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            SCIENTIFIC NAME                        INDIGENOUS TO
                                      FAUNA DESCRIPTION CULTIVATION NOTES
            Acacia iteaphylla         large shrub, dense pendulosa, grey foliage with purple
                                                   Temperate Can be is attracted to this plant.
                                                                 arid climates, eg inland SA
Flinders Range Wattle Medium to The Australian Ringneck Parrottrimmed after Flowers in Australia's winter to
            Acacia Pilliga Wattle Attracts QLD, NSW A Yellow ball-shaped and drought resistant tree. Is grown widely
Mudgee Wattle or spectabilis 2-5 metres and is frost hardy.very adaptable frost flowers which appear in winter and spring. t
                         Bushy        Flowers      Usually found green shiny leaves extremelybanks from Cape York full sun. Lig
                                                                 Most soil types or along stream to or wet. new growth. Prolific
Lilly Pilly Acmena smithii tree up to 10 metres with darkin rainforestsexceptand bronze drypink/red Partial to to Victoria aw
            Allocasuarina littoralis Attracts Qld, NSW, Vic, Tas. Makes afemale flowersand position. Can withstand dry perio
Black She-Oak                                                    Suited to any well-drained soil appear in winter. Fruits are hard, w
                         Small rounded evergreen tree. Reddish, male and good coastal or seaside tree.
Salty She-Oak            Shrub or evenAttracts Victoria 4 South Australia
                                                                 Prefers dry
            Allocasuarina muellerana small tree 1-5 to & metres high. conditions. Tolerates poor soils.
Drooping She- Oak
            Allocasuarina verticillataAttracts NSW, VIC, TAS, SA branches - 5-8 metres
                                                                 Any soil
                         Small to medium tree, weeping needle-likeincluding limestone. high.
Kangaroo Paw             Clumping plant
                                      Attracts strap-like leaves. Unusual flowers on climatic various shades of red,
                                                   South west Likes well-drained soils 1-1.5 metre stems Also grown widely affec
                                                                 WA in variable soil and
            Anigozanthos 'Bush-gems' withhoneyeaters and nectar eating birds. and open sunny position. Flowers areacros
            Anigozanthos flavidus (and its hybrids) westrhizomes and strap-like green leaves to leaves and flower stems sho
                                      Upright with creeping Prefers for frogs if sunny position. Old
                                                   South         of WA
Green Kangaroo Paw Clumping perennial foliage should be gooddry soil andplanted near water. about 1 metre long. Flower
                         Small tufting and source of food foliage gets towaterlogged. Very hardy andParrot. to most conditions
                                                   Sandy coastal plain in Western Australia Red-capped suited
                                                                 Hates being 20 cm. attracts
Cats Paw Anigozanthos humilis Good clumping plant for honeyeaters - Also High flowers to 25 cm. Miniature kangaroo paw
            Anigozanthos manglessii
                          Paw         Attracts floral emblem. Brilliant red and green flowers - fantastic perennial plant. Flowe
                                                   Western Australia
Red & Green Kangaroo Western Australia's honeyeaters. Doesn't like overhead watering inasummer nor heavy soil.
Kangaroo Paw             Medium tall with strap leaves. Talk to your are Flora for fauna Nursery staff to select Spring flow
            Anigozanthos spp to Attracts honeyeaters. New cultivarslocalmore tolerant of East Coast conditions.appropriate
            Austromyrtus dulcis Fruit are good for 1-1.2metres, with of soils as long as drainage is growth.
                                                   Coastal areas of south easterngreen foliage andeastern flushes of Semi-shaded
                                                                 Wide birds dark Q'land. Orioles, bronze NSW
Midyim, Midgers Berry Spreading plant 0.5-1metre x fruit eatingvariety(and humans). to north bowerbirds, some honeyeaters
            Baeckea Evergreen bush shrub with feedingVery& NT leavesshrub and a good screen plant. summer.
Twiggy Heath Myrtlevirgata                         Vic., NSW, Qld., hardy. Neat and masses of white flowers in
                                                                  dark green
                                      Attracts nectar narrow butterflies, beetles and tree-frogs.
            Banksia aemula (syn.Bankisa serratifolia)
Wallum Banksia                        Honeyeaters, wattlebirds and parrots soils in full sun. Tolerant of
                                                   Qld., NSW native shrub of character. to shiny serrated leaves form a bushy
                         Robust winter flowering AustralianSuited to moistare attractedStiffthis plant. tropical climates, salt sp
            Banksia or Dense
Banksia Burgundy ericifolia Banksia
                          Heath       Larval       Qld           Frost resistant. Suited to any position. Mulch with organic materia
Burgundy Dwarf ericifolia DwarfLarvel
            Banksia                                Qld., NSW Adapts well to a wide variety It soils and conditions and although to
                         A beautiful, compact and dwarf selection of the Heath Banksia. ofgrows into a compact bush to aroun
Heath Banksia                         Larvel
                         A dense shrub with many showy flowersresistant. Suited to any position. Mulch with similar species.
            Banksia ericifolia marginata                         Frost to Queensland
                                                   East coast Victoriain autumn, winter and spring. Image shows a organic materia
Coast Banksia            An upright Larval         Coastal ranges slightly rough of Q'ld, NSW, Vic & Tas
                                                                 Needs full sunshine for best narrow to oblong dark green and phos
            Banksia integrifolia to spreading tree with greyand foreshoreshard bark,results. Dislikes poor drainageleaves wi
Prostrate Coast Banksia               Larval
                         Groundcover 50cm-75cm x 2-3 metres with dullis not known. which have an attractive silvery-white un
            Banksia integrifolia prostrate                       Prefers well-drained soils in
                                                   Origin of prostrate form green leaves sunny positions. Tolerant of frosts, win
Silver Banksia           Small tree. Larval plant from 1metreTAS, SAto tree 3-7 in a variety of climatic conditions. It prefers f
            Banksia marginata                                    This shrub
                                      Variable Q'ld, NSW, VIC, banksia can grow metres.
            Banksia prionotes
                         Banksia      Attracts nectar-feedingofBeautiful in well drained soilsautumn/winter.
                                                   South west birds and insects. flowers late eat a container
Orange Banksia, Acorn Small tree usually around 6 metres.Grows bestorange Parrots like toor asthe seeds. plant. Prefers full
Creeping Banksia repens               Attracts nectar and Australia Young growthdrainage.
                                                   long erect leaves. - birds. good and horizontal sunny position.
                                                                 Acid soils with
                         Prostrate banksia with Westernseed eatingsouthern sandheaths Openstems coloured with rusty red v
            Banksia robur of the most handsomefeedingA moist sunny of easternis ideal. Will withstand wet soil.
Swamp Banksia            One                       Qld, and butterflies
                                      Attracts nectar NSWhardiest species situation banksias. Broad glossy leaves surround the
            Banksia      Small        Larval       Qld, gnarled tree.
                                                                 Will tolerate poor sandy soil and is resistant to salt-spray. Ideal coas
Saw Leaf Banksia serrata to medium evergreenNSW, Vic., Tas.Attractive green leaves with sharp pointed teeth. Bronze co
            Banksia spinulosa (syn. Larval Banksia (variousclay soils. This species is ideal for medium screening. Winter-flow
                         A Stumpy Gold; Hill for moist open forms)
                                      B. shrub                   Prune lightly to maintain a compact form.
Hairpin Banksia; Banksia dense hardy collina) Dry scherophyll and open forests extending from the Atherton Tableland in Q'la
            Beaufortia squarrosashrub withhoneyeaters leaves. well-drainedare bright redopenflower spring to autumn. Heig
Sand Bottlebrush                                   South western districtsflowers soils
                                                                 Needs The of WA.
                         Compact Attracts small green and nectar eating birds with an and sunny aspect.
            Billardiera cymosa climber with wirey branchesAttractive plant from dry inland areas is hardy in cultivation andflar
Sweet Apple Berry        A light                   VIC, SA, NSWwhich often climb over other shrubs. Flowers are tubular with
                                      Ripe fruit sought after by Red Wattlebird and Singing and Spiny-cheeked Honeyeaters. wi
Red Biillardiera         Twining BowerbirdsWheatbelt, Aeat theplant that grows well in full sun or semi shade. It likes mois
            Billardiera erubescens                               WA
                                                    and rosellas hardy berries.
            Billardiera longiflora This plant twining ACT, VIC, purplein most flowers insituations. summer
Purple Appleberry                                  NSW, climber. TAS berries that and spring and
                                                                 Will grow
                         Moderately vigorous has edible shiny Cream-green soils attract bowerbirds and pigeons.
Common Appleberry scandens Attracts with NSW, Vic, Tas, SA mainly in The greenish-yellowmoist for bells produced th
                                                                  dark green leaves. cool forested sites pendant mallee the year.
            Billardiera A light twining climber Qld, oblongBest grown in semi-shaded site which isbut also inmost of scrub.
Soft water fern          A spreadingAll
            Blechnum minus                         Eastern QldBest grown in semi-shadedto arching. Shiny green fronds,
                                                                   about eastern & Erect or shaded, moist areas.
                                       ground fern growing to& NSW,1metre tall.southern Vic, Tas. & south eastern SA broad fish
            Boronia A bushy Butterflies collect nectar. aromatic a semi-shaded or partially sunny sitehigh also tolerates
                                                   Eastern with Bushes can have many butterflies, at a time, but 1-1.5 metres
Sunset Serenade muelleri small to medium shrubVictoria well inlobed leaves. Grows to 1-1.5metreswhenxin flower, esp
Flame Tree Brachychiton acerifolius   Attracts Qld., NSW Plant during soil and in an open sunny deep pink flowers appear in
                         Erect deciduous tree shedding its leaves in deepflowering period. Bell-like position for best flowering.
            Brachychiton discolor usually five-lobed&Aeroplane on the underside. conditions.slightly furry, bell-like flowers in
Lacebark Tree                                      Qld., NSW     Adaptable to a range of Rich pink, Dislikes frost Emperor butterfli
                         Leaves are Attracts Common and silvery butterflies (Paedyma shepherdi) and Tailed when young.
                                      Attracts NSW, Vic., NT, most soils rounded dry conditions.
                         Evergreen tree                          Grows
Kurrajong Brachychiton populneus growing to 6 metres plus, with a dense including crown. Leaves are ovate. Bell shaped
            B            Grows in a Frogs, lizards and beetles VIC to shape. Hardy but does best in full sun rest and drained so
                                      vars.        Q'land, NSW, are attracted to this plant. Butterflies visit to
Native Daisy rachyscome multifidaspreading mound with fine foliage. Masses small daisies most of year. and well collect nec
            Pea          A small to medium lanceolatum Prune after Australia
                                      (syn B. shrub with scarlet peathis plant. winter/spring.
                                                   South West of to flowers in
Swan River Brachysema celsianum Honeyeaters are attractedWesternflowering.
            Bracteantha cultivars Attracts shrub with papery TAS, SA, WA of year. flowers encourages bushy growth.
                         Groundcover to small Q'land, NSW, other butterflies.
                                                                 Regular pruning or
Everlasting Daisy - manybracteataavailable Painted Lady andVic.,flowers mostpicking ofFlowers in white, cream, yellow, gold o
Coffee Bush              Erect tree-like shrub growing to 2 NT
                                                   NSW, Grass Yellow plant in coastal areas.
                                                                 A hardy butterflies.
            Breynia oblongifolia Attracts CommonQld., metres with eliptical leaves. Small green flowers and globular succu
Sweet Bursaria, Prickin Medium to Host
                         Box          tall         In all states Frost hardy. very oblong smallto grow many thorns on stems. The
                                                                 except WA, Adapts well best leaf sun or semi-shade can
            Bursaria spinosaBlackthornshrub (or small tree) with dark greenvariableBest in fullandindigenous to area. be clippe
             'Baroondah'Baroondah Station' Cultivar birds. a moist during summer.
                           Station' Attracts nectar eating Prefers
CallistemonCallistemonEvergreen medium shrub with lovely pink brushes well-drained position in full sun or part shade.
             'Captain Cook'
                          'Captain Cook'
                                      Attracts nectar feedingHardy and very useful landscape plant.
                                                   Cultivar      birds.
CallistemonCallistemonA dwarf form of callistemon viminalis, medium bushy shrub with long narrow leaves and weeping bran
             citrinus 'Angela' 'Angela'
                          citrinus Attracts honeyeaters. Good medium-large screening the early summer and again in the a
CallistemonCallistemonA handsome callistemon variety with white flowers tinged pink inplant. May be pruned after flowerin
             citrinus 'Endevour' 'Endeavour' for nectar feeding ofany soil typescitrinus. spikes in dry). BestRosellas. With
                          citrinus Excellent Vigorous metres with including lorikeets, Musk and Crimson in full sun.
                                                                 Almost Callistemon (except
CallistemonCallistemonUpright shrub 2.5-3 metres x 2.5cultivarbirds -brilliant red flowerextremelyspring and early autumn.
             citrinus 'White Ice' 'White Ice' Culitvar
                          citrinus hardy, attracts honeyeaters after shrub with light greensunny spot or in totub as a patio spe
                                                                 Trim and flowering. Plant in a leaves growing a 1 metre. Masses
CallistemonCallistemonA compact, Nectar evergreen, low spreading insects.
             'Dawson River Weeper'
                          'Dawson River small tree feedingTolerate wet position.
                                      Attracts nectar
                                                   Cultivar      birds.
CallistemonCallistemonA large shrub orWeeper' that grows quickly and develops a lovely weeping habitat within a few year
              'Demesne Tidy rounded shrub. Grows to 2 and nectar and fertilize regularly Flowers to bright
                           hybrid Pink'Seeds Prestige Pink' Hardy grower, 1.5 metres wide.
CallistemonCallistemonPrestige'Demesne attract rosellasmetres highattracts honeyeaters. and trim areshape. lolly pink when
              'Kings Park Special' Special' metres with bright redafter flowering to foliage. shape.
                           'King Park Seeds         Cultivar    Prune brushes and fine maintain
CallistemonCallistemonUpright shrub to 4attract rosellas and nectar attracts honeyeaters. Prolific flowers in spring/summer.
              'Lavender Showers' Showers' Cultivar and nectar attracts honeyeaters.
                           'Lavender Seeds attract rosellas Keep moist at all times. Prune after flowering to maintain bushines
CallistemonCallistemonDelightful evergreen tall shrub bearing beautiful large lavender/pink bottlebrush flowers throughout t
              'Mr.Foster' 'Mr Foster'Seeds attract flushes and nectar attracts honeyeaters. year. Flowers are up to 20cm re
