Instructions for Data Entry Fields by fanzhongqing


									Instructions for Data Entry Fields

Applicant # 1 and 2    Names of Applicants

Choose the correct income category in the drop down menu

Area Loan Limit        Enter the Geographical County and the Area loan limit.

Repayment Income       Enter repayment income by source (Note that the annual income is not
                       automatically included from the Payment Assistance Calc sheet)

Other Debt             List all appropriate debts including:
                       Regular assessments, such as homeowner assessments;
                       Long-term obligations with more than 6 months repayment remaining, including
                       loans, alimony, and child support;
                       Payments that come due in the next 12 months, including deferred loans and
                       balloon payments;
                       The minimum monthly payment required for revolving credit card debts

                       Short-term obligations that are considered to have a significant impact on
                       repayment ability, such as large medical bills and car or other credit payments.

                       The spreadsheet will do the rest of the calculations for you.


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