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					Workers’ Comp Basics

OMWBE Business Planner Session
March 12, 2009
Today’s talk
 What does L&I do?
 Workplace Safety basics
 About L&I Employer Services
 What L&I policy managers do / how
  they can help
 Workers’ comp recordkeeping
 Filing reports and payments online
What does L&I do?
   Workplace health & safety
   Workers’ compensation
   Wage & hour rules
   Contractor registration
   Electrical/plumbing/elevators
   Apprenticeship
   Workplace health and safety
Division of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH)
Why have a safe workplace?
 It’s the law
  – Accident Prevention Program
  – Templates:
 Safety emphasis tells
  your workers
  that you care
Workplace injuries are very costly
  Moderate claim can double your workers’
   comp rates
  Indirect costs typically 1.2 to 4.5 times
   direct costs
         DOSH Compliance
 Safety & Health Inspections
  – Complaints and referrals
  – Scheduled inspections
  – Follow-up inspections
Safety consultation
    Consultation visit by employer
     – Free!
     – Confidential
     – No citations or penalties
    Workshops
    Video/film library

     Workers’ compensation
Promise to injured workers
 Medical care
 Wage compensation if medically unable to
  work after 3 days
     Workers’ compensation
Promise to employers
 Insurance – You don’t pay the actual cost of
  the claim
 Liability protection – An injured worker cannot
  sue you for a workplace injury
L&I Employer Services
   Gathers workers’ comp premiums
   Assigns risk classifications
   Processes employer quarterly reports
   Adjusts rates
   Assigns claims to correct employers
Workers’ comp policy managers
   Manage workers’ comp policies
   Primary contact for employers
   Open new accounts
   Assign claims to employers
   Refunds
   Legal actions
   Referrals to other L&I divisions
Workers’ comp recordkeeping
 Every employer must insure with L&I
 File accurate payroll reports each quarter
 Due dates:
   – Last day of April, July, October, January
   – 4 quarters of reporting zero hours – account
                    RCW 51.16.060
Workers’ comp recordkeeping
 Methods of reporting hours:
  – Actual hours worked by all employees
  – Salary/Commission workers -- 480hrs/Quarter
  – Truckers/Standby workers – 520 hrs/Quarter
 What to do if you make a mistake
 What to do if you’re late
 Waiver of penalties and interest
File quarterly reports online
   QuickFile
    – Just filing a quarterly report
    – Security access not needed
   Claim and Account Center
    – Full suite of account services
    – File amended/late reports
    – Security access required
2 payment
Click to add title
 Click to add text
Web resources
 Reducing insurance costs
 Online Filing System
    (Select “File Quarterly Reports” link)
 Employer’s Guide to Industrial Insurance
Web resources
 Verify Industrial Insurance Status s
 Workplace safety
 Report Fraud - 1-888-811-5974
L&I Account Manager
 Find on your quarterly report form
 Call 360-902-4817
Small Business Liaison
 Ron Langley/Aaron Hoffman
 Call 1-800-987-0145

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