                                                    Cultivar    Mulch soil well to red flowers per
CallistemonCallistemonBushy shrub with several rosellas of spectacular deepreduce weeds and moisture loss. If tip-prunedlon
             Callistemon pachyphyllus  Attracts contorted shrub growing -birds metres. Red drainage but green flower.
                                                    NSW, Qld.. butterflies, 1.5 and other honeyeaters.
Wallum Bottlebrush Erect or sometimes nectar feedingVery hardytowill tolerate poor or sometimesneeds full sun. Spikes o
              'Tinaroo Dazzler'
                           recurvus Attracts some 3 metres high by verynectar source for red flower brushes with gold-tipped
                                                    Tropical eastern brilliant hardy.
                                                                Full sun - 2 metres
CallistemonCallistemonCompact shrub growing tobutterflies. A Queensland wide. Brighthoneyeaters and lorikeets
CallistemonCallistemonSmallest SeedsC.pearsonii plant found ingroundcover. Is frost hardy and ecellent bird-attracting pl
                           'Rocky                   Parent      Good tall Blackdown Tablelands.
              'Rocky Rambler' Rambler' attract rosellas and nectar attracts honeyeaters. A sandstone tableland rising 600
              (Bottlebrush)species Attracts nectar and seed with large bottlebrush flowers. flowers. Small birds find shelter
                                                    Vic, NSW, Tas, NSW, birds.Qld. cultivars grow
                                                                Various WA, and
CallistemonCallistemonAttractive shrubs and ground covers eatingspeciesInsects attracted to in a variety of soils and positionsi
              speciosus speciosus Attracts with grey/green leaves, Flowers - sun to part shade.
                                                    Western Australia. South Western Warren districts.
CallistemonCallistemonMedium open shrubhoneyeaters. Cool damp soils. Full bright red in spring and summer. Grows to 2.3
              'Taree Pink''Taree foliage bird with pointedVic., Honeyeaters hot pink slow-release fertilizer and mulch eat wo
                                       Ideal        Qld., NSW, Tolerant of and sip Use (watermelon) bottlebrush flowers which
                                                                  green leaves
CallistemonCallistemonDenselyPink' shrubattracting plants. SA, WAlight frost.nectar from flowers, while parrots willwithsee
              'Eureka'- violet rose form
                           var. salignus
                                       Attracts in bottle brushes - a vibrant red spot as with rich purple tonings and golden
CallistemonCallistemonA bright new colour honeyeaters. Plant in any sunnysuffusedspecimens, hedges or in shrubberies.stam
                           viminalis Attracts NSW, Qld.. Very hardy plant that will grow in green weeping foliage with a spec
Wildfire"" CallistemonA recommended variety of bottlebrush that combines beautiful soft most soils and conditions includin
'Hannah Ray'               viminalis 'Hannah Ray'Cultivar
                                       Attracts nectar -feeders (birds, insects). display grow in flowers and masses of weeping, p
                                                                Very magnificent
             CallistemonThe loveliest of all bottlebrushes with a hardy plant that willof springmost soils and conditions includin
Willow bottlebrush        Attractive Attracts NSW, Qld. An extremely adaptable plant for a wide range of soils and condition
             Callistermon salignus weeping tree to about 8m. New growth an attractive coppery colour. Flowers usually yellow
             Callitris gracilis (was called C.preissii) NSW, VIC.
                                                    SA,          sometimes soils with woodlands, mallee open scrub or shallow lim
Southern Cypress-pine A tree that grows to 5-7 metres or Deep sandy more.
             Calothamnus quadrifidus which Widespreadfor garden conditions - very appealing to nectar seeking birds.
                                       This         forms from ground cover to 2 metre shrub. Red brush hard.
One-sided Bottlebrush A variable shrubplant only flowers Anytwo months, but it iscan be pruned very flowers in winter/spring
             Canarium australisicumAttracts Pied Imperial Pigeons grown Guinea
                                                    NT, WA, Qld., female) tree growing chipped seed.
                                                                Can be and Palm Cockatoos.
Canirium australisicum Large flowering deciduous (male and Papua New from freshto 15-25 metres high. Has a spreading crow
Darwin Palm                acuminata Torres 15-30Pigeons and Orange Palm Darts are seed.
             CarpentariaA palm growing to StraitNT              Can Single trunked fresh attracted to The bark
                                                       metres high. be grown fromdropping branches.this plant. is hard and rough.
Cassia                    Grows very well in Tailed Emperor climates. Full in Brisbane. Full sun for best flowering.
                                                    Qld.        Grows very (Polyura sempronius) and
             Cassia queenslandica Attractswarm temperatebutterflies well sun for best flowering.Grass Yellow butterflies.
             Casuarina equisetifolia Attracts lorikeets and Red-tailed for seaside planting. Can be grownother birds. weeping b
Coastal She-oak                                     tree growing to 10-20Black Cockatoos. opened branched crown and
                                                                Excellent metres
                          Tall graceful spreading NSW, NT, Q'LD - coastal tree high withFoliage shelters from seed.
Geraldton Wax             Open spreading shrub Pride' insects are South and soil. Do notdistrict in Full sun.
                                       Provides nectar for Australia. small Western Irwin Flowers
                                                    Western Light well drained needle
             Chamelaucium uncinatum 'Purple with leaves thatincluding butterflies. like. over water.spring with purple flowers
             Chrysocephalum apiculatum
Golden Buttons                         Butterflies collect nectar. Foodplant to have sun or semi-shade. Shear to just it is closely
                                                    This that often thought for clumps. Has narrow oblong leaves that are ground
                                                                Easy to grow, best in originated in south (Vanessa kershawi). Nativ
                          Suckering low ground coverselection is forms broad Painted Lady butterflies eastern Qld. -above greena
Kangaroo Vine antarctica               Attracts Hawkmoths Popular climber. Grows well in shade large trellis, or covering a fen
                                                    Qld., NSW
                          A strong twining plant with handsome, serrated green leaves. Nice for aand likes composted, moist so
             Citriobatus Stiff, much-branched, spiny shrubrainforests in in well-shadedfollowed by orange berries. seed. Likes
Orange Thorn Bush                                   In or near moths plant NSWaurifer).
                                                                Hardy (Paralucia flowers
                          pauciflorus Attracts Bright Copper with white tubular& QLD. position. Can be grown from
             Clematis aristata climber trifoliate a larvae plant Tas. - (Chloroclysticflowers in spring/summer. Fluffy seed hea
Old man's beard                                     Qld., NSW, Vic., food
                                                                Prefers Large sheltered destructata; Cryptophla immersana; and P
                          Twining Moths use as with green leaf. moist,white star areas.
Small-leaf clematis microphylla Butterflies that develops intobut very cultivation.of Qld,The four petalled cream flowers, ab
                                                                Adapts well to mass of foliage. NSW, Vic, Tas, SA, WA especially in
             Clematis A small-leafed climber Widespread in all a dense arid areas Needs growing support otherwise it will
             Conostylis candicans Attracts nectar-eating birds. primarily on sand Full of woolly yellow flowers in winter and
Grey cottonheads                                    South west Requires leaves and heads sun.
                          Small clumping perennial with greyof WA good drainage. plains extending into laterite hill areas.
Correa                    Medium shrub growingSA 1-2 metres. Green bell shaped but well-drained soil. of similr species.
             Correa calycina                         to
                                       Attracts honeyeaters. Grown in fertile, moist flowers. Image shown
             Correa decumbens
Native Fuschia                         Attracts small honeyeaters. best in fertile, moist, well drained soil. Mature plants tolerat
                                                    South Australia
                          Thin tubular red flowers, green-tipped with long protruding stamens.
             Correa 'Dusky Bells' Attracts honeyeaters.foliage.annual prune. Salmon pink bells in winter/spring
Native Fuchsia                                      Cultivar
                          Low spreading shrub with dense Light Flowers with Prefers full shade.
Salmon Correa             Low (was Correa Pulchella minor) birds. Parrots eat the flowers too. wide. Bears masses of orange s
                                       Attracts growing to 15cm high and .5 metres - This hardy
                                                    SA York and Eyre Peninsulas
             Correa pulchellaspreading plantnectar- feedingGrows well in limestone 1.5 metres species will grow in almost anyb
Common Correa - Prostrate Dense        Butterflies South-western Victorian coast
             Correa reflexa prostrate form.                     Very adaptable ground cover which can be pruned very hard. Toler
             Correa spp.Ground cover and for lizards. Honeyeaters feedflowers in autumn/winter. Rangecovers withfrom crea
Native Fuchsia                                      All over Wonderful bell NT
                                                                Hardy and attractive small shrubs and
                                       Haven small shrub. Australia except on nectar-rich flowers. ground of colours bell-shap
Brown Laurel Cryptocarya triplinervisHost 8 metres with bushy habit to sun. Lord wide. Island large heads of small blackincluded
                          Tree growing to                       Best in full 3 metres Howe Bears
                                                    Eastern Queensland. NSW, Makes a good shade tree. Excellent when berries.
                                       Attracts many a rounded-cone. Grows to 10(Prosotas felderi); a spread position. Tolerate
                                                    NT, WA, Qld, Felder's Line-blue metres soil with Hairy Line-blue (Erysichton
                                                                Thrives PNG
Tuckeroo CupaniopsisEvergreen shade tree withbutterfliesNSW, on well drained, sandyhigh in open, sunnyof 3 metres.
             Cymbopogon ambiguus
Lemon Scent Grass                      Grazed by forming erect, leafy NT and easy to propagate habitat for skinks a strong lizard
                                                    QLD, NSW, SA, WA, tussocks. Bluish provide by dividing plants. Lemon scented
                                                                Very hardy
                          Tufted perennial grasskangaroos and wallabies, etc. Clumpsgreen leaves which give offand small lemon
             Dampiera Low spreading multibranched Australia best in small Stirling moist, and narrow. Flowers Part shade
                                                    Western Grows - south west stem crowded
Dampiera diversifolia diversifolia Attracts insects. shrub. Leaves are well drained, area generally sandy soils. in masses o
                          Spreading Attracts Grass Dart growing to 1 areas across. Non invasive. Dark green foliage results, a
                                                    Forest Butterflies and other to pruning. A little WA
                                                                Responds readily insects.
Blue Eyes Dampiera diversifolia and suckering plantand woodlandmetre along south coast of light shade gives bestis covered
             Danthonia caespitosa Attracts theWA,grass.TAS, NSW, SA to likes well-drained soils and sunny position. (Red-ru
Common Wallaby Grass                                 Superb Flower well as 70 cm.
                                                                Tolerates frost,
                          Robust tussocky perennial VIC,Parrot as spikes lizards, skinks, insects and seed-eating parrots
Wallaby Grass             Tussock Attracts finches, other Sunny situation attractive Blue-winged during spring to early summ
                                                    Open forests, woodlandbirds including throughout Parrots and Rosellas. Wom
                                                                metre high and well drained soil. Consult your
             Danthonia species grass growing to 50cm - 1 seed-eating withingrasslandflowerheadsAustralia. Flora for Fauna N
                          Tall shrub Attracts nectar-feedingEasily
                                                     to 10m with attractive foliage. Broad shiny leaves. Attractive foliage.
Silky MyrtleDecaspermum humileor small treeQld, NSW, PNG cutivated in well composted soils. Flowers are small and whit
             Dianella caerulea         Birds         growing to A good
                                                                 approximately 50cm high and 50cm wide, Excellent blue flowers
Flax-Lily or Paroo Lily Lily-like clumping plant Eastern Australia border plant around garden edges. with brightin rockeries sua
             Dianella congesta and clumpingEastern Australia butterflies. situations but likesshown shade andspecies.
Dune Flax Lily                                       plant with creeping underground stems. Image some of similar moisture.
                          Compact Attracts Large Dingy Skipper  Can grow in most
             Dianella Compact and clumpingby birds such as grow in most situations but likes some shade and moisture.
Spreading Flax-Lilly revoluta                        plant with creeping underground stems.
                                                                Can NT
                                       Fruit taken All states exceptSinging, Spiny-Cheeked and White Eared honeyeaters, Turquoi
Flax Lilly Dianella species            Birds eat All states Hardy plants but likes some flowers growing to metre grown from
                          An upright tufting and clumping plant which produces spikes ofshade and moisture.1Can be high. Grow
             Dianella tasmanica tufting lily with Vic, NSW, Bowerbirdsin Queenslandsoils in cool position. Will spread Good with
Tasman Flax-lily          Robust                    arching strap leaves. collect moist Frogs find shelter in this plant.
                                                                Very hardy. Likes berries.
                                       Birds eat the berries. Tas., stray Small blue flowers followed by indigo berries. by rhizome
             DiploglottisEvergreen tree with tall straight trunk andrainforestsred bark. Bears tiny yellow round fruits can be eab
Australian Native Tamarind                          by birds. Grows brownish
                           australis Fruit eaten NSW, Queensland best in warm subtropical areas. Large flowers in spring and
                           excelsa Abundant supplycoastal regions, especially partial to insects Foliage is frost aflowers but f
                                                    NSW of nectar attracts many in Deep red areas around Sydney in light forest a
                                                                Well drained soils birds. Small flowers are carried on spear and
Gymea Lily DoryanthesClumping plant with wide thick leaves 1-2 metres long.sandstonefull sun. are attracted totolerantlike st
Fuschia Heath             Small         Attracts butterflies. Will to 1 metre. Suited to rockery or container. Red tubular regu
                                                    Qld, NSW
             Epacris longiflora straggly evergreen shrub growingtolerate heavy shade.Needs very well drained soils. Pruneflowe
             EriostemonEvergreen small shrub. Hybrid andNeeds insects. flatsoil and full sun.
Cascade of Stars                        Cascade of Stars'
                                                     Leaves      other crowded,
                           buxifolius ' Attracts butterflies are small, well drained and leathery, greyish/green in colour. Pink bud
             Eriostemon myoporoides     Attracts Ground leaves Very reliable garden shrub. Will grow in full sun to semishade.
                                                    Qld, Parrot.set
Long-leaf Wax Flower Scented, dark green, eliptic NSW, Vic off pink buds that open to white, star shaped waxy flowers.Requ
Burdett Gum               Grows to 5 metres. Green flowers and a and seed-eating of low rainfall.
