploratio
                                                                                                          The Personal Experience of S
                                                               2011 This text is accessible An accessible andacquainting students in
           A Global Social Change
                        Fifth Edition
Development and Perspective                                                                 This book examines narrative and examin
                                                                                                          Preface the project of global
                                          Philip McMichael Jan-12 Explores development through historical to the Fifth Edition \
           An Encyclopedia
                         the Middle East, Andrea L Africa Mar-12 In our age of globalization and multiculturalism, it concise info
                                                                                            These four volumes Heern has never b
                                                                                                          Zackery present
Cultural Sociology of Four-Volume Set Asia, and Stanton, Edward Ramsamy, Peter J Seybolt and Carolyn M ElliotMinority Relig
How Societies Changeecond Edition Daniel Chirot                                             An exploration changed over the past S
                                                                                                          Evolution and Early have cha
                                                               2011 An exploration of how societies haveof how societiesHuman fi
Cities in a World Economy Edition Saskia Sassen                                             This bestselling book Production inhow G
                                                                                                          World Economy shows the
                                                               2011 . The Fourth Edition of Cities in a Place and shows how certainc
For Space                                 Doreen Massey                                     In this makes an ONE: Doreenargument
                                                                                                          PART impassioned THE SCE
                                                               2005 In this book, Doreen Masseyacclaimed book,SETTINGMassey m
                        Second Edition Phil Hubbard and Rob Kitchin new edition of In this new edition of Keyand Rob ,Kitchin
Key Thinkers on Space and Place                                2010 In this                               Phil Space and Place on Sp
                                                                                             Key Thinkers onHubbard Thinkers editor
                        Two-Volume Set Ray Hutchinson 2010 The boundaries of this project may bean expansive and growin
Encyclopedia of Urban Studies                                                                             Abridged Contents \ Advocac
                                                                                            Urban studies is defined as the various a
The Encyclopedia of HousingEdition Andrew T Carswell                                        Since publication of the groundbreaking
                                                                                                          Daniel Encyclopedia of Hous
                                                            Aug-12 Since publication of the groundbreakingMandelker \Diana Axe
The SAGE Handbook of Housing Studies                         William A V Clark and Kenneth Gibb in its approach, The we have lon
                                                                                              critical    Preface \ Kenneth Gibb SECT
                                          David F Clapham, Apr-12 Cross-disciplinary and'The comprehensive volumeSAGE Handb
                                          C. Greig           Jan-12 Cairns and Hilde Heynen book is much more than just hand
                                                                                            'This         C. Greig Crysler, Stephen Cair
The SAGE Handbook of Architectural Theory Crysler, Stephen The SAGE Handbook of Architectural Theory documentsaand b
           Cities, Cultural Policy and Governance Anheier and Yudhishthira new metropolitana significant the first that firmlym
Cultures and Globalization                Helmut K          Mar-12 Today is Raj Isar                       and for volume time ever si
                                                                                            'This is age Saskia Sassen Foreword \ Yu
           Mapping the Changing Contours ofDicken
Global Shift            Sixth Edition                          2010 .                       This Sixth Edition has been completely re
                                                                                                           has been completely revised
                                          Peter the World EconomyThis sixth edition of Global ShiftIntroduction: Questioning Glo
                                          T                    2011 Over the past twenty Research PART ONE: evolving relations\
                                                                                             years research on the INTRODUCTION
The SAGE Handbook of GIS and Society imothy Nyerges, Helen Couclelis and Robert McMaster on the evolving relationship be
Spatial Questions Environment & Culture                     Nov-12                                        Preface \ 1. Overtures \ 2. S
                                                                                            This book shows how conflicting views o
Key Concepts in Social Geography                              Geoff This is a new kind of textbook that forms part \ an innovative
                                          David Conradson,Dec-12DeVerteuil, Kevin Dunn and HelenIntroduction ofInequality \ Po
                        Fourth Edition Michael Mayerfeld 2011 . The Fourth Edition of AnFourth Edition of An Invitation to En
An Invitation to Environmental Sociology                       Bell                         The Invitation to Environmental Sociolo
                                                               2008 There is now            'In a world where Buckingham and Mike
                                                                                                          Susan concrete environment
Understanding Environmental Issues Susan Buckingham and Mike Turner an unprecedented interest in, and concern about
                      Second Edition S George Philander                                 The First Edition of the Encyclopedia of G
Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change Sep-12 The First Edition of the Encyclopedia of Global Warming and C
           Handbook Two-Volume Set John and Causes
                      of Environmental Change                     2: Human Impacts and Environmental Change is an extensive
The SAGEVolume 1: Approaches, Evidences A MatthewsVolume The SAGE Handbook of Responses               INTRODUCTION \ John A. Ma
                                                                                        The SAGE Handbook of Environmental C
          An A-to-Z Guide
Green Consumerism                                                                       Via 150 Consumerism: An A-to-Z Guide
                                       Juliana Mansvelt 2011 Via 150 signed entries, Greensigned entries, Green Consumero
          An A-to-Z Guide
Green Culture                          Kevin Wehr                                        in the SAGE Series on GreenSalsedo \Ra
                                                                                                      Susan Buhr \Carl Society exp
                                                           2011 This eleventh volumeThis eleventh volume in the SAGE Series
          The of Consumption Garbage
                      Two-Volume Waste                  May-12 Archaeologists and anthropologists have long studied artifacts
Encyclopedia Social Science of andSet Carl A Zimring and William L Rathje               How do different societies around the w
          Power and Second Edition Mitchell
Governmentality Rule in Modern Society Dean                                             In this this exceptionally to theand lucidE
                                                                                                      Introduction clear Second
                                                           2009 Originally published in 1999 timely Second Edition Mitchell Deb
Encyclopedia of Power                  Keith Dowding                                    Despite, or perhaps because of, its ubiqu
                                                           2011 Power is a central concept in many disciplines in the social scie
                      Four-Volume Set Andrew Geddes 2011 This collection brings Thisbest research into migration across r
International Migration                                                                                VOLUME ONE \ Douglas Ma
                                                                                        the collection brings together the best s
          Collection: Eight-Volume SetTak-Wing Ngo
Contemporary ChinaSets 1 & 2                                                            This collection, Contemporarylargest 1: C
                                                                                                       Set I: the second China eco
                                                           2011 As the most populated nation and withPolitics \ VOLUME Stud
          Politics     Studies 1
Contemporary ChinaFour-Volume Set Tak-Wing Ngo                                          Contemporary China 1:the fourth largest
                                                                                                       earth with CONTINUITIES m
                                                           2011 As the most populated nation on VOLUME Studies I contains A
          Economy & Society 2
Contemporary ChinaFour-Volume Set Tak-Wing Ngo                                          Contemporary China 1:the fourthREFORM
                                                                                                       earth with MARKET largest
                                                           2011 As the most populated nation on VOLUME Studies II contains m
          Intersectional Contestations Nira Yuval-Davis 2011 In this groundbreaking book, Yuval-Davis provides a cutting-ed
The Politics of Belonging                                                                             Introduction: Framing Yuval-
                                                                                        In this groundbreaking book, Nira the Qu
                      Four-Volume                          2011                         This collection contains more than 55ABO
                                                                                                       VOLUME 1: THEORIZING wr
Social and Political Movements Set Cyrus Ernesto Zirakzadeh'Social movements' refer to purposeful undertakings by peopl
Encyclopedia of Gender in Media        Mary Kosut                                       The EncyclopediaSchuchardt in Media cri
                                                                                                      Read of Gender \Mcluhan, M
                                                          Jul-12 The media strongly influences our everyday notions of gender
          Gender, Feminism             Angela                                           'McRobbie Post Feminism andAngela Mc
                                                                                                      state of feminism, Popular C
The Aftermath of Culture and Social Change McRobbie 2008 In this trenchant inquiry into the has written a profound and p
                      Four-Volume Set Mary                 2011 The Encyclopedia of and Golson Books Ltd
                                                                                        The Encyclopedia World looks Today's W
Encyclopedia of Women in Today's World Zeiss Stange, Carol K. Oyster, Jane SloanWomen in Today s of Women inat women
          A Sociological
Questioning Gender Exploration Robert Ryle                                                definitive answers about gender, THE un
                                                                                                       providing WHAT ARE this IM
                                                           2011 Rather than providingRather thanPART ONE:definitive answers
                                       John F Dovidio, Miles Hewstone, Peter Glick and Prejudice, Esses
                                                           2010 The                     This Handbook provides comprehensive
                                                                                                      PART ONE: OVERVIEW OF TH
The SAGE Handbook of Prejudice, Stereotyping and Discrimination SAGE Handbook of Victoria M Stereotyping and Discrimina
Race & Crime                                                                            In this original textbook, Mike Rowe exp
                                                                                                      Race', cutting-edge new \ In
                                       Michael Rowe Apr-12 In this original and cutting-edge newand'Crime' and Societytext
          Anthropological              Richard Fardon Jan-13
A Very Personal Method Essays Drawn From Life                                                         PART ONE: of the leading con
                                                                                        Mary Douglas was one FAMILIAR FEELING
          Understanding Risk and Resolution Fardon Jan-13
Cultures and Crises                    Richard                                                        PART ONE: CULTURAL THEOR
                                                                                        This collection brings together 13 essays
           Handbook Two-Volume Set Richard Anthropology
                      of the Association of Social                                      In two volumes, The CrisAnthropology is
                                                                                                      Edited Social Handbook of
The SAGEPublished withSocial Anthropology Fardon Jul-12 In two volumes, The SAGE Handbook of bySAGEShore and Rich
The Sociology of Religion              Grace Davie                                       the best analysts of religion in contemp
                                                                                                      Introduction: Critical Agend
                                                           2007 'Grace Davie is one of'Grace Davie is one of theAbest analysts o
                      Two-Volume                         Dec-11 Wade Clark Roof         The multi-volume Encyclopedia of Globa
Encyclopedia of Global Religion Set Mark Juergensmeyer andThe multi-volume Encyclopedia of Global Religion provides a c
          The World'sThird
                       Religions in    Lester R. Kurtz Jan-12 In an era plagued by religious conflict, the religious conflict, th
Gods in the Global Village Edition Sociological Perspective                                           Religious Life in the Global Vi
                                                                                        In an era plagued by Third Edition of God
Japanese Religions Four-Volume Set Lucia Dolce                                          This representative studies on Japanese
