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             ViaMark Medical Clients – information cheat sheet
                      “For Internal Purposes Only”
Office contact: Glenn Anderson

1. Cape Fear Valley Health System
Mostly media placement (no creative)
- Image Advertising
    For their Cancer and Heart Centers
     Helped launch their new affiliation with Cleveland Clinic Heart Center

- Nurse recruitment
    • TV, radio, outdoor
    • Four month multi-market Radio and TV campaign
    • The Goal: Recruit 100 new nurses
    • The Result? CFVHS hired almost 200 new nurses and 60 allied health professionals. Their
        success was published in industry trade magazines. Due to our success, we’ve repeated
        similar recruitment campaigns for the hospital.

2. Duke Eye Center
Recruitment for Lasik Eye Surgery Seminars

3. NCCRM – NC Center for Reproductive Medicine
- Patient Recruitment/Egg Donor Recruitment
     TV, radio, print, website & SEO, electronic news letter, tracking and monitoring
     ViaMark found a vanity number that was both easy for the listener to remember and 100%
        track-able; Included in every radio and television commercial
     ViaMark developed a scheduling formula for this client that saved them money and got better
        results than previous buys
     The result? NCCRM has grown from 30 calls per month to over 500 calls per month.
     NCCRM increased their call volume sixteen times over, and branded the practice in multiple
        markets. In addition, we put a tracking system in place that allows them to monitor every
        ad dollar they spend.

4. Triangle Specialty Care
- Aesthetic Wellness Center
     Laser hair removal; breast enhancement
     Helped drive traffic to their new medical practice specializing in aesthetic Wellness
     ViaMark created a trackable campaign that increased monthly calls from 30 to over 130 calls
        within the first four months of the campaign.
5. Kendle International (CRO)
- Recruitment for CRA’s (Clinical Research Associates)
     Goal was to recruit new CRA’s and increase employee moral

- Patient Recruitment for ATL (Allergy Therapeutics)
     Clinical Trial for a new Ragweed Medication
     TV, radio and some print
     Utilized a specific patient recruitment media buying strategy to help determine appropriate
        market budgets
     Campaign designed to enroll 1,000 patients in 3 months for 76 sites in 37 cities nationwide
     Over 7,596 respondents who completed the initial screening process came as a direct result
        of the advertising campaign.
     The client enrolled a total of 1,000 patients before the enrollment deadline.

- Patient Recruitment for Bavarian-Nordic
     Radio, print, website banner advertising
     Clinical study for Small Pox Vaccine
     Designed for approximately 20 markets nationwide
     --- details will follow ---

Office contact: Bea/Gayle
6. Southeastern Fertility
- Patient Recruitment
     TV, radio, print
     Conduct Seminars throughout the year to obtain donors; 4-5 seminars a year.
     Clients goal was to sign up 25 couples for their fertility seminars.
     First Seminar brought 30 registered couples, 24 couples attended; 9 couples
       became fertility patients of the center.

Office contact: Mark Story
7. Quintiles
     TV, radio
     Conducted one case study in 2007. TV/Radio campaign and met the objectives.
     Obtained the # required for the study.
     Nothing since then .

Office contact: Terri Aubuchon
8. Multiple Chiropractic Centers located in Eastern North Carolina
- Kean Chiropractic Center – Greenville, NC
- McLaughlin Chiropractic Center – Morehead City, NC
- Salma Chiropractic Center – Greensboro, NC
- Schilsky Chiropractic Center – Jacksonville, NC
     TV, radio, outdoor
     Primarily focused on accident cases/victims
Office contact: Teresa Beacham
9. Dental Clients located in Eastern North Carolina
- Dr. Donald Bland D.D.S – Wilmington, NC
- Dr. Emmett Jones - Jacksonville, NC

     100% Radio Campaigns
     Implemented the tried & proven methodology of Roy Williams radio; Campaigns for Sedation
     Follow the “industry” standards for certified doctors, but with a more HUMANIZING message
        (vs. the standard, technical creative approach).
     Goal was to generate calls for potential Sedation Dentistry patients.
      ViaMark created an effective campaign that resulted in a 1300% ROI within 6 months.

Office contact: Robert Russell
10. 20/20 Vision Center—Greenville, NC
     TV only
     Back-to-school TV campaign – small facility

Office contact: Susan Tise
11. Watson Eye Associates
- Overall Eye care services with emphasis on diabetes
     TV, Radio, Print, event marketing
     Important goal was to grow their child patient base through an event called “Vision Fun Day”,
        featuring free eye screenings for children.
     ViaMark campaigns increase exposure and traffic each year. First year results : Screenings
        increased by 78% (285 to 510)

Office contact: Bud Garner
Coastal Dentistry-Morehead City, NC
No longer a client and not recommended to include on our listing

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