                                                    WA           birds dome-topped pad. Image
             Eucalyptus burdettianaAttracts nectar-feedingWill grow well in areas Parrots. of related species.
             Eucalyptus caesiaopen Parrots including Ring Necks, Rainbow Lorikeets suitingwide. soil types and outcrops. the f
Silver Princess           Small                     Western Aust. Near bullfinch. Naturally occurs around granite positions. Can
                                                                Hardy, easily grown tree and Crimson Rosellas, love taking off
                                        weeping tree growing to 10 metres high and 4 metres most Silver-white trunk and hangin
             Eucalyptus curtisii
Plunkett Mallee                         Attracts nectar feedingVery hardy and reliable. - suitable for small gardens. Good street tre
                          Small tree growing to 7QLD.            butterflies
                                                     metres. Clusters of cream flowers
Broad-leaved peppermint ofOne
             Eucalyptus dives                       VIC, NSW &Grows on most Lorikeets and Crimson Aromatic leaves smell of ar
                                        Gang-gang Cockatoos, Purple-crownedsoils and is frost hardy.Rosellas and Sugar Gliders pe
              gum - Illyarie
                          Small to medium tree with deepAustralia on coastal limestone areasCan be of Perth.
Red cappedEucalyptus erythrocorys                   Western attracted to this profusion of yellow flowers in flushes mainly Febru
                                                                Can foliage tender
                                        Various Lorikeets are green be frostandgum.when young. north pruned very hard if require
             Eucalyptus erythronema
                          Small Mallee  Flowers attract wheatbelt honeyeaters. Parrots love seeds.
                                                    WA typical Suited form. Prolific flowers.
White Mallee, Red Flowered to medium tree with insects mallee to most conditions in dry or semi-dry locations.
Red flowering gum         Small tree Attracts Musk Lorikeets, Purple-crowned soil and light textured soil. Thrives in coastal area
             Eucalyptus ficifolia                               Likes well
                                                    Western Australia drained Lorikeets Red-Capped Parrot, Swift Parrot. Spide
Fuschia Gum               Small busy Flowers attract 2-4 metres high with yellow flowers and red pods.
                                                    WA          Sunny position required. Can cope with
             Eucalyptus forrestiana tree growing to nectar-feeding birds and seeds attract parrots. drought but is frost-tender
             Eucalyptus intermedia Attracts Scaly-breastedWill grow and Pale-headed Rosellas. humid parts of Australia. Re
Pink Bloodwood                                      Qld. NSW lorikeets best of fruit. Image of related
                          Medium to large tree to 35m. Bears large clustersnear coast in warm and species.
                          Hardy tree growing to 10 metres high. hardy in for most parrots.Gang-gang or white flowers. High
                                        Nectar      SA, honeyeaters and seeds attract gardens. Red drought, frost and wind.
WhitewoodEucalyptus leucoxylon forms attracts VIC, NSW Too largemost soils. Can tolerate,pink Cockatoos, Musk Lorikee
SA Blue Gum                             Provides SA,
                          Medium tree that grows toVIC
             Eucalyptus leucoxylon megalocarpa red5 to 8 metres.Very hardy in most soils. Can tolerate drought, frost and wind.
                                        Butterflies South
             Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp tree with Eastern SA to cream in well bark, lower bark often brown and
                          Small to medium                       Adapts
Large fruited white gum - Blue Gum macrocarpa mainly whitish well - bestsmooth drained soils with a sunny aspect. somewh
Long-flowered Marlockmacrandra Butterflies Western Australia grow near coast or estuaries. Hardy.
             Eucalyptus                                         Likes to
Spotted Gum               Tall, fast Attracts tree, suitedWill grow well in most well-drained soils. Grows well along coast bu
             Eucalyptus maculatagrowing large VIC, NSW, QLDparks and highways. White flowers in compound clusters.
Yellow Box Eucalyptus melliodora Attracts weeping branches and narrow leaves. The tree is valued forof drought and is fro
                                                                Very hardy
                          Tall graceful tree with VIC, NSW, QLD, ACT. in most soils. Can withstand periods its delicately scente
                          A small
             Eucalyptus ptychocarpa     Attracts a Top end NTA small with huge heads for home gardens. Needs full sun.
Swamp Bloodwood/Gove Gumgum tree growing to 8 metres highgum tree suitable of showy red flowers.
Mugga, RedEucalyptus sideroxylon Important 25m with black, deeplytree. Grows in most well-drained soils. grey tolerate exte
              Ironbark Medium-sized tree to Qld, NSW, Vic       Attractive furrowed bark (iron bark). Leaves are Will and flowers a
             Eucalyptus Small tree Attracts honeyeatersAustralia and grows well
                                                    Western and leaves
                                                                Small tree
Eucalyptus spathulata spathulata to around 7m with narrow parrots.thatshiny trunk. in most soils. Needs full sun.
                          Ornamental small tree Western Australia.light-medium soil Purple-crowned Lorikeet, Susceptible toce
                                                    with blue/grey leaves, including dark grey trunk. Distinctive buds attracted
                                                                Needs Eremean - Coolgardie area.
Coral Gum Eucalyptus torquata Honeyeaters and seed eating birdsbark and atheand an open sunny aspect. are hanging into
                          Strong tree growing to South than Grows beston the sands (well mulched).
                                                    more west of WA - heavy soils. patchy
                                                                 east lerps in with
Wandoo Eucalyptus wandoo Attracts Silvereyes that10 metres highrichfoliage. white bark and yellow flowers in winter
Leatherwood               White         Many insects are attracted to blossums produced from its flowers.butterflies. Also attracts
                                                    Tas.        Very the honey including composted soil Image shows related
             Eucryphia lucida flowering small tree. Famous forreliable. Prefers well honeybees and and plenty of shade. spe
Little Evodia             A tall shrub Attracts nectar feedingGrows well in deep pink/redthe Ulysses Butterfly.
             Evodiella muelleri                     to around 5 butterflies. Food sunny position. Is frost tender.
                                                                 metres. Has open
                                        that grows North eastern Queensland plants for flowers along branches. Pale green frui
                          Broad         The         metre tree Can be grown branches and foliage, producing aerial roots.soil with s
                                                                with weeping from seed and from cuttings. Thrives in rich Bark is
Weeping figFicus benjamina spreading 10-15 Australia, PNG, Solomon Islands, Malaysia, China.
             Ficus coronata             Attracts Purple metres. Very best infoliage, reminiscent of grown indoors, may need prun
                                                    QLD, NSW, VIC. rough rich moist soil. When innotatus)
River Sandpaper Fig Medium tree growing to 15or Common Moonbeam butterflies (Philirus sandpaper. and Common Crow
Small-leaved Fig obliqua
             Ficus                      Attracts to 15 m. Small leaves. Smallbe seen in fruit. Botanic Gardens. Best suited to la
                          Large, spreading tree NSW, Qld Specimens can yellowish Sydney
             Flindersia australis
                           Ash          Attracts Orchard Swallowtail Butterflies. street trees. Grows white rich well Fruits open w
                                                    QLD, with Excellent park or
Australian Teak; Crow'sTall tree with pinnate leaves NSW 3-13 elliptical leaflets. Bears sprays ofbest in flowers. drained soil int
                          Fragrant Attracts Orchard NSW Plant in well drained position in rich soil. Needs frequent watering.
                                                    QLD, Swallowtail related species.
Cudgerie Flindersia schottianaflowers and fruits. Image showsbutterflies.
              Saw Sedge Large           Host        Widespread in Qld., NSW, VIC., of wetness
                                                                Needs long periods TAS Prominent terminal panicles for sunny pro
Red FruitedGahnia sieberianatussocking plant with sharp-edged dark green leaves.& SA for best results. Good of flowersor s
             Goodenia humilis and suckering plant, Vic, SA, Tasto growflowers inconditions. Is frost tolerant.
Swamp Goodenia                                      NSW, with many
                          Matting Frogs shelter under mats. yellow in moist spring/summer. Image showns related speci
Star Goodenia             Prostrate ground coverQld., NSW Grows best in a well-drained humus enriched The larvae feed on va
                                                     that Argus butterflies high. Thick, rounded scalloped leaves. is frost resistan
             Goodenia rotundifolia Attracts Meadowcan grow to 50 cm(Junonia villiola) and Tiger moths. soil. ItYellow flowers i
Native Fuchsia
             Graptophyllum excelsum     Large       Eastern Queenslandto semi-shade. Suitable Small green leaves Can be heavily
                                                                Full sun (Rockhampton to Mareeba)
                          Medium compact shrub growing to 2 metres high by 1 metre wide. for most situations. and showy brig
Grevillea Superb                        Butterflies Cultivar    Cultivate soil before planting. Responds well to pruning. Prune afte
             Grevillea A low spreading evergreen shrub, 2-3 metres x 2-3 metres with attractive deeply divided foliage and d
             Grevillea Produces attractive honeyeaters that feed on a new flowers for most of the year but most prolifically fu
Grevillea 'Sunset Bronze'                           Cultivar    Product of nectar.
                                        Attracts deep burnt copper/bronze South Queensland garden. Needs well-drained soil in in
             Grevillea                  evergreen, Cultivar shrub with attractive large periods.showy ruby-red flowers.
                                                    spreading birds which extended feed on its Frost tolerant.
Grevillea 'Splendour' A vigorous, Attracts nectar feedingWill tolerate constantly drydeep green leaves and bronze new growt
             Grevillea Evergreen'Attracts nectar feedingPlant in a butterflies.showy and superb
                                                    Cultivar     birds and this a very
Grevillea 'Scarlet SpriteNew! Fine dainty, brilliant red flowers makewell-drained sunny situation. plant for growing on banks
             Grevillea                  Attracts honeyeaters that feed on nectar. to flowers from late winter to spring.
                                                    Cultivar    Regulate watering
Grevillea 'John Evans' A very hardy small to medium shrub with masses of red suit conditions. Responds well to a light pruni
             Grevillea                  new Grevillea flowering all thenectar feeding birds such as in early spring, back tolast its
                                                    Cultivar    Can be year round. main flowering laden with honey and half Alth
Grevillea 'Honey Gem' An exciting One of the best Grevilleas for pruned, after The flowers are honeyeaters and lorikeets.wellh
             Grevillea Medium Crimson Rosellas metres. hardy. Will grow
                                                     to 1-2     Very
Grevillea arenaria arenaria shrub growingNSW are attracted to this plant. in almost any garden situation. Flowers green
             Grevillea banksii          Attracts nectar feedingMulch well around plants avoiding trunks. Trim lightly after floweri
                                                    Qld          birds.
Grevillea 'Kay Williams'Fast growing shrub which has an overall compact shape. Dark green deeply divided foliage is silvery u
             Grevillea banksii
Bank's Grevillia                        This outstandingOpen plains, five metres rich flowers that attract honeyeaters throughout t
                                                    Qld. grow up to often and tall, in a warm, well-drained position.
                                                                 has large, nectar requires
                          In Queensland this plant will shrub Frost tenderon poor soil;the southern States it usually reaches 2-3 m
             Grevillea Ground cover growing to 40cm high by 2 in turn attract birds.
                                                    South west which metres wide. a well-drained site. Copes spring.
                                                                of WA
Grevillea crithmifoliacrithmifolia Flowers attract insects Hardy plant that likesCream pom pom flowers inwith dry periods as
             Grevillea Spectacular hybrid parrots and green deeply
                                                    Hybrid      Can be pruned to form a neat rounded shrub. Gorgeous red flower
Grevillea 'Firesprite' 'Firesprite' Attractswith a bright honeyeaters. lobed foliage which is extremely attractive. Flowers flam
             Grevillea Bon Accord' Attracts honeyeaters and other nectar feeders. and mulch well using leaf litter and a littl
Grevillea 'Austraflorajohnsonii & wilsonii - Hybrid Hybrid      Ensure excellent drainage
             Grevillea juniperina prostrate Copper-pencilled Blue butterflies (Candalides cyprotus). Flowers attract well in mo
Juniper Grevillea                     Attracts
                         A tall rounded shrub toNSW            This groundcover likes a well-drained position and flowers appear
                                                    2 metres with dark needle-like. Clusters of yellow/orange redgrows honeyeate
             Grevillea Low spreading shrub growingVIC,1SArows high. in a well-drained, light textured soil. Prefers full sun
                                                  NSW, to metre best White to spinebills are attracted to this plant.
Lavender Grevillea lavandulacea Nectar eating birds including honeyeaters andred flowers produce a wealth of nectar. but
             Grevillea longifolia lowNectar eating birds including honeyeaters and foliage and intense, dark thisdrying out. Pr
                                       spreading shrub
                                                  Hybrid       Easily grown in well drained situation and tolerant of plant.
Grevillea 'Simply Sarah'A hardyx Grevillea beadleanawith outstanding grey/green spinebills are attracted tored toothbrush flo
             Grevillea A grafted Nectar johnsonii Southern states of sunny position in most soils. Light pruning in plant.
                                                               Plant honeyeaters and spinebills grafted where climate is stages is
Grevillea 'Elegance' longistyla x Grevillea eating birds including inAustralia, but needs to be are attracted to this earlymore hum
             Grevillea A glossy Provides protection forA veryAustralia high. Needs well-drained position for does not tol
                                                  West coast West lizards.
                                                                frogs, to 30 cm
'Gin Gin' Grevillea obtusifolia leaf grevillea very hardy growing versatile plant. Red flowers in winter. Great and cascading. P
             Grevillea A large shrub Glow"" Western Australiaother early stageBay/Sand-limestone ridge. hardy Grows we
                                      Flowers attract honeyeaters, at an nectar eating birds bushy. Likes bushy
                                                               high. North of Jurien to keep and insects.
Olive Leaf Grevillea olivacea Apricotgrowing to 2 metres Prune This particular cultivar is fast growing, alkaline soils.and a fant
             Grevillea 'Pink Surprise'Attract nectar feeding birds and of to retain soil moisture and suppress weeds. Prune topin
 Grevillea 'Sylvia'                                which flowers most parrots
                         Bushy evergreen shrubCultivar         Mulch well the year. Fine divided green foliage and large dense sh
Grevillea 'Poorinda Royal Mantle' Manyhugging grevillea Acidic soils best. Full sun or semi-shade OK. Subtropical and tempe
                         Vigorous ground
             Grevillea 'Poorinda Royal Mantle' Cultivar        with slightly lobed leaves. Pink-red tooth brush flower heads produ
             Grevillea pteridifolia Seeds and nectar attract various birdswell-drained metres Is frost Northern Rosella. to b
                                                   crown and Grow in sunny including Varied Lorikeet Bark rough Does not
