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					                             Researched Argument Reflection

I found this assignment extremely enjoyable and I had a lot of fun working on it. I loved

the fact that we got to choose our own book which came of interest to us personally, and

also voice our opinion on the topic. I chose the topic of plastic surgery because I feel very

strongly that plastic surgery is unethical and indulgent. I had little problems

understanding the prompt of this assignment, mainly because we basically had to develop

our opinion and make an argument for, or against, the topic described in our reading. I do

think however, that I could have improved my writing in this assignment and elaborate

more on my opinion of the topic and less on describing what the book concerned, or the

Author’s perspective. I used many quotations from my book, and I effectively introduced

them and made sure to cite my authors work thoroughly. In this writing, I also received

many teacher comments that not only improved my writing, but allowed me to

understand the little things I was doing wrong in my writing. I plan to take these

comments in to account when working on my next writing because they truly help

improve my writing skills and better my intellect as an English student.

       Compared to previous assignments, I can see a drastic improvement in my writing

skills, positive changes that I didn’t know I was capable of achieving. I feel that I

expanded my vocabulary, and allowed my work to sound more formal and less amateur.

This is very important because I strive to succeed in the writing world and I feel that this

class is allowing me to do so at levels of writing I never would have thought I would

reach. As the writer of this essay, I have learned that I truly enjoy reading and voicing my

opinion on certain topics that I feel strongly about. I also learned that writing can indeed

be fun, when you believe in what you are writing about. I have exponentially grown as a
writer after completing this assignment, I have improved as a student, and better yet, I

have realized how strongly I feel about the decadence of plastic surgery

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