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									Voice Mail Options
    Unified Messaging
 Voice Mail Web Browser
        David Howard Les Cottrell
 August 14 2006 SCCS Managers’ Meeting
 Nortel Voice Mail Upgrade
                         Call Pilot
                  Coming in Oct – Nov ’06
                    Does everything the
               current Voice Mail does, plus..

               New Features     For Evaluation

 My CallPilot                    Desktop Messaging
(Software is Included)                           ($60,000)
  Voice Mail                         Unified Messaging
 Web Browser
                        My CallPilot
•   Web browser-based software interface to CallPilot voice mail
•   Requires a user directory database and many new user procedures
•   Uses a Windows IIS web server with users’ access
•   From any web browser (including Internet) configured for CallPilot
    – View information about your mailbox
    – Receive, forward, reply to, create, send voice mail (needs headset or
    – Change the mailbox setup, password
    – Create personal distribution lists
    – Set up remote notification to a pager or phone
    – View online user guide and mailbox status
    – Call the sender of a voice mail
    – Phone directory lookup and call setup
    – Access IMAP email accounts and other CP mailboxes
    – Fax features can be configured (receive, view – requires additional
           Desktop Messaging
• Gives access to CallPilot through the email software
  client, e.g. Outlook
• Requires a user directory database and many new user
• Works with email clients, not email server
• Uses a Windows IIS web server with users’ access
• Listen to, record, and send voice mail using the CallPilot
  Player (download)
• Add voice file attachments to messages
• Access My CallPilot and use all its features (last slide)
• Fax features can be configured (receive, view, and send)
         My CallPilot Evaluation
• Positive                          • Negative
   – Access voice mail while away      – Security issues with an
     from the office, from a PC,         “unmanaged” IIS server on the
     without calling in by phone         SLAC network
   – Set up your voice mail box        – Another web server to
     yourself without calling for        manage (windows group)
     help                              – Additional demands
   – Save time by not using the          (telecom/database group) to
     phone to do voice mail              maintain/integrate another
   – Receive faxes on a PC               directory database
     (additional software).            – Added demands (telecom/help
                                         desk) to support/train users
                                         with a new system
                                       – Possible additional software
                                         costs TBD, for fax viewing
 Desktop Messaging Evaluation
• Positive                         • Negative
   – Check your voice mail            – Additional $60,000 for
     while you check your email,        software from Nortel
     from the same PC screen          – Security issues with an
     (email client)                     “unmanaged” IIS server on the
                                        SLAC network
   – Access My CallPilot and all      – Another web server to
     its features                       manage (windows group)
   – Receive and send faxes on        – Additional demands
     a PC (additional software)         (telecom/database staff) to
                                        maintain another directory
                                        database and support users
                                        with a new system
                                      – Additional demands (email
                                        staff) to do setup and support
                                        users with new features

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