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					Unimessage Pro
          Devices Supported
   OKIFAX 5650

   OKIFAX 5780/5980
       Minimum PC Specification
   Windows 95/98:
    – Pentium 120MHz, 16 MB RAM
    – Parallel port for connection to Oki MFC
    – Microsoft Windows 95 OSR1 Service Pack 1 is recommended.
   Windows NT4:
    – Pentium 120MHz, 32 MB RAM
    – Parallel port for connection to Oki MFC
    – Ensure that Microsoft NT4 Service Pack 4 or later is installed.
   Windows 2000 Professional
    – Pentium 133MHz , 64 MB Ram - 128 MB Ram recommended
    – Parallel port for connection to Oki MFC
   LAN connection can impose overhead so PC spec may need to
    be higher depending on use and other Windows applications
Configurations: Standalone XLite
   Bundled with MFC
   Optimised for single fax user operation
   Multi-lingual
    – Software: Danish, German, English, US English,
      Spanish, Mexican Spanish, French, Canadian French,
      Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese,
      Norwegian, Russian, Swedish
    – OCR – ABBYYY FineReader (12 Languages)
   Fax Transmit and Receive
   Print received faxes and lists
   Spelling Checker
Configurations: Standalone XLite
   Distribution lists - Fax Broadcasting
   New message function
   20 entry Phonebook
   Delayed transmission, PC must remain on
   Auto personalised cover sheets included
   Create new cover sheets
   Integrated Message Editor and Viewer (UniPad)
   File attachments via fax (ITU DTM and Wordcraft
   Optical Character Recognition
   Routing Rules – can link to OCR to OCR on receipt
   Scan, with multi-batch and collate options
        Configurations: Standalone
               Single User
 Optimised for single fax and email user
 User interface consistent with XLite – little
 Features as per XLite plus:
    – Embedded commands (mail merge)
    – Copy pages function - with collation and mixed
      resolution & colour depth
   Configurations: Standalone
          Single User
– Email (Internet POP3 and SMTP) via LAN or
   » Can automatically establish Windows DUN connection
     to the Internet and send/receive email at defined intervals
– Email send via MAPI option
– Distribution lists – Fax and Email broadcasting
– Polling, Basic and Selective both inward and
– Embedded command
– Unlimited Phonebook size
       Configurations: Network
 Optimised for Network fax and email user
 Supports all major PC LANs with Windows
  workstations, including:
    – Windows NT4 or 2000 Server
    – Windows 95/98/NT4/2000 Peer to Peer
    – Novell NetWare 3.1x, 4.1x – long file name
      support must be installed
       Configurations: Network
   Support for up to 5 concurrent users on a
    supported Windows LAN at the same time
    sharing 1 fax and one email (LAN or
    Windows DUN) device.
    – Options to upgrade to 500 user and 30 devices
      in increments.
        Configurations: Network
   Features as per Single User plus:
    – Can automatically establish Windows DUN
      connection to the Internet and send/receive
      email at defined intervals for all LAN users via
      single connection.
    – Network Phonebook - shared contacts common
      to all users.
    – Network Folders – shared messages common to
      all users.
    Optimised for Easy Occasional Use
   Simple Oki Welcome screen provides immediate access to
    common features:
    – New message, Print from folder, Copy, Scan, Fax options, Help,
    – Visit Oki web site, Wordcraft web site
    – Open main screen

                            Stand-alone and Network
Optimised for Single User Operation
   User accounts and Scheduler are hidden to simplify use but
    consistent interface used for LAN if upgraded

                           Stand-alone and Network
    Integrated Message Editor and Viewer
 Create new message within UMP,
  accessible from Welcome screen
 Predefined textual signatures
 View received messages or scanned images,
  including colour
    – Next/Previous message button
 Zoom in/out/width/window
 Rotate, Flip

                    Stand-alone and Network
    Integrated Message Editor and Viewer
 Page Navigator
 Single and Multi-page view modes
 Add objects: Annotation, Highlight, Line,
  Shape, Freehand, Stamps (text and image)
 Filters, including: De-skew, De-speckle,
  Crop, Sharpen, Gamma, Brightness,

                 Stand-alone and Network
            Contact Management

   Preferred Location
   Preferred Delivery
   Attachment type
   Import: .CSV, 1-2-3, ODBC, .TXT, LF35, One Touch and
    Speed Dial
   Export: .CSV, One Touch and Speed Dial
   Contact notes: 32K each maximum length

                         Stand-alone and Network
          Contact Management
   Distribution lists
    – Mixture of Phonebook contacts, Unimessage
      Pro LAN users and other distribution lists
   Auto look-up
    – Unimessage Pro automatically matches typed
      names against Phonebook contacts and
      distribution list names and advises of any

                         Stand-alone and Network
    Time Delayed Transmission Functions

   Delay transmission to reduce call cost – PC must remain on and
    UMP active during time window
   Options:
     –   Do not send before
     –   Do not send after
     –   Do not sent before and do not send after
     –   Send between times, any day