                                                                                                      VOLUME 1: THE CRITICAL DIS
                                                         Dec-11 This set, as a collection of set, as a collection of representative
                      Fifth Edition                        2011 . Yamane                Religion in Sociological Perspective to th
                                                                                                      PART an introduction to the
Religion in Sociological Perspective Keith A Roberts and David Religion in Sociological Perspective is ONE: Introductionis ans
Secularization        Four-Volume Set Bryan S Turner                                    Volume One: religion Secularization:sec
                                                                                                      VOLUME ONE: DEFINING Th
                                                           2010 Secularization traces the decline of Defining and the rise of SEC
                                       Michael Atkinson                                 This book systematically demonstratesap
                                                                                                      Academic significance and t
Key Concepts in Sport and Exercise Research Methods 2011 This book systematically demonstrates the Journals \ Analytic
Sport Marketing                        Paul Blakey                                      This is a that provides detailed coverage
                                                                                                      Introduction text that provid
                                                           2011 This is a highly accessible text highly accessibleto sport market
          Philosophies, Strategies and Michael
Researching Sport, Exercise & Health Realities AtkinsonNov-12                                         PART ONE: WHAT growing f
                                                                                        Sport and health are large andWE ARE DO
                                                                                        With no competing works in reference t
                                                                                                       VOLUME 1: CORE THEORIES
Sociology of Sport Four-Volume Set Richard Giulianotti 2011 With no competing works in the field, this seminalthe field, th
                                                         Sep-12 Sharp, clear Slack Sharp, clearIntroduction needsbook mee
                                                                                                       and relevant, this of those
Key Concepts in Sport Management Terri Byers, Milena Parent and Trevorand relevant this book meets the \ Organizationals
Global Sport Policy                                                                     part is everyday lives, and sport itself is
                                                                                                      INTRODUCTION \ PART ONE:
                                       Catherine PalmerNov-12 Globalization is a key 'This of a thoroughly stimulating and info
                                       Ian Jones, Lorraine Brown and Immy Holloway Designed especially forINTRODUCTION T
Qualitative Reseach in Sport and Physical Activity       Nov-12                                       PART ONE: students of sport
                      Four-Volume Set Linda E Swayne        Mark Dodds                  There is currently no comprehensive refe
                                                                                                      Robert Roundtree \Robert Ro
Encyclopedia of Sports Management and Marketing and2011 There is currently no comprehensive reference work bringing
          An International Approach Nicole FerdinandMar-12 Written by a team of Providing comprehensive Foreword ofPA
Events Management                                        and Paul Kitchin                              high profile, international th
                                                                                        twenty-fiveStephen Page coverage \ au
          A Critique
Event Management                       Chris Rojek       Dec-12                                       Preface: The Goodwill lives a
                                                                                        Events dominate our screens, our Newsl
The SAGE Handbook of Tourism Studies                and 2009 ; Paper is
                                                                 'This 2011             'This is the strongest overview I have enc
                                                                                                      Tazim Jamal and of the scop
                                       Tazim JamalClothMike Robinson the strongest overview I have encounteredMike Robins
Key Concepts in Tourism Research                         Apr-12 This book walks         Taking students selection and to Use Th
                                                                                                      Introduction the social resea
                                       David Botterill and Vincent Platenkamp students through the through \ Howapplicatio
The Tourist Gaze 3.0Third Edition                          2011 . The                   'The was a classic, marking out classic, m
                                                                                                      Preface Preface to new lan
                                       John Urry and Jonas Larsen original Tourist Gaze original Tourist\Gaze was aathe Seco
          An Introduction
Tourism Management                                       Lynn Minnaert                   offers all students of Tourism athis Boo
                                                                                                      students of tourism concise
                                       Clare Inkson and Mar-12 This exciting new textOffering all Introduction: About a concise
                      Second Edition Rudi Volti
An Introduction to the Sociology of Work and Occupations                                With new, in-depth chapters on both glo
                                                                                                       both before Industrialization
                                                           2011 . With new, in-depth chapters onWork globalization and techn
                      Second Edition                                                    The SecondThe Concept ofgroundbreakin
                                                                                                       Edition of in Organizationa
Understanding Organizational Culture Mats Alvesson Nov-12 The new edition of this groundbreaking textthisOrganizational
          Continuity and
                      Second Edition Stephen Edgell Dec-11 . Stephen Edgell's book charts Edgell's book charts the rise of a
The Sociology of Work Change in Paid and Unpaid Work                                                  The Historical and explores '
                                                                                        Stephen the rise of 'work'Transformation
           Contours of Work Edition New Economy Jun-12 Meiksins
                      Second                                                            This book edition of Changing Contours
                                                                                                      Mapping development of job
ChangingJobs and Opportunities in theStephen Sweet and PeterIn the highly-anticipated secondframes thethe Contours of Wo
          An Introduction to
                      Third Edition    Stewart R         Dec-11 . . Now in and Tyrone Pitsis
                                                                                        Now this Third EditionMANAGING PEOP
                                                                                                      PART and , this unique and
Managing and OrganizationsTheory and Practice Clegg, Martin Kornbergerits Third Edition ,in its unique ONE:highly esteemed te
           Classic, Organizations         Michael J Handel 2002 `Michael Handel has assembled Handel hasIntroductionanMich
The Sociology of Contemporary, and Critical Readings                                                    Preface \ assembled \ auth
                                                                                          'Michael J an authoritative and wide-ran
                        Fourth                                2009 . Organizing David Sims a conversational tone and insightfu
                                                                                          With          Introduction Entering and L
Organizing & Organizations Edition Stephen Fineman, Yiannis Gabriel andand Organizations is well loved by\students and le
            of Organizations                                  2011 . The Gittell          The organizations encompasses both e
                                                                                                        PART ONE: THE RELATIONAL
SociologyStructures and Relationships Mary Godwyn and Jody Hoffer sociological study ofsociological study of organizationspla
                        Third Edition     Chris Grey       Nov-12                         'This         Introduction: Why Studying O
A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Studying Organizations book has carved itself a permanent
                                          Kate                 Whittle understanding of identity is fundamental to a Understandin
Understanding Identity and Organizations Kenny, Andrea2011 An and Hugh Willmott                         Introduction to complete un
                                                                                          While conventional management textbo
Key Concepts in Leadership                                   Ian Sutherland and Stephanie Jones the main characteristics of effe
                                                                                          What are The Eight Questions of Leade
                                          Jonathan Gosling,Sep-12 What are the main characteristics of effective leadership? How
                        Second Edition Brad Jackson and Ken Parry first edition of this previous edition of Buy This Book? \
                                                              2011 The                    The           Should You this popular and
A Very Short Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Studying Leadership popular and acclaimed book quickly be
           An Introduction Edition
                        Third                              Dec-11 . Understanding the Sociology of PART ONE: THEORIES,aPERSP'
Understanding the Sociology of HealthAnne-Marie Barry and Chris Yuill                                    Health, 3rd Edition
                                                                                          Understanding the Sociology ofisHealth ,truly
Medicine, Health and Society                                                              Sharp, bold Prologue: Sociology, Medicin
                                                                                                         and engaging, this book prov
                                          Hannah Bradby Feb-12 Sharp, bold and engaging, this book provides a contemporary
            as Culture Third Edition                                                      Medicine asother sociologicalany other s
                                                                                                          Culture is unlike text on Pe
MedicineIllness, Disease and the Body Deborah Lupton Mar-12 Medicine as Culture is unlike any Introduction \ Theoretical he
                                          Poul Rohleder Apr-12 This textbook gives a Giving a clear and thought-provoking int
Critical Issues in Clinical and Health Psychology                                                       Introduction: Critical Issues in
                                                                                          clear and thought-provoking introductio
                        Seventh Edition                    Feb-12 Since Sasser            This in 1994, Moody's text has been an
                                                                                                        Preface \ Prologue \ About
Aging Concepts and Controversies Harry R. Moody and Jennifer S.its initial publicationtext presents current research inhait
Key Concepts in Body and Society          Kate Cregan                                     This book provides a clear, the studyAnor
                                                                                                        Ageing map to focused of t
                                                           Sep-12 This book provides a clear, focused roadand Childhood \ road
                        Third Edition
The Body and Social Theory                Chris Shilling                                  Unrivalled in its clarity the Third Edition \
                                                                                                        Preface to and coverage, thi
                                                           Sep-12 Unrivalled in its clarity and coverage this sparkling new edition
           Affect, Embodiment, Mediation Blackman Sep-12 How might we understandmight Preface: Immaterial Bodies \
Immaterial Bodies                         Lisa                                                          we understand mind, brain,
                                                                                          How entanglements of theentanglemen
            Reference Eight-Volume SetGary L Albrecht Nov-12 The
                        Series on Disability                                              The SAGE Reference Series on L Albrech
The SAGECollection of 8 Volumes: Key Issues and Future Directions SAGE Reference Series on Disability , from Gary Disability
            Studies                       Dan
DisabilityAn Interdisciplinary Introduction Goodley                                       'Injects studies represents a clear, engag
                                                                                                          energy into Global Disabilit
                                                              2010 This introduction to disabilitynewIntroduction:disability studie
                        Second Edition                       Adrian James                  proved revised a course Second Edition
                                                                                                        Preface updated edition of a
Key Concepts in Childhood Studies Allison James andSep-12 This book has alreadyThis is a itself as andto theadoption leade
           An Introduction Edition Chris Beckett
Child Protection        Second                                                            Praise for readersONE: CHILD PROTECTIO
                                                                                                        PART Edition : 'All to the w
                                                              2007 Praise for the First Edition : `All the Firstwill be drawnreadersst
                        Third Edition
The Sociology of Childhood                                                                This Third Edition has THE thoroughly u
                                                                                                        that thoroughly covers childr
                                          William A. Corsaro 2011 This new edition of the only text PART ONE:been SOCIOLOGICA
