Floral Design Floral Design Syllabus 2011-12 by fanzhongqing


									                          Introduction to Floral Design
                                Course Syllabus

Canton High School: Agriculture Department
Mrs. Mabe: Room 602
Classroom Telephone: 903.567.6561 ext. 4602
Email questions to: kmabe@cantonisd.net
Email assignment to: cantonffa@yahoo.com
Conference Period: 4th 2-3:20 p.m.
Website: http://www.canton.ffanow.org

Course Description

Floral design is an interesting and challenging career opportunity and art form
that is becoming more important to the healthy lifestyle of many people. There
are many jobs available in this industry for people who are willing to work hard
and express their creative abilities through flowers and foliage plants.

The following topics will be taught in this class. The presentation of this material
may be in lecture form, video, or other electronic media presentations, textbook
work, curriculum worksheets, class discussion, visual observation or
demonstration and hands-on experiences.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, the student shall be able to:

       1. Explain the employability characteristics of a successful worker - 16
       2. The history of floral design – 20 days
       3. Flower and foliage plant identification – 40 days
       4. Preparing floral arrangements using fresh products – 80 days
       5. Interiorscaping with foliage plants – 8 days
       6. Utilizing safe handling techniques – 8 days


The department supplies most equipment; however, each student will need to
purchase the following personal items:

½ inch clear covered any color Three Ring Binder               need 5 dividers
extra paper

Notebooks will be kept in the classroom and sent home periodically for parent
checks perhaps. At the end of the year, all notebooks will showcase the
student’s safety and practical knowledge.
Grading Policy

While grades are not the only indication of the amount of learning that has taken
place; they are an effective measurement tool and are necessary to evaluate
student progress. During this year there will be many grades taken in this class.
These grades will be based upon student creativity and ingenuity, daily
classroom work, written and practical test, and floral arrangement techniques.
The specific grading components of this class will be determined on a weighted
average basis with specific categories that relate to this class.

       Floral Designs/Lab Test/Written Test       50%
       Class work/Homework                        25%
       Class Participation/Notebook               10%
       Major Research Projects/Record Book        15%

Class participation grades will be based on the following scale:

Student exhibits on-task behavior and attitudes entirety of class period (90-100)
Student exhibits on-task behavior and attitudes majority of class period (80-89)
Student occasionally exhibits off-task behaviors and attitudes (70-79)
Student regularly exhibits off-task behaviors and attitudes (60-69)
Student does not participate (0)

Makeup Work / Late Work

It is the responsibility of the student to obtain all make-up work assignments from
the teacher. Any labs missed because of absence or ISS may be completed
within a three-day period if the fresh flowers and other products are still available.
In the event that the floral product is not available, an alternate assignment may
be completed. All school policies regarding make-up and late work will be
followed. All make-up or late work not completed with the required time period
will receive a zero grade.

Bonus Points

Extra Credit points may be earned and will be added to each six weeks grade for
the following FFA Activities:

       1 point/per --participation in FFA competitive events (contest teams).
       1 points/per – all local activities, meetings, and events.
       1 points/per – all above local level activities, meetings, and events.

Each student needs a three-ring binder with dividers and organized as follows:
      Signed Laboratory Regulations and Discipline Guidelines
      Dividers labeled as:
             1. Record book (SAE hard copy and On-line) information
             2. Class notes
             3. Handouts
             4. Graded Class work
             5. Graded Exams / quizzes
      Extra paper

Notebook Grading Procedure:
      1. Dividers, handouts, and notes               20pts.
      2. Record book up to date                      30pts.
      3. Rules and Parent slips are signed           20pts.
      4. Extra paper                                 15pts.
      5. Neatness                                    15pts.
      Total                                         100pts.

Notebooks will be graded as a quiz grade when asked.
Notebooks will be kept in the classroom at ALL times unless sent home for
a parent signature or to test study. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Record Book

Each student will be furnished with a record book to be completed by the student
weekly. Class time will be given to work on record books, and they may be
graded at anytime. The record book also counts as part of the notebook grade.

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