                                Stand-alone and Network
          Embedded Commands
   Used to automate job submission from Windows
    – Check Setup, Program, Print Capture: “Always open in
      message editor” option off for full automation
   Can be linked to Windows applications mail
    merge for automated personalised messaging
   Use Commands (printer) font at 12 Point in [[…]]]
   Word 97/2000:
    – Need to SET “Use printer metric to layout document”

                        Stand-alone and Network
                     Cover Sheets
   Personalised for Unimessage Pro sender details and
    recipient Phonebook contacts
   Translated cover sheets provided with UMP
    – Personal, Public language independent, Public language dependent
   Cover sheet fields:
    – Dynamic, Static and image
   Create new cover sheets or amend supplied, to use
    different fonts or add logos, text, signatures.
   Import cover sheets (from previous versions of Wordcraft
    International’s software)
   New fields:
    – To, Cc, My email address, My web site, Recipient company

                             Stand-alone and Network
    Optical Character Recognition
   Using ABBYY™ FineReader OCR API
   Converting received fax messages and scanned images to
   Output in Rich Text Format (RTF) or Plain Text
   OCR Lexicons for 12 languages included
   Automatic filing with original received fax message or
    scanned image: can then be used to find documents

                       Stand-alone and Network
                       Routing Rules
Routing rules for sent and received messages
 Filters based on scanned image or fax
  message properties
 OCR received fax messages
 Properties include: Date/Time, Caller ID,
  Fax ID, OCR text, sub-address
 Actions include: to Move/Copy to folder,
  Delete, Forward, Print, Show specific
  message, play sound, start program

                              Stand-alone and Network
            Document Management
   Find:
    – Title, Author, Message, Subject, Keywords, From, To,
      Date, Size, Type, OCR text, user defined properties
   Folders
    – Create new folders and sub-folders, rename, delete.
    – Optional auto-delete on StartUp All/oldest
    – Sort by column headings
   Drag and Drop between folders and from
    Windows to UMP folders for move and copy
   Deleted items folder

                        Stand-alone and Network
   TWAIN Image Scanning
   Single pass same resolution and colour depth scan
   Scan Multiple Pages option for:
    – Mixed resolutions
    – Mixed colour depths
    – Duplexed original support with interleafing
   Auto convert to fax format when forwarding to
    recipients that cannot accept WBF or DTM
   Accessible from Welcome screen

                       Stand-alone and Network
 Collation option
 Default copy: Black and White at 300dpi
 Scan Multiple pages function option to:
    – Mixed resolutions and colour depths
    – Duplex original support with interleaving
   Accessible from Welcome screen

                    Stand-alone and Network
   Comms
    – Messages between components
   Fax
    – Fax messages for drivers
   Macros
    – Word and Excel
   Private and System
    – Queue and Journal
   Public
    – Cover sheets, separated into languages
   User
    – Manager
          » Message Store, e.g. Phonebook, Sent items,
            Deleted items, User folders

                                Stand-alone and Network
                  Network Features
In addition to stand-alone features:
   Components
    – Scheduler, 1 per LAN
    – Driver, 1 per device
    – User (front-end), 1 per person (licence limits concurrent)
   Maximum Configurations
    – 30 devices of mixed types connected to workstations throughout LAN
    – 500 users, practical limit 250
   Security
    – Password protected
    – 3 Privilege levels: Administrator, Supervisor, User
    – Call barring

   One per LAN
   Heart of the system
   If the Scheduler is shutdown the whole of
    Unimessage Pro closes down and no messages are
   Maintains queues and received items
   Applies System Routing Rules to received
    messages – can be used to route to specific users

   One per device (licence limits concurrent)
   Runs where device is connected
   Maximum 30
    – Scheduler shares jobs evenly between available devices
    – Can assign “desirability” settings to each device.
   Actions send, receive, poll jobs at scheduler’s
    request reporting outcome to scheduler

User (front-end)
   One per person (licence limits concurrent)
    – Allows a 5 user licence to be shared between an unlimited number
      of occasional users.
    – Can be upgraded later if required.
   Runs where the person is
   Maximum 500
   Creates Unimessage Pro printer on first StartUp so needs
    Administrator access for NT4 and 2000
   Can select preferred device for outbound messages

    Communication Between Components

   Between Scheduler, Driver and User
    – Exchange messages via communications files stored in
      COMMS folder within main Program Folder
    – System and Hidden file attributes used as semaphore to
      indicate direction therefore common HD MUST
      support these file attributes – this excludes UNIX.
   Between User components (e.g. Main display and
    – Exchange messages via Windows messaging within
      single PC

                      Stand-alone and Network
                 Dedicated Server
   Not essential
   May be recommended if TX and RX overnight is
    – Dedicated Unimessage Pro Server can have access only to the
      Unimessage Pro area on the File Server
    – As long as scheduler and driver remain active user that submits
      message does not need to remain active for their messages to be

    Additional Network Functions
 Send messages between Unimessage Pro
  users, with file attachments, without using
 Network phonebook for shared contacts
 Public shared folders

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