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This file is meant to be used as a template to simplify the process of converting information to QuickBooks.

There are 4 lists that can import into QuickBooks and must be contained on separate sheets. These are identified
on the 4 sheets in this file: Accounts, Customers, Items, Vendors.

Any single record (Account, Customer, etc.) cannot span more than one row. Each row is a separate record.
Each column has its own heading for what the column will contain. Do not add, move or swap any columns.
Some column headings display a red triangle in the corner--if you place your mouse arrow over these fields you
will see additional information regarding the data in that column. The columns which are highlighted in yellow are

                                   Account Type must be one of the following:
                                            Accounts Receivable
                                             Other Current Asset
                                                 Fixed Asset
                                                 Other Asset
                                              Accounts Payable
                                                 Credit Card
                                            Other Current Liability
                                             Long Term Liability
                                             Cost of Goods Sold
                                                Other Income
                                               Other Expense

                                     Item Type must be one of the following:
                                                Inventory part
                                              Non-inventory part
                                                Other charge
Type   Number   Name   Description   Acct.# / Card #
Opening Balance As of (Date) Remind Me to Order Checks   Track Reimbursed Expenses In
Income Account   Account is Inactive
Job or Customer Name Opening Balance                          Company Name
                                       Opening Balance as of (Date)          Salutation
First Name                Last Name
             Middle Initial           Contact   Phone   Fax   Alt. Phone   Alt. Contact
Email   Billing Address Line 1   Billing Address Line 2 Billing Address Line 3
Billing Address Line 4 Billing Address Line 5 Shipping Address Line 1   Shipping Address Line 2
Shipping Address Line 3   Shipping Address Line 4   Shipping Address Line 5 Customer Type
Preferred Send Method   Resale Number Acct #   Credit Limit Preferred Payment Method
Credit Card #           CC Exp Year
                CC Exp Month             Credit Card Address Credit Card Zip Code
                                Name on card
Job Status Job Start Date Job Projected End Date   Job End Date Job Description Job Type
Is Inactive
Type   Name                  Description on Sales Forms
              Reim. Charge/Purch. For Customer Account    COGS/Expense Account
                              Description on Purchase Transactions
Asset Account Deposit to (Account)      On Hand Cost        Preferred Vendor   Tax Agency
Sales Price or Amount   Item is Inactive   Reorder Point Total Value As Of (Date)
Name   Opening Balance   Opening Balance As Of
Company Name   Salutation   First Name   Middle Initial Last Name
Address Line 1   Address Line 2   Address Line 3
Address Line 4 Address Line 5 Contact   Phone   Fax   Alt. Phone   Alt. Contact Email
Print On Check As Account #   Vendor Type Terms   Credit Limit Tax ID
Vendor Eligible for 1099   Is Inactive   Note
First Name   Middle initial   Last Name   Social Security #   Address Line 1
Address Line 2   City   State   Zip   Phone
Alt. Phone
As of (Date)

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