Bi-Lingual Dallas Attorney, Steven Phelps, JD, CPA, Helps Locals With Bankruptcy

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					Bi-Lingual Dallas Attorney, Steven Phelps, JD, CPA, Helps Locals With

Dallas, TX, 17-MAY-2012 - Dallas Attorney, Steven Phelps is pleased to
announce a bi-lingual legal firm that is available to assist clients
through the procedures required when declaring bankruptcy. The economic
climate of today means that many more locals are forced into a situation
where bankruptcy is the best, and sometimes the only answer.

For clients who are not certain whether bankruptcy is the solution, a
free initial consultation with Dallas attorney, Steven Phelps, is
offered. Some of the questions that will be explored during the
discussion include what is gained in the process of bankruptcy, how long
does it take, and what assets are protected, if any.

According to Mr. Phelps, speaking in an interview recently, "Bankruptcy
is not right for everyone but it can make it possible for you to
eliminate debts so that you can make a clean start and allow you to keep
belongings that are exempt from creditors under bankruptcy law. You can
stop a foreclosure on the family home, and prevent repossession or
reverse repossession of a vehicle."

When the client decides to proceed with the legal dissolution of debts,
the services of an attorney are recommended. This will allow each legal
requirement to be completed accurately and efficiently. If the complete
process is not done exactly according to the regulations, the findings of
bankruptcy court may be against the filer.

Learn more about how a qualified Dallas attorney can assist with the
completion of bankruptcy proceedings by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who
have additional questions about the subject of this specific press
release are encouraged to contact Mr. Phelps at the location identified

Contact Person Name: Steven H. Phelps, P. L. L. C.

Firm Name: The Law Firm of Steven H. Phelps

Address: 10,000 N Central Expressway, Suite 850 LB 76, Dallas, TX 75231

Contact Telephone Number: (214) 373-0880

Contact Fax Number: (214) 373-3239



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Description: The Law Firm of Steven H. Phelps and Dallas Attorney, Steven Phelps, offer bi-lingual bankruptcy filing assistance to local residents. With the expertise and experience gained from thousands of cases, the legal process will be completed accurately and quickly.