Children's Rights in Practice                                  Walker                     ConsideringPART ONE: CHILDREN'S RIGH
                                                                                                          is now central to all fields in
                                          Phil Jones and Gary2011 Considering the rights of the childthe rights of the child is now
                        Second Edition Margy
Involving Parents in their Children's Learning Whalley                                    Showing how early years team and admi
                                                                                                        Notes on the practitioners ca
                                                              2007 `A unique guide for students, practitioners, parents, \ Acknow
Key Concepts in Family Studies                                2010 This book's Edwards entries introduce, explainAttachment an
                                                                                                        Introduction \ and contextua
                                          Jane Ribbens McCarthy and Rosalind individual'A thoughtful and sometimes challenging
           A Global Introduction
Understanding Families                                     Dec-11 Families                building blocks of often I've wished for a
                                                                                                        Introduction: Structures, Pro
                                          Linda McKie and Samantha Callan are the core 'I don't know how society. Our experienc
Global Families                                                                           Global economics, culture, and other cha
                                                                                                        Introduction: the various soc
                        Second Edition Meg W. Karraker Jul-12 The globalization of politics, Families examinesFamilies in Glob
                        Three-Volume Set ndrea O'Reilly
Encyclopedia of Motherhood                A                                               In the of decade, the has emerged as a
                                                              2010 In the last decade, the topiclastmotherhood topic of motherho
           A Sociological Approach to Jeanne H                 and . A comprehensive, theoretically balanced overview of the1: W
Schools and Society Fourth Edition Education Ballantine2011 Joan Z Spade                                Introduction \ CHAPTER soc
                                                                                          This comprehensive, theoretically balanc
Psychology of Close Relationships Set Harry T Reis                                        The field of close relationships produces
                                                                                                         VOLUME ONE: THEORETICAL
                                                            Jun-12 Close relationships provide a fundamental context for human
                        Four-Volume Set
Encyclopedia of Diversity in Education James A Banks                                      With 695 signedBankstonand recommen
                                                                                                        Carl entries Amerasian Ide
                                                             Jul-12 With 695 signed entries with cross-referenceswith cross-refer
                        Third Edition
Introduction to Education Studies                          Mar-12 . Education Studies is Steve Bartlett and Diana Burton provide
                                          Steve Bartlett and Diana Burton                               Education Studies: rapidly gr
                                                                                          a broad, multi-disciplinary andAn Introdu
Key Issues in Education and Social JusticeEmma Smith                                      InequalitiesAn Introduction to Education
                                                                                                          extent to which policy and p
                                                            Jan-12 'This excellent book considers thecan be experienced in differe
Education and Cultural Citizenship        Nick Stevenson                                  'Nick Stevenson strikes again, this time b
                                                                                                        Introduction \ Cultural Citizen
                                                              2011 This dynamic, energetic book systematically brings together th
Violence and Society                      Larry Ray                                       IntroducingIntroduction \ What wide-ran
                                                                                                         the major theoretical Violen
                                                              2011 In this compelling and timely book, Larry Ray offers a Is debate
           Theories, Methods, Edition Frank E Hagan
Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Behavior                                         This comprehensive introduction to Meth
                                                                                                        Introduction \ Research the
                                                              2010 Introduction to Criminology, Seventh Edition is a comprehens
                        of Criminology Eugene McLaughlin and John Muncie
The SAGE Dictionary Third Edition                                                         Now in its Thirdof reference text has esta
                                                                                                        List Edition , this bestselling
                                                           Nov-12 Now in its third edition, this bestselling Contributors \ List of E
           Essential Readings
                        Third Edition
Criminological Perspectives                                Dec-12
                                          Eugene McLaughlin, John Muncie and Gordon Hughes              PART ONE: and updated Thi
                                                                                          This thoroughly revisedCRIMINOLOGICAL
           Context and  Fifth Edition                         2011 The and Richard A Criminological Theory: Contexts and Conse
                                                                                          The           The Context and Consequenc
Criminological Theory Consequences J Robert Lilly, Francis T Cullen fifth edition of Ball Fifth Edition of Criminological Theor
Media & Crime           Second Edition Yvonne Jewkes                                      'Transports Introductiona genuinely inter
                                                                                                         students to      fully revised
                                                              2010 . The bestselling Media and Crime returns with\aTheorizing Me
           A New Perspective
Theorizing Crime and Deviance             Steve Hall                                      'A remarkable intellectual Historical to a
                                                                                                        Introduction \ achievement,
                                                            Apr-12 Steve Hall uses cutting-edge philosophy and social theory Patt
Encyclopedia of Community Corrections                       Jun-12 In                     Community late 1960s and early 1970s Y
                                                                                                         corrections has evolved in
                                          Shannon M Barton-Bellessaresponse to recognition in the Norman White Juvenile andth
            and Social Control
DevianceA Sociological Perspective Michelle Inderbitzin                                   This book serves as a Perspective serves
                                                                                                        PART ONE: INTRODUCTION
                                                            Apr-12 Deviance and Social Control: A Sociological guide for students\
Cybercrime and Society                                     Nov-12
                        Second Edition Majid Yar and Jason Rutter                                        is a complex and ever-chang
                                                                                          CybercrimeCybercrime and the Internet:
                         Policy                               2011 In 1971, President Richard M. President Richard M Nixon decla
Encyclopedia of DrugTwo-Volume Set Mark A.R Kleiman and James E. Hawdon                   In 1971, Nixon declared drugs public en
                                          Margaret                                        involve border crossings as an integral pa
                                                                                                        Michael Royster Gender-base
Encyclopedia of Transnational Crime and JusticeE Beare Jul-12 Transnational crimes Although several encyclopedias cover as
           Challenges, Fourth
Understanding Terrorism Editionand Issues Gus Martin                                      Understanding Terrorism, Fourth Edition
                                                                                                        About the Author multidiscip
                                                           Mar-12 . Understanding Terrorism, Fourth Edition, offers a \ Acknowle
                        Second Edition
The SAGE Encyclopedia of Terrorism Gus Martin                                             The Terrorism, Second Edition , is a , Se
                                                              2011 The SAGE Encyclopedia ofSAGE Encyclopedia of Terrorism thor
                                          Jonathan          Oct-12 The project            The project Jonathan Simoncontemporar
                                                                                                         of interpreting and Richard
The SAGE Handbook of Punishment and Society Simon and Richard Sparks of interpreting contemporary forms of punishmen
          Study Skills Third Edition   Tom University Mar-12 . . . Do              Essential Study Skills is a proven guide fo
                                                                                               Overview Introduction \ a
Essential The Complete Guide to Success atBurns and Sandra Sinfield you want to do better at university?\Whether you'reSu
                       Second Edition Gail Craswell and Megan Writing for Academic Writing foraAcademic Success is a vital pr
Writing for Academic Success                             2011 Poore                             vital practical Writing any p
                                                                                    Success is Managing Yourguide forEnviro
          A Very Practical Guide for Social Sciences
                                       Phillip         Shon                        In this book, Phillip C Shon teaches the "
                                                                                               Serial Killers and Book Repor
How to Read Journal Articles in the Students Chong Ho Mar-12 'Shon's writing is engaging and entertaining; he opens upadvan
               Series      Imprint       Pages Category           Cloth ISBN Cloth Price Pre-pub Price  Paper ISBN
                           A Pine Forge Press Publication
                                         448 pagesSocial Theory,Sociology (General)                     Pa 978-1-4129-7564-3
 troduction: WHAT Is Sociological Theory? WHY Read Original Works? WHO Are Sociology's Core Theorists? The Enlightenment Economic a
                                         CharacterSocial Theory Cl 978-0-7619-5466-8 £78.00             Pa 978-0-7619-5467-5
 troduction \ Sociology's Intellectual246 pages \ Conclusion \ Select Bibliography and Further Reading \ Karl Marx \ Biography and Social B
               SAGE Key Concepts series pages                     Cl 978-1-84787-601-0
                                                                                     £65.00             Pa 978-1-84787-602-7
                                                  Social Theory,Political Theory & Thought (General),Sociology (General)
                                         480 pagesSocial Theory,Sociology (General),Philosophy (General) 978-0-7619-7056-9
                                                                  Cl 978-0-7619-7055-2
                                                                                     £78.00             Pa
ART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ The Origins and Foundations of Modern Social Theory: 1750-1920 \ Modern Social Theory Defined \ The Centr
                           A Pine ForgeEnlightenment and New Ways of Thinking Early Sociological Theory, 1830-1930 The First Masters Con
                                           Press Publication
  e Rise of Theoretical Sociology: The520 pages   Social Theory Cl 978-1-4522-0623-3 £61.00             Pa 978-1-4522-0624-0
 troduction \ PART ONE: FOUNDATIONS pages         Social Theory,Sociology (General)                     Pa 978-1-4129-9233-6
                                         888 OF CLASSICAL SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY \ Karl Marx \ Émile Durkheim \ Max Weber \ PART TWO
                           A Pine Forge Press : Social Theory
                                         704 pages Enlightenment Economic and Political Revolutions978-1-4129-8761-5 the Classical Soc
 troduction \ WHAT Is Sociological Theory? Publication                                                  Pa The Ins and Outs of
                                         336 the Social\TheoryONE:978-0-7619-4449-2 HIGH \ The Legacy of Talcott Parsons \ Varieties of Ma
 Map of the Terrain: The Organization ofpages     Book PART Cl THE VIEW FROM ON      £78.00             Pa 978-0-7619-4450-8
                           A America \ Press Publication
                                         232 pagesSocial Theory,Political Theory & Thought (General),Cultural Theory
                                                                                                        Pa 978-1-4129-9393-7
  Wright Mills and Postwar Pine Forge A Humanist Concern \ The Social Psychology \ The Stratification Trilogy \ On Latinos and Latin Americ
                                         216 pagesSocial Theory,Cultural Theory
               Published in association with Theory, Culture &Cl 978-0-7619-4972-5   £60.00
                                         1672 pages
               SAGE Key Debates in Sociology Social Theory Cl 978-1-84860-031-7    £600.00
                           A Pine World: The Scientific Study of Society \ Sociology: A Unique Way to View the World \ Examining the Social
                                         560 pagesSociology
ART I. Understanding Our SocialForge Press Publication(General)                                         Pa 978-1-4129-8727-1
                           OUR SOCIAL Press Publication(General),Sociological View the World \ Examining the Social World: How Do We
                                         704 pagesSociology
ART I. UNDERSTANDING A Pine Forge WORLD \ 1. Sociology: A Unique Way toResearch Methods2.Pa 978-1-4129-9298-5
                           A first Forge Press Publication(General)
                                                  Sociology                                             Pa 978-1-4129-9650-1
Media Edition of a popular Pine year introductory sociology textbook. This innovative and engaging text introduces the discipline of sociolo