Fern Leaved Grevillea Slender tree with openQld, WA and NT foliage, growing to 5-8position.high.and tender. dark grey like
             Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon'
                         Low          Attrracts easternsuited Excellentgardens and fullplant. flowers all to most gardens position
                                                  Well Spinebills and otherattracting sun.
                                                               to most bird honeyeaters.
Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon' spreading evergreen shrub, covered with beautiful large red Well suitedyear. Hardy openand full
             Grevillea rosmarinifolia growing upNSW, Vicfor small plant that can be grown from cuttings. Grows well in most so
                           dwarf       dwarf         source
Grevillea rosmarinifoliaSmall shrubGood nectarto 1 metreHardy honeyeaters. Also provides shelter from larger honeyeaters.
             Grevillea 'Sandra Gordon'
                         This         Attract nectar feeding birds and parrotswell-drained position. Is moderately frost resistant
                                                   between Plant in a sunny
Grevillea 'Sandra Gordon' cultivar is a hybrid Cultivar G.sessilis and G. pteridifolia. This open, dainty shrub has bright yellow
             Grevillea Large           growing toA restrictedRare shrubtheaHawkesbury River, NSW
                                                   2-5 metres. area nearare greenish-blue
                                                                 Flowers adapts well to a garden environment. Fast growing scre
Grevillea shiressii shiressii shrubAttracts Honeyeaters and and other nectar feeders. in colour and are in clusters.
             Grevillea thelemannianaground spreading plant growing to 80 soil.high attract nectar feeding birds.foliage, red lan
Teaspray" or Gilt Dragon"                         Mid-coast Western insects.Flowers and 1.5 metres wide. Grey
                                                               Tolerant of lime cm
                         A wonderfulProvides shelter for lizards andAustralia
             Grevillea thelemanniana - shrub Leaf Form grey foliage insects. Flowers of and full sun.spider flowers. Grows to
                         Low cascading Grey with light lizards and covered in masses brilliant red Will grow
                                                  Coastal      Requires reasonable drainage
Spider Net Grevillea 'Guilt Dragon' Provides shelter forsandplains north of Perth. attract nectar feeding birds. in most soils a
                         ThreatenedThe flowersSmall pocket east of Geraldton, provides Can be grown 2birds and small animal
                                       species - small
                                                    attract honeyeaters and shrub WA metres cover for metres wide, more if
                                                               distribution. easy to 1.2
Ellendale Grevillea thelemanniana spp fililoba natural Fast growing -Growsto prune. good high and from cuttings or grafted
             Grevillea various groundcover species Vic, Tas, Qld., WA, SA JewelAustralian plants. Produce attractive nectar r
Grevillea spp.                        Provides protection forVery popular group of beetles are attracted your local Flora
                                                  NSW,          reptiles, insects.
                         There are many different species suitable for climates around Australia. Talk to to this plant. for Fa
             Grevillea venusta
Byfield Grevillea                     Attracts nectar feedingRequires very well-drainedsmall birds.
                                                  Qld           birds. Provides shelter for position black.
                         Evergreen medium tree with unusual flowers of green, yellow, red andin full sun or partial shade.
Spider Flower            Medium Attracts grey/green foliage. and insects.
                                                  Victoria      birds annually.
             Grevillea victoriae shrub with nectar feedingPruneRed flower clusters all year.
                         Erect shrub Attracts honeyeatersAustralia. Eremean -birds. late winter and spring Sunny open orange re
Red Pokers Hakea bucculenta                       Western and nectar feeding Austin plenty
                                                               Likes light open soils in
                                       with narrow long grass-like leaves. Flowers witharea of drainage. with showy aspect. C
Pin-cushionHakea laurina               shrub which can reachGenerally oneWAthe easiest to this hakeas is quite long with C
                                                  Sandplains of south west of
                                                                small tree dimensions. Dark weeping foliage
                         Lovely largeThe Hakea moth and Brown leaf moth are attractedto growplant. and contrasted
                         Small        Provides good shelterTas birds. and will grow in most situations. Prefers flowers in late
                                                  NSW, Vic, for hardy
Nettle bushHakea sericea to medium stiff nettle foliage with masses of cream to deep pink, sweet scented, well-drained s
             Hardenbergia comptoniana The
                         Easily grown climber Coastal bushland areas masses west of WA sprays of
                                                               Vigorous climber tolerant light
Native wisteria Native Lilac, Wild Sarsapirlliafrom bushland areas within south of pendulouspruning. mauve-blue flowers. Ve
Happy Wanderer           Vigorous The             Cultivars Requires white pea flowers.
             Hardenbergia vars evergreen climber with purple andstrong frame - prune after flowering.
Native LilacHardenbergiasub-shrubThe trailing and twining stems. in most soils with good drainage. Plant in a sunny position
                         A violacea with                       Will grow
                                                  Q'ld, NSW Vic, Tas, SA Masses of lilac to purple pea flowers in clusters.
                         Medium The Bright Cornelian butterfly metres. diovis) larvae feed on Suited to most soils in black
                                                   tree NSW Very attractive tree for larger gardens. this plant.
Tulipwood Harpullia pendula size spreadingQLD, growing to 20(DeudorixFruits are two-lobed, yellow or red with largeareas
                          pungens Protection of lizards Australiain a sunny position high spreading to 2 metres wide. White o
                                                  Western Helps skin shedding.
Snake BushHemiandra A low growing matt forming ground cover growing to 10 cmwith excellent drainage. Prefers light soil a
                         A large      Yellow      climber with Very hardy, requires full flowers in spring. Very vigorous grower. W
Snake Vine Hibbertia scandensstrong growing Qld, NSW, NTlarge buttercup yellow sunny position to flower well. Great for coa
              Flower     Small        Insects Leaves very fine in this Darling Range andShaded to open sunny aspect.
                                                   frogs shelter with plant.
                                                               Well drained/sandy soils. Warren districts
Star GuineaHibbertia stellarisdainty shrub.and Western Australia. bronze tips. Vivid orange open flowers in profusion in spring
             Hoya australis
                         Climber with long twining common Australian Crow andareas, tittoral rainforests, alcatheo) butterflies
                                                  NE Q'land to fleshy green leaves.No-brandof fragrant flowers, one white with
                                                               Excellent drainage in Umbels crow (Euploea full sun. Mulch wel
Common Waxflower, Native Hoya Food plant for stems andNE NSW, in Coastal positions of semi-shade tostreambank vegetata
              wendlandianawendlandianaPigeons such palm growing to 1-15 metres high,
                                                  Very selective areas deep rainforests.
                                                               Propagate from seed collected 6-12 cm wide. Bark smooth, cream
Hydriastele Hydriastele Slender clumping featheras Pied Imperial-Pigeon eat seeds. trunk in Oct.-Dec. Will withstand wet situ
             Hymenosporum flavum
                         Slender growing eat seeds. Tree frogs use tree for well composted, sheltered position.
                                      Birds       QLD, NSW Rich moist soils, shelter.
Native Frangipanni or Wing Seed Tree evergreen tree with perfumed white through to yellow flowers. Grows to 6 to 10 me
White Myrtle             A small shrub growing to 1 feed high which has white flowers along maintain Flowers on the Grow
                                      Scales      WA           Prune back Birds feed on these insects
             Hypocalymma angustifolium and lerpsmetreon this plant. hard after flowering to the stem.compact gr
             Indigofera australis spreading shrubstates Responds well to pruning(Zizinia Labradus). Hardy - it will grow in m
Austral indigo                                    All of Common metres high. Sprays of purple pea flowers in spring.
                         Open and Plant for larvae growing to 2 grass-blue butterfly from an early age.
Knobby Club-Rush nodosa               Attracts seed eating birds TAS SA WAlizards. binding very sandy soils. Can be used around p
                                                    50cm to VIC and small
                                                               Very hardy. Good for
                         Densely clumping plantQLD NSW1 metre high by 60cm to 2 metres wide. Globular brownish flower he
             Kennedia nigricansand very vigorous climber with the WA south coast. Needs to be kept in check. Well drainedcen
Black coral Pea          Tough                    Sandy areasVery adaptableoval shaped
                                                                of and green
                                      Provides shelter for skinks darkinsects. climber. leaves, flowers are black with yellow so
             Kennedia prostrata ground cover NSW,clover Hardy groundcover butterflies (Lampides boeticus). Provides are pea
Running Postman                                     plant for Tas, SA, WA
                                                               shaped greyish leaves. Spread is approx. 2 pruning. Suits full sun o
                         Vigorous Larvae foodwith Vic, Long-tailed Pea-blue which responds to light metres. Flowers shelter
White kunzea             Large         growing toNSW, Vic., TAS.
                                                   2-5 metres. butterflies and insects. Attracts nectar-feeding birds
                                                                 Flowers are plant.
             Kunzea ambigua shrubAttracts nectar-feedingHardy, screen fluffy and white to pink, occurring in late spring to ear
             Kunzea baxteri
Scarlet kunzea                        Attracts small green aromatic leaves. insects.Requires good drainage. birds.
                                                  WA            butterflies flowering. Attracts nectar-feeding
                         Medium shrub with nectar-feedingPrune after andRed brushes flower in spring/summer. Image shows
              MuntenberryProstrate, spreading branches (sandy) andmetrestomostflowers ofof SAplant. over limestone. Will send
Muntries orKunzea pomifera                        Mallee for Very hardy in ain and Sth.East this
                                                               are attracted       sand or terra
                                      Small insects and birdsseveral Coorongthe situationsrossa soils Birds and lizards feed on
Tree branches logs Logs provide shelter for reptiles, frogs and insects. They are an important feature of Flora for Fauna g
             Leaf litter
Leaf litter and bark and bark
              Pineapple Palmcycad growing toshelter forwith fronds to semi-shaded rockery or garden. female cones to 60 cm.
Burrawang Lepidozamia peroffskyana                 metres frogs and geckoes.
                                      Provides 7 QLD, NSW Useful in a 3 metres. Bears large male and
             Leptospermum 'Horizontalis' nectar-feedingPrune after flowering.
Leptospermum 'Horizontalis'           Attracts Cultivar         beetles.
Silky Tea-tree                        Attracts NSW,VIC,TAS,SA with greyish leaves soils. Can withstand
                         Tall lanigerum                        high
             Leptospermum shrub growing to 2-3.5 metres Alkaline soils. Likes moistand white flowers. very cold conditions i
Weeping-tree                          This
             Leptospermum madidum tree Qld.                     3-5 sunny moist situation. Can be grown from seed. Does not sm
                         Small tree graceful tree growing toLikesmetreshigh with weeping woody branches and foliage. Barktol
Lemon Scented Teatree petersonii                  Qld, NSW beetles.
                                      Attracts nectar-feedingPrune annually. Fast growing and does well in most well-drained so
Beard Heath              These shrubs have areNSW, Vic, pink flowers WAand berries compost by thick mulch to other small b
                                                   attractive to honeyeaters tiny berries. Image not silvereyes and
                                                               Need well, and
            Leucopogon species Flowerssmall white orTas, SA, Qld, drained soil andare eaten or available yet. keep roots co
            Livistona Stately        Attracts Qld, fan-like leaves. moist, sheltered spot protected from sun and wind. Great
Cabbage Tree Palm australis palm with very largeNSW, VIC       Prefers a
Cabbage Palm             Trunk       Bats and birds eat seeds. growing when young. Needs diameter, stiff, especially in dry
                                                  NT, Qld       Fan
            Livistona rigida grows to 10-20 metres high.Slowshaped leaves are 30-40 cm inplenty of water,smooth blade. P
            Lomandra confertifolia Attracts Eliena skipperVicto 30 cm high Grows bestacross. It hassilver ochre butterflies (T. pr
Grassy Matrush                                    which grows  Frost resistant. and 70 cm in a sunny narrow
                         A small grass-like plant Qld, NSW, butterflies(Trapizetes eliana), Southernposition. light green leaves a
                         Attractive tree growingNE Q'landmetres of ain dark green foliage and smoothrainforest. full bark.
                                                   to 10-15 to Newcastle wide range of well drained soils partial to
Brush Box Lophostemon confertus. (syn. Tristania conferta) high withNSW in moist forests includinginpinkish brown sun. P
             Nut          tetraphyllaLarval       QLD, NSW Handsome leaves to 20 cm. White flowers in delicious nuts. Need
MacadamiaMacadamiaTree growing to 20 metres. Dark green oblongornamental tree as well as bearing spring. Edible nut ma
                         tanarius Larvel food plant forhigh with large plant for frost onButterflies. compacted soil and sem
                                                   metres Blue Moonbeam (Philiris nitens) areas. Well
Macaranga Macaranga Small tree growing to 6QLD, NSW Good foliagerounded leavesfreelong stalks. Flowers are insignificant
            Macrozamia lucidathe ancient group of plantsQueensland Well suited to rockeries.produce flowers but their re
Pineapple Zamia          Part of                  South East Slow growing.
                                     Attracts Cycad Blue cycads. Macrozamias do not Very fashionable in landsca
                         Part of the Attracts Cycad Blue cycads. Macrozamias do not Very fashionable in their re
                                                  Qld, plants known
Zamia PalmMacrozamia miquelii ancient group ofNSW Slow growing. Well suited to rockeries. produce flowers but landsca
Nardoo                   Foliage floats upon water surface and is Tas. four-leaf clovers and decorative. Spreads but not usually
                                                  All states except like
                                                               Sunny aquatic insects and fish.
            Marsilea drummondii Provides shelter for tadpoles, or lightly shaded areas suitable for ponds or water gardens.
            Marsilea mutica
Rainbow Nardoo                       Provides shelter for except Tas.
                                                   fern with four-leaf clover-like leaves with interesting leaf markings. gardens.
                                                               Sunny aquatic insects and fish.
                         A fast-growing, floatingAll statestadpoles, or lightly shaded areas suitable for ponds or waterCovers a la
             Nardoo Grows            Provides shelter metre Sunny aquatic insects and fish.
                                                   one for except Tas. a delicate four-leaf clover-like ponds or water gardens.
                                                               wide with
Narrow leafMarsilea species to 10cm high byAll statestadpoles, or lightly shaded areas suitable forfoliage which is greyish.
