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					   Inspector Joe’s

     Ten Golden Rules
For First-time Home Buyers

    Created by Joseph M. Griffin
   Tri-State Home Inspections Inc.
          Rule number One
Seek Higher Ground whenever possible
   Avoid being at the lowest point on the street, or at
    the foot of a steep sloping hillside or backyard

  Otherwise, you may be bailing water regularly from a
                     flooded basement
               Rule Number Two
                    Always Look twice

        Always walk around the home twice, in opposite directions
           Always visit the house twice, at different times,
                Bring two people, two sets of eyes

You will see more, and learn how the home reacts, looks in different light
Rule Number Three
    Age before beauty
A twenty year old home can be like a $1000
      car on the side of the road
 After you get it home, it needs tires,
       transmission, and brakes
     Most roofs, boilers, furnaces
        and leach fields
     Have twenty year life cycles
       Ask if they have been
        replaced recently
       Rule Number Four
      Remove rose colored glasses
    Look at the home as if you were an inspector,
do not get caught up measuring for drapes or pool tables
              and leave children HOME
              Check roof, looking for curling
                and missing shingles
               Check siding, straight, dry?
                 or rippled and rotted?

               Look at windows, doors, walls
               Are they flat, square, intact?
                Try them while you are
                     walking through
Rule Number Five
    Do Your Homework
   Check the registry records at town hall
   zoning, planning, building, etc. to map
      the history of construction,
        especially if the home
    has undergone major renovations,
             additions, etc.

Check for permits pulled, outstanding permits,
    contractor information, licenses if any
        To check quality of work
   and if town regulated work performed
            Rule Number Six
             Get an Agent
   A realtor who is working for you and your best interests,
       in most cases will not cost you any additional money

Beware FSBO especially if you have never bought a home
before. Sellers can take advantage of buyers who are not educated
with the entire selling process. A good buyers agent can be
worth thousands of saved dollars. They can help protect you
from making a poor decision. Some sellers can be dictatorial
and push you into a contract which may restrict your ability to
have a fair process and perform due diligence ie: inspections
Rule Number Seven
  Family Matters
    Engage family in the process, as they
    bring years of homeownership experience
    with them. If you find a home you like,
    bring friends or relatives through before
    putting an offer in. Get feedback.
                 Rule Number Eight
                   Have a Plan B

Look at more than a few houses, and have a backup plan. Some times things
   don’t work out on the first home, have another as a fallback.
  Offers can be refused, or a contingency can derail the sale before it gets
   moving. Sometimes the home inspection reveals major issues that can not
   be overcome by buyer or seller.
             Rule Number Nine
            Stay out of the shade
          Almost every home I have inspected which
             was surrounded by large shade trees
                had mold and mildew issues
A lot of southern exposure is best, it keeps the exterior and
  interior dry and free of damaging moisture
                Rule Number Ten
                 Response Time

When signing a Purchase and Sale agreement build in enough response
time (Post-inspections) Typically 7-14 days so that you have enough time to
make smart decisions, get contractors in to provide repair quotes, and
renegotiate any concerns you may have, failed roof, heating systems,
septic, radon, etc.

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