                           A Pine Forge Press Publication(General)
                                         632 writing,
                                                  Sociology                                             Pa 978-1-4129-8729-5
 s tradition of highly engaging, trade-like pages best-selling author David Newman once again starts in a familiar place - the everyday wor
                           A Pine Forge on everyday experiences,
                                         420 pagesSociology                                             Pa 978-1-4129-8760-8
 edited companion anthology focusesPress Publication(General) important sociological issues, and hallmark historical events. Providing pro
                                         312 pagesOrganizational Behaviour a Global Icon The Long Arm of McDonaldization The Dimensions of
                                                                                                        Pa 978-1-4522-2669-9
  An Introduction to McDonaldization: McDonald's as an American and (General),Sociology (General),Social Theory
               SAGE Key Concepts series pages                     Cl 978-1-84920-304-3
                                                                                     £65.00             Pa Methods
                                                  Sociology (General),Social Theory,Sociological Research 978-1-84920-305-0
                                         1592 pages               Cl 978-1-84860-180-2
                                                                                    Work,Industrial Relations (General)
               SAGE Key Debates in Sociology Industrial Sociology,Sociology of£600.00
                                         360 pagesSociology
               SAGE Studies in International Sociology (General)                     £85.00
                                                                  Cl 978-0-85702-129-8
                              Marcellus Press Publication
                                         160 pagesSocial Problems,Sociology (General)                   Pa 978-1-4129-9055-4
 mes Crone IntroductionA\Pine Forge Andrews Taming the Beast: An Economist Explains Why Reducing the Deficit Will Require Big Cuts in
                           A \ Classical456 pages
                                           Press Publication
                                                  Social Theory                                         Pa 978-1-4129-7815-6
 eface to the Fifth Edition Pine ForgeSociological Theory \ Peter Kivisto Introduction \ John P. Walsh and Anne Zacharias-Walsh Working
                                         288 pagesSociology       Cl 978-1-84920-469-9
               SAGE Studies in International Sociology (General),Social Theory£85.00
                           A \ Cheryl 312 pages
                                         Joseph Sociology:
                                                  Social Problems                                       Pa Wittner Stand Up
  e Sociological PerspectivePine Forge Press PublicationPromise and Potential Through Praxis \ Judith978-1-4129-8283-2and Speak Out \ K
                                         2120 AND South Asia Studies,Sociology (General),Social Theory,Anthropology (General),Social & Cultura
                                                                  Cl T K Oommen £550.00 \ L Thara Bhai Introduction \ D P Mukerji Sociol
 OLUME ONE: INDIAN SOCIOLOGY: ISSUESpages CHALLENGES \ 978-8-13-210711-8            Foreword
                           A Pine Forge Press Publication
                                         552 pagesSocial Problems                                       Pa 978-1-4129-8805-6
ART ONE: SOCIAL PROBLEMS - PERSONAL TROUBLES OR PUBLIC ISSUES? \ Visual Essay I. Seeing Problems Sociologically \ Sociology and th
                                         992 pagesQuantitative/Statistical Research £95.00
                                                                   Will This Chapter (General),Research Pa 978-1-4462-0046-9
                                                                                     Tell                Methods in Psychology,Sociological Rese
 hy Is My Evil Lecturer Forcing Me to Learn Statistics?: WhatCl 978-1-4462-0045-2 Me? What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here
                                          Goodbye Quantitative/Statistical Research Background Knowledge Do I Need? \ Do The Chapters Get M
                                                                   The Book \ What (General)
 eface Introduction \ What’s New? \856 pages \ How To Use Cl 978-1-84787-906-6     £110.00              Pa 978-1-84787-907-3
                                         736 pagesQuantitative/Statistical Research £38.99
                                                                  Cl 978-1-4129-6931-4
                                                                                     (General),Psychology Data? \ Summarizing Data: Central Te
  SS Prefix: General Overview and Guide for Using SPSS \ Introduction to Statistics \ Why Summarize(General),Sociology (General),Educatio
                            Statistics \ Organization ofWork
                                         600 pagesSocial Information: Policy (General),Criminology & Criminal Justice \ Measures
                                                                                                        Pa 978-1-4129-9253-4
  e What and the Why of A Pine Forge Press Publication & SocialFrequency Distributions \ Graphic Presentation (General) of Central Te
                                         Research Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Sociological 978-1-4462-0743-7
                                                                  Cl 978-1-4462-0742-0
                                                                                     Statistics         Pa Research Methods
  e Basic Language of Statistics \ The 384 pagesProcess \ Univariate Descriptive £85.00 \ Graphical Representations \ Creating New Variabl
                                         200 pagesQuantitative/Statistical Research £70.00
                                                                   Malcolm Williams Introduction: The Pa 978-1-84860-001-0
eoff Payne and Malcolm Williams Preface \ Geoff Payne andCl 978-1-84860-000-3                           'Crisis of Number': Informed Citizens, Com
                                                                                     (General),Educational Research Methods,Sociological Resea
                                         608 pagesQuantitative/Statistical Research £85.00
                                                                  Cl 978-1-84920-594-8
                                                                                     (General),Health Researchan SPSS data file
                                                                                                        Pa up Methods,Sociological Research M
ART ONE: AN INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICAL ANALYSIS \ Variables and their measurement \ Setting978-1-84920-595-5 \ PART TWO: DES
                                         352 pagesSurvey Hierarchy of Decisions \ Data Methods          Pa 978-1-4129-9734-8
  rvey Praxis \ Survey Error \ Planning the Survey: AResearch,Sociological ResearchCollection I: Selecting a Method \ Sampling I: Concepts
                                         208 pagesSurvey Research 978-1-84920-812-3
                                                                  Cl                 £75.00             Pa Your Survey Research
  rvey Research Design: Then and Now \ Mapping Out the Survey Research Process \ Conceptualizing 978-1-84920-813-0 Study \ Survey F
                                         208 Scientific Models ofCl 978-1-4462-0908-0 and TSE \ Asking Factual Questions \ Measuring Attitu
  e Standard Model of Survey Research \ pages                      Survey Research:£75.00
                                                                                      CASM              Pa 978-1-4462-0909-7
                                                  Research Methods (General),Sociological Research Methods
                                         464 andQualitative Research (General),Educational ResearchPa 978-1-4129-9530-6 Research Methods
 troduction \ Philosophical Assumptionspages                      Cl 978-1-4129-9531-3
                                                                                     £62.00              Methods,Sociological
                                                   Interpretive Frameworks \ Designing a Qualitative Study \ Five Qualitative Approaches to In
ART ONE: THEORY AND METHOD IN 520 pages           Qualitative Research (General) £85.00
                                                                  Cl What Is Qualitative                Pa 978-0-85702-421-3
                                         QUALITATIVE RESEARCH \ 978-0-85702-420-6 Research?: In Search of a Working Definition Loaded Ev
ART ONE: INTRODUCTION TO THE THIRDpages           Qualitative Research (General) £84.00
                                                                  Cl 978-1-84920-416-3                  Pa 978-1-84920-417-0
                                         464 EDITION \ David Silverman Introducing Qualitative Research \ PART TWO: OBSERVATION \ Giamp
               Introducing Qualitative224 pagesseries                                £75.00
                                                                  Cl 978-0-85702-913-3                  Pa 978-0-85702-914-0
                                         784 pagesQualitative Research (General),Research Methods (General)
                                                                  Denzin and Yvonna S£95.00
 orman K Denzin and Yvonna S Lincoln Preface \ Norman K Cl 978-1-4129-7417-2Lincoln Introduction: The Discipline and Practice of Qua
                                         ScepticalInterviewing,Qualitative Techniques for Business & Management Research,Sociological Resea
                                                                  Cl 978-0-85702-257-8
                                                                                     £68.00             Pa 978-0-85702-258-5
 troduction \ Views on Interviews: A176 pagesReview \ Practical Aspects on Interview Studies \ A Metaphor Approach \ Rethinking Intervie
                                         624 pages Complexity of the Craft \ Interviewing in Context \ Jennifer Platt The History of the Inter
                                                   The            Cl 978-1-4129-8164-4
 y Gubrium and James Holstein Introduction:Qualitative Research (General),Interviewing,Survey Research
                                         360 pagesResearch Methods & Evaluation (General),Research Realism: for Business & Management Ph
                                                                  Cl 978-1-84860-111-6
                                                                                     £92.00             Pa 978-1-84860-112-3
 troduction: The Intellectualization of Method \ (Post-)Positivism, Social Constructionism, Critical Methods Three Reference Points in the(Ge
                                         320 pagesIC~Cl ANALYSIS \ Setting Directions: Thinking and Working Qualitatively \ Philosophical, Theo
ART ONE: PLANNING THE ROUTE: SETTING UP FOR978-1-84920-302-9~#75.00~~Pa 978-1-84920-303-6~#24.99
                                         240 pages Qualitative Research and Everyday Life \
                                                                  Cl 978-0-85702-475-6                  Pa 978-0-85702-476-3
 troduction: Making Less More \ PART ONE \ Qualitative Research (General) £75.00 The Epistemology of Working with Everyday Life Ma
                                       144 pagesResearch Methods of Constructions and Language inCollection Research \
                                                                Cl 978-0-85702-323-0
                                                                                   £75.00                Empirical & Analysis
  e Use of Empirical Material for Theory Development \ The Role(General),Evaluation Theory,DataPa 978-0-85702-324-7Key Methodologica
                                       216 pagesRhetoric & Rhetorical \ Collecting£77.00Practical and Ethical Issues \ Transcribing Spoken Dat
                                                                Cl 978-0-7619-5772-0Data:              Pa Analysis
ART ONE: PRELIMINARIES \ What Is Discourse and Why Analyze It? Theory,Sociolinguistics,Discourse 978-0-7619-5773-7
                                        Methods 978-1-4462-0787-1~#70.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-0788-8~#23.99
               Introducing Qualitative288 pagesseries
                                       232 pagesEthnography,Research Methods (General),Internet \ Pa 978-1-84860-645-6
                                                                Cl 978-1-84860-644-9Online:            The Method of Netnography \ Planning a
ultures and Communities Online \ Understanding Culture Online \ Researching£76.00 Methods Research,Social Research Methods,Sociolo
                                       of this book
                                                Research Methods for Cultural Studies,Communication Research Methods,Sociological Resea
                                                                Cl 978-0-85702-887-7
                                                                                   £75.00              Pa 978-0-85702-888-4
 eface: introducing the third edition 408 pages About the companion website \ Researching with Visual Materials: A Brief Survey \ An in
                                       176 pages 978-1-4462-4970-3~#75.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-4971-0~#24.99
  e Current Relevance of Discourse Research \ Approaches in Discourse Research \ The Research Process \ Doing Discourse Research \ Step
                                       272 pages Analytic Memos \ First Cycle Coding Methods \ After First Cycle Coding \ Second Cycle Coding
                                                                Cl 978-1-4462-4736-5
n Introduction to Codes and Coding \ WritingQualitative Research (General) £75.00                      Pa 978-1-4462-4737-2
                                       172 pagesQualitative Method (General),Qualitative Evaluation 978-1-84787-054-4
                                                                Cl 978-1-84787-053-7
                                                                                   £65.00              Pa
troduction \ Understanding Analysis \ Grounded TheoryResearch (GTM) \ Research Design using GTM \ Coding and Conceptualizing \ Build
                                       Using This
                                                Sociological Research Methods,Social Research Methods,Research the Philosophy of Science
                                                                Cl 978-1-84920-798-0
                                                                                   £85.00              Pa 978-1-84920-799-7
 ve Seale Introduction and Guide to 656 pages Book \ PART ONE: STARTING OUT \ Miran Epstein Introduction toMethods for Cultural Studi
                                        The Process
                                                Sociological Research Methods,Social \ Ethics in Research
                                                                                                       Pa 978-1-4522-1771-0
 ience, Society and Social Research \352 pages and Problems of Social Research Research Methods \ Conceptualization and Measurem
                           A Pine ForgeThe Process
                                         Press Publication Research Methods,Social Research Methods
                                                Sociological                                           Pa 978-1-4129-9980-9