            Melaleuca argentea Attracts Top up to 20 metres high with slender pendulous Grows best in moist soil and
                                                               WA & NT
SiIver leafed paperbarkTall spreading tree growing part of Beautiful foliaged tree for warm areas.branches and silvery-green fo
            Melaleuca leucadendralarge tree growing to& North WA Host plant of Cyane Is ideal to plant in boggy, poorly d
                         Medium                   QLD, NT, 25 metres with papery bark and silvery-green narrow leaves. Cream
Weeping Paperbark Tea Tree to Attracts nectar feedingGraceful tree for warm climates. Jewel (Hypochrysops cyane).
            Melaleuca linariifolia tree 5-8 nectar feedingSA a spreading crown 2-4 Pale-headed and a white paper but grows
Snow in Summer                                    NSW, QLD, An  butterflies. Also street tree. Hardy for most conditions bark trunk
                         A beautiful Attracts metres high with ideal shade or attracts metres wide rosellas.
Broadleaf Paperbark Tea Tree         Attracts Qld, NSW, Specimen or shadespongy paperbark in all soils. Not suitedbranches
                         An attractive
            Melaleuca quinquenerviatree growing to 6-10NT      metres high. Thick tree. Grows well covers the trunk and to small
            Melaleuca Small shrub growing toNSW   1 metre. Beautiful mauve or reddish flowers, fringed, in clusters-stiff narrow c
Thyme Honey Myrtle thymifolia Attracts nectar feedingGood smaller shrub for wet or dry soils. Ideal for coastal gardens. L
            Melastoma Rounded shrub of variable height. NT, WA plant in protected or south facing situations. Frost tender.
Native Lasiandra         affine                   NSW, QLD, butterflies
                                     Attracts Miskin's Jewel A hardy are mauve-purple with prominent yellow anthers. They oc
Corkwood Melicope elleryana          Host         Northern and tropical Australia requires supplementary watering in the dry bor
                                                               In Eastern           south to northern NSW
                         Tree growing to 8 metres high with open habit and pale corky bark. Masses of showy pink flowers sea
            Melicope elleryana to 10 metres. Large leaves and small,tree. Grows well in most situations but likes moist soil
Pink Doughwood                                    Qld, Swallowtail butterflies
                         Small tree Attracts Ulysses NSW, NT growing pink star-shaped flowers. Fruits are brown with dark
            Microcitrus Small tree growing to 5Qld
Native Finger Lime       australasica              metres. Leaves arefrost-free also in richly composted soils. Fruits are edible
                                                               Grow in ovate and flowers are white. Fruits are cylindrical to 6 cm
                                     Attracts Capaneus Swallowtail butterflies,areasDainty Swallowtail and Orchard Swallowtail
                         garrawayae  Attracts Capaneus Swallowtail butterflies, also Dainty Swallowtail, Orchard Swallowtail and
Native LimeMicrocitrus Small tree growing to 5Qld              Appears to a very lemon to 6 cm long. Pleasant flavour. Image
                                                   metres. Fruits are likebesmall slow growing. Fruits make a pleasant drink. no
                         stipoides Larval
            Microlaena A Rice growing             Eastern Q'ld., a good NSW, Eastern & Southernfull sunshine. Can be mown Sou
                                                               Best in semi-shade but will tolerate Vic.,Tas., throughout the year.
Weeping Grass, MeadowquickGrass grass that maintains Easterncover of narrow bright green leaves South-eastern SA, but
Native Wisteria          Very                     Moist forests and rainforest in SE Q'land and NE NSW.
                                                                Blue and Large Banded Awl butterflies.
            Milletia megasperma Food plant of PencilledWell drained soils in semi-shade to full sun. Must have very strong
            Mimusops elengi
Mimusops elengi                      Birds eat toQld, NSW Lovely shade tree. Needs ample moisture. the be Imperial Pigeon
                                                    fruit metres. Bark rough hard dark grey to black. Leaves alternate smooth.
                         An evergree growingthe10-15of this plant. The Rose-crowned Fruit-dove and Can Redpropagated from
                         parvifoliumButterflies Mainly coastal saline flats NSW, green WA brittle. Best in sunny site. to pink
            Myoporum Prostrate, Myrtle                         Usually green, deep somewhat
Creeping Boobialla, Dwarf Native semi-succulent plant with brightfast growing,Vic, SA,or purplish foliage. Small white Respond
            Myoporum Very leafy dense shrub SA,VIC tobirds 2.5 metres high. Glossy green leaves many white star flowers.l
Sticky Boobyalla                                  growing 1 to
                         viscosum Attracts nectar eating Very hardy in well drained, sunny position. Suitable for growing on
             Bush        Medium Attracts the to 1-2 metreshigha moth.
                                                   Common VIC, TAS well-drained sunny position. Keep well pruned to avoid wo
Dusty DaisyOlearia phlogopappashrub growingNSW, ACT,Anthelid by 1 metre across. Greyish oblong leaves with white, pink, b
Sago Flower zothamnus
            O              tall
                         A diosmifolius           Qld, NSW Grows in most butterflies and moths.
                                     Flower heads attract insects including well-drained soils in either full sun or shade. Frost re
            Pandanus spiralis
Spiral Screw Palm                    Finches nest in high NT,Grows largeron loweg cockatoos with leaf scars. plant, Can be gro
                                                  Tropical with prickly
                                                                 QLD, best birds lying wet areas. Good coastal
                         Tree growing to 10 metres this plant and WAleaves. Trunk marked eat the seeds. Male and female pl
Wonga Wonga Vine pandorana Food                   Qld, NSW, Vic, Tas, WA flowering to encourage bushy growth.Grows in spring.
                                                               Prune after
            Pandorea Very vigorous climber, which grows very fast. Great for screening. Massed in white flowersbest in sun
Wonga Vine               Very strongBirds with divided (fern-like) shiny leaves. goodNSW, Vic,frame. Extremely is extremely
                                      climber                  Prune to contain - give Qld, support SA, WA & NT but can nearly c
            Pandorea pandorana 'Snow Bells' The typical P. pandorana occurs in Masses of cream tubular flowersadaptable, d
Purple Flags             A tufted bulbous perennial. plant - Eastern Iris-Skipper (Mesodina sandy and Full sun to part (M. Cya
                                                  Vic, Leaves,WA  narrow grass-like. Flowers lilac/violet in spring.
            Patersonia occidentalisA butterfly hostTas, SA,Good draining acid soils. Preferhalyzia)soils. Blue Iris-Skipper shade.
            Peltaphurum species Provides nesting forgrowing to 10-15 metres. Bark smoothseed between two sheetsFlowe
Yellow FlameTree                                  NT
                         Dense cronwed spreading tree birds.   Propagate with scarified seed. (Rub slightly rough, light grey. of cou
Slender Riceflower linifolia         Attracts QLD, to 60 Well drained soil heads or part flowers occur most of the year.
                                                               cm high. Terminal
            Pimelea Slender, erect plant growing NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, SA - full sunof whiteshade. Keep well pruned to enco
            Pittosporum phylliraeoides microcarpa graceful drooping branches. Avoid fruit. Grows Honeyeaters, Ring-necked
Native Apricot                       Attracts seed states except well
                                                  with         Graceful tree with attractive the fruit capsule. Maturing red Can be
                         Tall shrub to small tree Alleating birds as TAS. as Singing and Spiney-Cheeked well on the coast. or oran
             HollywoodSmall to Attracts nectar feedingHardy tree will grow in any well-drained soils. Is frost-resistant. Ide
QueenslandPittosporum rhombifolium                Qld, NSW butterflies
Tussock Grass labillardieri fine Chequere Q'ld, NSW, VIC, ACT TAS, greyishor semi-shaded sites.50cm tobest metreshigh gr
            Poa          A tight                               Adapts well to open foliage that sheltered sites.
                                     leafed tufting grass with greenish to SA - mainly in moistreaches Plants 1.3 sheared to b
                         Tall tree Food to 25 metres. Often slender and palm-like in plenty of organic matter in sub-tropica
CelerywoodPolyscias elegans growing tree QLD , NSW Moist well drained soils withappearance. Leaves are very large. Flo
Pond/Bog Pond/Bog Many animals appreciate ponds and bogs - not just frogs. Birds will visit your pond to drink and bathe
Pongamia pinnata         Dense       Purple       Qld, NT      Fresh seed adapts to a wide range of glossy dark soils, fast growing
            Pongamia pinnata spreading tree growing generally to 5-10 metres high. Leaves are well drainedgreen and thin-tex
            Psychotria loniceroidesA wide         Qld, NSW Full sun metre wide. They bear clusters of small white flowers follo
Psychotria loniceroidesShrub growing to 1-2 metres high by 1-1/2 to shade. Suitable for most situations. Very hardy.
            Ptychosperma bleeseri Orange          Rare palm endemic cut5-10 metres high. Small takes 3-6 months. Requires a
                                                                growing to fresh seeds. Germination
Ptychosperma bleeseri Thin clumping feather leafed palm Score or to the local Darwin area. crown of only 4-6 fronds, weak
            Pultenaea villosa
Hairy Pea Bush                       spreading for P. NSW Abutterflies.
                                                  QLD, Villosa to 1.3 metres high by 2 metres habit. Narrow-oblong hairy leave
                         Pendulous, Food plantshrub growing hardy plant with very attractive across. Looks good in well drained
             Rush        Clump       Excellent plantstates except WA with water features. Needs ground moisture - shade/part
                                                  All for ponds and plumes. Bronze seed heads.
Tassel Cord Restio tetraphyllusof emerald green reed-like foliage provides shelter for frogs,
            Rhodanthe Mounding plant with silvery green Prune to shape. Needs a well-drained and sunny position. Cut back
Paper Cascade                        Attracts butterflies NSW, Tasmania, South-eastern Qld.
                                                  Victoria, foliage and
                         anthemoides (syn.Helipterum anthemoides) white daisy flowers in winter/spring/summer.
                         chlorocephala narrow Western Australia Flowers west province Irwin area and parts in the garden. Pr
                                     Larval food plant for Australian well-drained soils and in an open position of Eremean Provi
Everlasting Rhodanthe Leaves smooth'Roseum'                    Plant - Painted Lady butterflies pink with yellow centers. Grows t
                                                  and stems erect. in south are papery/ daisy,(Vanessa Kershawi).
            Rocks       Rocks are important for lizards. They lie on rocks and soak up the sun's rays. An important addition to
Tree branches logs Logs provide shelter for reptiles, frogs and insects. They are an important feature of Flora for Fauna ga
Red bush apple          Grows to Shining
            Syzygium suborbiculare                           Fresh seed adapts to most well drained soil. Alternative small ornam
                                                Top end Australia.
                         indica     Birds and ants love the Can metres high with dense is adaptable, hardy but slow-growing.
                                                Top end 15-25 befruit.
                                                             fleshy grown
Tamarind TamarindusLarge spreading tree growing toAustralia & PNG from seed andevergreen crown. Bark is rough grey.
Waratah Telopea spp tallA                       NSW          Beautiful flowers can
                                    Provides a source of nectar for honeyeaters be cut for dsiplay or left on the plant pruned o
Cockies Tongue          Medium Larval           Western Australia. South Western-- Darlingwith scarlet pea aspect.
                                                             Open well-drained soil showy Range to sunny
            Templetonia retusa open shrub with greyish green leaves. Flowers arecoastal and inlandcoast. flower in winter or
            Terminalia Large
Terminalia sericocarpasericocarpa Butterflies Top end of Australia adapts to a wide range of well-drained soils, requires am
                                                             Fresh seed,
Kangaroo Grass                                               Prefers
                        Attractive Attracts Widespread, mainly on heavy soils throughout Australia except for very dry are
            Themeda australis tufting perennial native grass growing up to 1 metre with brownish flower heads between s
            Thryptomenesmall shrub growing toinsects Australia hardy small shrub for any of small pink flowers covering the b
Pink Thryptomene                                Western attracted to this arching
                                                             A very
                        A saxicola Birds eat the 1 metre high with smallplant. branches situation. Prune or take cut flowers
Thryptomene             Spreading 'Paynes Hybrid' Leaves are very small
                                    Birds eat insects
                                                Western Australia. South Western Stirlling and Eyre districts.
                                                             Well-drained granite flat. Open sunny position.
            Thryptomene saxicolato weeping shrub.attracted to this plant. and soils. Flowers in winter and spring. They are da
            Thyptomene saxicola Pale ones may attract highWA well in Oftenmauve starbirds to catch a long time. flowerin
Rock thryptomene                                South west Works small pale visited by - flowers for the and some
                                                             of with
                        Bush growing to approx. 1 metre more insects. average gardens flowers in winter insects.
            Verticordia chrysantha Attracts insects.
                                                Western Australia.leaves. Western and Eremean Province fringed
                                                             Open South Flowers Full sun. Ideal container
Golden Feather Flower Small rounded shrub with crowded smallwell-drained soil. in masses of bright yellowplant. calyxes in
            Viola betonicifoliatufted plant withAlpine areas ofpurplish-blue ACT, NSW, QLD most situations but grows best in m
Purple violet           Small,                   violet Fritillary adaptable plant will
                                                             This butterflies
                                    Attracts Australian shaped SA, VIC, TAS, flowers.grow in
            Westringia fruticosa hardy shrub with Blue butterfliesand white flowers from November to February. into shape
Coastal Rosemary                                NSW          foliage
                        Compact Attracts Rayed greyish Will grow most places from seaside to inland. Can prune
Violet Westringia       Medium Attracts insects. Provides shelter for small birds.
            Westringia glabra                   NSW, Vic Prune after flowering.
            Wilkiea macrophylla Attracts Regent SkipperQLD, NSW foliage plant
                                                 metres. Flowers as
Large-leaved Wilkiea Small tree growing to 9Rainforests Useful areainsignificant. for background planting.
                        Short black trunked plants with longcoastallike in any well-drained soils in in SA, NSW, the &Creamy f
                                                Poor soils in grassbest leaves growing insects are sunny positions. Tas.
                                                             Grows forests and adjacent 1 metre attracted on age.
Grass Tree Xanthorrhoea australis Honey eaters and numerous colourful beetles and to plateaus dependingto Vict.nectar richw
                        Grows, very slowing, toSouth west Grows native any firehomes under in skirts.
                                                 1 metre high.with
                                                             of Flowers in animal drained otherwise.
Grass tree Xanthorrhoea preissii Many insects in the skirts WA best after awell or rarelysoilsthesunny positions.
 t resistant tree. Is grown widely throughout Australia. Prune lightly after flowering to create more bushy habit.
dry or wet. Partial to full sun. Light frosts only.
d position. Can withstand dry periods and is ideal for protected coastal gardens. Is frost-resistant.

