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					                    Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Contract Negotiations
                               Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the status of negotiations between Bristol Hospital and Anthem Blue Cross
   Blue Shield?

Bristol Hospital continues to negotiate in good faith with Anthem; our goal is to receive fair and
reasonable reimbursement for the high quality care we provide to the local community. While
initial conversations with Anthem indicated a significant difference of opinion, recent
discussions have been somewhat more positive and we are hopeful that a fair resolution can be

To that end, and in recognition of the progress we believed was being made, Bristol Hospital
recently withdrew our original notice of termination. Simply stated, our contract with Anthem
will not terminate on December 31st, which will allow us to continue with our negotiations.
We hope that Anthem will show a similar willingness to compromise in order to reach

2. Why are you asking for a rate increase?

As a community healthcare provider, Bristol Hospital is dedicated to providing outstanding care
for our patients and supporting the needs of the local community, its employers and the
surrounding cities and towns. We have made every effort to do that in a way that maximizes
quality while operating in an efficient, low-cost manner.

Unfortunately, Anthem’s past reimbursement rates and current offer for future rates are
significantly below that of other insurance providers, making it difficult for Bristol Hospital to
continue providing the same type of high quality care to our patients without fundamentally
challenging our long-term financial stability. We have therefore requested a fair increase in rates
that would ensure parity with the other insurance providers in the community.

3. If I am an Anthem member, can I continue to receive care at Bristol Hospital?

YES. As stated above in question 1, we continue to have a contract with Anthem and all
members can receive care at Bristol Hospital during ongoing negotiations.

4. If negotiations fail, will Anthem members still be able to receive care at Bristol
Should negotiations fail, Anthem patients continue to have the right to access Bristol Hospital as
an “out of network” provider. In addition, patients will always be able to access Bristol Hospital
in the event of an unexpected emergency.

Patients who have access to other insurers, can switch to another insurer with a contract with
Bristol Hospital during open enrollment period to avoid “out of network” status. Bristol Hospital
is fortunate to have contracts with a range of other insurers, including: Connecticare, Cigna,
HealthNet, United Healthcare, Aetna, and others.

5. Won’t my care cost more if I have to use “out of network” status to receive care at
   Bristol Hospital?

It depends on the precise nature of your coverage, but yes, your co-pays and deductibles may be
higher in this model.

6. I am a senior covered by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplemental
Insurance; how do these conversations impact me?

All Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplemental Insurance customers can continue to
use Bristol Hospital as usual; this program is not impacted by our current negotiations and will
not change regardless of how the negotiations end. Only those seniors who have a managed
Medicare plan (Medicare Advantage) will be affected by the contract.

7. What can I do to help?

Should you be interested in contacting Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to let them know that it is
important that they offer us fair rates and keep Bristol Hospital in our network, you can call:
(203) 239-4911.

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