 ience, Society and Social Research \648 pages and Problems of Social Research \ Research Ethics and Philosophies \ Conceptualization a
                                       288 pagesResearch Methods & Evaluation (General),Educational Research Methods,Sociological Resear
                                                                 \ 978-1-4462-0861-8
                                                                                   £75.00              Pa 978-1-4462-0862-5
                                       312 pagesResearch MethodsOrigins of the approachResearch Methods,Social Research Methods
                                                                Cl (General),Sociological Structure of the book Case-centric or variable-cent
ART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Doing data collection and analysis:978-1-84787-474-0       £75.00              Pa 978-1-84787-475-7
                                       680 pagesResearch Methods Research Question and Research Pa 978-1-84787-013-1 \ Literature Search
                                                                Cl 978-1-84787-012-4
                                                                                   £88.00              Design \ Being Ethical
ART ONE: STARTING YOUR RESEARCH \ Getting Started: Theory, & Evaluation (General),Sociological Research Methods,Social Research Me
                                       576 NigelResearch Methods Theory and (General),Sociological 978-1-4129-4662-9
                                                                Cl 978-1-4129-4661-2
                                                                                   £84.00               BEGINNINGS \ Nicola
eoff Cooper Conceptualizing Social Life \pages Gilbert Research,& EvaluationMethod \ PART ONE:PaResearch Methods Green Formulating
                                       312 pagesResearch PART ONE: THE NATURE AND USES OF RESEARCH REPORTS \ The
                                                                                                       Pa 978-1-4129-7574-2
ART ONE: The Nature and Uses of Research Reports \ Methods & Evaluation (General),Sociological Research Methods Research Report
                                       464 pagesCONTENT ANALYSIS \ History : Some Precursors Quantitative Research Methods,Research M
                                                                                                       Pa 978-1-4129-8315-0
troduction \ PART ONE: CONCEPTUALIZING Content Analysis,Research Methods (General),Communication Newspaper Analysis Early Con
                                       Introduction ResearchCl 978-1-84920-627-3 Research Methods,Research Methods \ Within-Case Me
                                                Social           Methods,Sociological
                                                                                   £75.00              Pa 978-1-84920-628-0
omparative-Historical Methods: An 240 pages \ Comparative-Historical Analysis: An Intellectual History and Overview for Politics & Inte
                                       Finding aSociological Research Methods,Social Research Methods,Research Methods Problems
                                                                Cl 978-1-84920-182-7
                                                                                   £65.00               Questions from Research
verview of the Adaptive Approach \ 224 pagesResearch Topic and Research Problem \ DevelopingPa 978-1-84920-183-4 (General) \ Pre
                                       204 pagesSocial and Relativity \ Relationism and Dynamic Synthesis
                                                                                   £75.00              Pa 978-0-85702-841-9
troduction \ The Philosophical Bases of Objectivity ResearchCl 978-0-85702-840-2 Research Methods \ Situated Objectivity in Sociology
                                       232 Design? Establishing Causality in the Social Sciences \ Dealing with Concepts, Typologies and Co
troduction: What Is at Stake in Researchpages \978-1-84920-500-9~#75.00~~Pa 978-1-84920-501-6~#24.99
                                       248 pagesSocial ResearchCl 978-1-84787-255-5 Research Methods
                                                                                   £65.00              Pa 978-1-84787-256-2
ART ONE: DATA COLLECTION: AN INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCH PRACTICES \ Research and Data Collection \ Findings \ Data \ Causes \ Sam
                                       264 pagesSocial Social Research: Questions£79.00
                                                                 Methods,Sociological Research Methods
                                                                                    of                 Pa 978-1-84860-145-1
 nnifer Mason and Angela Dale Creative Tensions inResearchCl 978-1-84860-144-4Method \ PART ONE: RESEARCHING RELATIONSHIPS AND
               SAGE Study Skills Series208 pages                Cl 978-1-4462-0142-8
                                                                                   £65.00               Methods & Evaluation
                                                Literature Reviews (PG),Literature Reviews,ResearchPa 978-1-4462-0143-5 (General)
                                        Expectations and Functions \ A General Skills (General),Qualitative Methods,Quantitative Methods a
troduction \ The Proposal: Readers,176 pages                     Methods,Study Framework for Developing Proposals \ Generating Theories
                                                Social ResearchCl 978-1-4129-2125-1£72.00              Pa 978-1-4129-2126-8
                                       752 pagesResearch Methods for Business Groundings \ Patricia Gayá Wicks, Peter Reason and Hilary Bra
                                                                 Introduction to &£95.00
ART ONE: GROUNDINGS \ Peter Reason and Hilary Bradbury Cl 978-1-4129-2029-2         Management (General),Counselling Research Methods,Res
                                        Shumate pages NealCl 978-1-4129-7911-5
                                                Sociology        \Emanuela Todeva \Emanuela Todeva \Emanuela Todeva \Emanuela Todeva
 chary Neal \Zachary Neal \Michelle/f0011112\Jennifer(General),Social Psychology (General),Communication and Media Studies (General)
                                       302 Research Design \ Cl 978-1-4462-4740-2 Entry and Management \ Visualization \ Centrality \ C
 eface \ Introduction \ Basic Concepts \ pages                                     Data
                                                                 Data Collection \ £75.00              Pa 978-1-4462-4741-9
                                       272 \ PART ResearchCl 978-1-4129-4714-5 Research Methods
                                                Social           Methods,Sociological
                                                                                   £75.00              Pa 978-1-4129-4715-2
troduction: What Are Social Networks? pages ONE: BACKGROUND UNDERSTANDING \ Becoming Familiar with Social Networks \ A Brie
                                       640 pagesSocial ResearchCl 978-1-84787-395-8
  ter J. Carrington and John Scott Introduction \ PART ONE: GENERAL ISSUES \ £95.00Alexandra Marin and Barry Wellman Social Network Analysi
                                       264 \ Networks and Relations: Relations And Attributes The Analysis Of Network Data Interpreting Net
                                                Social ResearchCl 978-1-4462-0903-5
  t of Figures Preface to the Third Edition pages                Methods           £75.00              Pa 978-1-4462-0904-2
                                       1664 pages
                                                Qualitative Research (General),Social
                                                                                  £600.00 £550.00
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods Cl 978-0-85702-740-5 Research Methods
                                       1664 pages
                                                Research Methods
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods Cl 978-0-85702-588-3    £600.00 £550.00
                                       1664 pages
                                                Quantitative/Statistical Research (General),Regression & Correlation
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods Cl 978-1-84860-170-3    £600.00 £550.00
                                       1696 pages Group Research,Qualitative Research£550.00
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods Cl 978-0-85702-567-8    £600.00      (General)
                                       1664 pages Research Methods
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods Cl 978-1-4129-0384-4    £600.00
                                       1584 pages
                                                Sociological Research Methods,Research Methods & Evaluation (General)
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods Cl 978-0-85702-128-1    £600.00
                                       1672 pages Research Methods,Sociological
                                                Social                            £600.00
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods Cl 978-1-84787-947-9 Research Methods
                                       1664 pages Research Methods,Sociological
                                                Social                            £600.00
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods Cl 978-1-84787-171-8 Research Methods
                                       1656 pages Research Methods,Ethnomethodology,Anthropology (General),Sociolinguistics
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods Cl 978-1-84860-441-4    £600.00
                                       1656 pages Research Methods,Sociology (General),Politics & International Relations (General)
               SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods Cl 978-1-84787-016-2    £600.00
                                       the pagesCreative (2012)Cl Preface to the Second Edition (2007) \978-1-4462-0926-4
                                                                 \ 978-1-4462-0925-7
                                                                                   £75.00              Pa Introduction: Technology,Media Poli
oxes, tables and figures \ Preface to 352 Third Edition Industries,Cultural Economy,New Media and Communication Change and Continuity,
                                        Introduction \ Brief History of Creative Industries in WesternPa 978-1-84920-573-3(General) IN THE C
                                                New               Communication Technology,Media Policy,Cultural Studies WORKING
troduction \ The Creative Economy:256 pages Media andCl 978-1-84920-572-6          £65.00               Culture \ PART ONE:
                                       248 pagesMedia Policy,New978-1-84787-575-4 Industries Policy978-1-84787-576-1
                                                                Cl Media and Creative
                                                                                   £65.00              Pa \ From Culture
troduction \ Origins of Creative Industries Policy \ International Models ofCommunication Technology,Cultural PolicyIndustries to Cultural
                                       240 pagesPublishing,Media Economics,Publishing (Academic) Pa 978-1-84787-015-5
                                                                Cl 978-1-84787-014-8
troduction \ A History of Books: The First Paradigm: From Vellum Codex to Print Book 1475-1533: The Early English Trade 1533-1694: Age
                                       and the Social World: The Importance of Media The Rise of Mass Media Media and Studies (General)
ART ONE: MEDIA//SOCIETY \ Media 416 pages                                                              Pa 978-1-4129-7420-2
                                                Communication and Media Studies (General),Sociology of Culture,Cultural Society A Sociolog
                                       288 pages Introduction - Why Study the New
                                                New               Communication Technology,Mass Communication (General),Sociology of Me
                                                                                   £65.00              Pa 978-1-84860-779-8
nderstanding New Media \ Learning Objectives \ Media andCl 978-1-84860-778-1 Media? \ Why New Media? : Digital Media OnlineCult
                                       Starting Points: Shaping,Cl 978-1-4129-2052-0and Media Studies978-1-4129-2053-7Studies (General)
troduction: Media, Culture, Society 336 pages                     Mirroring and Re-Presenting The Communication Process Transmitters, Rece
                                                Sociology of Culture,Communication £69.00              Pa (General),Cultural
                                       264 pages Media andCl Social Determinism
                                                New              Communication Technology,Culture and Media,Sociology of
                                                                                   £65.00               Technological Enablement Base,
troduction \ Revolutionary Technologies? : Determinisms The978-1-84787-496-2 of Technology Pa 978-1-84787-497-9 Culture Supers
              SAGE Key Concepts series pages                    Cl 978-1-4129-2821-2
                                                                                   £65.00              Pa (General),Cultural
                                                Sociology of Culture,Communication and Media Studies978-1-4129-2822-9Studies (General)
                                       336 pages Second Communications Studies (General),New Media the New Media Communication Ca
                                                 A                and Media Revolution?
                                                                                   £75.00              Pa 978-1-4462-4896-6
troduction: A New Infrastructure for SocietyCommunicationCl 978-1-4462-4895-9 Characteristics ofand Communication Technology,Soc
                                       STUDIES Cultural StudiesCl to Cultural Studies: Culture,Communication and Media Language-Game
                                                 \               (General),Sociology of
                                                                                   £75.00              Pa 978-0-85702-480-0
ART ONE: CULTURE AND CULTURAL 584 pages An Introduction 978-0-85702-479-4 Concerning This Book Selectivity The Studies (General)of
                                       200 pages The Achievements of Cultural Studies: The Institution978-1-84920-584-9 Cultural Studies an
                                                  \              (General),Sociology of
                                                                                   £65.00              Pa of Cultural Media
troduction: Practising Cultural Studies TodayCultural StudiesCl 978-1-84920-583-2 Culture,Communication and Studies Studies (General)
                                       256 pagesResearch AND PRACTICE \ How Do We Know Anything Research Methods,Qualitative Resear
                                                                Cl 978-1-84920-785-0
                                                                                   £75.00              Pa 978-1-84920-786-7
 eface \ Introduction \ PART ONE: THINKING, THEORY Methods for Cultural Studies,Communication about Anything? : Aims and Objectives
                                       352 pagesCultural \ Structuralism and the Linguistic and Media Studies (General),Social Theory
                                                                 (General),Communication Turn: Ferdinand Saussure \ Semiotics: Umberto Ec