 sunny position. Flowers are affected by frost.
n. Old leaves and flower stems should be removed. Can shear to ground level every 1-3 years to rejuvenate plants. Best if fed every year
ardy and suited to most conditions including shady and moist situations.
 summer nor heavy soil.
Nursery staff to select appropriate cultivars for your climate.
ainage is reasonable. Semi-shaded to full sun position. Protect from heavy frost and water during prolonged dry spells.
 d screen plant.
 lerant of tropical climates, salt spray, and wet soils. Mulch well. Prune lightly to shape. Great protection for other plants in coastal garden
 ition. Mulch with organic material. Infrequent watering preferred once established. Prune after flowering to retain density.
oils and conditions and although tolerant of some wetness, prefers good drainage. Grows best in full sun or light shade. Suitable for seasid
 ition. Mulch with organic material. Infrequent watering preferred once established. Prune after flowering to retain density.
 s. Dislikes poor drainage and phosphorus.
  positions. Tolerant of frosts, wind and salt spray.
 of climatic conditions. It prefers full sun but will grow in some shade and is frost-resistant.
 r as a container plant. Prefers full sun and is frost resistant. Suitable for protected coastal gardens.
 en sunny position.
Will withstand wet soil.
s resistant to salt-spray. Ideal coastal plants.

 pen sunny aspect.
 reas is hardy in cultivation and will tolerate most soils and situations including limestone. Is frost-resistant.
ull sun or semi shade. It likes moist well-drained soils but will tolerate dry periods.

