How to get listed in Google and Increase traffic

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					How to get listed in Google and Increase traffic?

This article is for writers who wants to get traffic on their blog/website. This post will not only help you
in increasing traffic using Google but all search engines. Go through the below check list and discover
the way to get listed in all search engines and get tremendous amount of worth traffic, not just bots.

1) Demanded content

This is necessary for your blog/website to get more hits and get listed in Google. Obviously, if you are
giving what people are demanding currently, they (both people and search engines) are going to follow

2) Unique content

There are millions of bloggers. They all are writing demanded content. What will make you different is
your uniqueness. Yes, try to make content unique as much as possible.

Some tips are:

    •     Always be focused on your topic and don't provide every info under the sun.

    •     Be creative in every aspect like imagination and most importantly converting in into words.

    •     Make your blog attractive as much as possible. This will make you reader stick to your blog.
        Use pictures, videos, graphs etc.

    •     Don't make your blog one sided in terms of communication. Force your user with your
        content to interact with you. Ask them to comment and question (and answer them
        immediately), use interesting topic related polls etc.

3) Proper use of Meta Tags
Now, many of you must be wondering about META TAGS. Meta tags are the keywords that you mention
in your website code. It helps search engines to send appropriate traffic to your site. For research on
keywords, use ready made tools of Google and Overture. For guide on how to use META TAGS, click

4) Simple Web Design

We all use Google and Facebook and they are used most because of their simple design, aren't they?
Below is your answer. So make your design simple.

Which website has best design according to you?

5) Attractive Web Design

Don't get me wrong when I say make your design simple. Yes, it should be simple but attractive at the
same time. The perfect blend of both is necessary. Don't worry, there are plenty of free/premium
template choices for you. Just Google it.

6) Install Sitemap

Not installing a sitemap is another reason that most people get disappeared in search engines. Creating
a sitemap recommended. There are plenty of free sites that will do it for you.

7) Show Page views on your site

This techniques attract visitors. It shows that there are plenty of more viewers ot there who also read
your blog. This attraction is later converted into trust. After all, we all want loyal readers, don't we?
8) Consistency

You must be consistent writer. Decide a convenient days for writing (I call it WRIDAYS), it could be
weekends, mondays or could be everyday, and write that days strictly. Don't be lazy. This is for a start to
create a habit. After 21 consecutive times, increase your wridays. I specifically said '21' because human
being develop a habit if he/she do something for every specific time for 21 consecutive times. Bottom
line, if you are not consistent in writing, don't expect others to be consistent in reading.

9) Provide links in your posts

Visitors are our guests and we don't tell our guest search something on themselves in our home. Provide
them with direct links for their convenience. For example, if you are giving a software review, provide
the software's link so that they can download it.


Always provide homepage link of the website so that our visitors, instead of directly downloading, do
some research first on their own. After all, they should get the right thing.

10) Use social network sites for marketing

Honestly, these sites only helps increasing 2% (max) traffic but it is necessary for building trust in our
visitors mind. They should feel that you are also unique and present in market. Always provide direct
links to your social network page links on you sites. Social network sites that I prefer are Facebook (of-
course), Twitter, LinkedIn and Digg. Also, use social plugins, wherever they should be used. Do not fill
your entire blog with these social networks links. The social plug-ins are the plug-ins provided by the
social networking sites for making you more social. Examples of social plug-ins are 'Like' and 'f share'
button for Facebook, 'Follow' and 'Tweet' button for Twitter.

11) Website submission to all Search Engines.
Submit your site URL to all the search engines using their respective webmaster tools. By this procedure,
you submit your site to them so that they will know that this site belongs to you. Now, search engines
can also trust you.

12) Add RSS/ATOM

This is another technique I like so much and it is very effective too. This techniques gives our subscribers
a way to subscribe your Blog. This technique alerts the subscribers when you update your blog.

13) Use website to ping your website

These websites resubmit your site in search engines. This trick helps you in refreshing your site to gain a
bit above place in search engines. Two website which I use are Pingoat and Pingomatic.

14) Use your website as your ID

Using your website as your ID means adding your website link with your name like on Twitter, Facebook
or anywhere else so that people will know that you own a website.

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By Nikhil Tamhankar

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