troducing Cultural Studies: A Brief Contextual HistoryStudiesCl 978-0-85702-484-8  £75.00              Pa 978-0-85702-485-5
                                       408 pagesCultural StudiesCl 978-1-84920-547-4
              Culture, Media and Identities series                                 £70.00              Pa 978-1-84920-563-4
                                                                 (General),Communication and Media Studies (General),Sociology (General)
                                       208 pagesCultural Theory,Social Theory
              Understanding Contemporary Culture series                                                Pa 978-1-4462-5235-2
                                       176 LifeSocial Theory,Cultural Theory,Qualitative Research (General),Human Geography (General) an
                                                 and            Theorizing the Familiar:
                                                                                   £65.00               Places \ Researching Practices, Places
troduction: (Re)Thinking about Everydaypages Activism \ Cl 978-0-85702-056-7 Practices andPa 978-0-85702-057-4
                                       296 \ Approaches: of Culture,Cultural Studies (General),Communication and Mediaabout Music Writing
troduction: Walking on the Dance Floor pages                    Cl 978-1-84787-435-1
                                                                                   £65.00              Pa 978-1-84787-436-8
                                                Sociology Listening to Music Visualizing Music Dancing to Music Thinking Studies (General)
                                       1400 pages
                                                Music,Popular Culture (General),Communication and Media Studies (General),Sociology (Gen
              Sage Benchmarks in Culture and Society                              £600.00
                                                                Cl 978-1-84920-758-4
                                       208 pagesSociology Practice Materials and £65.00
                                                                Cl 978-0-85702-042-0
                                                                                   Resources Sequence and Structure \ Making Theory,Social P
                                                                                                       Pa 978-0-85702-043-7
 e Dynamics of Social Practice: Introducing Theories ofof Consumption,Cultural Theory,Human Geography (General),Social and Breaking lin
                                       1808 pages
                                                Sociology       Cl 978-1-84860-633-3
              Sage Benchmarks in Culture and Society of Consumption,Cultural Theory
                                       1664 pages
                                                Cultural StudiesCl 978-0-87289-601-7Psychology,Consumer Marketing,Sociology (General)
ume Encyclopedia of Consumer Culture covers consuming societies around the world, from the Age of Enlightenment to the present, and
                                       440 pagesCultural         (General),Communication and Media Studies (General),Sociology of Culture
              The Cultures and Globalization Series StudiesCl 978-0-85702-389-6    £90.00              Pa 978-0-85702-390-2
                                        \ Bodying
                                                Social Psychology 978-0-85702-856-3
                                                                Cl Flows and TheirTheory,Cultural Theory,Linguistics (General),Philosophy (Ge
troducing Affect: Lines of Argument192 pages Affect: Affective(General),Social£75.00                   Pa 978-0-85702-857-0
                                                                                     Psychobiological Figuring \ Negotiating Affect: Discourse,
                                       560 pagesSocial Psychology \ PART ONE: FRAMEWORKS \ Stephen Frosh Psychoanalytic Perspectives o
                                                                Cl (General),Cultural Theory,Social Theory
troduction \ Margaret Wetherell The Field of Identity Studies 978-1-4129-3411-4    £95.00
                                       /f0011000 pages
                                                Social \AnnetteCl (General),Cultural\Janie Fritz \Oyvind Ihlen \Pat Gehrke \Corey Anton \Outi
                                                                 Holba \Craig Maier Theory,Social Theory
chard Lanigan \Lawrence Frey, Stephen Konieczka Psychology 978-1-4129-5153-1      £230.00
                                       1648 pages Psychology 978-1-4462-0118-3
              SAGE Library in Social Psychology Social                            Self,Sociology (General)
                                                                Cl (General),The £600.00
                           A Pine Forge \ Jodi O'BrienTheory,Social Is Real? \ Reality as
                                       568 pagesSocial Essay                                           Pa 978-1-4129-7944-3
 eface \ PART ONE: INTRODUCTION Press Publication - What Psychology (General) a Collective Hunch \ Eviatar Zerubavel Islands of M
                                       432 pagesCommunicationCl 978-1-84860-648-7 Ono and Ritva Laury Discourse, Grammar and Interactio
                                                                  and Media Tsuyoshi
                                                                                   £80.00              Pa Analysis,Linguistics
 un A Van Dijk Introduction: The Study of Discourse \ Susanna Cumming,Studies (General),Discourse 978-1-84860-649-4 (General),Psycholi
                                       240 pagesIntercultural Communication,International Business & Management (General),Sociolinguistics
                                                                Cl 978-1-84787-386-6
                                                                                   £68.00              Pa 978-1-84787-387-3
 eface and methodology \ Key Discussions: Essentialism Neo-Essentialism Cosmopolitanism Imagined Certainty versus Acknowledged Com
                                       648 Kerswill
                                                Sociology (General),Sociolinguistics,Speech Communication (General),Discourse Analysis,Psyc
                                                                Cl PART ONE: HISTORY
uth Wodak, Barbara Johnstone and Paul pages Introduction \978-1-84787-095-7 OF SOCIOLINGUISTICS \ Bernard Spolsky Ferguson and
                                       1720 pages
              Central Currents in Globalization                 Cl 978-1-4129-1953-1
                                                Globalization,Political Sociology £600.00
                                       Survey series Government and Politics,Social Research Methods,Social Policy (General),Public Policy
              British Social Attitudes 232 pagesBritish                            £95.00
                                                                Cl 978-1-4462-5258-1
                                       672 pagesIntercultural Communication,Sociology of Culture,International Business & Management TWO
                                                                                                       Pa 978-1-4129-9593-1
 eface: Understanding Cultures in Depth: Acknowledgments \ PART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Understanding Cultural Metaphors \ PART (Gen
                           A a New Century series
                                       232 pagesSociology                                              Pa Ethnic Studies (General)
              Sociology for Pine Forge Press Publicationof Culture,Cultural Studies (General),Area and978-1-4129-9054-7
                           A Pine Forge Press PublicationSocial Change \ Understanding and Explaining978-1-4129-7987-0
                                       464 \ Recognizing
 e Personal Experience of Social Change pages   Social Change and Modernization                        Pa Social Change \ Technology, Science,
                           A a New Century series Change and Modernization,International Development,Economic Geography,Economic
                                       408 pagesSocial
              Sociology for Pine Forge Press Publication                                               Pa 978-1-4129-9207-7
                                       /f0011976 pages of Culture,Social & Cultural
                                                Sociology       Cl \Allen Fromherz Islamic Government: Studies (General)
                                                                                  £320.00 £270.00
 ckery Heern Minority Religions \ Allen Fromherz \Ibn Khaldun978-1-4129-8176-7 Anthropology,AreaCaliphate \ Alix Ellinwood-Jerome \Kh
                           A a New Century series Change and Modernization,Social Theory,History 978-1-4129-9256-5
                                       184 pagesSocial
              Sociology for Pine Forge Press Publication                                               Pa (General)
                           A a New Century series Sociology,Urban Geography,Economic Geography
                                       424 pagesUrban
              Sociology for Pine Forge Press Publication                                               Pa 978-1-4129-8803-2
                                       232 Propositions \ PART TWO: UNPROMISING ASSOCIATIONS \ Space//Representation \ The Prison-H
ART ONE: SETTING THE SCENE \ Openingpages                       Cl 978-1-4129-0361-5
                                                Human Geography (General),Social Theory                Pa 978-1-4129-0362-2
                                       to the Second Edition \ Phil (General),Social Theory,Cultural Theory,Political Theory & Thought (Gener
 il Hubbard and Rob Kitchin Preface 528 pages                   Cl 978-1-84920-101-8
                                                                                   £93.00              Pa 978-1-84920-102-5
                                                Human Geography Hubbard and Rob Kitchin Introduction: Why Key Thinkers? \ Euan Hague B
                                       1080 pages
                                                Urban Architecture \ Athens \ Berlin \ Bohemian
                                                                Cl Sociology,Planning
bridged Contents \ Advocacy Planning \ Apartheid \& Regional 978-1-4129-1432-1 (General) \ Bunkers \ Cantonment \ Chinatowns \ Cin
                                       /f001934 pages
                                                Environmental Sociology,Urban £240.00 \Deborah Howe \Deborah Howe \Deborah Howe \D
                                                                Cl 978-1-4129-8957-2
                                                                                  Fainstein £205.00
aniel Mandelker \Diana Axelsen \Andrew Carswell \George Galster \Norman Planning,Built Environment
                                       528 pagesPlanning (General),Housing Policy,Urban Geography,Urban Markets: Real Progress or Work
                                                                Cl 978-1-84787-430-6
 eface \ Kenneth Gibb SECTION ONE: HOUSING MARKETS \ Duncan MacLennan Understanding Housing& Regional Sociology,SocialStalled
                                        HeynenPlanning (General),Urban Sociology,Urban, Rural and Regional Economics,Urban Politics & Po
 Greig Crysler, Stephen Cairns, Hilde776 pages                  Cl 978-1-4129-4613-1
                                                 Introduction - 1: Architectural Theory in an Expanded Field \ C Greig Crysler, Stephen Cairns,
                                       472 pagesCultural         (General),Urban Geography,Media Economics,Urban Politics & Policy,Urban S
              The Cultures and Globalization Series StudiesCl 978-1-4462-0122-0    £90.00              Pa 978-1-4462-0123-7
                                       632 pages the World Is Cl 978-1-84920-766-9 Perspectives onPa 978-1-84920-767-6
                                                 in              Going on? Conflicting
                                                                                  £100.00               'Globalization' Grounding 'Globalization'
troduction: Questioning Globalization: WhatEconomic Geography,International Business & Management (General),Globalization,Economi
                                       576 pagesResearch Methods for and Helen£90.00 Geographic Information Methodology,Research T
                                                                Cl 978-1-4129-4645-2
ART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Timothy L. Nyerges, Robert McMaster, Earth & Environmental Science,Geographical Systems and Society: A M
                                       240 pages 978-1-84860-664-7~#65.00~~Pa 978-1-84860-665-4~#21.99
 eface \ 1. Overtures \ 2. Spatializations \ 3. Spatialization and the Virtual \ 4. Virtuality of the Urban \ 5. History of Spaces \ 6. Socialne
                                       240 pages
              Key Concepts in Human Geography                   Cl 978-0-85702-361-2
                                                                                   £60.00              Pa 978-0-85702-362-9
                                                Human Geography (General),Cultural Geography,Sociology (General)
                           Environmental Sociology brings
                                       400 pagesEnvironmental the sociology of environmental possibility, inviting students to delve into this
                                                                                                       Pa 978-1-4129-9053-0
 ition of An Invitation to A Pine Forge Press Publication outSociology,Environmental Studies/Physical Geography (General),Environmenta
                                       288 pagesEnvironmental Studies/Physical \ Susan
                                                                 FRAMEWORKS Geography (General),Ecological Studies,Environmental \ Susa
                                                                                   £87.00              Pa 978-0-7619-4236-8
 san Buckingham and Mike Turner Introduction \ PART ONE:Cl 978-0-7619-4235-1 Buckingham Approaching Environmental Issues Sociol
                                        1592 pages
                                                 Environmental Sociology,Geography, Earth & Environmental Science,International Environme
                                                                  Cl 978-1-4129-9261-9
                                                                                    £240.00 £190.00
 on of the Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change provided a multi-authored, academic yet non-technical resource for stude
                                        1056 pages
                                                 Bartlein, Keith Studies/Physical Geography Anne De Vernal, Tim Denham, Sherilyn C. Fritz an
                                                                  Cl 978-0-85702-360-5
 TRODUCTION \ John A. Matthews, Patrick J. Environmental R. Briffa, Alastair G. Dawson, (General),Environmental Sciences (General),Enviro
                                        560 on Green Society Cl 978-1-4129-9685-3
                The SAGE Reference Series pages                                      £70.00
                                                 Business & Management (General),Geography, Earth & Environmental Science,Environmenta
                                        584 pagesEnvironmental Sciences (General),Environmental Sociology,Cultural Geography
                /f001The SAGE Reference Series on Green Society978-1-4129-9693-8     £70.00
                                        1232 their
                                                 Environmental Sociology,Public Policy & Public Administration,Sociology give insight into our
