ID theft excel sheet by fanzhongqing


									Title                                                       Citation

                                                            Jean Clemente, Protecting and Defending a Young
Jean Clemente, Protecting and Defending a Young Person In   Person in Foster Care from Financial Identity Theft ,
Foster Care from Identity Theft                             28 Child. L. Prac. 177, 177-88, 2010.

                                                            Federal Trade Commission,
FTC, Defend: Recover from ID Theft                          umers/defend.html#four.

                                                            Federal Trade Commission, Take Charge, Fighting
                                                            Back Against Identity Theft (2001),
FTC, Take Charge: Fighting ID Theft                         idt04.pdf.
                                                               Christopher Green, Debt/Credit/Indentity Theft

                                                            Identity Theft Resource Center, "[Letter Name]" (Nov.
                                                                            17, 2009), available at ...

                                                                                Identity Theft,
                                                               Washington Attorney General, ID Theft Tips for
                                                                Federal Trade Commission, ID Theft Complaint
                                                            Federal Trade Commission, Dispute Letter for Existing Accounts, http://
                                                            Washington Attorney General, Credit Reports,
Credit Reports                                              tReports.aspx
                            Federal Trade Commission, Detect Identity Theft,
Detect Identity Theft       umers/detect.html
                            Federal Trade Commission, Credit Freeze/Fraud Alert,
Credit Freeze/Fraud Alert
            Intro/Background                                  Steps to Resolve Problem

            177,182-intro/facts and figures about foster
            youth and id theft; 182-183-                      184,187 -negotiating with/handling Creditors and debt
            interacting/understanding foster care clients     collection agencies; 185-185-7- steps to defending client
            with id theft problems                            after id theft has happened

            good definitions (see questions at top of link) of
            what a credit freeze, fraud alert, id theft report steps listed under "what steps should I take" question
            are.                                               (good detail)

                                                              4-more general steps to take after ID theft occurs; 12-26
                                                              (not broken down into steps) Good information on
            pages 1 &2                                        resovling specific problems
                      General background (p. 3-4)              Corrrecting credit report (p. 4-9); Reporting identity theft
                                                                             (p. 9-10); Miscellaneous (p. 10)

                                    X                                                       X

                                    X                                                       X

             General Background Info, Applicable Law, Steps                    Yes but no page # available

                         Prevention Tips and Steps                                         Pg 2

                                    X                         Detailed steps on how to fill out an ID theft complaint form

for Existing Accounts,

                                                              Steps on how to review your credit report and correct
            Background info on Credit Reports, FAQs           errors
Background info on how to detect identity theft Steps on how to get free credit reports
Explains difference between a credit freeze and
fraud alert, FAQs                               Steps on how to place a credit freeze or fraud alert; FAQs
Forms, Sample Letters         FAQs, Random                                          Bibliography

                              177,182-intro/facts and figures about foster
x                             youth and id theft; 183-4 recognizing id theft                                      188

x                             x                                                     x
18- Sample Account
Blocking Letter; 20-Sample
Dispute Letter; 37-43-ID
Theft Affidavit Form and
directions; 44- Fraudulent
Account Statement Form;
45-Annual Credit Report       27-29-Staying Alert; 30-34-Minimizing
Request Form                  Recurrences;
    Sample credit dispute         Other places to find help (p. 11); Preventing         Applicable statutes (p. 2-3)
      letters (p. 14-16)          theft tips (p. 11-12); Credit scores (p. 12-13)

various letter templates in                             X                                            X
         PDF form

       Log to record                                    X                                            X
  communications with
collections agency (1 page)

              X                                         X                                            X

              X                                         X                                Also available in Spanish

              X                                         X                                            X
Source                                                       General Comments

ABA-child and law center/Child Law Practice. (see        Focus is on kids in foster care, but good information for special
).                                                       circumstances of fy.

FTC website (linked from ABA website): Good details for steps, some repeat
defend.html#four                                         of the Child Practice article steps.

FTC website (linked from FTC website):
pdf                                                     really good sample forms/letters
         2008 LFI CLE materials (see          Excellent starting place for guide               Check this site when drafting
                   /index.shtml                                various steps to see if there is a
                                                             sample letter - letters may have be

                                        May or may not be helpful -
                                                             probably best for guide on dealing
                                                                 with collections agencies


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