hich is moist for most of the year. Needs climbing support.
ded, moist areas.
tially sunny site but also tolerates full sunshine. Likes moist, not 'too' rich soils. Prune during and after flowering.
unny position for best flowering. Frost sensitive in first few years. After flowering mulch well and apply well-rotted compost and slow rele
s. Dislikes frost when young.

est in full sun and well drained soil.

 ers encourages bushy growth.

ull sun or semi-shade can be clipped for hedging. Excellent refuge for wildlife. Needs well-drained soil.
ion in full sun or part shade.

 nt. May be pruned after flowering just behind flower heads to keep plant bushy and compact.
 emely dry). Best in full sun. Withstands most frosts and moderate coastal exposure. Can be pruned heavily to maintain smaller size.
 nny spot or in a tub as a patio specimen.
 nd trim to shape.

 er flowering to maintain bushiness. Thrives in sunny position but keep moist.
 nd moisture loss. If tip-pruned regularly can be shaped as desired. Avoid cutting into old wood. Suitable for coastal climates.
 inage but needs full sun.

 rdy and ecellent bird-attracting plant. Can be grown from seed or cuttings.
w in a variety of soils and positions. Generally likes a sunny position. Check with your local nursery for the appropriate species.

 lease fertilizer and mulch with wood chips (keeping clear of trunk). Tip prune young plants and prune back after flowering. Suit coastal ga
ens, hedges or in shrubberies.
most soils and conditions including wet and very dry.
most soils and conditions including wet and very dry. Will tolerate only light frosts.
a wide range of soils and conditions. Will grow well near the coast.
 mallee open scrub or shallow limestone soils.
uned very hard.

sun for best flowering.
  be grown from seed.
 r water. Full sun.
shade. Shear to just above ground level in late winter/early spring to promote excellent growth/flowering.
ade and likes composted, moist soil in warm position.
 n. Can be grown from seed. Likes moist soils, however grows in most soil types.

 growing support otherwise it will be a groundcover.

drained soil. Mature plants tolerate drier soil.