                                                                  Cl 978-1-4129-8819-3
                                                                                    £225.00 £190.00
 ent societies around the world cope withpages garbage in these troubled environmental times? How does our waste of Consumption,Con
                                        304 Concepts and (General),Internationaland Governmentality An Analytics of Government Analyzing
troduction to the Second Edition \ Basicpages                     Cl 978-1-84787-383-5Relations          Pa 978-1-84787-384-2
                                                 Sociology Themes: Government £79.00 (General),Social Theory,Cultural Theory,Human Ge
                                        784 pagesPolitical TheoryCl 978-1-4129-2748-2
                                                                   & Thought (General),Social in different discourse communities. This encyclop
 rhaps because of, its ubiquity, power has been analyzed in numerous and diverse ways Psychology (General),Social Theory,Organization S
                                        1528 Relations
                                                 International Relations (General),Development Studies (General),Human Geography (General
                SAGE Library of Internationalpages                                  £600.00
                                                                  Cl 978-0-85702-089-5
                                        3328 pages
                                                 Politics & International Relations \ Paul Cohen The Post-Mao Reforms in Historical Perspecti
                                                                  Cl 978-0-85702-820-4
et I: Politics \ VOLUME 1: CONTINUITIES AND CHANGES OF THE PARTY-STATE(General),Comparative Politics,Economics (General),Compar
                                        1584 pages PARTY-STATE978-1-4129-4884-5
                                                 THE              Cl \ Paul Cohen £600.00
                                                                                     (General),Economics (General),Area and Ethnic \ A. Doak Ba
OLUME 1: CONTINUITIES AND CHANGES OF Politics & International Relations The Post-Mao Reforms in Historical Perspective Studies (Gen
                                        1624 pages THE COMMAND ECONOMY \£600.00
                                                 OF               Cl 978-1-4129-4883-8 Naughton What is Distinctive and Ethnic Studies (Gen
OLUME 1: MARKET REFORM AND LEGACIES Politics & International Relations (General),Economics (General),Area about China's Economic
                                        264 Citizenship Question:978-1-4129-2129-9 & Sexuality Studies (General),Cultural Theory,Political
troduction: Framing the Questions \ Thepages                      Cl Of the State and Beyond \ The National Question: From the Indigenous to t
                                                 Citizenship Studies,Nationalism,Gender                  Pa 978-1-4129-2130-5
                                        1640 pages                Cl 978-0-85702-091-8
                SAGE Library of Political SciencePolitics (General),Cultural Politics,Social Theory
                                        \Read Schuchardt
                                                 Mass Communication of Everyday Life Brett Lunceford Cyborg \ Brett Lunceford Hacking
                                                                  Cl 978-1-4129-9079-0
 ad Schuchardt \Mcluhan, Marshall /f001488 pages Pornification(General),Gender\& Sexuality Studies (General),Sociology of Gender &
                                        192 pagesCulture and      Cl 978-0-7619-7061-3
                                                                                     £67.00              Pa 978-0-7619-7062-0
                Culture, Representation and Identity series Gender,Sociology of Gender,Gender & Sexuality Studies (General)
                                        2016 women
                                                 Women's Studies (General),Sociology of being female in Management
                                                                   delves into the contexts
edia of Women in Today's World looks at pages today andCl 978-1-4129-7685-5 of Gender,Women in the 21st century. The scope of the
                            A Pine Forge Press Publicationof Gender,Gender & Sexuality Studies (General),Gender and Why Should
                                        568 pagesSociology                                               Pa 978-1-4129-6594-1
ART ONE: WHAT ARE THE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS TO ASK ABOUT GENDER? \ What Is This Thing Called Gender& Social Policy We Care
ART ONE: OVERVIEW OF THE TOPIC 672 pages         Social Psychology 978-1-4129-3453-4and Discrimination: Theoretical and Empirical & Ethnicit
                                                                  Cl (General),Political
                                        \ John F Dovidio et al Prejudice, Stereotyping Theory & Thought (General),Sociology of Race Overview \
                                        224 pages                 Cl 978-1-84920-726-3
                                                                                     £65.00              Pa
                Key Approaches to Criminology Race, Ethnicity and Crime,Sociology of Race & Ethnicity 978-1-84920-727-0
                                        240 pages 978-1-4462-5468-4~#65.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-5469-1~#22.99
                                        240 pagesCultural AND CLIMATE \ PART THREE: Theory & Thought (General)
                                                                  Cl 978-1-4462-5466-0
ART ONE: CULTURAL THEORY \ PART TWO: CULTURE Theory,Social Theory,Political INSTITUTIONALIZED RISKS      Pa 978-1-4462-5467-7
                                        868 pagesONE: INTERFACES978-1-84787-547-1 Anthropology and Linguistics \ Christina Toren Anthr
                                                                  Cl \ Alessandro £275.00
 ited by Cris Shore and Richard Wilson PART Anthropology & Archaeology (General),Sociology (General),Human Geography (General)
                                        296 pages                 Cl 978-0-7619-4891-9
                BSA New Horizons in Sociology Sociology of Religion,Theology and Biblical Studies Pa 978-0-7619-4892-6
                                        1528 pages
                                                 Theology and Biblical Studies,Sociology of Religion
                                                                  Cl 978-0-7619-2729-7
ume Encyclopedia of Global Religion provides a comprehensive overview of the globalization of religious culture and society around the w
                            A a New Century series
                                        400 pagesSociology                                               Pa Biblical Studies
                Sociology for Pine Forge Press Publicationof Religion,Culture and Religion,Theology and978-1-4129-9125-4
                                        1678 pages
                                                 Religion         Cl 978-1-84920-033-2
                SAGE Benchmarks in Religious Studies (General),Theology and£600.00Studies,Sociology of Religion
                            A Pine Forge Press Publicationof Religion,Theology and Biblical Studies Scientific Perspective
                                        472 pagesSociology
ART ONE: Introduction to the Sociology of Religion \ What Do We Mean by the Term Religion? \ APa 978-1-4129-8298-6 on Religion \ PART
                                        1624 pages                Cl 978-1-84860-087-4
                SAGE Key Debates in Sociology Sociology of Religion                 £600.00
                SAGE Key Concepts series pages                    Cl and Leisure (General),Sport & Leisure978-1-84860-729-3
                                                 Sociology of Sport978-1-84860-728-6 £60.00              Pa Studies (General),Research Methods
                            A Learning Matters Marketing,Sport Management,Sports Studies
                                        224 pages
                Active Learning in Sport Series publication                                              Pa 978-0-85725-090-2
                                        240 pagesSociology \ Sport978-1-84860-990-7
                                                                  Cl and Leisure (General),Sport & Leisure978-1-84860-991-4and Health Researc
                                                                                     £70.00              Pa in Sport, Exercise
ART ONE: WHAT WE ARE DOING, AND WHY WE DO IT! ofResearch for What? For Whom? \ Paradigms Studies (General),Research Methods
                                        1664 pages
                                                 Sociology of Sport,Hospitality, Travel
                SAGE Library of Tourism, Hospitality & Leisure Cl 978-0-85702-919-5 & Tourism Management
                SAGE Key Concepts series pages                    Cl and Leisure (General),Sport & Leisure978-1-4129-2842-7
                                                 Sociology of Sport978-1-4129-2841-0 £65.00              Pa Studies (General),Organizational The
                                        240 pagesSociology of Sport,Sports Policy,Public Globalization,Pa 978-1-84920-518-4 Local (General)
                                                                  Cl 978-1-84920-517-7
                                                                                     £75.00                Administration,Social
 TRODUCTION \ PART ONE: KEY DEBATES IN GLOBALIZATION AND SPORTS POLICY \Policy & Public Sport and Policy \ The Policyand the Glo
                                        288 pagesIC~Cl 978-1-4462-0744-4~#75.00~~Pa of Qualitative Research : Approaches to Research in Sp
ART ONE: INTRODUCTION TO QUALITATIVE RESEARCH \ The Nature and Usefulness978-1-4462-0745-1~#26.99
                                         \RobertSport &
                                                  Roundtree, Robert Roundtree \Robert
                                                                  Studies (General),Sociology of Sport and Leisure (General),Hospitality, Travel
obert Roundtree \Robert Roundtree/f0011960 pagesLeisureCl 978-1-4129-7382-3 Roundtree, Robert Roundtree \Robert Roundtree, Rob
                                        INTRODUCING AN INTERNATIONAL APPROACH TO EVENTS MANAGEMENT \ Nicole Ferdinand & Steph
ephen Page Foreword \ PART ONE: 376 pages                         Cl & Tourism Management
                                                 Hospitality, Travel978-0-85702-240-0£90.00              Pa 978-0-85702-241-7
                                        192 Is Event Management? \ What Are the Main Types of Event? \ Why
 eface: The Goodwill Newsletter \ What pages 978-0-85702-517-3~#65.00~~Pa 978-0-85702-518-0~#21.99Is 'Moral Regulation' Relevant
                                        736 pages Evolution and978-1-4129-2397-2
                                                 The              Cl Contemporary£95.00
                                                                                      Positioning of Tourism as a Focus of Study \ PART ONE: APP
                                                                                                         Pa 978-1-4462-0875-5
 zim Jamal and Mike Robinson Introduction: Sociology of Leisure,Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Management,Tourism Studies,Leisure Studi
                SAGE Key Concepts series pages                    Cl and Leisure (General),Tourism Studies,Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Manag
                                                 Sociology of Sport978-1-84860-174-1 £65.00              Pa 978-1-84860-175-8
                                        296 pagesSociology of Leisure,Tourism Studies,Human Geography978-1-84920-377-7 Travel & Touris
                Published in association with Theory, Culture &Cl 978-1-84920-376-0  £75.00              Pa (General),Hospitality,
                                        448 pagesHospitality, Century TourismUse this
                                                                  Cl & How to Management,Tourism Studies
                                                                                     £90.00              Pa 978-1-84860-870-2
troduction: About this Book Tourism in the Twenty-first Travel978-1-84860-869-6 Book \ Understanding Tourism: Learning Outcomes Intr
                            A Pine Forge Press Publicationof Work,Organization Studies (General) and Its Consequences
                                        320 pagesSociology
 ork before Industrialization \ The Organization of Work in Pre-Industrial Times \ Industrialization Pa 978-1-4129-9285-5 \ Bureaucratic Org
                                        214 pages 978-0-85702-557-9~#85.00~~Pa 978-0-85702-558-6~#27.99
 e Concept of Organizational Culture \ Organizational Culture as Metaphor and Metaphors for Culture \ Organizational Culture and Perfor
                                        296 pagesSociology of Work,Organization Studies capitalist societies Main features of work in industr
                                                                  societies Work in industrial
                                                                                     £75.00              Pa 978-1-84920-413-2
 e Historical Transformation of Work: Work in pre-industrial Cl 978-1-84920-412-5 (General),Industrial Sociology
                            A a New Century series
                                        220 pagesSociology
                Sociology for Pine Forge Press Publicationof Work,Human Resource Development (General)   Pa 978-1-4129-9086-8
                                        712 pagesOrganization Studies (General) Managing Teams and Pa 978-0-85702-041-3
                                                                  Cl Individuals \ £95.00
ART ONE: MANAGING PEOPLE IN ORGANIZATIONS \ Managing 978-0-85702-040-6                                   Groups \ Managing Leading, Coaching an
                                        552 PART Sociology of Organizations                              Pa 978-0-7619-8766-6
                                        Lifelong Learning \ Motives and Motivating \ Rules Are Rules \ Buildings and Organizing \ Leading \ Po
troduction \ Entering and Leaving \ 512 pages                    Cl 978-1-84860-085-0
                                                 Organizational Behaviour (General) £96.00               Pa 978-1-84860-086-7
                           A ORGANIZATIONAL FORM \ Mary Parker Follett Business as an Integrative Unity \ Tom of Work
                                        768 pagesSociology       Cl 978-1-4129-9195-7
                                                                                    £61.00               Pa 978-1-4129-9196-4
  RT ONE: THE RELATIONALPine Forge Press Publicationof Organizations,Organization Studies (General),SociologyBurns and G.M. Stalker Me
                                        164 pages 978-1-4462-0736-9~#45.00~~Pa 978-1-4462-0737-6~#13.99
              Very Short, Fairly Interesting & Cheap Books
                                        216 pagesOrganization Studies (General),Organizational Behaviour (General)
                                                                 Cl vs Personality £75.00
troduction to Understanding Identity \ Introduction \ Identity978-1-84860-679-1                          Pa 978-1-84860-680-7
                                                                                      \ Identity on the Management Agenda: A Brief History \ H
              SAGE Key Concepts series pages                     Cl 978-1-84920-588-7
                                                 Leadership,Sociology of Work £65.00                     Pa 978-1-84920-589-4
                                        208 pagesLeadership,Leadership & Management
              Very Short, Fairly Interesting & Cheap Books Cl 978-1-84920-738-6     £55.00               Pa 978-1-84920-739-3
ART ONE: THEORIES, PERSPECTIVES ANDpages         Other Health Specialties,Public Health,Sociology of HealthConcepts of Health
                                                                 Cl 978-1-4462-0187-9
                                                                                    £75.00               Pa \ and Illness
                                        376 CONCEPTS \ Sociological Theory: Explaining and Theorising978-1-4462-0188-6 and Medicine \
                                        200 pagesSociology of Health and Illness,Public Health,Nursing,Other with sociology Theory and applica
                                                                 Cl 978-1-4129-2073-5
                                                                                    £75.00               Pa 978-1-4129-2074-2
 ologue: Sociology, Medicine and Medical Sociology: Introduction Medical sociology and its relationship Health Specialties
                                        208 Medicine Health Specialties,Sociology of HealthRepresentations of Medicine, Illness and the Body
troduction \ Theoretical Perspectives onpages                    Cl \ The Body in Medicine \ and Illness 978-1-4462-0895-3
                                                 Other and Society978-1-4462-0894-6 £75.00               Pa
                                        and Health
                                                 Health Psychology,Clinical Psychology
                                                                  Locating the field£75.00
                                                                                      Understanding health, of Health disability Critical Promo
                                                                                                         Pa 978-1-84920-762-1
troduction: Critical Issues in Clinical 232 pages Psychology :Cl 978-1-84920-761-4 (General),Sociologyillness and and Illness,Health issues in
                           A the Forge Press Publicationof Age,Social COURSE PERSPECTIVE ON AGING \ Controversy 1. Does Old Age Have
                                        576 \ BASIC
                                                 Sociology                                               Pa 978-1-4522-0309-6
 eface \ Prologue \ AboutPine Authors pages CONCEPTS I. A LIFE Work and Older Clients,Gerontological Public Health,Gerontological N
              SAGE Key Concepts series pages                     Cl 978-1-84787-543-3
                                                                                    £65.00               Pa 978-1-84787-544-0
                                                 Sociology of the Body,Sociology of Health and Illness,Other Health Specialties,Cultural Studies
                                        328 pagesSociology of the Society
                                                                  Body,Sociology of Health and Illness,Social Theory
              Published in association with Theory, Culture &Cl 978-0-85702-532-6   £75.00               Pa 978-0-85702-533-3
                                        240 pagesSociology of the Society
                                                                  Body,Sociology of Health and Illness,Social Psychology (General)
              Published in association with Theory, Culture &Cl 978-1-84920-472-9   £70.00
                                        2432 pages
                                                 Disability & Rehabilitation,Sociology of Health (2003) and
                                                                 Handbook of Disability
erence Series on Disability , from Gary L Albrecht - editor of Cl 978-1-4129-8015-9 Studiesand Illness Encyclopedia of Disability (2005) - i
                                         \ Debates:
                                                 Sociology of Health and Illness,Social Policy and Disability,Disability & Rehabilitation,Commun
                                                                 Cl 978-1-84787-557-0
                                                                                    £67.00               Disability Studies \ Society: Sociological D
troduction: Global Disability Studies232 pages Political Disability Studies \ Intersections: Diverse Pa 978-1-84787-558-7
              SAGE Key Concepts series pages                     Cl 978-1-4462-0189-3
                                                                                    £60.00               Pa 978-1-4462-0190-9
                                                 Sociology of Childhood,Social Work - Children,Early Childhood Education
                                        240 pagesChild Protection,Child Neglect,Children,
                                                                 Cl The Multi-Agency System \ Making Things Different \Violence (General)
                                                                                    £72.00               and Interpersonal Personal and Professi
ART ONE: CHILD PROTECTION WORK \ Different Perspectives \ 978-1-4129-2091-9 Adolescents Pa 978-1-4129-2092-6
                           A a New Century series
                                        456 pagesSociology                                               Pa 978-1-4129-7943-6
              Sociology for Pine Forge Press Publicationof Childhood,Child Development,Early Childhood Education
                                        256 pagesWorking with OF KEY Families & £65.00
                                                                 Cl 978-1-84920-379-1Communities,ChildPa 978-1-84920-380-7
                                        232 Preface
                                                 Working with Parents,Early Childhood Education,Resources for Green Centre \ 2.Developing e
                                                                 Cl 978-1-4129-3500-5
                                                                                    £78.00               Pa 978-1-4129-3501-2
otes on the team \ Acknowledgements \pages \ 1.New forms of provision, new ways of working - the Pen Parents
              SAGE Key Concepts series pages                     Cl 978-1-4129-2005-6
                                                                                    £60.00               Pa 978-1-4129-2006-3
                                                 Sociology of the Family,Working with Parents, Families & Communities,Family Policy,Family T
                                        264 pagesSociology of the Family,Family Policy,Social Work - Families,Family Studies Families We
                                                                 Cl 978-1-84787-931-8
                                                                                    £70.00               Pa We Live With, The
troduction: Structures, Processes and Strategies Family or Families? Families in History The Families 978-1-84787-932-5(General) Live B
                           A Pine Forge Press Publicationof the Family: From Policy,Family Studies (General)
                                        256 pagesSociology                                                Perspectives Globalization as an Analyti
troduction: Families in Global Context: A More Global Milieu Family,Family Comparative to GlobalPa 978-1-4129-9863-5
                                        1520 pages a distinct Gender,Women's Studies (General),Family Systems and Theory
                                                  as             Cl 978-1-4129-6846-1
  ade, the topic of motherhood has emerged Sociology of and established field of scholarly inquiry. The Encyclopedia of Motherhood is a co
                           A Pine Forge Press Publicationof Education,Education PERSPECTIVES \ Jeanne H. Ballantine and Joan Z. Spade 1.
                                        552 pagesSociology
troduction \ CHAPTER 1: WHAT IS SOCIOLOGY OF EDUCATION? THEORETICALStudies                               Pa 978-1-4129-7924-5
                                        2280 pages
              SAGE Library in Social Psychology                  Cl 978-1-4462-0881-6
                                                                                   £825.00 £750.00
                                                 Interpersonal Relations,Close Relationships,Family Studies (General),Sociology of the Family
                                        2584 pages
                                                 Teaching Diverse Students,Sociology of \ Carl Bankston Refugees, Children of \ Adebowale
                                                                 Cl 978-1-4129-8152-1
                                                                                   £385.00 £325.00
  rl Bankston Amerasian Identity \ Carl Bankston American Homecoming Act of 1988 Education
                                         the Field
                                                 Education Studies,Sociology of Education,Teacher Training
                                                                 Cl 978-0-85702-911-9
                                                                                    £75.00               INTRODUCTION TO THE
  ucation Studies: An Introduction to400 pagesof Study \ SECTION ONE: EDUCATION STUDIES - AN Pa 978-0-85702-912-6 FIELD OF STUDY
                                        Issues Education Studies,Sociology of Education,Policy & Planning
              Education Studies: Key 176 pages                                      £60.00
                                                                 Cl 978-1-84920-810-9                    Pa 978-1-84920-811-6
                                        184 pagesSociology of Education,Education £60.00
              Published in association with Theory, Culture &Cl 978-1-84860-646-3    Studies,Public Policy & Public Administration
                                        232 of Violence Crime (General),Criminology (General),Sociology of Deviance
troduction \ What Is Violence? \ Origins pages                   Cl 978-1-84787-035-3
                                                                                    £75.00               Pa 978-1-84787-036-0
                                                 Violent \ Violence, Bodies and Civilization \ Spaces of Violence \ Masculinities and Violence \
                                        576 pagesCriminology Characteristics of Crime and Criminals \ Pa 978-1-4129-7971-9
troduction \ Research Methods in Criminology \ General (General),Sociology of Deviance                   Early and Classical Theories \ Positivistic
                                        Preface \Criminology & Criminal The Sage Dictionary of Criminology \ Subject Index \ Name Index
                                                                 Cl 978-1-4462-0082-7
  t of Contributors \ List of Entries \ 512 pagesEditors' Introduction \ Justice (General)               Pa 978-1-4462-0083-4
                                        687 pages  PART TWO: CAUSES OF
                                                                 Cl 978-1-4462-0785-7
                                                                                    £85.00               Pa 978-1-4462-0786-4
                                        504 \ TheCriminological Theory,Criminology (General),Sociology (General)
                                                                                                         Pa 978-1-4129-8145-3
  e Context and Consequences of Theory pages Search for the 'Criminal Man' \ Rejecting Individualism: The Chicago School \ Crime in Amer
                                        328 pages                Cl 978-1-84860-702-6
                                                                                    £75.00               Media,Sociology of Culture
              Key Approaches to Criminology Criminology & Criminal Justice (General),Culture andPa 978-1-84860-703-3
                                        304 in England \ Crime Cl 978-1-84860-671-5Theory,Criminology (General)
troduction \ Historical Patterns of Crimepages                   Trends in the Neo-Liberal Age \ Philosophy, Social Theory and Criminology: Th
                                                 Sociology of Deviance,Criminological                    Pa 978-1-84860-672-2
                                        528 pages  Brenda Vose Level Service Inventory-Revised Brenda Vose Policy (General)
                                                                 Cl 978-1-4129-9083-7
orman White Juvenile and Youth Offenders \Community Corrections,Social Problems,Social\Work & SocialThree Generations of Risk Assess
                                        688 pages  Horace. of Deviance,Criminology The Nacirema." American
                                                                                                         Pa 978-1-4129-7377-9
ART ONE: INTRODUCTION \ Readings: Miner,Sociology1956. "Body Ritual Among(General),Criminal Justice Anthropologist 58 (3): 503-507.
                                        224 pagesComputer Crime,Sociology of Deviance
                                                                 Cl 978-1-4462-0193-0
                                                                                    £70.00               Pa From Hacktivism to
  bercrime and the Internet: An Introduction \ Hackers, Crackers and Viral Coders \ Political Hacking: 978-1-4462-0194-7 Cyberterrorism \ V
                                        1008 pages enemy number one' Related Crime,Drugs & Behavior,Public Policy,American Public War vete
                                                                 Cl 978-1-4129-7695-4'war
 dent Richard M Nixon declared drugs 'publicSocial Problems,Drug and waged£225.00 on drugs' after tests on returning Vietnam Policy
                                        560 pages Refugee andCriminology and Criminal Justice,Social Problems,International Security \ Con
                                                   (In              978-1-4129-9077-6
 ichael Royster Gender-based Violence (GBV)Critical Issues inClConflict-Affected Populations) \ Michael Royster War Crimes Tribunals &Leo
                                        608 pagesTerrorism,Politics & International Relations (General)Pa 978-1-4522-0582-3
bout the Author \ Acknowledgments \ Introducation and Rationale \ PART ONE: TERRORISM: A CONCEPTUAL REVIEW \ Terrorism: First Im
                                        720 is a thoroughly updated and expanded edition of the original, highly regarded reference work. Ne
 yclopedia of Terrorism , Second Edition pages                   Cl 978-1-4129-8016-6
                                                 International Relations (General),Criminology (General),Political Sociology,Social Psychology (
                                        520 pagesCorrections/Penology,Sociology of Deviance,Research Methods for\Criminology PUNISHMENT
                                                                 Cl 978-1-84860-675-3
 nathan Simon and Richard Sparks Introduction: Punishment and Society: The £95.00    Emergence of an Academic Field PART ONE: & Criminal Ju
                                Study Skills (General),Study Skills (UG)
SAGE Study Skills Series472 pages               Cl 978-1-4462-0324-8£56.00           Pa 978-1-4462-0325-5
                                Study Skills (General),Essays/Dissertations,Postgraduate978-0-85702-928-7
SAGE Study Skills Series264 pages               Cl 978-0-85702-927-0£65.00           Pa Study
                                Study Skills (UG),Study Skills (PG) £60.00
SAGE Study Skills Series120 pages               Cl 978-1-4462-0931-8                 Pa 978-1-4462-0932-5
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