 y species will grow in almost any situation providing there is good drainage. Tip prune to help promote bushy growth.
  h can be pruned very hard. Tolerates some alkalinity. Tolerates shade.
  and ground covers with bell-shaped flowers.
ade tree. Excellent when included in a wind- break or shelter belt.
 l in open, sunny position. Tolerates moderate exposure to salty winds.
  by dividing plants. Lemon scented foliage. Not known if frost tolerant.
   generally sandy soils. Part shade to open position.
tle light shade gives best results, although full sun is suitable if ample moisture available.
 soils and sunny position.
  l. Consult your Flora for Fauna Nursery for information on local species and most appropriate species to grow.
d soils. Attractive foliage.
  n edges. Excellent in rockeries sun or shade.
kes some shade and moisture.
kes some shade and moisture.
   and moisture. Can be grown from seed or plants can be divided.
ol position. Will spread by rhizomes.
reas. Large round fruits can be eaten raw or used for jam.
 sun. Foliage is frost tolerant but flowers easily damaged by frost.
 ery well drained soils. Prune regularly to keep compact.

 ow in full sun to semishade. Requires reasonable drainage. Prune lightly after flowering.

 ost soil types and positions. Can be pruned to shape and may require staking when young.

  ardy. Aromatic leaves smell of peppermint.
Can be pruned very hard if required.
 r semi-dry locations.
xtured soil. Thrives in coastal areas with some protection from strong salty winds. Will not tolerate frosts.
e with drought but is frost-tender when young.
  and humid parts of Australia. Reliable in most soils
 ate, drought, frost and wind. Highly regarded as a honey tree.
 ate drought, frost and wind.
 soils with a sunny aspect.

d soils. Grows well along coast but is also hardy in dry areas. Is moderately frost resistant.
stand periods of drought and is frost resistant.
e gardens. Needs full sun.
ll-drained soils. Will tolerate extended hot and dry periods and frosts. A good shade tree for large gardens.
  soils. Needs full sun.
pen sunny aspect. Susceptible to extreme cold.

sted soil and plenty of shade.
n. Is frost tender.
  cuttings. Thrives in rich soil with plenty of moisture. Frost tender and needs protection from strong winds.
en grown indoors, may need pruning to maintain shape.
 Botanic Gardens. Best suited to large gardens or as a container plant as extensive root systems in gardens can damage pipes. .
 ws best in rich well drained soil with good water supply. Is moderately frost resistant.
 ch soil. Needs frequent watering. Is moderately frost resistant. Good street tree.
  best results. Good for sunny or shaded sites. Excellent for soil erosion control.
 Is frost tolerant.
us enriched soil. It is frost resistant.
or most situations. Can be heavily pruned.
ponds well to pruning. Prune after flowering to promote strong, bushy growth. Best grown in a sunny position. Can be used as a hedge.
 rden. Needs well-drained soil in full sun.
s. Frost tolerant.

 ns. Responds well to a light pruning.
 ng in early spring, back to half its height if desired. Height about 2.5 metres.
ny garden situation. Flowers green or red. Propagate from cuttings.
g trunks. Trim lightly after flowering if a more compact plant wanted.
  , well-drained position.
ed site. Copes with dry periods as well as some frost. Good in coastal areas. Prune to maintain density.
nded shrub. Gorgeous red flowers. Grows well in reasonably drained soils. Excellent screening plant. Likes full sun and regular pruning to
 lch well using leaf litter and a little well rotted compost. Avoid rich compost. Relatively new cultivar is tolerant to frost and dry conditions
ned position and grows well in most climates. They tolerate either sun or partial shade and are frost resistant. Should be kept pruned.
  textured soil. Prefers full sun but can grow in partial shade. Plants are frost resistant and some forms will tolerate very cold conditions.
 ion and tolerant of drying out. Prunes well for lovely screen plant.
 ls. Light pruning in early stages is beneficial. Strong winds may break branches. Propagate from cuttings.
 drained position and does not tolerate frosts. Grows in most soils.Great for cascading. Good plant for suppressing weeds.
 shy. Likes alkaline soils. Grows well in areas of heavy winter rainfall.
 and suppress weeds. Prune to shape after flowering.
shade OK. Subtropical and temperate areas.
on. Is frost tender. Does not like strong winds. Propagate from cuttings and seed. (Pour hot water over seeds).
 ll suited to most gardens and full sun.
m cuttings. Grows well in most soils and aspects (full sun, semi shade etc.)
tion. Is moderately frost resistant and can be grown in coastal areas. Prune after flowering to strengthen plant and produce more compa
n environment. Fast growing screen plant.

 full sun. Will grow in most soils and responds to pruning. This form is frost tender.
be grown from cuttings or grafted.
plants. Produce attractive nectar rich flowers that attract honeyeaters and parrots. Can be grown from tip cuttings taken in later summer
n in full sun or partial shade.

 f drainage. Sunny open aspect. Copes with dry periods and frosts.
ow hakeas and quite long lived. Can be pruned to shape.
situations. Prefers well-drained soils. Is frost tolerant and copes with dry periods.

er flowering.
drainage. Plant in a sunny position. Will cope with dry periods and frosts.
dens. Suited to most soils in areas of reasonable rainfall. Dislikes frosts.
ellent drainage. Prefers light soil and needs protection from frost and winds. Copes with dry periods.
sition to flower well. Great for coastal gardens.
 to open sunny aspect.
semi-shade to full sun. Mulch well. Excellent pot or basket plant.
  Oct.-Dec. Will withstand wet situations. Can be planted in tubs.
sheltered position.
o maintain compact growth. Grow in well-drained light soil. Mulch well.
 early age. Hardy - it will grow in most soils & will flower in shade or sun. Hates very wet soil.
 sandy soils. Can be used around pools and ponds. Propagate by dividing plants. Ideal for coastasl planting.
 be kept in check. Well drained soils. Semi-shade or full sun
ds to light pruning. Suits full sun or dappled light.

ood drainage.

rtant feature of Flora for Fauna gardens.

 n withstand very cold conditions including frosts and snow.
be grown from seed. Does not tolerate heavy frosts.
 does well in most well-drained soils. Leaves can be dried and used to make tea. Does not like frost. Suitable for coastal gardens.
ost or thick mulch to keep roots cool.
otected from sun and wind. Great for parks and large gardens.
s plenty of water, especially in dry periods. Can be grown from seed.
unny position.
rained soils in partial to full sun. Protect from frost when young can be grown in inland towns if adequate moisture is available.
 ll as bearing delicious nuts. Needs well-composted soil and ample moisture. Grow in warm, sheltered position.
reas. Well compacted soil and semi-shade required. Can be grown from seed or cuttings. Does not tolerate frosts.
 eries. Very fashionable in landscaping.
 eries. Very fashionable in landscaping.
able for ponds or water gardens.
able for ponds or water gardens.
able for ponds or water gardens.
 reas. Grows best in moist soil and frost-free environment. Can be grown sucessfully from seeds and cuttings. Suitable as a replacement fo
  s ideal to plant in boggy, poorly drained areas.
rdy for most conditions but grows best in sunny, moist position. Is suitable for seaside planting.
  ell in all soils. Not suited to small gardens or near sewer pipes etc. Ideal coastal plant.
  soils. Ideal for coastal gardens. Light pruning will maintain compact growth.
 h facing situations. Frost tender. Good foliage and long flowering.
  ementary watering in the dry season. Fast growing and hardy. Frost tender but reshoots.
most situations but likes moist soils.
 omposted soils. Fruits are edible & may be eaten raw or made into a pleasant tasting marmalade.
  Fruits make a pleasant drink.
 e full sunshine. Can be mown but best if only done 3-4 times per year.
o full sun. Must have very strong support as it is very vigorous.
moisture. Can be propagated from seed. Popular street tree.
 rittle. Best in sunny site. Responds well to pruning - can cascade down walls/slopes. Excellent for soil erosion control.
 position. Suitable for growing on limestone soils. Propagate from cuttings.
 on. Keep well pruned to avoid woody appearance at the base.
n either full sun or shade. Frost resistant. Needs regular pruning.
s. Good coastal plant, Can be grown from seed.
 e bushy growth.Grows best in sunny or shaded position in well composted soil with plenty of moisture. Is frost resistant.
ort frame. Extremely adaptable, does not seed as readily as other selections.
andy soils. Full sun to part shade.
 b seed between two sheets of course sandpaper).
 shade. Keep well pruned to encourage branching. Can be used in coastal gardens in protected position.
   Grows well on the coast. Can be grown from seed.
rained soils. Is frost-resistant. Ideal for seaside gardens. Slow growing at first.
ed sites. Plants best sheared to ground level in late autumn or early spring.
ty of organic matter in sub-tropical to tropical regions. Sunny position. Will succeed in cooler climates if protected from cold winds. Fros
 isit your pond to drink and bathe - especially if their is shrubby cover nearby.
  of well drained soils, fast growing. Frost -free. Good coastal tree.
 st situations. Very hardy.
 tion takes 3-6 months. Requires ample moisture.
 habit. Looks good in well drained soil at pool edge. Can be grown in seaside gardens.
 eds ground moisture - shade/part sun.
ned and sunny position. Cut back after flowering. Can be used in hanging basket.
 n open position in the garden. Prefers full sun
 n's rays. An important addition to Flora for Fauna gardens
rtant feature of Flora for Fauna gardens.
ained soil. Alternative small ornamental shade tree.
 aptable, hardy but slow-growing. An excellent shade tree.
 iplay or left on the plant pruned once flowering is finished. Needs deep, well drained soil and good cover of mulch to keep roots cool.
nd inland sunny aspect.
e of well-drained soils, requires ample moisture - fast growing.

ituation. Prune or take cut flowers to encourage compact growth and abundant flowering.
 unny position.
owers for a long time.
 deal container plant.
most situations but grows best in moist shetered position. Is frost tolerant and can be planted in alpine gardens.
 e to inland. Can prune into shapes & topiary.

round planting.
ils in sunny positions.
 ls in sunny positions.
ate plants. Best if fed every year in autumn & divided approx. every 5 years or when the clumps get too big.

nged dry spells.

n for other plants in coastal garden. Good windbreak.
 ing to retain density.
n or light shade. Suitable for seaside plantings.
 ing to retain density.

well-rotted compost and slow release fertiliser.

avily to maintain smaller size.
e for coastal climates.

e appropriate species.

ack after flowering. Suit coastal gardens. Suited to subtropical climates.

bushy growth.
ns can damage pipes. .

osition. Can be used as a hedge.

es full sun and regular pruning to maintain shape.
olerant to frost and dry conditions. Ensure excellent drainage. Good screening plant.
stant. Should be kept pruned.
will tolerate very cold conditions. Needs regular pruning.

uppressing weeds.

en plant and produce more compact form.

tip cuttings taken in later summer. Diverse forms - ground covers to trees and will grow in most garden situations.

table for coastal gardens.
te moisture is available.

tings. Suitable as a replacement for weeping willows in frost-free areas.

rosion control.

Is frost resistant.

f protected from cold winds. Frost tender.
er of mulch to keep roots cool.

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